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Blue Mummy

by Morniel

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© Copyright 2008 - Morniel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; enema; wrap; silk; cocoon; electroplay; tease; torment; oral; anal; toys; climax; cons; X

Max smiled to himself as he checked the blue nylon carryall to be sure it contained everything he would need. Satisfied, he zipped the bag and slung it over his shoulder, then stepped out of the studio apartment. Pausing only to lock the door, he walked quickly to the elevator, and punched the button. The lift stopped and the doors slid open; a couple of other people were already in the car riding down to the parking level. One was a woman about his mother’s age, with a neatly-marked Dalmatian on a black lead, and the other was a woman he saw from time to time but didn’t really know other than to say hello to.

Today, perhaps because he was already excited and alert, anticipating the weekend at his country cottage, he noticed that the younger woman was checking him out. Her eyes moved from his long reddish hair, over his face with its deep grey eyes and thin mouth, over his chest and hips, down his legs, and back up to rest on his behind. Max smiled again; he was proud of his body and appreciated being noticed. Although he was by no means a bodybuilder type, he did keep himself in shape with jogging, swimming, and a twice-weekly workout on the home resistance machine.

The lift reached the parking level of the building, and Max stood aside courteously for his Dalmatian-leading upstairs neighbour, and for the blonde who’d been admiring him, before heading for his car. After he clicked the alarm off, he tossed the blue nylon bag into the front passenger seat, and slid behind the wheel. He caressed the deep navy steering wheel for a moment, then started the ignition and turned the radio on, setting it to his favourite classical music station. He drove carefully out of town, but once on the coastal highway, Max put his foot down a bit harder. He stayed just below the posted speed limits, but he enjoyed the feel of the powerful engine and the sensation of the wind from the half open window in his hair.

Shortly after noon, Max turned off the coastal highway onto a two-lane blacktop, and then from there onto an unmarked gravel road. He slowed down quite a bit; he didn’t want a flying rock to mark his paint, or otherwise harm the car. Rounding the last curve in the road, he saw that another car was already under the pole-and-steel half-shed. He pulled up beside it, shut off the engine, and reached for the carryall.

The door opened as he reached it, and Max smiled broadly. “Well, hello, there,” he said, and she smiled in return.

“Hello, sir,” she answered, her voice full of laughter.

Max stepped inside and embraced the naked woman, rubbing his face in her hair, and then kissing her mouth lightly. “And how are you today, Serena?”

She shivered a bit with excitement, as she answered, “I’m so tired. It’s been such a long week! How about you?”

Max set the carryall down, and with his arm still around Serena’s ample form, went to the kitchen area. “A long week, indeed,” he agreed. “I’m quite glad to be home, and to be with you.” He kissed her again, a little more insistently, forcing her mouth to open to him. Her hands rested on his hips as he deepened the kiss, and his arms wrapped around her soft body.

“Okay,” he chuckled finally. “Let’s have some lunch, and then we’ll see if we can relieve some of your tiredness and your stress.” He smiled again as he saw her reaction to his words; her eyes widened, and another shiver rippled over her -- but Max could also smell the faint scent of her musk.

Max made coffee, while Serena set out a dish of cubed chicken breast and a huge bowl containing tossed lettuce of many different varieties. Max got out china and silver, and Serena shook ginger, vinegar, and light olive oil in a cruet. They sat down, Max still wearing his jeans and open necked polo shirt, and Serena clad in nothing but her own long brown hair. She ate nothing, but sipped at a vitamin supplement drink, though Max enjoyed the salad and tossed most of the chicken into his, as well as enjoying a couple of cups of coffee with fresh cream in it.

They talked of small things as they ate, discussing their jobs, the books they’d read during the week, and so on, and then while Serena washed the dishes, Max went to the bedroom of the small cabin to make ready for the rest of the weekend. He laid some of the things carefully on the bathroom counter, and laid other things ready to hand on the bedtable. Just as he finished, Serena entered the room. Max saw that she was really trembling now, and again, it made him smile.

“Come here, Serena,” he ordered, and went into the bathroom again. She followed, her eyes wide now, and Max gestured to the flat steel table that stood on one side of the room. Serena lay down on it, gasping a bit as her bare skin contacted the cold metal. Max rested his hand on her cheek briefly, then quickly buckled straps at her wrists and across her waist, before guiding her feet into the stirrups and strapping her ankles as well.

He carefully cleaned her body, from the top of her venus mound downward, beyond her anal opening, spreading her folds to clean her labia, and then let her skin dry in the air while he filled an enema bag with warm water. He squirted some sterile lube onto his finger, and rubbed it into her little opening, slowly pushing his finger into her, and leaning down to kiss her belly button as he felt her anus clench then relax on his invading finger. Sliding his finger out, he replaced it with the nozzle for the enema. Once it was seated, he pumped up the retaining bulbs, holding it firmly in her body. He led the drain tube into a plastic bucket, hung the filled bag on a hook, and opened the clamp to let the warm water flow into her bowels.

Serena moaned softly as her body began to fill, and Max stroked her thigh for a moment, before washing his hands and then opening the other sterile package. He wiped her urethra one more time with a sterile cleansing wipe, then slowly fed a catheter into her. Serena gasped loudly and moaned again, lifting her hips as the slim tube invaded her, stinging slightly on its way to her bladder. Once it was seated, Max carefully inflated the small retaining balloon to hold it in her bladder. He watched as a few drops of golden liquid drained from the tube, making sure it was properly placed and secure, before clamping it for the present.

Serena lay panting and moaning softly from time to time. Every so often she would gasp, “Please!” and each time, Max would chuckle, and lean down to kiss her -- the inside of her thigh, her tummy, one of her breasts, her open mouth. But he didn’t give her what she wanted, what he knew she was begging for. After a few more minutes, he released the clamp on the enema drain tube, and let her empty the water that filled her bowels. It wasn’t quite as clear as he would have liked, so he filled her again. Serena groaned as she felt the second run of water into her, but she couldn’t do anything about it, so after a moment she relaxed a little.

Max murmured, “Good girl” and kissed her again. He rubbed her tummy lightly and stroked her breasts while he waited for the enema to do its job, then drained her again. This time the water was clear, so patting the inside of her thigh, he deflated the retaining rings, and slid the enema nozzle out of her puckered rosebud. He cleaned her again with a baby wipe, and then kissed her, in the sensitive area between her anus and her vagina. Serena gasped and her hips bucked as he nearly made her climax, and Max grinned.

He unfastened the straps and helped her to her feet, then with his arm around her waist, he led her back into the bedroom and helped her onto the bed, checking to make sure she was lying flat.

“Okay, baby,” he said, and kissed her lips again. “Open those pretty legs.”

Trembling again, Serena tried to smile, and spread a bit. Max caressed her, his fingers running down her slit, exploring her moist folds, slipping first into her very wet pussy, then dipping into her freshly-cleaned backside, before bending his head and covering her clit with his mouth. She squeaked softly and her hips bucked upward toward his mouth, but Max did nothing other than hold her clit in his mouth, not even sucking at her, just flicking his tongue over the tight nubbin from time to time. Just as he felt her body tighten with her impending climax, he sat up, leaving her writhing and squirming and again whispering, “Please?” over and over.

“Soon,” he assured her. “Soon enough.”

He slid out of his clothes, laying them neatly aside, and Serena turned her head, her mouth open slightly, as his hard cock came free of his briefs. Max smiled down at her, and slipped a condom on, then lubed his finger again and rubbed the gel into her anus. He lifted her legs, resting them on his shoulders, and eased his hard shaft slowly into her tight opening. Serena whined, and whimpered, and moaned, and then moaned again as Max began slipping slowly in and out of her bottom. He rubbed her legs, and from time to time reached down to pinch and pull at her nipples, until Serena’s breathless begging became one long, “Pleasepleaseplease”.

At that, he thrust into her hard and fast, and covered her clit with the palm of his hand, pushing and rubbing her as he climaxed inside her, and an instant later, she squealed and arched first toward his cock in her backside, then toward his hand on her love button, and came for him.

“Good girl,” he said again, panting slightly, and eased out of her. He slipped the condom off, and turned it inside out over her mouth. She opened her lips, and put her tongue out a little, catching his nectar as it dribbled into her mouth, and moaning softly as she swallowed. Max smiled as she stretched her tongue up, reaching for more; when the last drops had fallen into her mouth he tossed the sheath into the trash.

Turning back to her, Max paused for a moment to look at Serena. She is so pretty, he thought to himself. She had long soft brown hair, with a few strands of silver threading it; her body was was fit, but just a little on the plump and soft side, and her skin was so soft that it practically begged to be touched. She had a generous mouth, a pert little nose, and she also had beautiful eyes -- dark blue, almost midnight blue... So pretty, he thought again.

“Okay, sweetheart,” he said, and produced what looked like a silk belt and crotch harness. The dark blue silk concealed heavy leather; once the belt was around her waist, he buckled it, and then gently pushed her legs apart. He took a thick penis-shaped dildo and pushed it slowly but firmly, deep into her bottom. She moaned and squirmed a bit, but she did not fight him. When the toy was in place, Max patted her lovemound, and then licked her again, up and down each of her soft labia petals, down her slit, and back up to twirl his tongue around her clit.

Serena’s hands clenched and her hips arched as Max’s tongue moved over her, but all too soon he stopped. He reached for another dildo, and held it up to show her. Her eyes widened apprehensively. This toy was twice the diameter of Max’s none-too-small cock, and about ten inches long.

“Yes, baby, this is going into you,” he assured her. She whimpered softly, but as before, only squirmed and panted as Max slowly shoved this toy into her dripping wet vagina. He wiggled it a little bit, making her hips jump and jerk, then led the strap from her waist belt between her legs. He stopped to twist the dildo in her bottom firmly into the socket of the crotch strap, then pulled up toward her pussy, again stopping to twist the dildo firmly into the strap, and then finally leading her catheter tube out through the small eyelet provided for it, before he buckled the strap firmly at her belly. He fastened a small sterile bag to her catheter and opened the clamp, making sure that the flow was unimpeded.

Now at last, Max reached for the things on the bedtable. They were spools of ribbon, each one a different width, and each spool ranged in colour from the palest baby blue, to a deep midnight almost the same colour as Serena’s eyes. Max picked up one of the narrower spools, and slowly wound the ribbon around each one of her toes, then around all of her toes together, then wrapped each of her feet. He made sure that the ribbon overlapped each turn before it slightly, and made sure that the ribbon was neither too tight, nor too loose, and checked to be sure there were no wrinkles as he wrapped.

He stopped at her ankles, and then did the same thing to her hands. He wrapped each of her fingers, then all of her fingers together, until her hands, like her feet, were nothing more than silky blue clubs. Max stopped for a moment to kiss her breasts, sucking her nipples into his mouth and nibbling them a little, till she once again began her soft chant of “Please!”

“Soon,” he answered.

Max picked up another spool of ribbon, this one much wider than the ribbon he had used on her toes and feet, on her fingers and hands. Gently pulling her legs together, he again wrapped the blue ribbon around her, starting with her toes, and working upward. She felt the cool silk binding her feet together, then her lower legs, then her knees. She moaned again when Max paused to press something small and sticky on each side of her clit, before he turned to take up another spool of ribbon, and then she felt the fabric encase her thighs, then her hips, pushing the dildos farther into her as her legs were pressed together by the winding silk.

Max took her hands and kissed the blunt nubs they had become, then crossed her arms on her chest, so that her wrapped hands rested between her ample breasts. He fastened two more of the small sticky things on each of her breasts, near the nipples, and she frowned and tried to look down at them, but a stern glare from Max made her lie still again.

He began wrapping again, from the top of her hips, over the silk-covered leather harness that held the toys in her openings, over her belly button. Serena moaned continuously now, and felt herself growing slippery and hot around the dildos buried in her pussy and her bottom. Max kissed her throat, then began wrapping again. She felt the silk cover her ribcage, then felt it binding her arms to her sides, and to her chest. She moaned again as she felt her breasts compress a bit under the firm turns of ribbon, and caught her breath as Max paused once again to kiss her mouth.

Max led the wires from the dildos in Serena’s clenching holes over to a small control box, and plugged them in, then plugged in the leads from the sticky electrode pads he’d placed at her clit, and on her breasts. He made sure that they were plugged in firmly, and then turned to kiss Serena once more.

“All right, baby,” Max whispered hoarsely. “This is it.”

She nodded wordlessly, her breath coming in sharp gasps, and Max gently brushed her hair smooth, and fastened it in a loose braid. Slowly, carefully, he began winding another spool of ribbon, over her shoulders, up the column of her neck, and stopping at her chin. He kissed her again, and then slid a small plastic tube into each of her nostrils, and a small penis-gag, with a tube threaded through its length into her mouth, before taking up the silk again, and covering her face and head, leaving only her impossibly blue eyes uncovered.

Serena moaned against the silk that now covered her face, and her body quivered. Max smiled, and ran his hands up and down her body, to watch the different reactions as he touched her. He noticed that now there was a very damp place at her crotch.

He took up another roll of silk, and working a little faster now, he again started with Serena’s feet, wrapping her snugly and smoothly, up her shapely legs, over her hips, up her tummy, over her crossed arms, and over her head again. As before he left her eyes uncovered, but this layer of silk felt a little tighter than the first, and Serena moaned again, more loudly this time, and sucked excitedly at the gag pressed against her tongue, as she felt her body covered yet again. She squirmed a little, but the second layer of silk made it hard to move at all, and her movements were restricted yet again when Max wrapped a third, then fourth, then a fifth layer, around her body.

He paused at her face, and leaned down to kiss her eyelids, as he checked to be very sure that her breathing tubes were unobstructed, and that the outer end of the feeding tube in her gag was clear. Then he wrapped the final turns of silk around her head, again leaving only her eyes clear of the tight layers of silk.

Max turned now to the control box with the leads from her dildos, her clit pads, and the nipple pads. He looked down at his beautiful blue mummy as he slowly turned the dials. Her eyes flew wide as the jolts and tingles and vibrations began to course through her, and Max thought she actually jerked a bit.

“That won’t do,” he mused, and began wrapping her again, a little more tightly this time, until he had covered everything but her eyes with a sixth, then a seventh layer of the blue silk ribbon.

Serena rolled her eyes as far to the side as she could, whining as she saw Max reach once again for the controls, and then squealing around the penis gag in her mouth as he turned the current up almost to full. She tried to squirm, instinctively trying to get away from the sharp tingling jolts and the vibrations of the heavy toys filling her moist backside and her dribbling pussy, but with seven layers of heavy silk encasing her, she could do little more than breathe -- and moan, and scream, and whimper, as Max played with the controls for the rest of the afternoon.

Over and over, he brought her close to climax, only to stop the vibrators, or stop the current, or conversely turn it up so high that she screamed in agony, the sound muffled only slightly by the gag-feeder in her mouth. Max chuckled, watching her, listening to her noises, and enjoying the hot throbbing of his cock as he made her react.

Finally, when her noises began to take on a hysterical edge, Max turned the dials to tingling constant current, and gentle quivering vibration for her dildos, and let her come. He timed her, glancing at the clock above the bed, and was amazed when he realised she had climaxed for almost five minutes solid. Smiling, he turned the controls down to their lowest setting, and kissed her eyelids.

“You look so lovely,” he told her. “I’m going to keep you like this for a very long time.”

Her eyes flew open in surprise. A long time? But... he was supposed to unwrap her in the morning!

Max ran his hand over her breasts, and answered just as if she’d been able to ask her question. “Yes, a long time. You’ve been a very good submissive, Serena. But lately you’ve just been way too tense, and it takes way too long for you to relax. And then all that relaxation is gone by Monday anyway.” He kissed the wrappings that covered her nose.

“So, I called your boss and told him that you would be taking emergency medical leave. He was a little concerned, but I explained that I was also taking a break from my job to care for you, and that you’d probably be back in three weeks.” Again he paused, and rested his hands on her breasts. She could feel the warmth of his palms even through seven layers of heavy silk ribbon, and she tried to strain upward toward him, but she couldn’t.

“I may, or may not, unwrap you before the three weeks are over. Certainly you’ll stay wrapped for the next five days or so. You won’t have to worry about eliminating, because of the catheter. I won’t be feeding you solid food through that penis tube, so you won’t have to worry about your bowels either.”

At this, Serena tried to protest, but what came through the gag was just muffled, unintelligible noises. Max tapped the gag with one finger, and continued.

“I’ll also make sure -- I’ll make very sure!” he grinned. “I’ll make sure that you’re sexually stimulated, or perhaps, overstimulated, until in my opinion, you’ve finally relaxed, mentally and physically.” He kissed her eyelids again, and she moaned softly.

Then he picked up the control box again, and seated himself in a comfortable chair, where he could feast his eyes on the beautiful blue mummy that was his darling wife...

... and began once more to twist and manipulate the dials that controlled the mummy’s pain and her delight....


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