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Benefits of Friendship

by Jessica888

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© Copyright 2010 - Jessica888 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/fm; wrap; saran; tape; cocoon; tease; oral; cons/reluct; X

So there's this boy. But, not like that – he's also my best friend. His name is Steve. I can always tell him everything about me. He knows all my secrets, my fetishes and fantasies, my past, and that I love him. So, I guess it is kinda “like that”. But, there's one thing that I haven't ever told him, and I'm planning on telling him tonight.

We're both in college now, him a year below me. And I'm an RA, so I get the joy of not having a roommate. It's a Friday night, and I know we are both bored in our respective rooms. So, I invite him over. This is completely innocuous as far as he's concerned.

We talk about nothing for quite a few hours, he stretches as if he's getting ready to leave.

I look at him, “Actually there was something else I wanted to talk to you about.”

He gives me a quizzical look, “What's up?”

I take a deep sigh. “You know how I tell you about all my fantasies regarding you?:

“Yeah....” His face clouds over.

“Well, there's one I've never told you about.”

“Oh.” He was never comfortable discussing this sort of thing.

“It would be easier to explain if I could just show you.”

“No,” he states firmly. He definitely doesn't share my feelings, and he doesn't want to try anything that could give me the wrong idea.

“It won't be that bad. I promise. You can even keep most of your clothes on. Just your shirt needs to come off.”

Seeing that I wasn't relenting, he backs down, and takes off his shirt. Then I do the same, which really throws him off.

I grab a roll of plastic wrap, which he eyes with hesitation, since he knows about my mummification fetish.

“It's fine. What I need you to do is just give me a hug. I'll do the rest. He presses his warm body against my exposed breasts and stomach, enveloping me in a caring touch. I take the roll and begin winding it about our midsections, conjoining them and pressing his arms into my back. As I get up my armpits, I stop. I whisper, “Are you okay?” His head is resting on my shoulder, and I feel him nod. I pull out the roll of duct tape I was hiding from him, he hears me start the roll and is suddenly not so peaceful.

“It won't hurt,” I reassure him. “That's why we have the plastic wrap.”

He takes a deep breath, forcing me to exhale, as if he is resigned to his fate. I wrap the tape quite tightly, such that we have no choice but to breathe opposite each other. As he breathes in, I breathe out.

I help our combined form to hobble over to my bed, which we not so gracefully fall into.

He speaks for the first time since we started, “This isn't so bad.”

“I was hoping you would say that,” I smile. A plan was forming in my mind.

We fall asleep in each others arms, which was absolute bliss for me, and he seemed to be pretty okay with it too, judging from the poke I was getting every so often.

I wake up before him in the morning, and just watch his peaceful face, feel his breathing, revel in his presence. He soon wakes up with a start, jabbing his knees into mine, a bit of panic crosses his face before he remembers what all happened last night.

“Do you think we could, you know, get out of this now?” he asks.

I giggle, “I suppose,” reach across him for a pair of scissors and cut right where our abs come together. We are both rather sweaty, and have marks from the patterns of the plastic wrap.

“Well, I've got to go do some homework,” he says, jumping off the bed. He puts his shirt on, gives me a hug, and leaves.

I am left standing, shirtless, feeling a little bit let down.

The following weekend, a very close friend from home of mine and Steve's, named Lindsey, was coming to stay. She and I were talking on Friday, and I told her about my plan, which I would need her help to enact..

On Saturday, I call Steve, asking if he wants to hang out, he agrees, especially after I tell him who is here. The three of us are all sitting on my floor, Steve's back to the door. Lindsey excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Steve and I continue chatting, as if nothing is different.

When Lindsey comes back, she sneaks into the room and grabs Steve's wrists behind him.

Steve reacts in an unconcerned way, “Ha ha, very funny Lindsey,” and tries to pull his arms out of her grasp. She doesn't let go.

I darkly say, “We can do this the hard way, but we would all, I think, prefer the easy way.”

Steve is mightily confused at this point. “What's gong on?” He tugs at his wrists again.

“There's more that I wanted to do last week, but I needed a little helper”

His face slightly relaxes. “Oh, is that all? Jeesh. You had me worried.”

“One difference, you can't keep your clothes this time.”

He considers his situation, and watches calmly as I remove his pants and boxers. His cock is pulsing slightly I fold his clothes and put them somewhere out of the way, so that if he decides to run, he will have a bit of an issue.

I ask, “Are you going to cooperate or do I have to cut your shirt off.” I flash the scissors.

“Now now, lets not get hasty. I quite enjoy this shirt. I would totally help, if she weren't grabbing my wrists.” He nods in Lindsey's direction.

She lets go, and he removes his shirt in no time flat. I fold this, and pile it on top of his pants.

“Now what?”

I am totally shocked by his willingness, but, am definitely pleased by it. I stand up and strip, leaving my panties on for modesty's sake. I say, “I need you to give me a hug again, like last week, but keep your legs slightly apart.”

He complies. Lindsey then starts with the plastic wrap. First she wraps my right leg to his left, then my left to his right, then she asks us to stick our arms out at our sides, each of the four which she wraps individually. She then begins on our torso, duplicating what I did last week, then adding a little something extra. As soon as she gets up to our armpits, she changes direction, going over our shoulders and between our legs. When it comes to Steve's cock, she pulls it back ever so slightly, putting just a little pressure on it.

Then, she pushes our bound legs together, making a large mass of four legs, and puts our arms down, making a tight embrace between the two of us. She then helps us to topple into my bed. She wraps our feet together, then starts with the duct tape. She wraps very tightly, making sure there are no gaps between layers Finally, we are in one big silver cocoon from the neck down. All three of us are exhausted and settle in for a nap.

As we all wake up, I ask to make sure Steve is okay, since this is all totally new to him, and he says that he is more than okay. He is really enjoying himself.

I say, “Then there is just one more thing I want to do.”

He shrugs as best he can from within our cocoon, “go for it.”

I open my mouth for a big kiss, and plant it right on his mouth, we make out for what feels like forever, and I think he forgot that Lindsey was there. She makes herself known while we are lost in the kiss. She finishes off our wrapping with more plastic wrap and duct tape. I can only imagine that we looked quite odd, a very strangely shaped silver cocoon with two conjoined heads, and only holes for air. We stay like this for a few hours longer, but eventually we all know, that our fun has been had.

Lindsey slowly begins cutting us out of our wrappings, both of us extremely hot in multiple senses of the word.

Soon, we are both freed, but are simply laying on the bed. Steve's cock has come to full attention, so I do my best to fix that. I remove my very wet panties and put one leg on either side of his chest, so that my butt is right in front of his face. I begin licking his cock, slowly at first, then taking him whole into my throat and letting him come and come and come.

I dismount, stretch, and hand Steve his clothes. We both had a lot of fun, but will probably never speak of it again. After all, he is just my best friend.


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