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Be Careful What You Wish For, You May Get It

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2013 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; femdom; captive; zipties; wrap; gag; glue; bagged; cocoon; transport; cartunk; breathplay; susp; torment; mast; climax; denial; reluct/nc; XXX


Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death. Be Careful What You Wish For, You May Get It Unknown FF/m; D/s; femdom; captive; zipties; wrap; gag; glue; bagged; cocoon; transport; cartunk; breathplay; susp; torment; mast; climax; denial; reluct/nc; XXX

I'm very excited, I have been called into the work of a Dominatrix I have been involved with for the last few months. Anna, my Dom, and Amanda, her lesbian partner, also a Dom, have a successful business in town. While I don't expect a session at their work there may be one when they finish for the day.

I arrive there and they are not there. I ask the secretary when are they due in. She asks, "Are you Ben?" I say yes. There is a message for me to wait around, as they will be in soon. An hour and a quarter passes and I'm about to give up when they both arrive. There is some small talk and Anna tells me to come through. I follow them out into the private back office area.

Anna is carrying a big black plastic bag over her shoulder. I recognise it as an extra large heavy-duty bin liner. I've played games by myself with such bags before. The plastic is very tough and durable.

We enter the office and Amanda locks the door behind me. Anna puts the bag on a table and starts to pull out the contents. My heart starts to race. I did not expect a session here. Anna says, "Strip off Ben." Even though we are locked in the office it is both scary and a thrill knowing people are only a few metres the other side of the wall as I take off all my clothes.

Anna comes over to me with a bag of heavy-duty plastic cable ties which I have seen before during previous play sessions and tells me to put my arms out. I do as instructed and the cable ties are pulled tight around both my wrists. Two more cable ties are looped through these.

"Put your hands by your sides." I do and the ties are pulled tight around my upper thighs. A third tie is applied to each leg/wrist encircling both.

"Try to get free." I'm not a puny guy but I know the cable ties will be too strong for me. I try and fail. While Anna has been doing this Amanda has placed the plastic bag on the floor and folded it down in such a way that if I stand in the middle of the bag it will be easy for them to pull the bag up over my head and seal it. So I'm to be bagged too. This adds to my apprehension and excitement.

"Stand in the centre of the bag." Amanda orders. I do. Anna gets a roll of grey duct tape from the table. My favourite sort of bondage tape. It is incredibly adhesive and strong. Starting from the cable ties she starts to wrap my hands to my legs. First my left hand and then my right. My hands are now very firmly taped to my upper thighs. An erection has begun to grow.

Amanda has the bag of cable ties. She pulls one tight above my knees, another below my knees, two around my ankles and even one holding my big toes together. I test my bonds but I know I'm quite helpless. Anna has been back at the table playing with the bondage gear. She comes back and stands behind me.

"Ready to be gagged Ben?"

"If I say no you'll both overpower me and force the gag in anyway, won't you?"

"That's right." Her hands lower the gag over my head. I notice she has latex surgical gloves on. Before I have a chance to react the gag is in my mouth. It is a large bulb that fills my mouth. I feel the gag being buckled tightly behind my head. It only takes me a moment and I realise why Anna has put on the gloves. She has covered the gag with superglue, which bonds skin instantly. It only takes a few seconds and my lips and tongue are stuck to the gag.

"I know what else your wondering and the answer is yes. I coated the buckle up straps with superglue as well. That gag is now virtually impossible to remove. You will never speak another word." Before I have time to think about the permanency of my gag Amanda is back in front of me.

"I thought you were a good slave, offering to help us move house, but now that we have had a chance to unpack we have discovered several boxes worth of expensive bondage equipment have gone missing. I bet if we did a search of your place they would turn up."

I shake my head to indicate I didn't take anything but it is impossible for me to speak with the gag in my mouth. There was another slave helping too, it must have been him. If only I could plead my case.

"Oh don't worry, we know it could have been the other slave and he has already been dealt with. Actually he got a quicker, easier ending than what is in store for you." Anna is still behind me. She bends down and pulls the bag up to my shoulders. She is standing with her arms resting over my shoulder. In one hand she has another cable tie. I know what it is going to be used for.

"That is why we wanted to meet you here; we didn't want to give you the chance to rob us again. We are going to make sure you never steal anything from us, or anyone else for that matter, ever again, and ironically we are going to play out your biggest fantasy as your punishment."

I'm starting to get quite worried at this point.

"Yes you should look scared Ben, because we are going to suffocate you to death, and as you let us put you into this bondage there is now nothing you can do to stop us." Amanda nods her head and Anna pulls the bag up over my head. I'm left in total darkness in the thick black plastic bag. I hear the rustling as the bag is drawn together and the zizzing sound of the cable tie. I'm sealed inside the bag and I know I cannot get free. I struggle but it is useless. If they leave me in the bag I know I will die. I can feel Anna holding me from behind and Amanda from in front. Amanda speaks.

"Now while it is very tempting to kill you now we want to take you home and torture you for a while first. If we carry you out to the car like this it will be obvious we are carrying a body with you kicking and struggling but if you are unconscious anyone seeing us will just think we are throwing some shit out, which isn't far from wrong."

With this Anna pulls the bag tight to my face with one hand and wraps her other arm around my throat. She is both suffocating me and strangling me. My air supply is cut off. Amanda holds me from the front. I try in vain to resist but I know they will win. I have never been so scared and so turned on. Amanda speaks.

"You were right; I can feel his erection through the plastic. The sick fuck is getting off on this." They have nearly won, I cum and pass out.

They feel that I have stopped struggling and I'm out.

"Let's get him in the car before he comes to."


I come to, but I know I'm still in big trouble. I'm still in bondage and sealed inside the plastic bag and I'm in the boot of a moving car. Amanda and Anna's place is only 5 or 10 minutes drive from their work and I'm desperately hoping we go straight there as the air in the bag is starting to grow hot and stale. I don't know how long I was out but I do know that if I'm left in this bag for very long the 2 girls will have a corpse in the boot. I struggle and try to get free but the only thing I succeed in doing is using up the air faster by breathing quicker.

After what is probably only 5 or so minutes, but seemingly a lot longer to me because of my situation. The car stops and starts to reverse and the engine is turned off. I hear the boot open. Anna speaks

"Listen to him wheezing for air. Isn't it a beautiful sound?"

"It is so tempting to just leave him in the bag and let him suffocate, but then we wouldn't get to torture him." says Amanda.

"OK Ben, we are going to lift you out of the car and take you to our dungeon. If you fight and struggle you will never breathe fresh air again. We'll leave you in the bag to die. Are you going to co-operate?" I nod yes from inside the bag. Rapidly running out of air as I am I would agree to anything. I feel one of them take my feet and one put their hands behind my shoulders and I'm lifted from the car.

I'm carried through the house and up the stairs to the dungeon. They stand me on my feet. I'm really struggling for air now. I hear them moving around and then light and air come flooding in. The bag has been cut. I suck the cool fresh air into my lungs but it takes me a minute or so for my eyes to refocus to the light. Before I know what is happening Anna has placed a noose around my neck and I feel it start to tighten. I look at Amanda who is at the sidewall winding a pulley that is pulling the rope up through a hook in the ceiling. The rope is starting to interfere with my breathing. I move up onto tiptoes, partially to try to escape the breath taking effects of the ever-tightening rope and partially because it is dragging me up. My breathing is becoming difficult; I've gone from being suffocated to being strangled.

"That will do,” says Anna. She walks over to a shelf with various rolls of tape and plastic wrap. She casually wanders back to me peeling the plastic from the roll.

"While we are going to kill you Ben, we are not totally without heart. I'm going to wrap you totally with pallet wrap, which I know is your favourite thing, before we suffocate you to death. Give me a hand here Amanda." Anna places the pallet wrap behind my shoulder and Amanda holds it there while Anna feeds the plastic over my shoulder and around my upper body. The plastic is worked over the other shoulder and gradually downwards. Anna pulls and stretches the plastic tight as she can. I feel my already trapped arms being pinned even tighter to my body. I cannot help but be turned on. An erection starts to grow.

"Look Amanda, he’s getting another erection."

"Yes, but this will be the last one he ever gets." They both have a little chuckle. Anna has wound the plastic down to just above my now fully erect penis and cuts it. I watch on as they both put on latex gloves. Anna is in front of me and Amanda behind me. Anna starts to masturbate me.

"Amanda and I have decided that it would be a fitting punishment to make sure you cannot get an erection again. In fact it is your stories that has given us the ideas for your torture. Somewhat ironic really. To do what we intend we need you on the flop." With this Anna gives Amanda a little nod and a clear plastic bag is pulled over my head and Amanda wraps tape around my neck a couple of times forming an air tight seal. The bag is tight fitting and within a few breaths the bag is sucking right back to my face and I'm getting no air. Anna is squeezing my cock and wanking me faster.

"Unless you can come before you pass out enabling us to complete the next part of your torture the bag will not be removed and you will suffocate sooner rather than later." With a few more unsuccessful attempts to breathe, hearing this and looking at the Dom who controls me so totally I shoot my load.

Anna says, "We could finish him now, put him out of his misery, and just fuck each other all night."

"Yeah, tempting, but I really want to do what we have planned. I want to make him suffer."

"OK" With that Anna cuts the bag and I have air again.


Anna walks back over to the shelf she got the roll of pallet wrap from and returns with a plastic shopping bag that has the logo of a hardware store on it. She speaks

"You see Ben we didn't just abduct you on the spur of the moment, we put quite a bit of thought into what we were going to do to you. From your stories it would seem that the idea of permanent bondage by using superglue really appeals to you." She opens the bag and shows me the contents. It contains about a dozen 5-mil tubes of superglue.

"I'm going to cover your cock and balls in superglue and Amanda and I are going to force them back between your legs robbing you of the ability to ever crack an erection again. What do you think of that?"

I can neither move nor speak in response. I can't believe she can be this mean to me. She empties the tubes on the floor picks one up and squeezes the warm gooey liquid over my cock. This is followed by a second tube, a third and a forth. She massages the glue all over my balls and cock as she pours it on. The sensation would be quite pleasurable and erotic except I know what the consequences are going to be.

"Ready Amanda"

"I certainly am, this is one thing I've really been looking forward to."

I feel Amanda's latex-gloved hand slide between my thighs from behind. Anna forces my cock and balls back between my legs from the front and Amanda grabs them from behind and pulls them back up under my body trapping them between my legs.

"Come round here and look." Amanda moves around the front of me and they both admire their handiwork.

"That looks great but while he can never crack a hard on again his arse could still be used for sex. I think we'd better fix that." Amanda walks over to the shelf this time and returns with a large dildo. She empties several tubes of superglue onto it. She stands right in front of me as she does. She even passes the glue-covered dildo under my nose and I get a smell of the strong chemical odour of the superglue.

"Take one last look at it Ben, before I shove it up your arse forever." She moves round behind me. I know what is coming and I'm powerless to stop it. I feel the head of the dildo split my arsehole. It begins to enter me. Again the feeling of the warm gooey liquid. As the dildo plunges deep inside me it is a sensation of both pleasure and pain. Finally it is all the way in. She holds it there for a while allowing the glue to set.

"Try to force it out." I try but I can't. Anna has the roll of pallet wrap again and is going to start wrapping me.

"Look at his face going red as he tries to force the dildo out." She says.

"It will go a lot redder than that when we give him the final suffocation. Hang off with the wrap; I have one last thing to superglue. While he can't get a hard on he can still come and shoot his disgusting male sperm everywhere. I think we'd better fix that too." With that she picks up another tube of superglue and moves behind me again. I feel the nozzle of the tube being inserted into the eye of my cock. I then feel the warm glue filling my penis.

Within a minute the glue has turned from a liquid to a solid and I know I'll never ejaculate again. Amanda says softly in my ear, "That's what you get for trying to fuck my girlfriend."

She moves away and Anna goes to work again with the plastic wrap. It is wound from my stomach down my legs pulling my knees together even tighter and cut off at the ankles. She takes the pallet wrap back to the shelf and exchanges it for a catering roll of plastic. Not just household cling wrap like Glad Wrap but the stronger, wider stuff used in restaurants. While it is not as thick and tough as pallet wrap I know if I was wrapped up in it I could not escape as she used it to wrap me last time.

"Don't worry Ben; your ordeal is nearly over. Now in a second Amanda is going to remove the noose and I'm going to wrap your head. If you want to live a little longer you will jump over to the massage table and lay down, understood." I nod yes the best I can.

"OK, let him down." Amanda turns the pulley handle again but instead of being lowered the rope tightens and chokes me. I can't breath. My air is cut off. I can't do anything to save myself. It feels like my head is going to explode. Then the rope becomes slack and I can stand normally again. Amanda takes the noose off. She runs her hand lightly across my cheek as I regain my breath.

"Oops, went the wrong way, sorry about that." She steps back with an evil laugh. Before I have fully regained my breath Anna starts to wrap my head. The plastic covers my face cutting off my air again. Within seconds my whole head is wrapped and breathing is impossible.

"To the table, hurry." I jump to the padded leather massage table that is in the corner of the dungeon and sit on it.

I've been nearly a minute without air. There are spots before my eyes and I feel dizzy. Anna forces me to lie down on my back and she pierces the plastic at my nostrils giving me sweet air again. Amanda goes round the other side of the table. I watch through the plastic that my head is wrapped in as Anna peels the plastic film from the roll and moves down to the end of the table. She wraps my feet so the only part of my body not encased in airtight plastic are the holes allowing me to breathe.

Starting from below my feet and working their way up they begin to wrap me down to the table. Anna passing the roll over me and giving it to Amanda. Amanda pulls the plastic down tight and passes it under the table back to Anna. They cover my feet, up to my knees, over my thighs and waist. I try to sit up which is very difficult given the bondage I'm already in. Anna puts her hand on my chest and forces me back down. They wrap my body down. I watch on helplessly as the plastic is wrapped higher and higher. Over my chest and finally several layers around my throat. Anna speaks

"We're just about to bring things to a climax Ben. We will wrap your head to the table cutting off your air and killing you. We all know you can't escape but for our amusement I'll give you a couple of minutes to try."

I know that I have no hope of getting free but considering that I'm about to die in a few minutes if I don't. I struggle with all my strength. The result, absolutely nothing. The only thing I can move slightly is my head. Apart from that I might as well be paralysed so completely does the plastic bondage prevent me from moving. I give up and look up at them. Amanda speaks

"You give up and admit we have won." I make a small nod yes.

"Let's finish him then Anna and give him the plastic suffocation death he has fantasised about."

I watch for what will be the final time as Anna peels the clear plastic film from the roll and places it over my mouth and chin just under my nose so my breathing is not cut off quite yet. The plastic wrap is fed off the roll and the roll passed to Amanda who winds it under the table and gives it back to Anna. This is repeated twice more. I can feel the very limited amount of movement with my head also being taken away by the tight plastic. The wrap is worked up over my forehead and several layers are applied there as well. I am now totally immobilised. I cannot move any part of my body in the slightest due to the tight clingy plastic wrap. Anna has the roll in her hand and looks into my eyes.

"Ready to die Ben?" I know where the next layer of plastic will go.

"Do it, I want to watch him die." says Amanda. Anna slowly moves the roll over my face. I can only look up helplessly and watch the layer of plastic peel off the roll, which will cover my face and cut off my air supply ending my life. She passes the roll across to Amanda who pulls the plastic down tight to my face and feeds it under the table for the last time. It is impossible to breathe the instant the second layer of plastic comes in touch with the layer already around my head.

"That looks so hot Ben, I hope you come before you die." says Anna. My cock has thickened between my legs but it is impossible to get an erection. Being so much in their control that they have taken away my ability to be a man excites me even more.

They are both standing by the table looking over me. I look at Amanda through the two layers of plastic. She has a sadistic smile on her face. Even though she is physically attractive I always had my doubts about her being a real bitch. Evidently I was correct, but I've found out in the hardest way possible, the cost being my life. I have no doubt that she is the mastermind behind this.

I shift my gaze to Anna. The quietly spoken redhead Dom who I could have fallen in love with. My lungs are screaming out for air but I know they will never sample it again. My body starts to go into involuntary convolutions but any movement is totally prevented by my airtight personal plastic prison. My head is starting to spin. It is nearly over. I have never been so turned on in my life. The release of adrenaline in my body is providing me with a huge natural rush. I see stars before my eyes. Please, please I want to come before I die and then my body bursts into orgasm. However the come is trapped in my body because of the superglue filling my cock. The last thing I see is Anna looking down at me. My vision goes blurry and I'm gone.

My eyes open. I'm not dead. Why not? I am still totally encased in the plastic as before, including my head. Some holes have been poked through the second layer of plastic that I was sure would kill me, allowing me to breath again. They are both beside the table looking down at me. Anna speaks

"So was that the greatest orgasm you have ever experienced or what?" Amanda speaks

"We're not going to let you off that easy. That is exactly how you want to go. You are going to be left wrapped like this, breathing difficult but possible, unable to piss or shit. How uncomfortable do you think you will be after 24 hours? And what about 48 hours? You will be in agony. You would be begging us to kill you, except it is impossible for you to ever speak again. Let's go Anna and leave this plastic wrapped piece of shit to die slowly. Pray that we come back in a day or so to finish you off." They walk away from the table leaving me there paralysed by plastic.





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