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Bound by Friendship

by fit2btied

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© Copyright 2002 - fit2btied - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; chair; wrap; tape; saranwrap; gag; tease; stuck; cons; X

I called my friend to come over on Saturday very bored thought she might like to watch a movie or something. She came over about 30mins later and we sat in the kitchen talking. I don't remember how it came up, but the next thing I realise is I’m telling her that I’ve always fantasized about being bound in a chair by some one and that I loved the restriction of being tied especially with tape. She thought this was very interesting but then changed the subject to a new client she had at work, she was a lawyer. She then got up and said she needed to go off to the supermarket to get some things for dinner... she was going to cook tonight.

About 20mins later she came back with a few plastic bags full of groceries. 

"What did you get?" I asked trying to peak into the bags.

"Something you’re going to love" she said with a sheepish grin.

I tried to look again she hesitated and then said, "How serious were you before?"

I looked at her puzzled "What do you mean?"

"Before when you said it’s always been your fantasy to be bound to a chair?"

Still puzzled I tried to laugh it off, "you took that serious?" I felt a little worried I didn’t imagine being tied up by her.. It was supposed to be a man that I loved and trusted with my whole heart.

"You sounded pretty serious to me I just thought I would help you out... I thought you wanted to be tied real tight" she grinned again.

"Well.... yeah I do" I said with a shaky voice I couldn’t believe that my fantasy might come true "I just imagined that..." trailing off.

"That you’d have and man doing the tying?" she finished for me.

"Heh, yeah."

"Well I just thought you might like anyone to do it as long as you got what you wanted."

"Yeah I guess." I said still unsure but excited by the prospect.

"Well then, lets get started."

I started to protest then changed my mind, why not I thought "Well... ok then."

She got out her new purchases from the bag inside there was a lot of silver tape and cling film. I looked at her and grinned this is exactly what I wanted and she knew it. She told me to go and get ready in anyway that I felt was right. I got out a nylon cat suit I’d made myself for this situation. I didn’t mind if it got ruined or cut afterwards, I just couldn’t handle the rip of the tape off soft skin. I came back out dressed for success so to speak. My friend looked me over then smiled at me "ready then?"

"I guess so,” I said with butterflies in my stomach.

She told me to sit down on the chair I had been sitting in before. It’s a pine chair with a nice straight back and a nice flat seat. I sat down in the chair pushed my butt back in the seat and asked her where she wanted my hands. 

"However your comfortable with, but once they are where you want them I can do what ever I want ok?"

"Ummm... sure ok" not knowing what she had planned.

I decided behind me is how I wanted to start so I placed them behind me. She got a roll of tape and pulled off the end placed it on my wrists and started to wrap it around my wrist. I moved a little in the seat from excitement she told me to stop moving, I obeyed. She told me to place my hands together folding the fingers over one another and then she wrapped my hands together like that she then continued up to my wrist.

"Hows that feel?" she asked

"Really good" I said excitedly "really very good" I turned my head around to take a look at what shed done. The sight of my hands bound together like that turned me on. I grinned at her.

She then proceeded to wrap further up my arms locking them together pulling it tight with every wrap. When she got as far as she could she came back down and pulled tighter and then moved up and down until the tape ran off its roll. Wow, a whole roll just for my arms. I tried to move my arms but found that I couldn’t. I squirmed a bit to test the strength. This tape was tight there was no way I would be able to get myself out of this on my own.

Next my friend moved to the front of me and moved my legs parallel against the legs of the chair. She pushed my feet behind the leg then proceeded to tape each leg up and down covering the legs with vast amounts of tape. Another roll of tape used, I tried to move my legs but gave up when they wouldn’t move an inch. She grinned at me watching me try to break free of the chair. I looked at her and grinned back.

"Well I’ve certainly got myself in a situation haven’t I?" I continued to grin.

"I really don't think you’ll be going anywhere in a hurry" she said back to me.

"I have no where to go... thanks this feels great."

"Oh I’m not finished yet,” she said with a strange look.


"No where near finished" she walked out of the room and I craned my neck trying to see what she was doing. Moments later I heard some music being played from my stereo.

"Just needed some music to work with," she looked down at me and got out another roll "Now to secure you a little more."

"I'm pretty secure," I said "I’m really not going anywhere."

"Well you said you wanted to experience what it feels like to be completely helpless and bound tightly to a chair."

"Yeah and this is more than my wildest expectations."

"Well you don't really have a choice in the matter do you?" she asked with a fierceness in her voice.

I opened my mouth to say something when she rammed a ball gag in my mouth pulling it tight. "mmmpppmmhhh" was all I said. I didn’t even see that. It was mine, she must have found it.

"There that’s better isn’t it?"

I looked up at her with a look of helplessness. She laughed at me "What have you gotten yourself into?" she laughed again.

She moved around behind me and I heard the now familiar sound of a new roll being unwound. She then placed the end on to my wrists and proceeded to wrap me around my body joining my hands and body to the chair. She wrapped up to just under my breasts and then back down pulling more tightly as with my arms. Up and down she went tighter and tighter. It felt wonderful; I’ll admit I felt very turned on with each turn. She had run out of tape on the roll. She rubbed my body making sure the tape was smooth. The feel of her hands was too much for me on my bound body, senses heightened. I let out a moan from beneath the gag. She stopped and looked at me, cocked her head to the side "You like that don't you?" she did it again and again I moaned. She laughed at me and dug back into her bag of goodies and pulled out yet another roll. Wondering what she was going to do with that I soon found out.

She started on my thighs pulling the tape around them securing them to the seat of the chair. Over and under she went pulling tight each time. Over and under then she continued down to my knees and my legs were completely encased in silver tape. Then up to my torso so there was nothing showing except my head, neck and just above my breasts. She again smoothed out the tape and when she got near my crotch she hovered for a while. I could feel her touch a thousand times more that I ever had. Again she grinned. Then she took a step back to admire her work. She looked happy with herself. Very happy. I looked back at her and mumbled something through my gag. "What’s that you say?" she asked removing my gag.

"Happy with yourself?"

"Very much so but I’m still not finished."

"What more can you do?" I was very confused.

"We'll see" is all she said.

I started to test the bonds again all I could do was rock the chair so I stopped not wanting to fall over. She laughed at my predicament. 

"You think this is terribly funny don't you?" I said in a cross voice.

"Yes, quite" she laughed again "We'll you’ve gotten what you always wanted." 

"I guess so... not quite to this extreme though" I said starting to accept my situation "It is kind of enjoyable. And when you touched me... the feeling was amazing."

She just grinned at me and went back to her goodies bag.

She came at me with the cling flim and began to put the wrap around my head I tried to move my head, becoming scared not wanting plastic covering me. She told me to relax and trust her. Still a little panicked I felt I had no option... I was also curious as to where this was leading. She continued to wrap my head under the chin and over the top very tightly so I couldn’t move my jaw at all then she wound the plastic around over my mouth and around my nose allowing a slight discomfort of not being able to breathe then poking a hole in the center of each nostril. She again repeated the process each time poking the holes in the same place. I had to change my breathing, trying not to panic, slow rhythmic breathing. She kept wrapping at my head until all that was left was my eyes. Then she moved down to start covering my neck. She wrapped the film around several times and then stopped.

I looked at her through the space left for my eyes. 

"Wait for it" she said. Then she got out some more tape and started the process over with my head the same as with the cling wrap, again leaving my eyes free and my nostril holes. Then she continued down covering my neck and the area just above my breasts as well as my breasts in tape. I was now fully encased in tape head to toe to the chair, except my eyes. She smoothed me out a little more until she was satisfied and then stood back. 

"Wow," you could see amazement in her eyes "You look fantastic," she grinned at me "I wish you could see yourself." She thought for a minute then said, "Ah your moveable mirror." She ran off.

I started to struggle wondering how I got myself here thinking back over the evening. I just thought that she would stop at my legs. I was still struggling when she returned.

"There’s nothing you can do pet until I’m ready to release you" she then put the mirror in front of me so I could see myself  "See what I mean" she said grinning at me and then looking into the mirror.

I must say I was highly turned on by my own appearance. I squirmed a bit to see how it looked. I really liked what I saw. I think my friend could tell " you need something to remember this by, you must have a camera somewhere." I tried to say where I kept it but nothing came out clear. "You start making noises when I’m getting closer." She started to move off she basically got it right away I let out all kinds of noises to signal that she was there. She reached in to a draw and pulled out a Polaroid camera and start taking photos from all kinds of directions. When she was finished she put the camera down and left the room.

She came back about 20 mins later all dressed up in my clothes and makeup and told me that she was going out for the night. I tried to tell her what about me but again all that came out was muffled words. I think she sensed what was going through my head. "Its for the best... this way you’ll get a great experience." she grinned again at me "I shouldn’t be too late" she called as she picked up my keys and left the room. I heard the front door close. I knew that there was nothing I could do except wait for her to come back. 

I only wish she had left a vibrator inside me so I could have some fun too.................. 



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