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Automated Mummification

by FetishLatexLover

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© Copyright 2001 - FetishLatexLover - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; Machine/m; wrap; palletwrap; cocoon; stuck; caught; true; climax; cons; X


Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death.  

I was a happily married successful businessman. I had a beautiful wife and was running a chain of successful convenience stores. I had all the material possessions in the world a person could want. But somehow I felt there was something missing from my life. I was not able to fulfill my sexual desires with my wife. I knew what my fetishes were, but knew my wife would not find pleasure in bondage and mummification. So I started to experiment with some self-mummification.

In the basement of my house was a row of structural support posts. These posts were very wide and I found I could use them to help wrap myself. I would wrap saran wrap around the posts, starting from the bottom to the top. I would then attach the saran wrap to myself and begin to walk around the post. As I did so, the saran wrap would mummify me from my neck to about my knees. Here inlays the problem; I could not wrap my head or my feet (I needed my feet to continue to walk around the post). So while I could achieve a fairly nice mummiform, I was nevertheless still not completely mummified. I was constantly thinking of how I could achieve complete mummification, but nothing seemed to come to mind.

It was during a Christmas outing that my answer presented itself. My wife's family had a tradition of cutting down their Christmas tree (in my family we just bought one at the local greenhouse). There was a Christmas tree farm not far outside of town they went to every year. It sounded like fun so I joined my wife and her family on their tree hunt.

We found a beautiful seven-foot tree and cut it down. We then placed it in the bed of her brother's truck to take up to the barn and pay for our tree. At the barn they would prepare the tree for you to take home. First they placed it on a plate which would vibrate loose any old needles. Then they would place the tree on this bailing device which would twine the tree closed. The tree was laid in its side with a cable attached to the base of the tree. The tree was then slowly pulled through a cylinder while a mechanical arm circumvented the tree, compressing it down and wrapping it with twine. And there in that wonderful machine were the answers to my prayers.

The machine was easily large enough that it could also do the same to a human being. All that had to be done was to replace the twine with a good strong plastic pallet wrap. First I had to find one of these machines. The next day I called the tree farm and found out who the manufacturer of the machine was. I called them and was able to secure delivery of my new automized mummifier.

When the machine arrived I quickly set it up. I had already bought some pallet wrap and an oxygen mask for breathing. I had to make some minor adjustments to the machine in order to handle the pallet wrap instead of the usual twine. I was ready to go!!!

I laid myself down on the platform and looped the cable under my armpits (I needed to go in headfirst so that my arms would be free to punch a breathing hole through my mummiform). Thankfully the "on" switch was within reaching distance. I placed the mask over my face and hit the button. The machine fired to life as I laid back to await my complete and total mummification. Slowly the cable started to pull me into the machine. The cable pulled much slower than the rotation of the mechanical arm, allowing a very tight and complete mummification. I was in absolute ecstasy!! I was finally realizing my fantasy of being completely and helpless encased into a cocoon.

But wait, I had forgotten one small detail. I was going to place a small pocketknife in my hand during my wrapping. This would allow me to later cut myself free. I hurriedly reached for the "off" button but it was too late. The button was just beyond my grasp. There was nothing more I could do but lay back and enjoy becoming a mummy. After the wrap had encased my head, I made sure to punch a breathing hole through my plastic prison.

The experience was, to say the very least, incredible!! As I was slowly pulled into the machine, the mechanical arm continued it's relentless wrapping of my body. The wrap was so tight it felt as though it was becoming a sort of "second skin". I placed my arms tightly against my body as the wrapping continued. I was slowly but surely becoming a mummy, but how was I going to get out? No time to think about that now, I was going completely and utterly orgasmic! The arm was now done wrapping my upper torso and was continuing on down my pelvic area. I was so erect it's amazing there was enough wrap to cover my penis. The wrapping then continued down my legs and toward my feet. Soon I was completely mummified from head to toe in my new cocoon.

I was completely orgasmic and in total ecstasy! My fantasy had finally been fulfilled; to be mummified from head to toe. As I lay there, the heat continued to grow. There was nowhere for my body heat to escape; I was totally wrapped with no possibility to escape. I had started this adventure early in the morning. I had all day to enjoy my new "home" and also to try to figure out how to escape before my wife got home from work. As hard as I thought, I could not figure out a way to escape from my prison. The wrap was incredibly tight and heavy. All I could do is enjoy my newfound lifestyle.

During the next eight hours I most have orgasimed at least a dozen times. Just the thought of being encased in this plastic mummiform would send me over the brink. I had made myself a slave encased into an inescapable cocoon. I could fight and struggle as much as possible, but there was no escape in sight.

I had orgasimed so many times that at sometime I most have passed out. I awoke to the sound of the front door opening. It was my wife arriving home from work. Seeing my car in the garage, she knew I was home. She called out my name, but of course I could not call out from within my mummiform. She continued to call out my name and look around the house for me. I then heard her footsteps coming down the stairs to the basement where I lay. Needless to say, unfortunately she was not "into" this pleasure. Although she was kind enough to cut me free. Because she did not find pleasure in bondage and mummification, this was probably a factor in our subsequent divorce. I suppose losing my wife could be considered a small price to pay in the discovery of my new lifestyle. I now mummify myself on a regular basis. It's a great way to unwind and relax at the end of a long and stressfull day.


P.S. I am in the process of either buying or building a vac rac (vacumn bed). After I get it set up and encapsulate myself into the latex prison, I'll try to write another story and maybe send you some pictures. Unfortunately, the machine and I had to "temporarily" part ways. During my divorce we sold the house and I moved to a rather small apartment (not enough room for the machine). I sold it to another tree farm; we had to split the "community assets" for the divorce:) But I can always and quickly repeat the acquisition of another machine; when I get a bigger place to live. For now, self-mummification and my vacumn bed will have to do.


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