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by Chryslerman

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© Copyright 2007 - Chryslerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/m; D/s; bond; latex; pet; cage; cath; wrap; saran; tape; plaster; encase; entomb; cons; X

I arrive at Master’s home, and his roommate leads me in. I’m taken directly down to the dungeon where I’m directed to strip off, I’m given a buzz cut and all body hair is shaved short with the clippers. I’m led up to the bathroom where I’m placed in the shower, and I’m scrubbed down and given a thorough coating of Nair all over, including my face.

Once the shower is done and all trace of hair, except the very top of my head is gone, I’m given a couple enemas to clean me out. Once I’m done and dried off, a cock ring is placed on me, a Texas catheter is attached, and then I begin donning my latex undergarments. Already lubed, I slip into Hip high leggings, t-shirt, sheath shorts with an opening for the catheter tube, arm length gloves and then a full body wetsuit was placed on me over the latex. It had a hole for the cock sheath, which was placed thru it and zipped up tight. Foam earplugs were placed in my ears and then I had a latex hood placed over my head with open eyes, nose and mouth, and the neck portion placed under the wetsuit neck.

I then had a pair of latex chastity shorts placed on me over the wetsuit and a notch was in the flap for the catheter tube to come thru and was locked on with several locks, and a pair of neoprene boots with semi-hard soles were then placed on my feet. A full body harness with built in collar was then placed on me and all buckles locked closed.

A pair of rubber fist mitts were then placed on my hands and then padded leather ones locked on over those. A scuba like mouthpiece was brought over with a tube coming out. It was placed in my mouth and a padded muzzle brought around my head locking it in place, with just the tube hanging out. Its locked in place and a leather hood is placed over that. All you can see are a pair of eyes way inside and a tube out of the mouth and a couple nostril holes.

I am then led to the Bondage Chair where I am strapped down with many straps and left for several hours with just the sounds of the TV in the next room to keep me company.

Several hours later someone placing a blindfold over my eyes awakens me. I must have dosed off. And then I hear the voice of my Master for the first time today…
“Hello pup… glad you finally made it! I see you’ve been prepared. I’m going to release you as soon as I place the kneepads on you and a couple straps to make sure you stay on all 4’s. The rest of today, you will be a pup, kept on a chain and on the floor… things will be better tomorrow.”

And I was like a puppy, but with the blindfold on, hard to see what was going on around me, but was kept firmly in one area by the chain. After several hours of being petted and lying on the floor, I feel a different chain locked on my collar and I’m led by leash to the dungeon where I am locked inside and told goodnight. I quickly fall asleep…

I awake to the sound of my cage being unlocked and the door opening. I’m pulled out and stood up and moved to a chair. I’m sat down and told to get ready to drink. Soon a Slimfast or Ensure or something similar is coming in my mouth tube, I greedily swallow it. And it’s washed down with some nice cold water.

I’m then led over to one side and I feel shrink-wrap being wrapped around me. Over and over my body it goes, up and down everywhere! Then my arms are placed at my sides and my legs together and more layers from head to toe are wrapped on! Then I am wrapped from head to toe with PVC tape. Only the open nostril holes, mouth tube and catheter tube are seen. I’m then placed in a mummy style sleeping bag, which is closed around me and straps holding it closed around me and then down to the bondage bed in the dungeon.

“You will be here for the day until I get things ready for you. I’ve placed an Air Conditioner in the dungeon window so the air will be nice and cool so you don’t overheat. And I placed a pair of headphones over your ears so you can hear some MP3s over them. You won’t get bored.”

I’m kept there that way until that night when I am let out of the bag, and stood up, placed against a dolly and taped to that. I’m given more energy drinks and water and taken out to Master’s Van. We ride somewhere and I’m wheeled inside what turns out to have been a Fetish Bar and placed against a wall and in full view of everyone. I can feel many people rubbing their hands everywhere on my body until several hours later, I’m wheeled back to the van, and we ride home, and taken back to the dungeon.

That night I am placed back in my cage, after being taken off the dolly, given something to drink, the door locked and asleep for the night.

I awake and soon Master and his roommate are coming down the stairs. I am taken out of the cage, given my liquid meal and Gatorade, both sets of mitts are taken off, and I am told to stretch my hands and fingers, which were cramped and hard to stretch.

Soon, 2 long heavy leather bundles are brought over, they encase my lower arms and enclose my hands, but allow me to open and close my hands as I wish, but are held inside the thick leather gauntlet. They are strapped and locked on, my arms brought back to my sides and I am placed inside a large plastic bag, from the neck down, with several layers of saran over that and numerous layers of tape, with only my catheter tube coming out. The headphones (nice ones with lots of padding are placed on my head) and soon my head is also encased inside a bag, with only my mouth, nose tubes and headphone cord poking thru and then layered with saran and duct tape. I am now a long silver worm with tubes coming out from all anyone can see from the outside.

Apparently the headphones are plugged in somewhere because I hear a voice. It’s my Masters!

“You are now ready for the next part of your encasement. We will be wrapping you in over 5000 ft of plaster bandages. Once that’s done and they’ve cured and set, we will see about the next phase.” The NEXT phase???

Soon I am being wrapped and wrapped under several layers of plaster bandages from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet… I have absolutely no movement other than opening and closing my fingers inside its gauntlet.

After an unknown amount of time, the earphones announce that its nighttime and they are going to bed, but to think about what’s next.

I awake to feeling myself being moved. I can tell I’m being carried somewhere. I am laid down and can tell my tubes are being maneuvered in some fashion. Then I feel and almost hear something. It’s like a heavy liquid sound…

“Well pup. You will be spending 30 days fully encased. Maybe longer. You’ve been placed inside a wooden crate and we’re filling it with plaster. We will screw the lid on, and the crate is inside a small concrete block enclosure against the back wall of the dungeon. We will then set some of those large patio pavers over top, with some grout between then to seal it down and make it look like it was made to be a bench of some kind for people to sit on. We’re planning on having several dungeon parties here over that 30 days and you’ll be here for everyone, in your own limited way! We’ll provide you with some voices, music, radio and so on thru the headphones and of course your food, water and piss needs are being handled by the tubes… have fun for your stay!”

The headphones click off, but I can hear just loud enough to listen a local talk radio station…. And I’m left to live out the next 30 days… Heavily encased in latex, saran, duct tape and plaster as a sitting bench in my Masters Basement!



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