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by Gladwrapguy

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© Copyright 2010 - Gladwrapguy - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; latex; foot; bond; wrap; cocoon; cuffs; glue; stuck; slave; sold; cons; X

I'm driving into town on Friday afternoon very excited. I received the phone call I have been so eagerly awaiting the previous night. Anna has instructed me to come to her place for the session with her and Amanda that I have been promised. Anna has instructed me to bring my bondage bag; in fact I've got more than that locked in the boot. Anna asked if that bag was the only bondage related gear I had. I told her no, I also have another bag full of bondage magazines and videos and one side of my wardrobe is packed full of different size transparent plastic bags and sheets. She told me to bring those too and being a devoted slave I have dutifully obeyed her instructions.

I arrive at her place. Not knowing exactly what the night holds in store for me but knowing that before long I'll be totally helpless and at her mercy and that if she chooses to suffocate me to death there will be no way I can stop her. This thought both scares and excites me.

She meets me at the door. The sight of her takes my breath away. I think she is very physically attractive in any case but her look blows me away.

"So what do you think slave David? Do you like my new outfit? I bought it just for you." She is clad in a black shiny body hugging latex outfit with matching stiletto shoes. I struggle to utter a reply.

"Oh Anna, you are like my wildest dreams come true. That outfit is absolutely sensational."

"Good. We'll you could show your Dom a little appreciation as I went to the trouble to dress up for you. Get on your knees and kiss my feet." Without hesitation I drop to my knees in front of her. She puts one of her feet forward and I kiss her shoe.

"I want you to totally lick my shoe. Good, now the other one." She changes feet and I gladly go to work on the other shoe.

"Right, that will do. I want you to go back your car up the drive close to the house. Make sure you shut the gate once you have the car inside the yard. Then gather all your bags of bondage goodies and come up to the bedroom."

I do as she says and bring all my bondage gear up to the bedroom. She is waiting there with Amanda, who is dressed in tight black rubber pants and a sleeveless rubber top showing off her muscular arms.

"Put the bags down over there and take out the roll of pallet wrap and take off all your clothes." she tells me. "Answer me this question slave, do you trust me?" I am naked now and being in a room with two dominant females who are dressed in latex and rubber outfits I feel in a definite position of submission already even though I'm not in bondage yet.

"I trust you with my life." Anna and Amanda look at each other and smile. This makes me somewhat nervous.

"Good because we intend to play out a fantasy of yours tonight. Are you still prepared to let me handcuff your hands behind your back, lock your ankles together with a chain and fill the locks with superglue so it is impossible to unlock them? The only way out of your bondage would be to cut you free with bolt cutters. No chance for escape. Permanent, inescapable bondage."

"I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous but I submit to you totally. Do with me as you wish." Again Anna and Amanda trade looks and smile. This does nothing for my anxiety level.

"Let's get to it then." Amanda says

"Sit on the bed and put your legs out so we can wrap them." Anna orders. The pallet wrap is stretched around my foot and wrapped up my leg. The plastic is pulled tight as it encircles my leg. The wrap goes to the top of my thigh where several layers are applied. The same process is repeated to my other leg.

"Stand up and try to walk." Anna commands. With a little difficulty I gain my footing and begin to walk. I find the tight plastic wrap has limited my movement to about half of normal.

"How does that feel?" Anna asks.

"Good, I like it." I reply. I see Amanda has hunted through my bondage bag and pulled out the shopping bag full of tubes of superglue, a set of handcuffs and a set of leg-irons.

"Stand with your arms out so I can wrap your body." I do and Anna starts wrapping the plastic from just above my cock, which is starting to become hard, up my torso. Again pulling and stretching the plastic tight as she does. The wrap is wound up to under my armpits several times and cut off. She moves to the side of me.

"Hold this arm out straight and put your fingers together." She wraps four tight layers of plastic around my hand making it impossible for me to move my fingers and winds the plastic up my arm to my armpit. Again this is repeated with the other arm and the movement of my arms is reduced by about half as well. While Anna has been wrapping me Amanda has been piercing the safety values on the tubes of superglue so they are ready to be used.

"So are you ready to be put in bondage for what may be the rest of your life?" Anna asks.

"What if I say no, I want to stop?" This brings a very big smile to Anna's face.

"You gave up the right to a mercy call and you understood the consequences of that. I have total control over you. Even if you say stop, Amanda and I will wrestle you to the ground, chain you up and fill the locks with superglue anyway." Amanda has come to stand with her. I try to flex my arms against the plastic and begin to realise how much the situation is out of my control. If I try to resist Anna and Amanda would overpower me.

"I'll follow any command you give me. You own me now. I have no rights anymore."

"Exactly, turn around and put your hands behind your back." I follow her command. What choice do I have at this stage? I feel the steel bracelets encircle my wrists and hear the click, click as they are locked shut. She uses the opposite little pointy end of the keys to depress the button so the cuffs are double locked.

"OK Amanda, glue him up." Amanda fills both the locks with superglue.

"Turn around." I watch as Anna locks the ankle cuffs on. Again the cuffs are double locked and Amanda fills the locks full of superglue until they overflow. It is obvious that I'm turned on, as I'm fully erect. Anna takes my cock in her hand and starts to stroke it.

"You enjoying yourself David?" I'm breathing heavily at this stage.


"Are you scared of what we are going to do to you now."

"A little." She smiles again and gives out that devilish little giggle of hers.

"You should be." She picks up the roll of pallet wrap and says to Amanda

"Go downstairs and get things ready down there."

"OK" Amanda and Anna kiss, which I quite enjoy watching and she goes downstairs.

"Time to mummify you plastic boy."

"This part really turns me on when I become absolutely immobilised and helpless in plastic."

"I know it does." She starts by placing the plastic over my shoulder and begins to wrap down. The plastic seals my arms to my torso. She pushes my erect dick back to my stomach and wraps it down and continues the wrap to just below my knees. My upper legs are pulled tightly together and I cannot spread them. She cuts the plastic off here. I give her a look of disappointment that she has stopped.

"Oh don't worry, you'll end up totally mummified, but we need to get you downstairs." Amanda rejoins us.

"All ready down there."

"Any last words before I gag you slave?" she asks.

"Yes, thank you for the session." That little giggle again.

"I don't know if you'll be thanking us in a minute when you learn your fate." With that statement she forces my favourite penis gag into my mouth, it tastes strange. “You have noticed the odd taste, well that is super-glue and it will stick your tongue and pallet to the penis insert, it will also adhere to your lips and so your mouth is sealed shut until we give you the solvent.” It is a struggle to let out a muffled groan when she has finished, let alone speak. I know the gag will remain in my mouth until she decides to take it out. This increased level of helplessness only excites me more. Amanda brings over a rope with a slip knot at the end and puts the slip knot over my head and pulls it tight behind my neck. She also has a plastic bag with an elastic band pulling the opening of the bag together. She holds the bag up.

"You put this over your head when you wank, don't you!" I nod yes.

"Tell him what were going to do with him Anna."

"You'd love to be our full time house slave here wouldn't you David?"

I nod yes.

"Well you are going to become a full time slave but not here. You know that we've been going to Sydney for business purposes. Well, you have been part of that business. Amanda and I know, and have played with, two lesbian Doms down there in their very well equipped dungeon and we told them of you. You see they are fully into mummification and plastic suffocation too and they made us an offer we couldn't refuse. They offered us a sizeable sum of money if we sold you to them and that is exactly what we are going to do." I try to protest and struggle against my bondage but both prove to be a futile exercise.

"Welcome to slavery David, and if you’re going to be truthful, it is what you want. So we have to get you downstairs and into your car." Amanda interjects.

"We were going to lead him down there with the choker rope but I've got an idea to add to that. I'll put this plastic bag over his head and we don't take it off until he is in the car. What do you think?"

"Excellent idea. Once the bag is on your head David I'm going to lead you downstairs and you'll get into the back seat of your car. If you fuck us around we'll leave the bag on your head and you'll suffocate to death, understood." I nod yes. Amanda moves towards me and pulls the bag over my head; the elastic band pulls it tight to my neck. I know from playing suffocation games by myself I have two to three minutes and the air will be gone. Anna pulls on the rope and guides me towards the stairs. I make no effort to resist and I follow. I'm led down the stairs and through the bottom of the house out to the car.

"Get in." I climb onto the back seat with Anna's assistance. Breathable air is becoming quite an issue for me now. A large black plastic sheet has been laid right across the backseat. It reaches up to the rear window and down onto the floor. Amanda pulls me across the seat and takes the bag off. I suck in the fresh air, although that isn't easy because of the gag. Anna pushes my feet together and locks the ankle bracelets together with a padlock. Amanda has bought down the roll of pallet wrap and Anna takes up from where she left off. The plastic is wrapped down from my knees, around my feet. I'm now totally encased in plastic wrap from the neck down and unable to move at all.

Two tubes are forced into my nostrils and super-glued into place. Then my head is wrapped in six layers of the pallet wrap, which is taken down to my chest each time so that a complete bond is formed. Working together the two Doms fold the black plastic sheet up from the floor over me, down from the back of the seat over me and the two ends are folded in over my head and feet. I hear tape being peeled off the roll and hands forcing the tape down on me. I hear Anna's voice.

"Wait while I fit these tubes through the plastic then use enough tape so it will not unravel, we don't want anyone looking into the car knowing we have a plastic wrapped slave in here, seal it up air tight. I want it to be hard for him to breathe he won’t suffocate with those tubes in his nose. We'll let our friends in Sydney do what they want once they have paid for him." A few more pieces of tape are stuck on me securing me in the plastic sheeting. Breathing is difficult but possible. I hear them both get into the car and the doors close.

Anna speaks.

"You know what Amanda, not only will we make quite a few dollars out of our plastic wrapped prisoner back there but this is a nice car. It will fetch a few grand on the black market in Sydney."

"Not to mention all his videos we can watch later and sell on those we don’t keep," replied Amanda.

I hear them both laugh as the car moves out of the drive. I try to move and call out for help, but just breathing is hard enough. I think to myself,

"I can't believe what is happening, but this is for real. I'm a plastic wrapped sex slave."





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