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Bounty Hunter

by Arachnidwoman

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© Copyright 2013 - Arachnidwoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; spiderwoman; bond; web; capture; gag; susp; latex; envenom; cocoon; wrap; insert; transport; cons/nc; XX

The Baroness smiled as her 10am appointment finally walked in the door. It had taken a long time to track her down and get her, but the Blackwidow had an awesome reputation to deliver what the Baroness needed.

A tall slender woman dressed in black silk entered the room. She moved gracefully and without any noise. Dressed like a ninja in black, her face was covered with only her eyes visible, both her boobs and pubic areas open. Interestingly she wore a red tight fitting well padded silk g-string over her pubic area and similar red silk covers over her nipples.

The Baroness had wondered why she had taken the name Blackwidow, but after seeing her live there was no doubts in her mind she was appropriately named after her spider namesake.

The Baroness welcomed her visitor, who said nothing. Baroness motioned her to sit down. “Right, let’s get down to business… here’s your target.” The woman looked silently at the photo in front of her. “$10 million now, $10 million on completion… to capture the First Lady Michelle Obama and bring her to me alive”.

Blackwidow nodded, and left as quickly as she had arrived…

Michelle Obama had decided to go to her private gym before the Women in Power dinner that night. As usual she was accompanied by 2 female secret service officers who watched her every move - “Ginger” a tall cropped Irishwoman & “Blondie” a statuesque Scandinavian blonde with long hair - were their nicknames as she had white guards.

Michelle went to the locker room and got changed. She tied a black silk scarf over her hair, and out on her black athletic bra and panties. Stuffing her clothes in to a locker, she walked into the gym – not noticing a dark figure’s shadow covering them just as she left…

Michelle did 2 hours of aerobics and weights, having to maintain her figure and abs that everyone admired. Ginger and Blondie watched as they so often did in complete silence.

After her 2 hour workout Michelle was dripping with sweat and decided to hit the showers.

Showering was the only time that Michelle got to herself as she was always being watched by someone for security reasons, so she really enjoyed this time alone. Her 2 security guards remained in the gym room next door, waiting for her to come out changed and ready to move on.

Michelle stripped herself off and stepped in the shower. Running very hot as she liked it, the room was soon full of steam.

Soaking herself completely Michelle grabbed a loafer and poured soap from the dispenser all over her loafer and body. She covered herself in soap. Completely lathered up she begin to rinse off when to her horror she noticed that a large amount of soap on her body had gone all goopy-like, soft & sticky all l over her and clumping around her pubic area.

She poured more soap from the dispenser to try and wash the goop off, but the soap got stickier and stickier and more solid until it formed a thick pad sticking into and over into her pussy, plugging it solidly. Her hands got stuck in the goop as well and she couldn’t pull them out.

Panicking Michelle jumped out of the shower in shock. The room was steamed up and she couldn’t see..

As she struggled to get free and her panic grew, Michelle heard a noise behind her; suddenly a thick soft pad was forced over Michelle’s nose & mouth, held by a very strong grip. A large scarf wrapped over the pad to hold it in place and tied over her mouth as it was wrapped over her head several times to gag her. Michelle then felt a sharp pain on her neck as strong arms held her fast. Falling down paralyzed, too late Michelle realized she had bitten by something and that the pad was a silencing gag.

Her captor chuckled as Michelle was lowered to the ground onto a large silk sheet and then quickly wrapped up in it like a straitjacket. Michelle was totally paralyzed, gagged and her pussy caught in the goop …

Her captor then revealed herself to be a tall slender woman dressed in black like a ninja, with red gstring panties covering her pussy and red stickies covering her well rounded large boobs. The woman pulled off her mask, revealing to Michelle’s horror her face – which had 8 eyes, large fangs and no hair. Michelle realized she was a spiderwoman. The spiderwoman bowed and laughing introduced herself as Blackwidow.

BW then ripped off her red g-string to reveal a large pulsating pussy with spinnerets. Michelle realized that she had been bitten and paralyzed with spider venom. Seeing Michelle’s shock BW smiled, whipping another silk scarf from her pussy to reinforce Michelle’s gag and wrapping it over and over Michelle’s head to OTM gag her silent.

Working quickly due to the guards outside, BW then picked Michelle up in her 6 arms and sprayed silk all over her to cocoon her up. After an initial layer she pulled Michelle’s bicep laden arms backwards and spun them into a silk armglove so they were fastened behind her.

BW then pulled them slowly into her oversize pussy, groaning as she did so they rubbed her clit which by now was as hard as a rock, dripping at the same time. Rubbing back and forth, she coated Michelle’s armglove in a thin strong and tight latex condom before releasing them.

Now very much turned on, BW suspended Michelle with silk lines from the walls and roof. Michelle’s legs were spread-eagled open with silk lines to each wall, her arm glove to the wall behind her, her pussy plug straight up to the roof and a last line under her shoulders and to the roof.

Michelle struggled to get free, but her bonds were strong sticky and very flexible while her gag was very secure.

Just then Blondie knocked and asked Michelle if she was alright. BW put her finger to her mouth and motioned Michelle to be quiet, and then smiled.

Michelle tried to scream for help and struggled violently but her bonds held and her gag was very effective. Not a peep came out, BW smiled again.

To Michelle’s horror BW changed into a duplicate of her! She answered the guard in Michelle’s voice and told her to come in with Ginger.

Michelle tried desperately to break her bonds but the silk just stretched and gave with her struggling, pulling back and then tightening even more to bind her more tightly.

Changing back to her own form, BW jumped up onto the roof onto a web and waited. Again to Michelle’s horror suddenly 4 giant spider arms protruded from her torso.

As Blondie entered BW jumped onto her, pushing her onto the floor and quickly biting her on the neck. At the same time she sprayed a mass of webbing over Ginger to tangle her up. As Blondie collapsed paralyzed, BW spun 180 degrees and reversed the attack, biting Ginger at the same time and webbing up Blondie.

“So much for your rescue” laughed BW.

Quickly she cocooned up the 2 guards in thick cocoons, hooding them with pussy hoods and gagging them with pads and OTM scarf gags. She suspended them from the web above, leaving only their eyes, pussies and boobs free.

BW then stood in front of Michelle Obama and laughed beneath her robes. “Now where were we before being interrupted? Ah yes, so you are the famous Michelle Obama. Yes, I’m Blackwidow – so many questions, I’m sure. Yes, you are my prisoner, yes you are wrapped in spider silk, yes you will be leaving with me and yes, you are mine!”

“Why am I here? Perhaps I should just show you..” BW pulled her bra off her boobs, the largest ones Michelle had ever seen. Laughing she gently squeezed each boob, aiming them at Michelle’s body. As she did, a spurt of sticky webbing covered Michelle’s boobs. Michelle was gob smacked, how did she do that?

BW the rubbed her pussy with huge lips and a massive clit. It was pulsating wildly and dripping continuously.

“Ahhh, it likes you…” BW purred.”Yeessssss, we like you….”. Pussy dripping, BW stepped closer to Michelle’s face…”Hmmm, let’s make sure you are secure, it is time for my fun…”

As Michelle squirmed BW held her still with one arm while she rubbed her pussy with another. With a 3rd arm she reached inside her pussy, pulling out a long thick white silk scarf which dripped. With her 4th arms she quickly twirled the scarf around and over Michelle’s current gag again and again to apply a 2nd layer of thick gag to silence her.

Michelle’s mind was racing. What was happening? Who was this BW, really?

BW inspected the gag, and was happy with her work. Rubbing her clit continuously with one arm, she groaned again. “Hmm, something missing…ahhh yes…”

With that she pulled a sticky silk hood from her pussy and put it over Michelle’s head. Then she bit Michelle’s boobs lightly, making a hole and sticking a silk line on. She did the same to Michelle’s clit, which by now was stuck up. She drew the 3 silklines together and joined them under tension. She dripped profusely and got more turned on as she felt Michelle groan.

“Yessss, much better….I need some fun…” BW pulled her flaps back and pulled Michelle’s head into her pussy, rubbing her back and forth across her clit. Michelle swung back and forth, harder and harder, as BW got more and more turned on.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. “Michelle, its Hillary…we need to talk urgently…”

BW stopped, just before she came. She released Michelle’s head, dripping in silk, with her pussy greatly enlarged, her clit hard and her pussy lips very swollen indeed.

She was very excited; she could snare a bonus hostage and come all over again. Quickly she sprayed sticky webbing all over the floor in front of the door while she also pulled a web from her pussy and held it at tension in 4 spider arms. She then jumped on the roof, cutting the lights and waited, looking down…

Hillary Clinton suddenly burst through the door, a secret service woman on each arm. “When I say we need to TALK, we need to…WHAT THE FUCK@#$#@!” Hilary saw Michelle suspended helplessly, as well as her 2 guards. Suddenly the door closed behind her and it was immediately covered with a 3 inch thick silken sheet with no escape.

As Hilary’s guard pulled her gun in the gloomy light, suddenly her wrist was caught in a silk line and the gun was knocked out of her hand. Trying to see what had snagged her the guard pulled hard but suddenly she was pulled up into the darkness towards the roof.

Hillary tried to see what was going on, but it was too dark. She heard struggles from the guard then complete silence. Still peering into the darkness suddenly the guard dropped down in front of her, heavily gagged and wrapped in a silk cocoon so she couldn’t move. Her neck has 2 puncture marks and her eyes indicated she was completely paralyzed…

Hillary was shocked. Before she could scream a thick silken wad was shoved into her mouth by a powerful arm. Then she felt a sharp pain to her neck, before she could react she fell over completely paralyzed unable to move.

“Well well well”, she heard a chuckle above her,”the famous Hilary Clinton”. Hilary stared upwards to see a tall powerful Spiderwoman chuckling over her.”I am Blackwidow, and now you are mine.”

Hilary had never seen anything like her. What really shocked her was the size of BW’s pussy – how big it was, how loose, how the Spiderwoman used it, how it could spin silk of any description…

As if reading her mind, BW smiled. “Yes, it is very useful – let me show you!” She pulled a thick wide scarf about 6 inches wide from her pussy and started wrapping it over Hilary’s mouth. Over and over, around and around her head it went until Hilary’s could barely breathe.

“Very nice!” Then BW, with her pussy dripping, started rubbing it up and down Hilary’s body. As she rubbed up and down, she got more and more turned on until Hilary’s clothes were soaked. Soon they all burnt off as her juices were acidic…the only things that didn’t get affected were Hilary’s pure silk panties and her Hermes scarf. “Both very nice, I’ll keep those” smirked BW.

“Next, this will be fun”. Picking up Hilary so she and Michelle could see each other, BW suspended her from a silk harness from the roof. She quickly spun Hilary’s arms into a seamless armglove straightjacket and then split her legs apart to chairs just below her. Quickly she coated her legs and the rest of her body in webbing so she was nice and secure. Only Hilary’s pussy, boobs, eyes and hair were exposed.

“Hmm, looks like its been a long time since you had any,” laughed BW. “Hilary mmmpphhed underneath her gag, she was furious – but it was true. She was just starting to get some movement back, and strangely she felt feeling in her pussy. “Yes, nice isn’t it?” as BW gently stroked Hilary’s clit she groaned.

“Unfortunately for you, it is for my pleasure and not yours”, smiled BW. As she continued to gently stroke Hilary’s clit with one arm, she put 2 arms on her clit and rubbed harder and harder.


Groaning she pulled a large silk egg sac the size of a basketball out from her pussy.

Hilary went nuts trying to escape as she realized it was for her. “Yes, its all yours” smiled BW. To make sure she quickly drew another long silk scarf out from her pussy and regagged Hilary. Soon it was impossible to even see Hilary’s mouth. She also reinforced her silk restraints and finally bit her again.

As soon as Hilary was paralyzed BW gently started pushing the egg sac into her pussy. The venom elasticized Hilary’s lips and her clit popped out and up stiff. Soon it was all the way in and Hilary looked 9 months pregnant. Happy with her work BW plugged Hilary’s pussy with 3 inch webplug and then covered it with a seamless sticky pad running from her clit to her arse.

As the venom started wearing off Hilary started going bananas as her orgasms grew and grew. However her gags kept her silent and her web bonds held so she swung gently in the air with no noise.

Michelle was horrified. What would happen to her?

Just then as if to answer her question, BW pulled 3 silk lines from her pussy and attached them to Michelle’s clit and boobs. As she tweaked them hard Michelle groaned and started to get turned on. Holding the silk lines in 3 arms and continuing to tweak them harder and harder, she used another arm to gently stroke Michelle’s pussy so she started to open and drip.

Soon Michele had opened up about an inch. BW then used her last 2 arms to hold Michelle’s pussy lips open and sprayed thick webbing directly from her pussy into it. Michelle’s orgasm was building and building as the silk filled her pussy. When it was full the BW sealed it up with a thick pad and then she stuck Michelle’s clit into the raised position so she was permanently aroused.

Michelle was going nuts, with her struggles getting more and more violent. BW quickly started spinning thick silk from her pussy, quickly wrapping up Michelle’s legs in a thick layer so they were immobile. She also reinforced the arm sheath and then sprayed silk over Michelle’s body so she was encased in a thick cocoon up to her neck with only her head, boobs and pussy exposed.

With noise still coming from Michelle’s mouth gag BW pulled a long white thick silk sheet from her pussy, like a Hermes scarf, and wrapped it over Michelle’s mouth around and around and around several dozen times OTM style until there was no noise at all. Michelle could barely breathe; there was just enough oxygen to keep her awake.

Michelle took solace in the fact that although this freak had caught the 2 most powerful women on Earth, there was no way she could escape, let alone take Michelle with her.

And that’s where she was wrong… suddenly 2 ninja spiderwomen scuttled quietly down a wall and bowed to their Mistress.

Or so she thought… BW stood above her and smiled again. She crouched down and started rubbing her clit across Michelle’s face. Harder and harder she went, until suddenly she grabbed Michelle’s head with her 2 back legs forcing them closer to her pussy.

Her pussy lips dripped goop all over Michelle’s head as she rubbed harder and harder and harder. Her grip got tighter and tighter, while Michelle’s head went deeper into her pussy. Suddenly she came with a huge gush of webbing covering Michelle’s head and shoulders. Standing up she admired her handiwork and pulled the webbing away from Michelle’s eyes so she could see the fear in her eyes. Grinning BW pulled a silk slave hood from her pussy and pulled it over Michelle’s head.

Michelle could see her pussy lips were completely relaxed, stretched to around 10 times normal size. BW lay down on the ground and spread-eagled her legs open, shooting a silk line over the base of Michelle’s cocoon and she started pulling her in. Slowly she pulled her into her uterus, which also doubled the storage area for her spider abdomen, which she now pushed out her flexible ass.

As Michelle saw daylight disappear, she was amazed at how comfortable it was inside BW’s pussy. BW now resembled a Drider and was 3 times her size before, with a bulging belly for transport of Michelle.

BW looked into Hilary’s eyes and laughed. “Now its your turn..!” Quickly webbing up her legs she then covered Hilary in a special silk bag that stretched all over her, from head to toe. It was super tight and super slippery.

BW again gently rubbed her clit slowly and first, then faster and faster and faster. As she got more and more turned on, her clit grew bigger and bigger and her pussy opened more and more. Just as she was on the edge of climax BW’s back legs shoved Hilary inside her pussy hard, right next to Michelle.

Greedy for more orgasm she also grabbed Ginger and Blondie in their cocoons, who slid inside her pussy since she was so wet.

As she came BW screamed and a whole mass of goopy webbing erupted from her pussy sealing all 4 of the women inside, as her pussy returned to normal size.

Happy her captives were now secure BW then crept over to the security guard’s cocoon. Suddenly a large naked Spiderwoman with 6 arms, 2 legs, 8 eyes and long black hair with a huge pussy burst of the cocoon – the guard has been transformed!

“Go, slave” – the Spiderwoman bowed to her Mistress and immediately scuttled into the large ventilation system above. As BW was now so large she could not follow.

It was now 5’oclock and darkness had descended on the White House. BW knew that security would start tracking her 4 captives very soon. But she had a plan… ­Rona was monitoring all rooms in the White House with her 3 colleagues in the Control Room. As usual Michelle Obama’s room was off limits, and she was still in there as she had not emerged from there. Neither had Hilary Clinton nor her guard. That wasn’t unusual though, both women were headstrong and opinionated and their arguments were colorful and explosive – often going for hours.

Suddenly from the roof something smashed its way out of the vents and landed on the floor, covering the control panels with white and organic sheets about 1 inch thick. Rona couldn’t see the switches or anything.

To her horror and disbelief Rona realized it was a Spiderwoman. She ducked down, hoping not to be seen. Meanwhile the Spiderwoman hit her colleagues hard. A mouth web wrapped up the first agent, while a butt web caught another. The Spiderwoman grabbed one with her front legs and the other one in her back legs and wrapped them in silk, while she lassoed the final one with a web line from her hand. Quickly she bit each one and paralyzed them with venom so they were immobile, ripping their clothes so they were naked and then swathed them in silk cocoons so they were lying on the ground helpless.

The Spiderwoman then sprayed the room with webbing, so all doors and windows are covered in a 1 inch thick silk layer. No one could get in or out, no one could see in, the cameras were covered.

Rona shook nervously. She tried to remember where the alarm button was, under which desk? As she tried to remember she saw the Spiderwoman stuff her colleague’s mouths with thick silk and then wrapped heavy silk gags over their mouths and around their heads to silence them.

Quietly she crept over to the next desk, remembering that’s where the button was. As she crept she knocked something on the floor, making a noise. She froze, hoping she hadn’t been noticed. Looking out she saw the Spiderwoman was still busy.

As she reached up to push the button suddenly a silk line wrapped tightly around her wrist, stopping her from pressing the button. Rona groaned as she knew she had been found.

The silk line pulled taut wrapping round both wrists and bringing them together as Rona was dragged out from her hiding place, into the air and hung from the web line attached to the roof. Quickly the Spiderwoman pumped silk into her mouth and wrapped a large silk scarf over her mouth to gag her securely.

As Rona hung helplessly on the web line the Spiderwoman grinned as Rona looked down at her amazing pussy that spun webbing. Rona was actually turned on.

As if the Spiderwoman was reading her mind she quickly ripped all of Rona’s clothes off. Twirling her at high speed on the silk line using 2 arms, the Spiderwoman used her other 4 legs to draw huge volumes of liquid silk from her pussy and spray them over Rona’s body. Gradually the silk hardened into a cocoon leaving only Rona’s face, boobs and pussy free.

As Rona groaned inside her gag and knew there was no escape, suddenly the 3 cocoons on the ground ripped open and 3 hybrid Spiderwomen emerged, bowing to their mistress. All looked like their mistress with slight differences in size of fangs and pussies.

Rona watched them open the controls to the underground tunnels – what were they doing? They also locked the White House down, and then scattered up the wall and into the roof.

Rona looked at the Spiderwoman, who again smiled at her and then suddenly began to convulse.

Groaning the Spiderwoman pushed hard as a large silk package emerged from her pussy. Rona frighteningly realized it was an egg sac. The Spiderwoman took it in her hands and pushed it hard into her pussy, sealing it in with a 3 inch thick silk pad that was highly sticky. Rona immediately felt turned on and started to orgasm in an endless cycle. Her tummy pushed out as she was pregnant.

The Spiderwoman then quickly swathed inside a silk bag, which she webbed to her back and raced up into the ventilation system in the roof.

BW climbed onto the roof of the White House, where she met the 4 spider women. Creeping inside one of the underground lift shafts, they descended into the basement where they connected up to a tunnel and made their escape…


Baroness received a call from BW that she had completed her assignment. As arranged she was to bring them to COBRA to receive her money.

Baroness waited in excitement at the truck arrived at COBRA HQ. As the truck parked Baroness motioned for her soldiers to wait. Two black hooded women emerged dressed in trench boots, black gloves and black boots but said nothing. Baroness noticed they were naked underneath except for g-strings made from silk.

They opened the back of the truck and Baroness gasped as BW emerged, 3 times larger than when she had last saw her, wearing a huge trench coat. BW smiled – Baroness bit her lip and asked her where her prisoners were?

BW told her to show her money. Baroness waved and the money was thrown down, which BW’s 2 drivers immediately took. “SO where are they!!!” Baroness demanded.

BW opened her trench coat. Everyone gasped as they saw she was a real Spiderwoman. She ripped off a giant pad covering her pussy and then pushed with an all mighty grunt. 2 cocoons popped out, with both Hilary Clinton’s and Michelle Obama’s features noticeable under the silk.

“Yes, well done!” Baroness was very pleased. She motioned for her guards to take them, but BW laughed. “No.” Baroness looked at her. “No.” BW laughed again. “COBRA is now mine”.

And with that her pussy erupted in a ton of silk egg sacs, spurting onto the ground. As they hit the ground they exploded into thousands of hand sized spiders. The spiders immediately surged all over the guards, shooting web into their faces and injecting them with venom. The guards fell down and then shortly raised themselves again as Spiderwomen, with fangs 8 eyes spinnerets and extra limbs transformed by the venom.

Baroness fired her guns and managed to kill some spiders, but the numbers were just against her. As she was surrounded, the spider guards stopped. BW emerged. “Submit,” she ordered.

Baroness knew she had no choice. She dropped her guns. “Strip” said BW. Baroness complied as well. BW lashed a silk collar around her neck, bound her wrists behind her back, wrap gagged over her mouth with silk and collared her ankles in silk cuffs. As one of her spiderwomen lead the Baroness away, BW was pleased, her mission was complete…


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