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Bound to Happen

by XVX

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© Copyright 2002 - XVX - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; machine/f; catsuit; encased; wrap; cocoon; toys; climax; stuck; kidnap; cons/nc; X

She struggled with the key. The elbow length leather gloves made it difficult to manipulate the key into the handcuff lock but not impossible. Gale shifted in her bonds while her ‘demons’ vibrated inside her and on her nipples. Ropes tied her high-heeled booted feet at the ankles and above and below the knee. A crotch rope attached to the metal shackles teased and pressed her demon in further as she struggled with the key. A black ball gag muffed her moans of frustration and pleasure. She stared into the camera recording her every move. Then there was a click and the handcuffs unlatched itself. She was free and removed the gag from her mouth. She moved her jaw around to work out the kinks of having been in self bondage for over four hours. She untied herself and turned off the camera. Then removed the boots and cleaned up.

Self-bondage was great but it was taking longer and more extreme measures to reach a point of high climax. Gale wanted more and read all there was to know about self-bondage. She relied on the key frozen in the ice cube trick to let herself out but there had to be another way. The danger of being held in some sort of inescapable trap of her own making. It added to the thrill and the emotional feeling. She wanted the feeling of spider wrapping itself in its own web. She wanted to be cocooned or mummy bondage. To her that was the ultimate bondage experience.

She lived in a very conservative midwestern type of town and attended church every Sunday. Self-bondage was her dark little secret and in small cites like this there was very little in the way of social life. Either there was the bowling alley, the theater, or one of five bars in town. The nearest big city was ninety miles away. The Internet was her best friend. She could get online and chat with others but was afraid of the final step of asking someone to tie her up and make her a slave to her own sexual desires. She did not have enough money to pack up and move. Her job at the bank paid ok and she did meet a lot of people but now things where starting to get into the same old boring routine and the men here did not excite her.

She modeled her looks and hair after the famous bondage model Betty Page. Her hair was naturally dark and she like it short. So it did not take much to have it cut and styled to match. It was a little gothic but the bank manger did not mind the high-heeled boots and knee length skirt. She filmed herself to see how she looked. Even though there was a mirror to her left and right just off camera. Seeing herself tying herself up and then struggling in a predicament of her own choosing did get her excited all over again. But the longest she could hold herself was four perhaps six hours because of the length of tape she used. The other problem was boredom. After four of her ‘demons’ buzzing and vibrating in and on her. She had gotten used to them

The more extreme bondage was needed to make it less boring and of course the more extreme the more chance of something going wrong. Thus something going wrong was bound to happen to more chances she took.

But lately she was criticizing herself like her gym teacher used to do rather than getting into the moment. She wanted something extreme but did not want anyone to know about it. She did not feel like driving ninety or more miles to make ‘the scene’ and it was a bit more of a leap of faith than she was ready for. Most of her High school friends had moved away or where married. She rarely left this dead end town. 

Gale was idly searching the internet when computer search engine found a link to ‘ultimate self bondage device’. Clicking on the link revealed a mysterious device for sale. It looked like dark long box with a person’s head sticking out of it. It reminded her of those cabinet magicians used to saw a woman in half. But the feet did not stick out the other end. It was expensive but the ad did show ‘payment to fit any budget. Satisfaction guaranteed.’ Gale could order it and make the initial payment then return it then get her money back. Why not. She had done it many times before with other products. Close up view showed a control box at the head and some sort of cord coming out at the feet. But other than that. She had very little on what it did to you. Her imagination began to take hold and all sort of possibilities emerged.

She went to sleep wondering what it did. How it did it. It was very clear in the ad that it was self-bondage and no assistance was needed. Most of the next day was thinking about that box. She felt she had to have it. That night she ordered it online. And filled out a mandatory questionnaire. Further more she resolved to ‘save’ herself until it arrived. 

Nearly two-months went by and she nearly forgot about it when it arrived on Saturday morning. The manufacture has the words. ‘Self sauna’ written on the outside much to Gales amusement and relief. She had the deliveryman leave inside and she would take care of the rest later. After the deliveryman left she opened the container. The box was sleek and jet-black. It surface was smooth but seemed to absorbed any light directed at its non-reflective surface. It made it all the more mysterious.

The box itself did not open but there was a smaller carton that had all the accessories, bondage gear, and the instruction on CD. How did they know she had a computer? Then it stuck her that she did order it on line. DUH!

They’re where actually two cords that came out of the foot of the box. One was a phone cord that connected to the line out of her computer and the other was a power cord. There was an opening only at one end, which she was to crawl though feet first. Her computer controlling the box added one more level of mystery to it. She would be a slave to the machine. A rather Orwelling feeling crept up on her. Like she was about to take a very big gamble. She slid the box back into her studio while some amount of difficulty. Her ‘studio’ was a back bedroom painted white. She used white furniture and sheet to decorate it. She of course would wear anything black or silver; this contrast looked very good on tape and was her artistic vision.

She had to move her computer into the studio and spent most of the day setting things up. When everything was set Gale tuned on her computer and inserted the cd. The program booted up. Then her computer gave her the standard warning of accepting responsibly and she idly clicked acceptance not reading a word. She wanted to get to the good part. Then the box began to hum. Then a message flashed on her screen. System would be ready in forty-eight hours.

Two days! She was going to have to wait two days. Next weekend was a three-day holiday so she would plan her fun then.

The box of accessories included a very sheer catsuit, wide silver bracelet and anklets that locked on and released by pressing the stud on the device. There was also a posture collar with a silver accent as well. Then there where the butterfly vibrator and nipple clamps with an odd looking vibrator attached and a butt plug. Lubricant, A bottle with some large white pills and another with smaller blue pills. Intrigued by what the pills did she had to go over instructions again. If what she read was right she was not to eat anything for 12 hours. Then take the blue pill then two hours later take the two white pills. This was like Alice in Wonderland with the eat me and drink me aspect. After taking the blue pills she was to get appropriately dressed and enter the color code and slide into the box. The color code would be flashed on the screen after the 48-hour period.

Gale switched off the monitor not wanting to read any more. The computer was running letting do what ever it needed to do.

She decided to wait till Friday night to begin her adventure. She did not want to switch the monitor on until that time to avoid temptation. But all week it was boring. She could not wait till Friday. She could not surf the Internet. And she dared not move the box. She did plan on how she would shoot herself on the camera. She experimented on how to remotely turn on the video camera. It turned out that a weight held by a string and the string coiled held in a small block of ice would do the trick. The weight would hit the pause button and the camera would record. She managed to attach a means to make a bigger target for the weight to hit. She was rather proud of her ‘Rube Goldberg’ type jury rigging for a camera timer. Although she would not have any shot of her entering the box she would have shot of her in the box doing what ever it is it did. 

Friday night she dressed in the supplied materials and used their own supplied stimulus devices and then turned on the monitor.

To increase her feeling of sheer helplessness she added her own ball gag. She saw the code and punched it in on the box.

A warning message came up and she clicked past it with out reading. Then the screen said it was ready for use. When she slid in up to her neck nothing happening. She felt around and touched something at her feet. She pushed against it and then the box began to hum. Then it sealed around her neck and then she felt her whole body being sucked in and sucked on. It was like a vacubed. Well it was not what she expected, but then she had no idea what it was supposed to do in the first place. 

Then it began to put pressure on her.

Then it altered its sucking and blowing cycles.

Then that stopped. Then was a moment where nothing was happening and she wondered if that all there was. She tried to push her self out but could not. Her arms where fused to her sides and her legs where also bound together.

Then her computer began to play music. ‘Ode to Joy’ she thought it was. 

Then as the music began to reach high and low points the vibrating demons inside matched the rise and fall of the sound.

Gale was starting to like this. She could not wait for Beethoven 5th to start playing. The cannons going off should really give her a bang.

Even her squeak and moans of delight and expectation where beginning to match in harmony.

Gale thought that it would be interesting to have an orchestra of these things. Bondage Boston Pops.

The she felt something like small pins and needles attacking her up and down the entire length of her body. Her entire body felt like it had an itch that she could not scratch. She struggle trying to find some comfort while her tormentors continued to rise and fall with the music. Then her whole body began to slowly rotate. She was stuck like a pig on spit. This was something unexpected and unsettling. She lost count after three because the song was reaching its high point and so was she. One thing Gale knew. This box certainly kept you off balance.

Then she felt it suck in on her and then the pressure collar released and then began to push her out. She was mummified but not just any type of mummy wrapping she was cocooned in silk with a monarch butterfly pattern colored in. She was wrapped like a butterfly before emerging from its transparent cocoon. Great monarch butterfly wings wrapping around her. Securing her. Her feet looked like segmented tail attached to a stem like a cocoon stem that trailed back into the box. She tried pulling free but she was still anchored to the box.

Gale began to pose for the camera and got a good look at herself in the side mirrors. She was truly something exotic and unique to look at. Then the demons began their work again in time with another musical song. Rites of spring or something.

When it was done it seemed to give a break. Her computer beeped but she did not have the strength to even try to position herself to see what was on the screen. All she could do was just barely see the top of the monitor. The desk blocked her line of sight. Then it double beeped and the box began to reel her in. She imaged she was being sucked in by a monster and did struggle some. Mostly for show. Gale figured that is was now going to unwrap her.

Then a cycle of pressure and decompression. Then nothing.

There was a moment of complete silence.

Did the machine break?

There was a small swell of panic and she tried to push herself out but couldn’t. She could not feel the button at her feet.


She could not turn her head quite right to see computer screen. She let out a grunt in a vain attempt to call for help but she knew no one would come.

Then it started up again.

She began to breathe more calmly. Then it began to turn her slowly again. The music sounded darker more ominous.

When it ‘spit ‘ her out the coloring of her binding had been changed. Instead of butterfly wings it was great bat wing enfolding her body. Her feet although still bound together. Looked like two great cloven hooves. Her demon tail went into the box although a barbed decoration had been added. The demons inside her began to buzz and hum. She could not get over the irony and was awestruck by the machine ability to repaint or recover her with such detail and depth. She tried to pose for the camera as best as she could. Her computer started to play music again.  She was dreading this recognizing the music.

Night on Bald mountain. The deep bass of the sound system vibrated the floor and the vibrations inside her where hard and fast. Short bursts of high intensity almost boarding on being painful pounded in her.

She screamed and wanted it to stop. When the music finished so was she. She had enough and wanted out. She had no energy to free herself even if she could. She felt very un-demon like sobbing and whimpering. It sucked her back in again after the computer beeped several times. The music played and she was treated to very calm relaxing music. She had heard this type of mood music at mall kiosk before. Sound of nature and water falling. She fell asleep and did not know how long she was out until she felt her head hit the floor. Another transformation. This time she was a mermaid.

Green scale pattern worked there way up to her waist with airbrushed naked breasts. Her feet even had a large fluted tail. A ‘seaweed’ umbilical cord meant that there was no escape. She tried to work her way to a better vantage point to see the computer screen and herself. She was reminded of those wooden mermaids on ship with their arms locked to their sides.

Then the music started. Every time a wave crashed the vibrators would surge upward and slowly diminish like the waves crashing on the shore and the water slowly receding. She tried not to give into the moment but only caught a fraction of the computer screen before her desire and imagination took hold. The words where cut off but it looked like it was asking a question 

‘Do you wish to….’ As about all she could put together. The machine began to reel her in.

She imagined herself as a mermaid snagged by a fisherman’s hook or net trying to fight her way free. But the box was too heavy and the line to strong soon she would be hauled to an unknown fate. The box began to pull her in she tried bracing her/feet/fins against the box hoping the strain would cause her umbilical card to break. But it started to squeeze her tighter. It became harder to breathe and soon the machine had won out again as she passed out.

She next was a half human-half rattle-snake with something that rattled on her feet. Music had a southwestern flair and sound like you could chant to it. But she tried to ignore the sensations going inside her and made every effort to see the computer screen. Her leash made it impossible to touch the keyboard or mouse, pull the plug or anything.

‘Do you wish to continue. Say yes or no.’ was on the screen. Below that was ‘demo mode.’

Then her mind flashed back to the picture she had seen on the website.

The girl had no gag.

The box was voice controlled. She had been too lazy to read the directions.

“Mmmoooo.” She screamed but the gag had clearly made any sensible communication impossible. 

How many type of mummification where there? Maybe the demonstration mode would end. But when and how long?

More and more forms. Each with a different pattern. There was one where she was tied in rows of complicated knots accompanied but some kind of Japanese music. Then she came out in alternating black and yellow stripe to music of ‘flight of the bumble bee’. It was getting dark. 

Time seemed endless and the prospect of dying like this had creeped into her mind.

That provided a strange turn on. Her insides where numb and yet every so often she would still manage to have an orgasm just when she though she could not. She might have had one while asleep. Her insides felt like jello and she was starving when she woke up in the box. Her eyes must have been playing trick on her when she was seeing another face.


“Hello Miss Winters. I see you let things get a little out of hand.”


“I sorry to inform you that after of review of your past credit history we are going to have to repossess the box … and you.”

He pressed some combinations using the button at the head of the box and she was sucked in to total darkness.

“….we have John Waters with a report.”

The televised view switched over to man in a blue Channel 6 windbreaker. “Thank you Ken. This small quiet town was shocked to find on Tuesday morning that all account and over thirty thousand in cash where removed from the First Nation Bank. Authorities are not sure who did it but the chief suspect is a Gale Winters. A teller at the bank.  Neighbors reported a large van on Sunday night pulled up and began loading furniture. Here are what some local have to say.”

The view switched to an elderly lady. “She was nice girl but she did dress like a vampire And you know what those people are like….”

The End



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