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Becky's Halloween Display

by Jack Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jack Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M+/f; wrap; cloth; display; stand; kidnap; party; sex; cons/reluct; X

I have a husband and wife who are good friends of mine, and they inadvertently found out about my kinky interests from a mutual friend. It's always hard to gauge somebody you know on a social level to see if you want to let them in on some of your "other interests", and the risk to the friendship that could result. It was therefore kind of a gift when my mutual friend told me Becky and James had a story I had to hear from them. My friend Shannon knew the story, but it wasn't her's to tell.

The four of us arranged to have dinner at my house. I provided the dinner, as my friends like my cooking, and my guests brought the wine. Becky is very sexy, and has the kind of body that could make a sack look good. I've only ever seen a picture of her in anything like that once though, as she dresses well for her job in a law office. She usually wears "business sexy", and that is what she wore to our Friday night dinner. James is a nice guy and smart enough to know how lucky he is to have Becky, and I always thought he had a kind of overt sexual confidence. Our mutual friend Shannon was there, right from work, and dressed that way as well. I felt undressed compared to the girls as I had the whole day off to clean and was wearing comfortable blue jeans and a pull over shirt. My lasagna had turned out well, and I thought it was too bad my husband wouldn't get any as he was still traveling for his company. He was sometimes gone for weeks, and our friends helped me with repairs around the house. For all the other things I needed him for, my toys and erotic stories would usually have to do!

Good manners meant we didn't discuss what my three friends were obviously excited about until after dinner, when we sat on the deck with drinks in hand. Becky asked a question of me before she was willing to start their story. She wanted to know if Shannon really dared me to drive over to her house, at night, completely naked. And if I did it. I was shocked that Shannon shared that with them, but admitted that I did it on a dare. She asked what happened next, and I sensed Shannon and I were about to pass some kind of test. I told her the truth that Shannon made me hand over my car keys and stand on her front lawn, and that she proceeded to spray me down with her garden hose full of extremely cold water as I ran around. I then had to beg on my shivering knees to be let in her house that she ran into with my car keys. Becky didn't ask, as Shannon and I apparently passed the test, but Shannon then let me into her house take a hot shower and warm up. My friend knew I was sexually off the wall that night and thought a cold shower would do the trick. It did until my husband got home from Africa three days later and I nearly raped him. Since then my husband has given me free reign to find a man to provide for my needs when he's away. I have taken him up on his generous offer since then, and love him even more for making it.

Becky started her story. Her and James were throwing a Halloween party the weekend before Halloween, and their friends at the time were always trying to "one up" them with everything they did. James had the idea that they should have a costume party and contest for the best costume. Their friends loved the idea and both of them went crazy decorating the little house they rented at the time, inside and out. James jumped in then, he said he wanted something so over the top that everybody would know who was the winner without even a vote. James said he wanted to make Becky a mummy, and not just any mummy, the sexiest mummy their friends had ever seen. I noticed the look on Becky's face, she was highly excited to relive this event. Becky said she was looking forward to their friends eating some "humble pie", and went to the thrift store to buy several older bed sheets. At James' direction she cut the sheets up into strips and James said he practiced wrapping his sexy wife up like an Egyptian mummy on TV. Two practice sessions lead to two conclusions, Becky got way too hot wrapped up in her clothes in their house, and Becky also got too hot for James to handle after she was unwrapped. Becky blushed when she heard that, but didn't deny it.

James said he had made a steel frame and welded it to a heavy steel base plate that Becky would both stand on, and be wrapped to. The plate had wheels on it so Becky and her heavy base plate could be easily moved into the yard along side the other creepy decorations. She wouldn't be able to move at all, but wouldn't fall over either. James reasoned she would be much cooler in the October air than inside the warm house, and their friends would walk right past her on their way into the house. They also knew from their extended testing that Becky could spend at least four hours in position on the frame, but the wrapping could be a problem. Becky suggested James wrap her up wearing only her panties to help keep her cool, as she wears little more than that under the club wear dresses she has. James knew she would be hot when he unwrapped her no matter what she was wearing, and they only planned to unwrap her thin face gauze for their friends anyway. To stop the wrapping from coming loose, they planned to use fabric glue to hold each wrap to itself and then cut the wrapping from Becky's body at the end of the night...

I found myself hanging on James and Becky's every word, and I couldn't help noticing the bulge in James' pants, and the three of us girls squirming around on our chairs. I wondered if the other girls were as wet as I was!

...An hour before the guests were due James started wrapping Becky, wearing only her panties, to the frame and gluing each wrap to itself. He started at her sexy feet, and when she was immobile he stood her up on the base plate and wrapped her body to the metal frame. Becky said she couldn't stop giggling at the trick they were playing on their friends. With her arms wrapped to her sides to just under her tits James said he told her if she couldn't stop giggling she would ruin everything... James realized Becky was helpless to stop giggling on her own, and he wrapped several turns of the cloth under her chin and over her head, effectively gagging her. She could still talk very quietly through her closed jaw, but finally lost the giggles. James pulled a thin gauze hood backwards over her head like the kind painters usually wear with the opening over their face. She said her french braid fit perfectly out of the hole in the rear of the hood. Becky didn't giggle now, or see for that matter, but she could still breathe perfectly. James wrapped her tits UP, actually supporting her large bust in a way that made it look even bigger. He finished with her head and wheeled her out into the yard, and she was transformed into a helpless Halloween decoration. James said she was definitely a sexy mummy when he was done with her, her shape accurately reproduced by the cloth wrapping, with the exception of her tits that actually looked larger the way they were wrapped...

James had taken a picture of his sexy mummy and handed it to me. I just looked at it and thought to myself that I would love to try that myself! I must have said it out loud because all three of them just turned their heads and looked at me at the same moment. I made a joke out of it and said "oops", but I was serious about wanting to try it.

...When his guests started to arrive, James made apologies for Becky's absence and said she would try to get back before the night was over. The yard decorations were a hit, especially Becky, and the food and drinks had the whole group feeling no pain at all. James' own clown costume was lacking because of all the time he had put into the house and his sexy mummy, and his friends easily had him beat with their rented costumes. They were waiting for one last couple, who were late, and when they showed up like horror movie zombies, they easily had everybodies costumes beat. James said he was about to spring his surprise on his friends and asked the zombies how they liked the sexy mummy in the yard, as they were the only guests not to comment on her. They said they must have missed that one, but liked all the other decorations, and named several of them off. He said their other friends asked how they could possibly miss her and they all walked outside, James with the surgical scissors in hand, to free up enough of Becky to win the unofficial bragging rights.


His friends missed her because she wasn't there anymore. James said he tried to keep his panic in check and told his friends "very funny", where is she? They all claimed innocence and James started to believe them when he saw wet wheel tracks off of his damp lawn and onto the side walk. The tracks went off to the North and all the friends followed him in that direction looking for what they thought was only a valuable Halloween decoration. He realized he couldn't tell them the truth, or for that matter even tell the cops that somebody kidnapped his wife while she was dressed as a mummy on his front lawn. To anybody looking out their windows around midnight, he said, it would have seemed like a freak show. Him in a crappy clown costume followed by two zombies, and eight other strange people in costume, all apparently looking for a lost decoration, and apparently drunk. James said he could laugh about it now, but at the moment was terrified. The tracks ended quickly when the wheels dried, and the group of misfits roamed the streets of their neighborhood achieving little besides terrifying some teenagers who hid in one of their parents basement as the group walked by.

Becky told the story from there. The group of terrified teenagers had seen her in the yard, and decided to grab her for their own party in the basement, as their parents were away for the night. They intended to return her to the yard in the morning, after their party was over. The boys were old enough to drink, and the boys parents knew they would, so they decided to lend their house to keep them out of trouble.

Becky said she knew she was getting moved, but couldn't make enough noise to get the boys attention. She also didn't recognize any of the voices, but she could tell by what the boys were saying to each other that they were just having some harmless fun... Becky said she realized she was now in a heated room, and soon started to sweat through her thin wrappings as she squirmed as best as she could. She finally got the boys attention, and when they got over their shock they unwrapped her face as she quietly told them, and their mouths fell open. The boys carefully cut away the wrapping over her head so she could talk, and she realized she had to keep them calm. After all she was still wrapped and helpless and at their mercy, weather they realized it or not. Becky told them she wasn't angry with them or anything, but that her friends would be worried when she turned up missing. Becky said they were obviously in over their heads with their little prank, but who could blame them for not expecting to find her inside the mummy. One of the boys stated the obvious for his friends, "were all kidnappers now"!

Becky knew this could go badly, and these young men could do something out of desperation that they all would regret. At the worst possible time, Becky said James and his group of drunk misfits walked by the house she was in, and the boys freaked. Becky's head was the only thing free of the wrappings, and she told the boys that if she called her house and left a message that she was OK, her friends wouldn't worry too much, and wouldn't call the cops. They were unsure of what to do until Becky pointed out that she could have easily screamed for her friends when they walked by, but didn't. Apparently the boy who lived in the house picked up the phone and dialed the number Becky gave him, and held the phone so she could talk into it. She knew nobody would answer and left a message on the answering machine that she was fine, and she was going to stay where she was, by her own choice, until everybody calmed down. She said some boys grabbed her by mistake, as a prank, and were terrified you clowns were going to kill them. So she said to stay home and she would see them later.

The boys seemed to relax once the misfits were gone, and Becky said she was sure James would relax as well when he heard her voice. James jumped in and said he did relax once he heard the message, and had confidence in Becky's decision.

Becky asked for something to drink as she was as dry as could be, and the boys only had beer. She said she likes beer just fine and one of the boys helped her awkwardly drink half of her first bottle. Becky was the center of attention, still wrapped from her neck to her toes, but she needed to get out of her sweaty wrappings NOW! Becky said she asked if the boys were all over eighteen, and when they bobbed their heads in unison she said good, because I need you to cut me out of this costume, and I don't want to get arrested for corrupting a minor. The boy who lived there found a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut where Becky told him to cut. A second pair of scissors were found and one boy was cutting down between her cleavage and the second up her between her legs. They went slowly because both scissors were the kind with points on them and they didn't want to hurt her. They cut her panties away by accident as well, but they were plain cotton ones anyway.

Becky said inch by inch her body was slowly revealed to the boys who were taking turns cutting her free of her bonds. Becky said it was very erotic to feel their breath on every part of her newly exposed sweaty skin, cooling it instantly. They were inches away from her most intimate parts and Becky said she was sure she smelled like death. The boys and their hormones didn't seem to mind, and Becky admitted to us she was experiencing the same reaction as when James had unwrapped her the previous two times... When she was finally free of the metal frame and the wrapping, she was directed to the bathroom she needed desperately, and it had a shower!

Becky said she came out ten minutes later feeling clean and human again, wrapped in a towel. She said she noticed only five boys now, and was told the rest went home. Becky concluded that the others would likely regret leaving early! Becky said she saw a mix of emotions on their faces, mostly lust, and just a tinge of fear mixed in. Becky said she intended to fully enjoy the former, and squash the latter...

James said Becky came home early in the morning and had the obvious signs of a night full of sex. She was only wearing a bathrobe, and a huge tired smile on her face. He said she didn't want to go into the details with him, but assured him everything that happened was 100% consensual. James wasn't angry, the two had a theoretical agreement that if an opportunity presented itself, they should enjoy it, but until then neither had...

Becky and I later, in private, discussed her "lending" me James if I had the need some time, and I explained the similar agreement my husband and I had with his extended travel. She graciously said I could borrow him when I needed, but only for sex. She did caution me he was a handful, and if she knew in advance I may need him, she would make sure to cut him off a few days ahead! I gave her a big hug and thanked her, she had saved me from the potentially embarrassing ordeal of trolling for a man at some bar when I needed him.

...To finish the story, James said the zombies won the unofficial contest, and nobody at the party ever knew about Becky's part of the story. The boys knew obviously, and who knows if they kept it quiet or not. James did say that he never had to cut that lawn or shovel snow again at that house, and he regretted when they moved away. Becky never said if the boys were makeing some kind of restitution with her, or if she had worked out some other kind of payment schedule with them.

I borrowed James several times since I heard that story, and he wrapped me like a mummy each time, but that is another story!



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