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Boys Night Out

by Miss Stacey

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© Copyright 2010 - Miss Stacey - Used by permission

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Brian and I were spending so much time together that we determined it would be healthy for us to do things apart once a month to break the uniformity. On that night, generally referred to as Boys Night Out or in my case it would be Girls Night Out, we would go our separate ways and enjoy ourselves. It has been working out great. I’m blessed that my Brian, who is 6ft 2inches with an athletic physique and dashingly handsome isn’t a wanton man. Brian works out at the local gym and I attend my yoga classes to keep my figure well toned. We make an attractive couple and have been happily married for years. Never since we began our mutual night’s outs has he come home with the scent of a woman on him. In fact, usually after one of his Boys Night‘s, Brian returns home somewhat invigorated and takes me into his arms as if he hasn’t seen me in weeks. Our love making has become even more passionate than ever as a result. Whatever he is doing to relax certainly has been doing wonders for our sex life. I have no complaints there.

Brian has mentioned a place he goes to known as The Pharaoh’s Tomb. He seems to go there often of late. Brian never talks in detail about goings on at the Pharaoh’s Tomb. I’ve always assumed it was some bar lounge and since I’m not much into bar stories I never ask about the place. It really didn’t bother me that he didn’t talk about where he goes as it was his night to do what he likes, but I keep wondering what goes on there. I get back to my book and after a while I doze off and fall asleep. I feel hands on my shoulder and wake from a deep sleep to see Brian staring down at me. He has a fervent glare in his eyes.

“Hey there honey. Did you enjoy yourself?” I say as I reach up to him.

Brian doesn’t answer me. He simply kisses me deeply and picks me up in his strong arms and carries me up to our bedroom. Soon we are stripping each other out of our clothes and begin making love as if it is our first time together. I am lost in his arms as he holds me very close to him. Brian kisses me tenderly and fondles my breasts delightfully rubbing each mound lustfully with his palms. His kissing continues down to my neck and further to my breasts. I shiver as he uses the tip of his tongue to trace circles around each of my erect nipples. His fingers fondle my pussy and my little hill. My legs instinctively spread wider as I feel his thick throbbing penis poised against my inner thigh ready to enter my extremely wet pussy. My body trembles as he shoves the full length of his erection deep inside me with one smooth thrust. I cry out with passion clawing his back as he begins rhythmically driving his hips against mine with our mouths pressed together in steamy tongue dancing lip lock. Each grinding thrust brings me closer and closer to orgasm.

At the moment my orgasm engulfs me I feel Brian’s penis swell and I instinctively tighten my pussy in response as I feel him ejaculates his full load of cum inside me. We ride the waves of pleasurable sensations as one until we are spent. His penis still firm remains inside me as he kisses me softly while we recover from our lovemaking. Afterwards he withdraws and we are lying on our side cuddling in each others arms. He really knows how to make me feel like a woman with his wonderful lovemaking. I take his hand into mine and kiss his palm. Call it curiosity but I was feeling a little nosy and decided to ask about where he goes on Boys Night Out.

“Brian, this place you’ve been going to a lot…The Pharaohs Tomb, how did you find out about the place.”

“It was a bar hopping random choice one night. Me and some of the guys stumbled across this place that is sort of an old men’s pub called run by a couple of senior boys. It’s basically a very stylized-fetish eat and drink bar cafe, why?”

“Oh no real reason at all. I was just a little curious. You never talk about where you go. ”

“That’s because I know you don’t like bars much.”

“What’s it like there?”

“It’s an unusual sort of guys only bar actually….”

“Do you really mean that? No woman allowed? It‘s not a… you know one of those… gay men‘s bars is it?”

Brian laughs.

“No it isn‘t a gay men’s bar at all. The patrons are males and the only woman there are the Hostess, waitresses and women that are part of evening performance acts.”

“What sort of performances?”

“A variety of exotic dance acts.

“Sounds more like a stripper bar…”

“Oh no, they were not strippers. They don’t ever undress. They just dance.”

“I guess it can’t be all bad if the women kept their clothes on.”

Brian hugged me tenderly.

“We have our clothes off. What kind of performance can we come up with right now?”

We embrace and kiss. Our eager deep kissing intensifies my desire for him making me wet all over again. This time around he gently re-positions me so that my back is to him. He pulls me against his muscular body. Using his fingers he redirects my vaginal juices behind me to lubricate my anus. I jump slightly tightening my butt cheeks briefly. Patiently he allows me to relax and messages my ass hole until it yields to first one then two fingers being eased into it. With perfect synchronization Brian quickly removes his fingers and an instant later I feel his thick hard penis swiftly enter my ass entirely making my toes curl. He hugs me closely to him kissing the back of my neck as I gasp loudly from the sudden surge of extreme anal pleasure. I can feel every inch of him. It isn’t long before his renewed vigorous hip thrusting brings us both to very intense climaxes.


Over the next few months Brian continued to go back to The Pharaohs Tomb on his Boys Night Out. I didn’t want to ask about the place again but I was even more curious about it than before. A men’s only straight bar where exotic dancer don’t undress? It just seemed too unusual to me. I wanted to find out more about this place without Brian thinking I was spying on him. I sit up on our bed, I grab my laptop and do a key search on the internet for a bar with the name The Pharaohs Tomb and came up with ton of links about Egyptian culture but not one of them a link to a bar lounge. These websites were not what I wanted but they were pretty interesting. I began reading a about all sorts of things relating to Egyptian culture. I particularly liked seeing how the woman dressed back in those days. I read further coming across links about Tombs and mummification. It was all fascinating. Brian pokes his head into the bedroom.

“I’m going out to have a drink with the boys at The Pharaohs Tomb. Are you going out with your girlfriends tonight too? “I look up from the screen and smile.

“No, I’m not feeling up to it this month. I’m just going to stay in tonight and surf the net some more then onto bed. I’ll see you when you get back honey.”

“Ok. “ Brian leaves. I hear him lock the door and I shut down my laptop and quickly slip on a pair of leggings and my flip-flops and hurry downstairs to the living room. From the window I see him getting into his car. I don’t know what came over me but I decided right then I would act on impulse.

“I’ve got to follow him to this place.”

I run to the side door and leave the house as I hear his car pull away. I quickly get into my car and follow him. He drives for about over an hour stopping at very ordinary looking building on the other side of town. A sign on the front says The Pharaoh’s Tomb. I stop a few blocks away and watch him meet up with some of his friends and go inside. I get out of my car and walk around to the side of the building. I can hear music playing and crowd noises within. I see a side door that was left a jar. It is the service area. As my luck would have it no one was there to stop me from creeping inside. I sneak inside down a hallway passing the managers office then a dressing room. Suddenly the office door swings open and a very intimidating tall, darkly tanned, muscular man dressed in a type of Egyptian clothing spots me. His powerful chest and arms sported gold jewelry around his neck and wrist. His wore a stylized nemes head cloth that covered his hair. His tight loincloth clearly indicated a manhood of ample size accentuated by an open front wrap around belted skirt that came down to mid thigh. His Legs were muscular and he wore sandals that curved upward in front. The impression I got due to his formidable size was that he was a bouncer. His stern glare makes me freeze in my tracks. A moment later I hear a woman’s voice call out to him.

“Is that her Tommy?”

He doesn’t say a word. He simply crosses his arms over his chest and looks down at me with a fierce intensity.

“Tommy, is that HER…!!!? She shouts.

When he again doesn’t’ respond, an exquisite woman pushes past him and steps into the hallway to see for herself who he is looking at. She stares at me not with anger as does the man but with more of a perplexed expression. She is very attractive with long black hair, of medium height, and is also dressed in modern stylized interpretations of Egyptian attire. It is very similar to what I saw on those websites about how Egyptian women dressed long ago. Her very shapely body is adorned in gold jewelry and covered in a skin tight pleated sheath dress. I remember reading it was called a kalasiris gown. They were usually made of linen back then but hers was made of some type of shiny white material. I couldn’t tell what it was yet. Her perfectly fitted kalasiris sheath dress had thin shoulder straps and covered her breasts extending down very long all the way to her ankles. It was tapered so tightly around her ankles that she could only take small shuffling steps as she approaches me in her bare feet. Around her waist was a sash knotted in front that hung down nearly to the floor. She was shapely with full busts and curvy hips that swayed seductively as she moved gracefully down the hall. I noticed I could hear distinct little squeaking noises as her legs shuffled under her very stretchy dress. Then as she got nearer I saw clearly her tight garment in fact was not at all linen but made of the more modern erotic material of rubber.

Her hair was an amazing work of art. It was an elaborate shoulder length braided wig decorated with gold bands and beads. There was a gold headband with a lotus bud insignia in front around her head. On top of her head was a small scented cone fastened to it worn just as the woman in ancient times did that released a sweet but pleasant perfume from it. Encircling her neck is a wide collar that extends from shoulder to shoulder adorned beautifully with jeweled stones and gold beads. Her stunning features are exotic looking with precisely applied make up. Her black eyeliner and richly colored eye shadow accentuated her almond eyes above her small nose and shiny maroon colored lips. Everything about her was precisely done to make her appear as desirable as possible right down to her beautifully nail varnished fingernails and pedicured feet. I must admit that felt a little envious of her appearance.

“What kept you? She asks as she reached out and gently grasps my hands greeting me with a light kiss on each of my cheeks. Quickly examining her out stretched hands and arms I notice her armbands and bracelets were worn on top of what appears a transparent latex body suit with sleeves that extends just over her knuckles leaving her fingers exposed.

“I’m Francis. You must be Jackie, the waitress filling in for Wanda right?” I glance over her shoulder at the still angry looking bouncer who seems to be suspicious of me. He begins to slowly walk towards us. I seriously did not want to get arrested tonight and then have to explain how it happened to Brian.

“I…umm…Yeah…I’m Jackie.’’ My heart pounds in my chest as I lied to the woman instead of admitting I had trespassed.

She gave me an odd look with one of her angular eyebrows rising slightly then she smiled. “Come on then, let’s get you ready. We have a full house tonight.”

I felt relieved when she motioned the bodyguard to leave with a gesture of her hand then ushers me into the dressing room. The room is very large with racks filled all sorts of Egyptian style costumes and a dressing table equipped to accommodate any variety of creative make up design one could come up with. There are many styles of decorated Egyptian style wigs on stands each appearing to be the result of hours of hand craftsmanship. The costumes were nice and I wondered how I’d look pretending to be a waitress wearing one.

“Let’s get you measured. Hurry up and get undressed. “

I was a part-time waitress when I was in college. I assumed this wouldn’t be too much different. I would pretend to be Jackie just long enough to get a look around then tell Francis the truth later. I stepped out of my flip flops and undressed. Francis turns towards me holding a tape measure. She stops and shakes her head when she sees me standing only in my underwear.

“Jackie the underwear will mess up my measurements. Take everything off. We don‘t have time to waste.”

I didn’t understand why I had to be naked to be measured. I figured it had something to do with the costumes. I removed my underwear seeing Francis wasn’t at all concerned about seeing me naked. She was all business. She measured my bust, waist, and hips as I expected but to my surprise didn’t stop there. Francis took other measurements consisting of my head, neck, arms, wrists, and oddly, had me stand with my feet together so she could measure around both legs at my upper thighs, knees and around both ankles together. Once done she went to one of the racks and looked through it pulling off several pieces of black shiny clothing one of them being a footed rubber cat-suit. She grabs a can of talcum powder and sprinkled a generous amount into my cupped hands.

“Help me spread this over you.”

She rubs the talcum onto my back while I spread some over my, chest and arms. I smooth talcum onto my legs as I watch her unzip the cat-suit and turn it inside out. I see on the inside of the suit there are two protruding objects. One of them is cone shaped and the other is penis shaped. Francis begins coating both objects with KY jelly. I stop what I’m doing.

“Wait…just what type of suit is that…?”

Francis looks at me with a surprised expression.

“This is the first part of your waitress attire. You mean, Wanda didn’t explain to you about the outfits the girls must wear while on duty?”

“Um…. well, no….I… umm… don‘t think I can wear that….”

Francis became very annoyed putting both hands on her hips.

“I’ve got customers waiting!!! Wanda assured me she would explain everything that was needed of you tonight and guaranteed you would not have any problem doing the job she would have done. “

I stood there listening to her dreading the idea of wearing that vulgar cat-suit.

“Look, this is an exclusive adult eating establishment that features waitresses in Egyptian attire with a fetish spin on it. Paying customers have already booked Wanda’s table. And as her stand in tonight it’s now YOUR table Jackie, and this is what all the waitresses must wear. In fact I’m the hostess here and I‘m also wearing a suit such as this under my dress too honey.”

Knowing that didn’t help ease my mind at all. I arms dropped to her side and she sort of slouched over a bit.

“Jackie please don‘t do this to me, I need you just for one night. Don’t let me down.” she pleaded.

I felt awful as I could see Francis really believed I was this Jackie waitress and she was sincerely concerned about her reputation being ruined if I walked out on her. It wasn’t her fault I’d sneaked into the building and lied about who I was. I also still hadn’t found out what goes on here and still wanted to know. I continued my ruse.

“Ok she did tell me all about the cat-suit. I just thought I might get away with not wearing it tonight that‘s all. It’s ok though I’ll wear it.”

Francis sighed in relief and hugged me.

“Thanks honey. I really owe you one.”

I leaned on her back as she kneeled and held open the suit to allowing me to step into it. The footed sections of the rubber clamped around my feet pressing my toes together. If felt odd that I could no longer spread my toes apart. The talcum worked great making the rubber slide up to the top of my thighs with just few tugs. I watched with uneasiness as Francis carefully positioned each of the lubricated objects directly in front of the orifice they would eventually occupy. I bit my lip as she pushed first the penis dildo into my pussy with one slow steady shove. I felt its girth stretch my vagina wide until the firm object disappeared completely from my sight. My body shuddered briefly due to this act. She gave me a few seconds to compose myself allowing me to mentally prepare for next object insertion. I nodded I was ready and she had me bend over slightly as she pushed onto the cone shaped plug. It was met with some resistance due to a nervous reflex action that made me tightened my butt hole.

“Just take a breath honey… the back one always takes a little more effort.”

I did so and felt pressure on my asshole as she pushed on the plug again. I felt the tip enter a little causing me to lift up onto my toes as she pushed it harder. As I began to relax my anus seemed to accept the intrusion and I felt it ease its way deeply up my ass. My butt hole seemed to automatically grip the tapered base of the cone helping it settle in place. I felt ashamed thinking about the two objects now filling me front and behind. As my body became more accustomed to them I noticed that as shifted my weight I would feel stirring sensations that were surprisingly pleasurable caused by their presence. My reaction did not go unnoticed by Francis.

“You see. Not as bad as you thought, right?”

I could see in the mirror my face was red from embarrassment. Francis helped me pull the rest of the rubber suit up over my torso. I began to put my hands into the sleeves.

“Oh no… I need you to ball your hands into fists first honey…”

“Fists..?” I asked.

“Yes, tuck your thumbs into your palms and make a tight fist for me then I can pull the sleeves up properly.” She said very nonchalantly.

I made my hands into fists as she said then pushed them into the sleeves. Francis tugged the rubber up my arms. I was expecting my hands to emerge from each sleeve but they didn’t. Nor could they for I had not noticed until that moment the suit sleeves were completely closed off. The end of each sleeve was formed into a pouch that stretched tightly over both my fists preventing me from opening my hands at all. I looked at my hands puzzled. They were now basically useless balls. Francis would have to explain, as a waitress, how I would be able to carry anything my hands covered up like this.

Francis ignored my confusion adjusting the rubber and pulling it up over my chest. I jumped when I felt her gently scoop up my breasts into her hands and guide them into what I now could see were hallows in the front of the suit. My beasts were held quite comfortably inside pre-molded anatomically correct breast forms complete with rubber nipple facsimiles. The rubber stretched over and conformed to my breasts shape adding distinct delineation to each. The rubber however did very little to give any support to my breasts. I wiggled my torso. My boobs could still bounce as freely as if I were topless. It was a very erotic visual effect. Once inside she zipped everything shut in back. From my feet to my neck I was covered in black rubber. Francis stepped away to gather more things as I looked at myself in the mirror with fascination. I turned left then right awed seeing how the tight rubber hugged the every curve of breasts, torso, and thighs and looking at my rear I could see the rubber had conformed to even the crevice between my buttocks. If it were not for the black sheen of the material it looked as if I were still naked.

“And all the waitresses wear one these under their dresses?” I asked

“Yes. Each girl here has agreed to it under contract.”

“That is so wild.”

Francis pulled my attention away from the mirror so she could continue. She held what looked like a bathing cap and hood both also made of the same shiny black rubber. She stood behind me and gathered up my hair. She stretched the rubber cap over my head which flattening my hair against my crown instantly. It was very tight fit going across my forehead and extended down covering my ears. The cap seemed to be padded at both ears and blocked maybe fifty percent of the room noise. I could still hear her but she sounded farther away.

“Ok, hold still.”

Next she positioned the hood on top of my head and pulled it down stretching it over the skull cap from back to front. In a blur of rubber passed my line of sight then covered my lower face. I thought the hood opening would rest beneath my chin but instead after her careful positioning it stretching tightly across my nose and mouth. There were nose holes and some sort of bulbous protrusion on the inner surface of the hood at my mouth. I lurched back a little.

“There is something…. inside the hood……”

“It’s ok Jackie. Like the cat-suit, the hoods the waitresses wear here are of a particular fetish design too. Just open your mouth as wide as you can please.”

Francis said as she relentlessly kept pressing the hood down forcing the bulb shaped thing against my lips.

I opened my mouth and could feel something very thick and rubbery enter it. I touched the object with my tongue trying to trace its outline to determine what it is shaped like. It only took a few moments for me to feel its surface enough to realize it was penis shaped.

“NNnn…nnnff!!” I tried to protest.

Francis didn’t stop. In moments the hood was pulled down to the base of my neck then zippered shut from the top of my head to the back of my neck. It was incredibly tight around my head and across my lower face. The penis shaped thing was sealed well inside my mouth and my lips were pressed flat leaving the front surface of my mouth completely smooth. I brought my fisted hands to my face making clumsy attempts to touch the rubber covering my lips with my knuckles. Only my eyes could be clearly seen through the hoods front oval opening. I turned and unthinkingly tried to ask her a question.

“UUmmggrr….Mummgghh…ggrnnff...!” I said holding up my arms baffled.

Francis smiled and gently lowered my hands to my side.

“You must be wondering how you will be able to do your job aren’t you? “

I nodded hoping she would explain.

“You will still be able to waitress don’t worry about that. You’ll see. Now, I’ll get your shoes.” She says as she walks over to a trunk

Francis returns with high heels that are nothing like I’ve ever seen before. These shoes were ankle boot style with a long heel that looked to be at least seven inches long. I had no idea how I would even stand in those let alone walk in them. I shook my head in disapproval. Francis smiled and motioned to me to stop worrying. She had me sit down as she unlaced one boot and lifted my right foot.

“These are your ballet boots. You’ll see how the name fits them once I have them laced on your feet. Point your toes for me.”

I did this and she pushed the right boot over my rubberized toes. I was grateful I could feel some padding on the inside at the toe of the shoe. In a matter of minutes she had my right foot laced very tightly inside this strange high heel boot. She did the same with my left foot. She was right. Looking down at my feet I could see why they were called ballet boots. They purposely forced my feet to remain pointing straight down following the entire length of the heel much like the feet of a ballerina on her toes. I couldn’t believe how erotic my feet and legs now appeared. Francis helped me to stand up. I stood carefully balancing on my toes with my feet slightly apart. I was shocked that I didn‘t immediately fall. She’d moved behind me again and began doing something. She was holding a black corset. She draped an under the bust style corset around my torso and began tightening the laces.

“Take a really deep inhale Jackie and hold it.”

I did that and thought I would burst as she tugged and pulled the laced so tight until my waist was squeezed incredibly small. She measured my waist again then smiled.

“Your natural waist is 26 inches and now it’s been reduced to 22 inches.”

In the mirror my body now appeared shaped like an hourglass balancing on the very tips of my toes. Still Francis wasn’t finished. I watched her rummage through the trunk and pull out what looked like some sort of collar with a silver ring in front. You have to be kidding. I thought to myself as she winked at me, smiled and walked behind me again. This collar was very tall as she had to lift my chin up to position it properly around my neck. Once it was in place she buckled it very securely and I found I could neither lower nor turn my head to the left or right any longer. I was forced to only stare straight ahead into my reflection. Thinking Francis was finally finished I tried to turn around to face her. Between the tight rubber, precarious high heels, restrictive corset and collar my movements were a bit robotic. I finally was able to turn and see her. When I saw Francis standing there with yards of white rope I panicked. I made myself calm down as I didn’t want to loose my balance. I looked at her with pleading eyes. I could not believe she wanted to now tie me up.

“The waitresses here work in rubber AND bondage. Now, I must insist that you please turn around and put your arms behind your back.”

I really had enough of this. I no longer cared about being arrested for trespassing. I wanted to leave but I couldn’t walk at all in these boots. I now desperately wanted very much to explain that I wasn’t really Jackie but I couldn’t speak or even use my hands to remove anything I wore. I was trapped in rubber. My useless fists fumbled pathetically at my mouth again. I motioned to her that I needed her help get undressed again.

“NO. Nothing comes off bitch.”

I was shocked at her sudden complete change in tone and demeanor. Her expression was stern and her glare cold.

I began to worry. I looked around wondering what I could do. I had very little options.

“This is what you get for sneaking in here whoever you are.” she said bluntly.

My heart sank. She knew all along I WASN’T Jackie. She let me go on pretending.

“Now turn around and put your arms behind your back.“ She demanded

I hesitated. I stood silently filled with dread.

“Must I call Tommy in here to make you do It.? He was not amused at all that you came in here impersonating his wife. He might end up breaking your arms.”

This Jackie person was Tommy’s wife? No wonder he looked at me so angrily. I definitely did not want her to call him into the room.

“Turn around right now.”

Reluctantly l turned around and put my arms behind my back. In the mirror I saw for the first time the look of worry in my eyes as she took hold of my arms. Francis was an expert with rope. She pulled my arms extremely high between my shoulder blades and tied my wrists together. More rope was looped around my arms and pulled slowly forcing my elbows to move towards each other. She keeps pulling the ropes tighter and tighter until my elbows are drawn together so tightly that they are touching. More rope is added around my torso with the rope passing around a between my rubberized boobs in a figure eight pattern. She pulls this tight pressing my bound arm tightly against my back. Francis checks my roped arms. They are completely immobilized. This arms position was reminiscent of what is known as pashchima namakarasana or reverse prayer which I do regularly during my yoga stretching exercises. Fortunately for me I was used to the arm position.

“I’m VERY impressed. Your arms are extremely flexible. Even more so than some of the girls that regularly works here.”

I was stunned by her displaced delight. I look at my torso the mirror and it appears as if my arms are completely gone and my tied rubber covered breasts appear more bulbous making them an even more prominently displayed. What kind of weird bondage waitress was she turning me into? She leaves me standing there teetering and walks to the door. I carefully turn my torso around to see what she is going.

“Tommy, will you come in here for a minute?”

God no! Why is she calling him in here? I did what she asked. Her brute of a bouncer enters the room and looks at me with loathing. My heart pounds as I see him eyeball my rubberized helpless body his gaze darting all over my trapped shiny form then stopping to lingering on my protruding defenseless breasts.

“Stand behind her and hold her steady while I tie a crotch rope on her and band her legs.”

I watch him as he walks up to me and takes hold of my shoulders. His hands are huge and strong. He turns me away from him. In the mirror I can see him looking at my bound body fighting for balance… His lustful stares fill me with apprehension.

“Mmmffggmm…” I say as I wiggle.

“Tommy, hold her STILL I said.” she orders.

I can do nothing as he reaches around and grasps both my breasts in each of his meaty hands. I frown and shut my eyes as he purposely squeezes my breasts painfully each time I attempt to struggle.

“HHhhmmfffFFFFF!!!!!” I squeal.

Needless to say, I immediately stop struggling. He holds me him so closely that my bound arms are trapped against his midsection and I can feel the unmistakable bulge of his erection pressing against my behind. Francis continues her tying by knotting a length rope around my tiny waist and pulling the long end down between my legs into my pussy and pulls it back behind me and up tight between my buttocks where it is tied off to the back of my waist rope. This taunt rope forces the two inserts a bit deeper sending a surge of renewed sensations into my vagina and ass. I can’t help myself. My body squirms from the surge of sensations but Tommy interprets this as defiance and kneads my boobs mercilessly until I stop struggling.

Francis glances at the measurement she wrote down for me then takes out of the trunk what looks like four huge oversized white rubber bands of varying sizes but are each three inches wide.

“Pick her up a second Tommy. “

He lifts me up and holds me in the air as Francis stretches wide the smallest of the rubber bands with both hands and passes it up above my feet and lets it go. It snaps tight around my ankles securing my feet together instantly. She does the same with two smaller bands passing them up my legs stretching them wide then letting them snap tightly above and below my knees. Finally she uses the largest of the rubber bands to securely band the top of my thighs together. Tommy puts me down and I’m balancing on legs and feet that are tightly pressed together as one.

“Good. Now some accessories”

Tommy steps back and holds me steady by my shoulders as Francis adjusts an Egyptian wigs with black curly shoulder length hair on my head. She dresses it up with beads, and a perfume cone on top of my head. She puts a head band with a lotus bud like hers in front around my head. Next Francis pulls a pleated kalasiris off the rack but it is different from the one she has on. This one is not opaque white rubber as hers is but made of transparent rubber. Tommy lifts me briefly again to allow my bound feet to pass through the bottom opening as she stretches and holds it wide open. Once my feet touch the floor again she lets it go and the rubber snaps tightly around my ankles. The kalasiris is pulled up and is skin tight around my tied legs and over my hips where it ends just beneath my breast. The shoulder straps are fastened. All of my bondage can easy be seen through the thin tight transparent dress. A wide circular gold and silver necklace is fastened across my chest covering one shoulder to the other and a tiny insignificant decorative waitress smock is tied around my cinched waist. Nipple clamps in the design of small scarabs are clamped onto each nipple. The tightness of these clamps sends searing pulses of pain through my breasts. I don’t want Tommy to crush my boobs again so I force myself not to struggle. Lastly, Francis gets a remote control device and clips it to a ring in the front of my collar. She stands back and smiles at me.

“You are finally ready to get out there and be a waitress now.”

How the HELL can I possibly do anything for her freaking customers rubberized and tied up like THIS?

“MMMGGGMMFFFggg!!!!!!” I screamed

“You’d better keep quiet and do exactly what we want or I‘ll have Tommy give your ass a very good spanking.”

Tommy looked at me with an eager readiness clearly hoping she would give him just such an order.

I was now convinced Francis was insane and absolutely determined to make me serve her customers as one of her bound waitresses weather I wanted to or not. This had truly become a nightmare.

“Pick her up and follow me to table 4 please. I want to introduce her to her table and set her up properly.” She says as she hobbles out of the room.

“No problem.” He turns me to face him. Grabbing me by my tiny waist with both hands he lifts me up off the floor so my face is level with his. He looks at me angrily. It is obvious he doesn’t like me at all and bundled and defenseless as I was he could do anything he wanted with me. With this realization I panic and shut my eyes tight not wanting to see his hateful stare.

“Come on JACKIE….” He says sarcastically.

I’m powerless as he as he tosses me over his shoulder and slaps my ass hard. The stinging swat sends another unwanted tremor through the inserts in my body.

“MmmmggmmfFFF!!” I yell as I react to a combination of pleasure and pain.

He laughs as carries me out of the room and catches up with Francis who is somewhere down the hall I assume leads to the main club lounge area. I can hear some music but I can’t see much other than Tommy’s back as he walks.

Finally he stops and stands me up. I am facing away from the men I am about to serve as Francis talks to them and offers apologies for keeping them without a waitress. I look around quickly taking in the environment. It’s very spacious and decorated like an Egyptian Tomb. The decor and fixtures are very expensive looking. Beautifully hand painted murals with Egyptian themes. There are tables made of carved stone spread out around the room with six men each at a table. The tables are elongated rectangles with very short legs so they stand low to the floor. There are six patrons seated on pillows seated around each table. I gasp as I see on the top of each table is a woman lying helplessly on her back rubberized and tied up exactly as I am in identical bizarre waitress attire. Her immobilized body is being used as a human serving tray. The men nonchalantly remove food from the body of each wiggling female serving tray as they eat, drink and converse. I am in awe at the sight but I am abruptly spun around and by Tommy so I may face my own table of diners. He turned me so fast he had to catch me before I fell. He kept one of his hands around my neck from behind while his other hand would caress, and fondle my buttocks and there was nothing I could do to stop him.

“The delay is over. Your waitress tonight gentlemen is Jackie, our regular waitress Wanda‘s room mate. She was nice enough to fill in for Wanda and give you all her great service.” Francis announces.

The men clapped their hands and greeted me cheerfully. The faces of all six men look at me from head to toe examining my every detail. They complimented my rubber outfit and tight bondage that holds me. Among them was Brian who is seated on one end of the long table. He’s looking at me more closely than the others with an inquisitive expression. I look back at him desperately wishing he could help me. Our stare is interrupted by an order from Francis.

“Tommy can you slowly spin Jackie one full circle turn please.” she says before she unclips the remote from my collar ring.

Tommy begins to slowly pivot me on my pointing trapped feet. I’m being displayed like an object. Suddenly I feel the dildo in my pussy and the plug up my butt buzz to life.

“UUUMMMMGGHHffffff!!!” I scream.

The shock of the now activated inserts cause my body to momentarily jerk rigidly to attention. Tommy has to tighten his grip on me or I would have jumped from his grasp. The buzzing becomes even stronger when Francis turns the little knob yet again.

“MMmgghh…GGRmmmgggHH” I scream louder and literally begin hop in place causing my boobs to make quite an energetic bouncing spectacle as Tommy continues to turn me.

I have to use all my will power to keep back a rising orgasm. After enduring a few more agonizing moments the turn is complete and all the men but Brian applaud and drink toasts to me as I stand there out of breath and shaking. Francis thankfully lowers the speed of the vibrators. I’m totally spent as Tommy takes hold of the back of my neck again and again resumes the molestation of my now trembling behind. Brian has not taken his eyes off of me. He’s looking at my eyes very carefully.

“Ok, who is the keeper of the remote tonight gentlemen?” Francis asks.

“That’s Brian tonight. Go Brian!!!” One of the men shouts.

Francis hands Brian the remote and signals to Tommy.

The brute quickly lifts me up and places me on my back on the table. There is a cushioned recess in the table to accommodate my bound arms and a pillow for the back of my head. Francis strategically places a wide assortment of sushi and other sea foods, meats and vegetables on top of my prone helpless body from my breasts to my feet. She laughs as she places a chunk of tofu directly over my smooth sealed mouth.

“Enjoy your evening Gentlemen. Remember, one free drink for each serving of food your waitress spills.” She promises.

The men laugh and thank her. Francis hobbles off sashaying seductively stopping briefly at each of the other tables to check on all her customers. The men at my table have begun dining. I try to remain as still as possible as not to topple any of the tiny servings. Each man delights in grabbing morsels off of my shaky bound body. Some of the men begin to tuck tips into my apron smock as they eat and drink. I’m nothing more than an erotic female serving tray. Brian is right next to me and doesn’t know who I am. I can’t turn my head all to look at him directly because of this collar. All I can do is look through the corner of my eye at him. I can see that he’s still staring at me closely.

“Mmmhhmmfff…mmffggmmm” I try to call to him.

One of his friends gets his attention.

“Come on Brian eat. This Jackie is a live one. You are missing all the fun. What’s up with you tonight?”

“It’s nothing. It’s just that I couldn’t help but notice…. her body shape… and especially her eyes…. they remind me so much of Ellen’s… my wife.”

The men burst out with laughter.

“Your wife you say? Yeah right. Turn the toys up on Jackie and eat. I get the feeling we are all going to get free drinks tonight.”

Brian turns up the speed on both inserts and there isn’t a thing I can do to stop my body from quivering uncontrollably from the full force of the buzzing vibrators. My chest heaves making my breasts jiggle as an orgasm builds incredibly fast. Try as I might I am helpless and cannot stop the inevitable. I shut my eyes and I climax on the table in front of everyone.


They all cheer at my bound gagged and humiliated form. My body undulates with intense spasms. First one serving falls… then another… then another…

More cheers are heard.

“See, I told you we had a live one. Free drinks all around…!” a man shouts.

Brian watched as a tear falls from the corner of my eye.

After several forced orgasms Brian sees I’m totally exhausted and very disgraced. He turns off the vibrator against the wishes of a few of his friends. He reminds them that he has charge of the remote and they quiet down. I listened to them talk about me as I recovered.

“Brian what gives? “

“I’m ok Greg. It’s just that she doesn’t behave as if she likes all this.”

“She’s been doing great giving us a nice display riding those vibrators. She’s more responsive than some of the other waitresses we‘ve had. I mean she really has had some powerful orgasms. She’s a superb wiggler when those toys are turned up full. Everyone got free drinks tonight.”

“That’s what I mean. It’s like she’s being forced.”

“No way can that be true. These girls work here on their own free will. “

“Didn’t Francis say Jackie was just filling in for another girl?”

“Yeah, so..?”

”Well, this girl may not be used to this. Greg.”

“Look she’s here isn’t she. Let me have the remote for a while Brian if you don‘t want to use it. It’s getting late and we I want to see her orgasm a couple more times before she’s wrapped up.” 

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. What did he mean by wrapped up!!? I was already helpless what more could they do to me? I tried to communicate again to Brian but he’d given the remote to Greg and turned back on right away. Again I was being forced to orgasm without my control. In time I climaxed two more times before Greg returned the remote to Brian who thankfully immediately shut it off. While I’m recovering I hear Francis’s voice make an announcement.

“Attention gentlemen. It its time for waitress mummification before we serve one final night cap to you all. You will find a basket filled with plenty rolls of self sticking adhesive linen. There are more than enough rolls to wrap up your waitress from head to toe in several in layers.”

Tommy walks up to my table first and lifts me up. He stands me on unsteady feet handing me over to Brian since he is the holder of the remote at this table. I look over at the center of the room and I see five stone sarcophaguses that were not there before and are now displayed in a semi circle. They are open and each has its lid next to it. Soon each waitress is standing and being held steady by their remote holder and the five remaining men quickly surround her with linen rolls in hand.

“Feel free to show your waitress how much you‘ve enjoyed their services with a nice tight quality mummification. I know many of you repeat visitors have been improving with your wrapping ability. Show me what you can do. And girls, remain quiet while they work on you or you will be punished.”

Brian holds me up while the rest of the men begin carefully removing perfume cone and my wig, jewelry, apron, and peel me out of my kalasiris dress. All my things are placed neatly on a cart with the number of my table on it. To my regret there is no attempt to undo the tall collar, corset or any of the particularly tight rubber bands and immobilizing arm bondage. My ballet heels are unlaced and I am lifted up while they are removed from my feet. With relief I’m standing flat footed again as the men gather rolls of the tan colored adhesive linen. Seeing their eagerness, I begin to panic as I desperately do not wish to be wrapped up like a mummy. I try to turn my body toward Brian but he keeps me facing forward with his firm grip and won’t let me turn to face him. I am only able to see him from the corner of my eye.

“Nmmm…bbrmmmffhh!!!” I call to him.

“Please Jackie, don’t make any noise. Francis isn’t kidding when she says you will be punished if you don’t keep quiet.” He says to my ear.

There is nothing I can do as one of the men holds my feet still with both hands while another begins wrapping linen around my ankles. The linen is pulled very tightly as the men pass the rolls to one another wrapping higher and higher up my legs as they go until my bound legs are wrapped from my ankles to my waist in yards of the adhesive linen material. I glance around and I see the same thing is happening to the other four girls. More and more rolls are wrapped tightly around me covering my torso, and then higher enveloping my breasts and upper chest and bound arms. Soon the linen is wrapped up around my neck covering the tall collar.

These men seem to know exactly what they are doing. They continue wrapping me this time winding the wrappings in the opposite direction from my neck down to my ankles. The linen strips are pulled taunt at an angle so it overlaps the first layer smoothly while sticking to itself making it feel tremendously tight all over. I am wrapped a third and final time from my ankles back up to my neck before they stop for a moment. I happen see my reflection in a wall mirror. It is amazing how tight my wrappings look with no bulges or gaps between layers.

I glance over and see the other girls are being wrapped as tightly as I am with each waitress in a different stage of coverage. The girl at table two is further along than all of us as she is already wrapped from her feet to under her nose and is now having the rest of her head quickly covered up. I know I’ll soon suffer the same fate. I feel a hand holding the top of my head as a strip of linen is wrapped around my face covering my trapped lips. It is wound around my head several times going higher and higher all the way to the top of my head. Strips cover my nose and eyes blocking my sight partially. I can still see a little through the material. Indistinguishable shadows moving around me and some of the brighter lights in the room can be seen somewhat.

Linen is passed over the top of my head and beneath my chin many times until my head is wrapped in one layer. The process is repeated with the second layer avoiding my nose but taking away more of my sight. Now I can only see a dim blurry haze of tan color. The third and final layer applied to my head again avoids my nose but plunges me into unto total deafness as well as complete darkness beneath three unyielding layers trapping my head. I feel my self being lifted a little as my ankles are held still and my feet are wrapped together next. Like my head and body the wrapping doesn’t stop until my feet are encased within three layers of tight linen before I am placed back on my feet. I stand trying to adjust to the sensations of tightness surrounding me.

Without warning I feel many hands all over my newly mummified body. These unseen hands are caressing, and squeezing my head, face, breasts, stomach, the front of my thighs down my legs and my feet. It’s a horrible defenseless feeling I have no choice but to endure. I’m abruptly turned around and the hands now examine the back of my head, the smoothness of the linen covering my trapped arms, my hips, my buttocks, the back of my thighs, and calves. I feel I’m about to go insane from the onslaught of this crude treatment as if checking an inanimate object for imperfections. Finally the touching stops. Apparently the men are satisfied I am properly mummified and I am left to stand there unknowing what will occur next supported by who I still believed was Brian. I really could not tell who is touching me at this point.

After some moments I feel my wig being replaced on my wrapped faceless head.

I can’t believe I’m being redressed but that is just what they are doing. I’m lifted so my feet can be put back through the bottom of my pleated kalasiris dress. I feel tugging as it is being stretched over the curves of my mummified body and fastened over my shoulders as before. I feel all my jewelry being replaced across my chest and shoulders. I suddenly feel large hands firmly grab me and pick me up effortlessly and carry me a short distance. It must be that brute Tommy as I’m now familiar with the way he manhandles me with those his meaty paws of his. I am placed down on my back onto something soft like a foam mat. It can only mean I have been put inside one of the sarcophaguses. I can actually feel the walls of the sarcophagus touching both my arms. There is absolutely no wiggle room.

I lay there unable to move. I can only imagine they are all having their night cap now while they look at the five of us wrapped up and stuffed into these sarcophaguses. What a sight we girls must be to them. A collection of five helpless living female mummies dressed in Egyptian attire on display. I begin to pray that this club will close soon and they will let me out of all this so I can go back home to Brian. I truly learned my lesson well tonight and vow never to follow him like this ever again. As if lightening has struck me, my body instantly becomes rigid snapping me out of my daydream as both vaginal and anal vibrators course back to life with dreadful energy. My body heaves from the unprepared assault within my orifices.


I’d almost forgotten the damn things were inside me. I feel the pending eruption of a huge orgasm building up unbelievably fast. With both vibrators turned up on high I don’t even try to stop my bodily responses as I know the orgasm will happen regardless of anything I try to do to prevent it. I’m nothing but a trembling mass of bundled defenselessness. Just as my body convulses from the first of many waves of orgasmic release I become vaguely aware of other vibrations not within me but around me as the heavy lid belonging to the sarcophagus I am in is slowly slid into place above me. My struggling causes the temperature inside the sarcophagus to rise. It becomes increasingly difficult to breathe. I try to relax and slow my breathing but the vibrators will not allow me to do so. I begin to feel lightheaded inside the stifling enclosure as I achieve another powerful uncontrollable orgasm. My body has reached its limit from such constant stimulation and lack of air that I pass out.

I wake up slowly taking deep breaths of fresh air. I’m groggy and my eyes can’t focus right away but I can move again. I‘m no longer tied up into a mummy. After a few minutes I see I’m home on my bed still in my t-shirt and panties. My laptop is next to me with it‘s bright screen still displaying the results of my Pharaoh’s Tomb internet search I’d done earlier. I’d fallen asleep at my computer. I sat there in semi shock realizing everything that happened after Brian left tonight was part of a crazy DREAM. Oddly I still could sense the vague sensation of orgasmic release ebbing out of my body. I reached down into the front of my thong panty and touched myself. I was damp. I couldn’t help but laugh. My curiosity about The Pharaohs Tomb resulted in my subconscious taking over giving me one hell of a wet dream. I shut the laptop down and I looked at the clock. It’s a little after three in the morning. I hear someone has just entered the house. Moments later Brian comes into the bedroom. He’s returned from his Boys Night Out. He’s perky and very happy to see me.

“Hi Ellen. I didn’t mean to wake you.” he’s says as he kisses me tenderly and hugs me with a yearning affection.

“Hi. Oh you didn’t really wake me… I actually just woke up on my own from a very intense dream… a nightmare you could call it.”

“Really, are you ok?” He said as he took off his jacket and tossed it on the bed then stepped into the bathroom.

“I’m fine. It’s just that it seemed so REAL…”

I hear him turn on the shower.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“No, it’s nothing. Take your shower honey. I’m ok.”

“Well then why don’t you join me in here? The water feels great but it would feel even better if you were in here with me.”

“Ok. I’ll be right in.” As I get up and remove my t-shirt, bra and thong panty.

I pick up Brian’s jacket and move to hang it up when something falls out of one its pockets onto the carpet. I pick it up and I’m absolutely stunned to see it looks just like the remote unit used to control my bondage orgasms in my nightmare.

I streak across the room in my nudity into the bathroom.

“Brian, what’s this thing that fell out of your jacket pocket?”

He slides the shower door open a little to see what I‘m talking about.

“That’s a wireless pager. I guess I accidentally brought it home from The Pharaoh’s Tomb by mistake. We use them to let the waitresses know when they are needed at their tables.

“It’s a pager? And that’s ALL it does?” I say as I remember vividly how the one in my dream was used on me.

“Yeah, it is why? What did you think it was? “

“Honestly? I thought it was a remote to operate vibrators.”

“Are you serious?”

“This may sound silly but in that nightmare I had, I was held against my will and forced into bondage with vibrators shoved inside me that I couldn’t remove. The remote that operated them making me orgasm over and over again looked just like this pager.”

“That must have been some nightmare. Why don’t you bring your sexy self into the shower and tell me all about this dream of yours.”

I toss the pager away and step into the shower. The warm water hits me and it felt good but when Brian pulled me to him to hug and kiss me under the streams of spraying water it felt even better. We stop and he begins messaging bath soap onto my breasts and all over my body making a foamy lather as I recount the details of my dream.




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