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A Beginner's Mummification

by Bob

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© Copyright 2002 - Bob - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; MF/m; bond; hogtie; wrap; saran; cocoon; susp; denial; oral; anal; climax; first; cons; X

Warren was the first openly-gay guy I got well acquainted with when I worked in San Francisco’s financial district, and we kept in touch via E-mail even after I moved south with my wife. I really felt close to Warren, even though I’m straight- he’s open and straightforward and sensitive, all the qualities that women love in a guy. Myself, I thought he was a sensitive, supportive guy I could cry on when I had problems of my own. Thus, when (after a substantial period of perusing the Web) I developed an over-powering need to get not merely bound but mummified (I suppose that’s kind of an extreme fringe of D&s), it was only natural that I turned to Warren. As I hoped, he said he was ‘vaguely knowledgeable’ on the subject and was amenable to helping me try it out. I arranged for a weekend visit to his place in the East Bay. I took CalTrain and BART up and he picked me up when I rolled in late on Saturday afternoon.

We went straight to his place (I’d eaten on the train) and he showed me to the study/guest bedroom he’d set up for me; then we kicked back with a beer and relaxed, chatting over old times. Finally he broached The Subject: “Are you ready for spending the night as a mummy, or has today been too long?”

“Truth be told, it has been a long day. How about some moderate bondage to start with?” He smiled that incredible smile and agreed.

Remember that I’m straight and this was my first experience with any kind of sexual contact with another guy! I’ve never even done a threesome. Warren was very understanding and kidded with me about how he’d be honored to be trusted enough to be my Master. He gently talked me out of my clothes (although he didn’t have to try too hard- remember, this was all my idea) and by about 7 I stood naked before him in his living room, a footlocker of toys open at my feet. 

“Okay, Bob, I’ll go easy on you- you did tell me you were a beginner. Tomorrow, we’ll reassess and see what you’ve learned at Warren’s Sex Seminary! I’ve decided that tonight I will bind you in a kneeling position- nothing extreme, I’ll save that for tomorrow! Does that sit right with you?” 

“Warren, you are the boss tonight, my appointed Master, and I trust you. Your choice is fine with me.”

“Okay: turn around.” I turned my naked back (and everything else!), Warren crossed my wrists for me, and I willingly held them crossed while he gently but firmly tied them with two crossed bands of rope, three strands each. He wrapped the extra length of the rope around my waist to bind my crossed wrists snugly against the small of my back. (Most people when cuffed will keep their hands low against their butt; tying them higher causes more sensation at the shoulders and the breasts.)

“Feeling helpless yet?” 

“Yes, I’m certainly do, Master! I once had the misfortune of being cuffed by the police, and it wasn’t sexy at all, but this is ever so much different.” We smiled at each other. Warren went to his ‘toy chest’ to return with yet another piece of rope. He tied this carefully around my legs, first just above below my knees, then just below them, and then used the same rope to tie my ankles securely together. 

“How does that feel, slave Bob?” I noticed the new term of address and accepted it trustingly. 

“Just as helpless as before but more so, Master!” Again, we both smiled. He knew I was a ‘solo artist’ where bondage was concerned, and talking about it, especially with another guy, was very awkward.

Warren produced another cord- this time just a piece of heavy twine. He used a chunk of it to tie my big toes together- “This isn’t a brute-force technique, but it may surprise you how vulnerable this can make you feel! And that, of course, is important.”

I tried to move and found that my big toes didn’t like this- it felt awkward and humiliating, which was what this was all about. “Yes, Master, I see what you mean! It makes me feel... very controlled!”

Warren stood up and reached out to gently touch my nipples. With my wrists tied behind my back, I couldn’t have stopped him if I had wanted to- and at this point I really didn’t want to stop ‘our game’. I growled low in my throat and he grinned. “Ahhh... my slave likes that, huh?”

“Your slave likes whatever his Master does!” 

“But you for yourself do like it, right?” 

“Yes, Master Warren my friend, I do!” 

Warren returned to the toy chest for a longer piece of rope, dropped most of it in front of me, and pulled the ends under my arms until the middle of the rope (pre-marked with a felt-tip pen) was across my upper chest. 
“This would be easier if you could hold your hands up, but I needed to secure your hands first to set the stage.” 

“I’m sure you know best, Master.” 

“Let’s not get too carried away, all right?”, he gently rebuked me. 

He crossed the two ends behind my back, pulled them forward under my arms again, and again across my chest- this time pulling one rope under one of my tits and over the other, and the other one the same way but crossing that rope, making an ‘X’ between my tits. He repeated the process six or seven times, pulling the rope tighter with each loop around my chest, and then cinched the rope amd tied it in the middle, producing a cross-your-heart bra effect. My ‘new’ tits were hard, their skin stretched taut, and my erect nipples reached out to him. 

“Like the effect, slave?” 

“A very interesting effect, Master- I feel positively girlish!” He chuckled and tweaked my nipples again.

Warren put his hands on my shoulders and eased me to my knees, a position I didn’t find at all uncomfortable. Then he made another trip to the toy chest, this time bringing back a leather strap with a practice golf ball (hollow plastic with holes in it) strung on its middle. “Now I’m going to gag you, slave Bob. This is a very mild gag, mainly for effect, to make you feel captive. If you seriously need help, hum ‘Dixie’ and I’ll help you out. If you can’t hum, pass out or die or something to give me a hint.”

“Sounds very good to me, Master!” I opened wide for the ball, he gagged me firmly, and we smiled at each other.

That done, Warren deftly tied a slip knot in one end of the rest of the cord he’d used to tie my toes. He knelt behind me and circled my ball-sack with the noose- the first explicitly sexual contact between us. He looked at me and I smiled back, so he pulled the noose snug around my ball sack. Then he carefully eased me over onto my face- I instinctively put my head down and ‘stood on my head’ to look  back between my legs at him while he lifted my ankles and tied the other end of the cord to the rope between them! I was now hog-tied in a most unusual manner- hogtied by my balls! My balls were now stretched firmly but not brutally down between my wide-spread thighs- at least as long as I kept my legs demurely folded. Were I to try to stand up, my balls would either stop me or come off! Warren looked up at me. I grunted my approval. He reached out to my half-erect cock and fondled it gently. This was the first time a non-doctor man had ever touched my cock, and I was pleasantly surprised to feel it become quite hard quite rapidly. Again, we both smiled.

Warren leaned close to me and gently stroked my nipples, which by now felt as hard as diamonds; I felt his touch all the way down to my outstretched balls and let another low growl slip through my gag. Warren smiled and proceeded to gently stroke them, which generated another growl. Warren’s hand descended to tickle my balls, which- stretched and anchored as they were- felt so good I couldn’t help but growl. He took my erect cock in his hand and smiled. “Are you still sure you’re not gay, Bob? You do seem to be enjoying yourself.” Hell, I didn’t know at that point! I growled at him through my gag. 

He dropped to his back behind me, sliding under my open crotch, and proceeded to demonstrate that his tongue was good at much more than public speaking! I watched between my legs as my hanging cock disappeared into his mouth. I helplessly enjoyed his expert tongue work until he abruptly stopped just short of my orgasm. How did he know I was close? He yawned an obviously-fake yawn: “Well, it’s about time for bed! Seriously, slave Bob, I can’t let you get off tonight- I want you to be really, really ready for tomorrow so you’ll enjoy it to the max. That also means you can’t be allowed to jack off tonight, so you’re going to sleep tied up. I know you’ll be a little stiff in the morning- I’ll look forward to that!- but a shower and a walk out for breakfast will fix that.” He rolled me to my side on a futon. Then he stripped to his shorts, turned off the lights, and curled up on the sofa to keep watch over me through the night.

The next morning, I woke first. It took a moment or three to remember why I couldn’t move; after a brief struggle, I remembered why and where I was bound, and I relaxed more or less contentedly. I think my motions woke Warren, because in a few moments he was up and released my bonds- ball strap and leg ropes first, wrists next, and then the rope bra. Finally he removed the ball gag and gave me a brief kiss on the cheek. “Good morning, sweetie. Stiff?” 

“You got that right, Warren!” We smiled, and then I showered first before we pulled on some clothes and went out for a walk to a breakfast joint. We finally returned to his place around noon. He suggested that we go to the museum (SF MoMA) that afternoon, and I agreed. We got home that afternoon around 3. 

“Okay, Bob, back to Subject Number One. Ready to try being a mummy?” 

“Yes, I am. This is my first time, but I know you’ll be gentle and careful, so let’s go... Master!” 

He smiled and led me back to the living room. “Get naked for me while I change clothes.” 

“Certainly, Master.” 

He went into his bedroom and closed the door. In about twenty minutes, I was waiting nakedly in the living room when he returned wearing  black leather slacks, shirt and boots!

“Wow- you present quite an image, Master!” 

“Thank you, slave. I’ve played the dominant before, but being dressed like this makes me feel more into the role. Now let’s get to work.”

Warren had me stand in the center of the living room, near the table and facing the picture window (whose blinds were thoughtfully drawn). “First, a bit of prep work.” He went to the toy chest and pulled out a compound rope hoist. Then he carried out a stepladder,  lifted down a fern in a potted plant, and hung the hoist from the hook. “The landlord doesn’t know about this hook- it goes right into an I-beam that holds up most of the building. It’ll hold more weight than I’ll ever have to deal with.” 

He put the stepladder away, brought half a dozen rolls of Saran Wrap from the kitchen and laid them on the sofa. “I made a special shopping trip to the hardware store and to Safeway just for your visit!” 

“Thank you very much, Master Warren!” 

He told me to hold my hands at my sides, which I did, and he started wrapping the plastic around my waist, enclosing my arms and hands inside the springy stuff. (It gets less springy quickly as more layers are added- your freedom disappears quickly.) He worked his way upward; the first roll lasted until my chest was covered all the way up to my shoulders. I noticed that there was a small gap through which my nipples projected, but I didn’t object- after all, he was the Master. He picked up a new roll of Duct-Tape: “I need to use something sturdier than Saran Wrap for strength. At least the tape won’t rip your hair out when it comes off!” He wrapped the tape three times around my waist, pinning my arms tightly to my sides, and made two more loops around my chest, above and below my tits. Now my arms were really immobilized.

He started at my waist with the second roll of wrap and worked downward. I wondered how he was going to wrap my goodies? Warren must have anticipated that I would think that. “I’m going to do what I’ll call a ‘chastity belt’ wrap- spread your legs a bit- that’s it.” He held my cock up out of the way while he pulled the wrap between my legs, strapping my balls back and up against my crotch. After he laid a couple of layers of wrap carefully over my balls and my butt, making sure every bit of skin was covered, he bent my half-erect cock down and back the same way and pinned it there with several more layers of wrap.

“If you’re familiar with the workings of a male chastity belt” (and I was) “you know that when your cock is bound back like this you can’t get hard. That’s reasonable, since mummies can’t get hard either.”

We both chuckled, Warren a bit more than I. I’d tried a homemade chastity belt and I knew how effective it was at ruining an erection! I wasn’t sure whether or not I looked forward to having an erection with Warren, but I had made up my mind to submit to him as Master.

He used the rest of the roll and a third to finish wrapping my legs together, all the way down to my ankles. Then he returned to the Duct Tape and wrapped strips of it snugly around my legs above and below my knees and at my ankles. I squirmed a bit- yes, I was totally immobile! My legs were strapped together so I couldn’t really bend them, and my cock and balls were trapped invisibly between them; I felt about as manly as a schoolgirl. Warren watched me as I surveyed my helplessness and chasteness and smiled. Then he helped me to wiggle over to his heavy dining room table.

“Now I’m going to have you lay back on the table so I can work on you. ”

“Certainly, Master!” 

“Quiet, slave, I’m being creative. That’s it...” He helped me back until I was flat on my back slantwise across the table, my head and feet sticking out over the sides.

“I’ll finish your feet next.”

“Thank you, Master Warren. If I haven’t said so recently, I do thank you a lot for going to all this trouble to quench my curiosity.” 

“Don’t worry, slave Bob, I will get enjoyment out of this somehow!” 

He first wrapped a couple of layers of Saran Wrap around my feet: “That’s mainly to cover everything because I’m going to use tape here. Point your toes down, slave!” I pointed my toes downward, and he used quite a bit of Duct Tape to make sure that they would stay pointed. My toes were curled sharply downward, and I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to stand, let alone walk, with my feet bound like this! Warren must have noticed. “Yes, you’re right, slave- no way can you stand with your feet strapped like this. I imagine you feel pretty helpless, don’t you!” 

“Yes, I do feel helpless, bound up like this. Thank you again, Master!”

“Okay, I’m about to do the hard part- mummifying your head. Anything you want to say? In a minute you won’t be able to, so get it out now.” 

“I have nothing to say, Warren my Master! Please proceed.” 

He went to the toy chest and produced what I recognized as an O-ring gag and a sponge. He gently pressed the rubber-coated metal O-ring between my teeth and into my mouth; this held my mouth wide open, and he buckled the strap firmly behind my head. He moistened the sponge in the kitchen sink and pushed it into my open mouth, pretty well packing it full. 

“Thk yw, Mstr!” 

He turned me on the table so my head and shoulders stuck out over the edge, smiled and went to the toy chest for a 3" wide nylon strap, which he wrapped three times around my chest just under my arms and buckled it securely. “That’s so I can move you around; obviously you can’t walk any more!”  I nodded. I couldn’t smile around the O-ring.

My Master grabbed another roll of Saran Wrap and a chunk of garden hose about three inches long.  He first gently inserted the garden hose in my mouth, to the side of the sponge. “This is to ensure that you’ll be able to get plenty of air.” He took the wrap and started at my shoulders, covering my neck and then my chin, wrapping it around my mouth (securing the hose in position as he wrapped) and finally covering my nose. I tried to take a breath through my nose; the wrap sucked into my nostrils and no air at all came through- a little disconcerting. I went back to mouth breathing. 

“How you doing in there, slave?” 

“Gdd... plz go hd, Mstr!” 

He wrapped the rest of my head, covered my eyes with the clear wrap, and passed the wrap over and around my head several times. I could see through the wrap, but not clearly- sort of like being under water. And I was now completely immobilized, totally mummified! “One last touch, my slave...” and Warren blindfolded me! I must have struggled a bit; Warren watched carefully, but he had been careful and very thorough, because I could only squirm. I was truly mummified- I couldn’t squirm enough to do any good at all, walking was out of the question, I was blindfolded, and I couldn’t get a hard-on! I struggled desperately for a moment, but finally Warren ran his hand across my exposed nipples, and I calmed immediately. I think there’s something about nipple stroking that counteracts panic.

Warren walked to the hoist, pulled the hook over to me, and hooked it to the nylon strap at my back. “Okay, slave- time for you to stand up! I’ll try not to bounce you around too much.”

He started pulling; the ropes pulled tight and started pulling me off the table. In a bit I was mostly hanging from the hoist, with my knees supported by the table. Warren came over, picked up my feet, and gently set them on the floor. I was now leaning sharply backward, my head maybe three feet from the floor. Because of my mummification, my whole body was pretty stiff, and I didn’t sag too much in the middle like you would think. Warren continued to pull me up until I was standing up on my tip-toes which no way would support my weight, a very strange feeling. He locked the hoist that way and walked over to me.

“How you doin’ in there, slave?” I grunted OK and nodded. Then he reached between my legs and played with my strapped-down cock and balls. Damn, I wished I could get hard! Chastity belts are a bitch. He noticed my unhappiness and continued, occasionally diverting a hand to my exposed nipples. I breathed easily through the garden hose. I stood/hung there for a long time, with no idea of how much time was passing, while he amused himself with my body.

After a few hours, during which my balls must have turned blue and then purple, I felt him lowering me, and soon I was flat on my back. He stroked my nipples and my imprisoned cock again, bringing me back to a point of frenzied desire. I no longer cared that it wasn’t a woman who was doing this to me- I just wanted to get off! I squirmed and struggled, but Master Warren had been much too thorough.

Then I heard him talking to me through several layers of Saran Wrap. “Slave Bob, I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to mummify you, and now it’s time to pay the piper. I know you’re straight, but I am going to give you the opportunity to get me off. Are you game?” I nodded yes. I don’t know why, but I nodded yes. In a moment I felt him slicing through the wrap around my head to expose my mouth and removing the hose and the sponge. Still blind, I waited helplessly for whatever my Master wanted to do to me. Then I felt him kneeling at my head, and a few seconds later I felt something entering my mouth. Yes! It was the head of his cock!

The head squeezed through the ring and slipped into my face. My tongue fought with the O-ring and eventually wrapped around his cock. I was unfamiliar with being on the ‘giving’ end of a blow job, but I worked hard to please my Master. I sucked his cock and felt it growing in my face; the head got wider and wider, and the shaft grew so thick it must have been almost locked in the O-ring. Finally I felt him pumping and realized he was about to cum in my face! I bobbed my head on his cock as much as I could, fucking my face with his cock, until I finally heard a loud groan and- oh Gawd, what have I done?- I felt thick fluid spurt across my tongue. I sucked hard until his spurting stopped and then... I swallowed it. 

“Thanks, slave Bob... you’re great. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I felt him push the hose and sponge back in my mouth, slap a piece of tape over them, and walk away. I just lay there and wondered what I had just become; at the very least a novice cocksucker! A few minutes later, Master Warren returned to ungag me, present me with a gentle kiss, this time on the lips, and then continued to use scissors to cut me out of my ‘cocoon’. He presented me with a room-temperature (my preference) bottle of ale, and we sat around the living room for a while, reliving the experience. Warren thought I had handled myself very well and asked if maybe I might be game for another inning, “if you’re not blown away and filled with disgust?” 

"Warren, I am not filled with disgust; I don’t even have a little disgust! I would love to play another inning- after I finish this bottle.”

About 20 minutes later, I set the empty bottle aside and visited Warren’s bathroom. When I returned, Master Warren was waiting, so I took my position in the center of the room as before. “Fold your arms in front of you- no, not so close together- that’s it, notice how they frame your tits. I’m going for a strait jacket effect.” He picked up a roll of Saran Wrap (the stock on the sofa had miraculously replenished itself), held the end at the side of my neck, and started wrapping carefully- over my shoulders, over my breasts, down around my waist and finally covering my asscheeks. 

“This time I think I’ll wrap your cock up against your belly and give you a fighting chance at an erection, at least!”

“Thank you, Master, I would appreciate an erection very much!” 

Master Warren proceeded to bind my balls as before, up against my crotch and back, but then bent my eager cock against my belly and sealed it under the rest of the wrap. He reinforced all this with Duct Tape around my chest and over my elbows just below my tits, and around my waist; my entire upper body was immobilized.

“Now please have a seat over here, slave.” I looked at the chair, coincidentally placed right under the hoist. Master Warren had placed in the chair an odd device which looked rather like a cutout figure of a man with two metal legs in a sitting position and metal braces which made it clear that the figure was going to hold its shape. Several books behind the figure pushed it forward and left only a few inches of seat, a narrow but usable ledge. I was puzzled but obediently seated myself, my legs nicely fitting on top of the metal legs. Master Warren continued with another roll of Saran Wrap, sealing first one leg and then the other to the metal legs. He followed this with Duct Tape around each leg high on each thigh, above and below each knee, and at each ankle. He finally added another couple of strips of tape to bind the upper part of my body and my waist to the cutout figure I was sitting on.

“How about a test squirm, slave?” I cheerfully squirmed; demonstrating that I was pleasantly (yes, pleasantly- I was certainly enjoying myself) immobilized. Master Warren and I smiled happily. Then I heard a knock at the door. Warren didn’t move but said “By the way, slave Bob- I got this idea from a lady friend who happens to have tried out mummification for a while; I bounced some ideas off her. A long time back she made the chair thing you’re sitting on and she suggested we might find use for it. Would you mind if Marty joined us? I mean, not that you have much choice in the matter, but I figured I’d ask.”

I thought fast for a moment and then said “Master Warren, I trust you enough to trust a friend you would trust. Let’s go for it.”

Warren smiled and slipped a pair of soft plugs into my ears and then as before popped the sponge and a piece of hose into my mouth before covering my face. He stepped in front of me and let me watch as he sealed a piece of tape over the wrap covering my eyes, leaving my blind and deaf for as long as he wanted.

I suppose he brought somebody into the room and they talked but of course I heard and saw nothing. In a bit I felt my chair being lifted- no, not the chair, just me and the odd device. They tilted me over on my back and lay me on the floor- that made me quite aware of how helpless I was, how my legs were poised, and how my vulnerable body was displayed for the pleasure, use and abuse of Master Warren and Marty. In a few moments I felt myself being hoisted up into the air, with no idea how far up I was, except that my head was lower than my hips. I was disconcerted and disoriented, but I trusted Warren- I had to, to willingly put myself in this situation. I relaxed and wondered what was going to happen next. I swayed and spun slowly and wondered.

A long time later, I felt hands manipulating my chest, and then cool air crossed my tits- they had cut the wrap open. Then I felt my nipples burning, and I realized that one or both of them had applied clamps to my tits! After a bit the burning eased somewhat, but I wasn’t about to forget that they were there. Soon thereafter, I felt hands at my head; they sliced away the wrap covering my nose and mouth and removed the hose and the sponge. I started to say something, but a gentle hand touched my lips, and I stayed quiet. Then I felt hands at my ass, and then cool air struck my asshole! At this point I began to realize the that I was about to be ‘sodomized’- a bad word for taking a friend’s cock up your own asshole. However, rather than panic and struggle, I decided to relax; this was just a bit more than I bargained before, not the end of the world!

I felt something at my head, fleshy-soft against the sides of my head, and then I smelled a familiar odor- pussy! A woman was going to sit on my helpless face! For a few seconds I struggled against my mummification, which got me absolutely nowhere; Master Warren had been very thorough and I was completely helpless. Then Marty’s meat came down on my mouth; I explored it with my lips, verifying that this was in fact a warm female pussy, and my balls reacted appropriately to the presence of a twat- I felt my bound cock straining at the Saran Wrap. Then I felt a hand at my ass, cool and slippery. Oh gawd, he was greasing my ass! I struggled some more, but not desperately, but because I needed to. Then I felt something- yes! a cock!- pressing against my vulnerable asshole. Well-greased, the head spread the gateway to my bowels and slipped in, followed a moment later by the incredible sensation as the cock smoothly penetrated full-length into my ass. I continued licking at the unseen pussy over my face, feeling it squirming over me as feedback that I was pleasuring it well. I squirmed the little I could, letting myself go completely. I was suspended in midair, totally bound and mummified, unable to move more than my tongue. 

An unseen woman was using my face as a pleasure tool while my friend Master Warren borrowed my asshole as something to cum in! The sense of  helplessness, the reality of my mummification, was incredible, as was the excitement. I was a helpless toy being used by may captors for their pleasure, and about the only pleasure I could get was by properly giving them pleasure! I squirmed and struggled and worked almost desperately at the pussy pressing heavily down on my face from above; the cunt was as eager to get down on my face as my face was to get into it!

My struggles included attempts to push back at the cock penetrating my rear, to fuck back at his cock with my butt, but of course I was a rigid, motionless mummy who couldn’t push back if his life depended on it.  I felt the pussy oozing juices on me, my signal that the cunt was about to cum on me. I squirmed and wriggled under it and did what I could, lightly flicking my tongue over the sensitive surfaces, feeling the pussy squirm. I wished I could have heard the woman grunt and squeal, but of course nothing came through my plugged ears and wrapped head. I felt the cock in my rear end thrusting with greater energy, taking longer and deeper strokes.

In return, my own cock strained and my balls cried for release. It seemed all to culminate at once- my mouth was flooded with spicy fluids, the pussy’s thighs clenched my head, and the pussy sat hard on my mouth. The cock plunged deep into my asshole, aided by its hands grabbing my thighs and pulling me onto it, and I felt hot jizm spurting into me, a man’s jizm coating the inside of my belly! And my own balls cramped and exploded, sending my own load of cum burning down the shaft of my cock which was helplessly pinned to my belly. I felt my own cum spreading across my skin under the Saran Wrap just as I felt the pussy’s juices running into my mouth and the cock at my rear oozing its jizm into me.

Maybe a minute later, the pussy left my mouth and I felt the cock being pulled slowly out of my ass. After that, I felt myself being lowered to the floor, followed by gradual release as Master Warren cut away the mummy wrap. Marty had already slipped away after taking her pleasure from my helpless face. Warren helped me to my feet, pulled off the remains of the wrap, gave me a gentle kiss on the lips, and walked me to the shower. After that, he spent the rest of the night helping me to reassess my needs.



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