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Bind Him, Stuff Him & Wrap Him

by Smutmeister

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© Copyright 2006 - Smutmeister - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; cuffs; harness; gag; wrap; bandages; cocoon; tease; insert; toys; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

John came into the living room and Lisa was sitting on the couch. John knew Lisa liked being tied up and pleasured. But John was wanting to be the one tied up so he figured he’d ask tonight.

“Lisa, you know, I was wondering if you’d tie me up tonight.” John asked her.

Lisa looked reluctant but said, “Ok, take off your clothes while I go get the bag.”

Lisa left the living room and walked toward the bed room. John knew the bag was were they kept the bondage items they had so John took off his clothes, folded them and laid them on the couch. Lisa came back and placed the medium sized black canvas bag on the couch. Then Lisa started digging stuff out of the bag. First was a pair of wrist cuffs then a pair of elbow cuffs and then a pair of ankle cuffs.

Finally she arrived at the item she was looking for. A body harness made out of black leather. This Harness had a wide waist belt with three roller buckle straps in the back. It also had two leg straps that cinched around the thighs just below the crotch. Lisa walked toward John with the harness held toward him with the back left open. John held out his arms and Lisa slid the harness over his arms with the chest strap under the arms and the shoulder straps over the arms. It also had a four inch wide collar that went around his neck.

Next john felt her adjusting the chest strap till it was snug. Then he felt the waist belt being cinched snug. “Suck it in.” Lisa told him and when John sucked in his stomach Lisa cinched the waist belt even tighter. Next Lisa cinched the collar around his neck and left it firmly touching his neck but not restricting to him at all. Then Lisa took the leg straps and cinched them snugly about each leg. Now with the harness in place John took a look at himself while Lisa went back to the bag. The feel of being restricted by the leather was something John had wanted to feel and it was starting to arouse him. He couldn’t look down too well because of the high collar. Lisa came back with the cuffs and some padlocks. They had never used padlocks before. They had only used quick snaps before.

“Lisa, what’s with the padlocks?” John asked her.

“Well this will make it more exciting for you.” She said as she was putting the wrist cuffs on him. Then as she padlocked his left wrist to the left side of the waist belt she said, “This will put you totally at my mercy. You never did that to me and it left me kinda unsatisfied so I figured since you want me to tie you up I’ll show you how I would’ve liked it done.” Then she padlocked Johns’ right wrist to the right side of the waist belt.

John was now pretty excited and getting nervous because she was right he was at her mercy. Then he stood there as she put an elbow cuff on his left arm just above the elbow and locked it to the left side of the chest strap. Johns’ left arm was now secure to his left side. Next Lisa placed the other elbow cuff on his right arm just above the elbow and padlocked it to the right side of the chest strap.

With his arms now secure Lisa drew her attention to his legs. She placed the ankle cuffs around his ankles. Then she stood up and John asked with sarcastic humor, “What no gag?” he was surprised by her response.

“No, it’s time for dinner.” Lisa said as she grabbed his now aroused penis and continued, “Follow me my pet for the night.” It was a line he had used on her before. John now knew her earlier reluctance had been feigned for if he had any idea she was this organized it would have scared him out of it. John tested his bonds while following her to the dinning room and knew he wasn’t getting free till she let him free. Lisa stopped at the bag and removed another ankle cuff along with a quick snap.

When they got to the dinning room, Lisa cinched the cuff around the top bar of a dinning room chair. Then she said, “Sit down.” John sat down and as soon as he was in the chair he felt her snap the quick snap between his collar and the ankle cuff on the back of the chair. He now couldn’t get out of the chair. “Don’t go away.” Lisa said laughing as she walked into the kitchen.

John sat in the chair for quite awhile and he could smell dinner being fixed. After a bit more Lisa came out with two plates, one full of hot food which she set in front of him and the other about half full which she set next to his right. Then Lisa went back into the kitchen and came back with two glasses, one full of water and the other looked like a milk shake. The milkshake she set next to his plate and the water she set next to hers. Then she sat down and began to bring bites of roast and potatoes to his mouth. The food was excellent. While John was chewing his food Lisa fed herself. After every two bites of food she had him drink from the shake. After the first sip full he knew that the shake was a protein shake. This continued until he had finished the plate and shake. Then without a word she got up and took everything into the kitchen. John let out a couple of good sized burps but he was still very full.

Lisa came back into the dinning room from the living room and asked, “Would you like some cake for dessert?”

John shook his head and said, “No I’m stuffed.”

Lisa then surprised him by saying, “Not yet you aren’t.”

John was about to ask what she meant by that when she shoved a soft rubber ball into his open mouth and began pushing flaps between his teeth and cheeks. Then she began pumping up the inflatable gag she had shoved into his mouth. Within seconds the gag filled his mouth and filled the area between his teeth and lips. Then she removed the pump and capped the screw connection. Then she produced an ace bandage and began stretching it around his mouth securing it in place. “Mmmph mmmpph” Was all he could utter in protest and knew no one would hear him outside of the house.

Lisa then unsnapped him and helped him stand. Then grabbing his now ragging penis said, “Time to put you to bed.” Lisa led him into the bedroom and all the way around the bed to the far side from the door. Then she turned John away from the bed and bent down and locked his ankles together. What happened next caused him to scream, for she pushed him backward. He screamed till he hit the bed and then sucked in air trying to calm his racing heart. Lisa now had a permanent smile on her face as she left the room again.

When she came back, she grabbed Johns’ head and turned it to the left and John felt a foam ear plug inserted into his right ear. Then Lisa turned his head to the right and inserted another ear plug into his left ear. Then Lisa rolled John onto his stomach. John then felt his ass cheeks being spread and then he could feel lubricant being applied to his anus and into it. John was squirming and trying to voice a protest. “Mmmph nnmmph” was all he got out. Then John felt a butt plug being inserted into his anus. When it was all the way in Lisa said, “Now you are stuffed.” John barely heard her because of the ear plugs. Then Lisa rolled him onto his back and left the room.

John lay on the bed wondering what her next move was. Lisa was gone for quite awhile and John was really horny even with a butt plug shoved up his anus which surprised him. Just then Lisa returned and climbed onto the bed and she was dressed in a maroon silk teddy. Lisa then grabbed his hard on and said, “Let’s just see how long you can endure this.” Lisa started stroking his penis till he was squirming. Lisa knew he was close to ejaculation so she let go of his penis and heard a ‘mmmph’ of protest “This is what you do to me when I’m tied up. Fair is fair, now take your treatment like a man.”

Lisa then started running her fingernails along his shaft. Pre cum was oozing out the end of his penis and John’s eyes were closed so Lisa knew it was time to shift tactics. She reached up with her left hand and gently started to rub Johns’ nipples till they were little buds. By now John was totally lost in the pleasure of the moment so what came next shocked him. Lisa grabbed a pair of nipple clamps while shifting hands between stroking his penis and rubbing his nipples and then when he wasn’t looking she clamped them onto both of his nipples at the same time. “Uummph” let out John and he tensed till his back arched.

When John opened his eyes and looked around Lisa had gotten off the bed and was now setting a laundry basket on the bed filled with ace bandage wraps. Then she placed a rubber tube under his nose and fitted the two stubs into his nostrils and then stretched the rest over his head. John could now breathe through the tube. Next Lisa grabbed a bandage and waved bye bye as she placed the end at his mouth and began wrapping his head around and up over his nose then his eyes. Lisa was using an intricate wrap, up around the left side of his head then straight across the back of his neck. Then down across the right side of his head and across his face just half overlapping the previous wrap. Lisa continued this intricate wrap till she had completely covered Johns’ head.

The wraps around Johns head had completely cutoff all of his sight. He had been robbed of the one sense that could at least let him know what was coming next. The added layers of bandages had further removed his hearing. He could feel Lisa moving but couldn’t hear her anymore. Then John felt her begin wrapping his feet. John was amazed at how he could still breathe and every inch of his face was covered. As Lisa continued up past his feet, John could feel all freedom of movement being taken away from him. By the time Lisa got to his knees John had a raging hard on like he had never before. Then next thing John felt was her hand stroking his penis only this time when he got close she didn’t stop, she went faster. John felt the ejaculation coming and he tensed like he always did and then he exploded! He shot load after load onto his chest. Lisa rubbed it into his chest while he panted through his nose. Then he felt her move some more and thought she would probably let him go. But he felt something cold going over his penis. He could tell it was a ring and several more were placed on his penis.

‘Oh god what was she doing? When was she going to release him?’ thought John.

After placing the rings of hell on Johns’ penis Lisa then grabbed a thin shoestring out of the laundry basket that John couldn’t see. This she started wrapping around a testicle trapping it into its own sack. Then she wrapped the other testicle so that each was now separated. Next she slipped the end of the string through the tiny d-ring on the end of the rings of hell. Next Lisa shoved the string between John’s thighs and rolled him onto his side. Pulling the string made Johns penis pull down between his legs. Then she tied off the string to the harness. Now if John got an erection again, he would pay for it.

Lisa then grabbed another roll of bandage and continued wrapping up John. She could tell by his squirms and muffled mmphs that he was expecting to be set free and was shocked by the fact that she was further removing his ability to move. Once she got to his waist, she individually wrapped each hand. She had to stand him up at this point and leaned him against the bed post for support. Lisa could see that his penis was starting to swell within its prison. This one night of torture was going to more than make up for all the nights John had played with her.

Next Lisa continued wrapping John up and when she got to his nipples she removed the clamps and began wrapping around over them. They were very sensitive because John twitched when the wraps touched them. When Lisa wrapped the last wrap around Johns’ neck, she stepped back to admire her handy work. There stood John bound, stuffed and wrapped and still making muffled pleas to be set free. Lisa had several bandages left over. So she placed John back onto the bed and began wrapping his head again.

When she had completely wrapped his head another two times, Lisa then rolled John over onto his stomach and took a paddle out of the night stand and gave him a good wack on the ass. The scream was barely audible through the gag and three layers of bandage wrap so his whimpering would be bearable. Then Lisa rolled John back onto his back and left the room and thought to herself, ‘Time to go curl up on the couch with a good book. Hmm what day did John have to go back to work. Oh Lisa, you’re so bad. Now where was the remote for that butt plug . . .



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