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Brandy's Revenge

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; halloween; drug; wrap; cotton; gag; bond; chain; display; costume; revenge; cons; X

Usually, Brandy found Matt's snore annoying. Today, however, the sound pleased her to no end. It meant the knockout drops she'd put into his soda had worked. For a moment, she simply gazed at his sleeping face. But time was wasting, and she had a lot to do to get him ready.

"You know," she said, pulling Matt from the couch and stretching him out on the floor, "this is all your fault, and I intend to remind you of that fact later." Carefully, she removed his clothing before rushing into the bedroom and returning with a rather large bag. "After all, you did start this."

And he had. Last year, they'd been unable to agree on costumes for the neighborhood Halloween party. She'd wanted to go as king and queen. Matt, however, wanted to go as a magician and his assistant. He'd said it was original, but she knew it was an excuse to get her into an outfit that would show off every inch of the legs he was so in love with.

In the end, Brandy had flatly refused to wear his choice of costume. She'd counted on his anger, but not his response He'd decided that, if she wouldn't wear what he wanted, she wouldn't attend the party at all. And so she'd spent the evening naked, bound into a tight bundle, and secured in the fork of a tree in her own back yard. Only yards away, on the other side of a fence, was the party, yet none of the partiers had known she was so close. Naked, gagged and helpless, she could only watch as her friends and neighbors enjoyed themselves. She'd sworn she would get even with him, and now it was time to begin.

Reaching into the bag, she withdrew a rolled strip of cotton. Carefully, she fed one end beneath Matt's waist, wrapping and knotting the strip, then positioning it with the knot just to one side of center. After rolling him onto his side, she pulled the strip between his legs and passed the end under the waist wrap. Back and forth the strip went, thoroughly covering his crotch. Brandy made sure to pull each pass good and tight before starting the next. He would, she knew, wake in more than a little discomfort from the tight squeeze his balls were being subjected to, but that was part of the plan. Finally, she tied off the end, leaving Matt in what looked like a very tight cloth diaper.

Next from the bag came several short rolls of narrow strips. With these, Brandy wrapped each of Matt's fingers and toes. As a nurse, she knew exactly how tight she could make each wrap without the risk of cutting off circulation. This was perhaps the most intricate part of the process, but her nimble fingers made short work of it.

Next from the bag came wider rolls. Starting with his left foot, Brandy began wrapping, taking care to ensure the new wrap overlapped the wrap on his toes. Working carefully, but quickly, she wrapped his leg, putting extra wraps at the knee. The top of his thigh also got extra wraps, each angled slightly higher than the last until they covered his hip. Leaving the end dangling for the moment, she wrapped his right leg as well. Both strips were long enough that she was able to draw them together and tie them off, the knot resting in the very top of the crack of his ass.

Next came the arms, wrapped the same way as the legs, with extra wraps at the elbows. This time, the knot holding the two together rested between Matt's shoulder blades. It would, she knew, have been easier to use vet wrap, but the tightly wrapped cotton strips made for a more authentic look. And there was more to come.

Returning her attention to Matt's waist, Brandy fed the end of another strip beneath the back of his waist wrap, knotting it tightly. By rocking his body, she was able to wrap his torso and chest. These wraps, while very snug, were a bit looser than those on his limbs. As the first strip ran out, she simply tied on the end of another and kept going. By the time she secured this strip to the one from his arms, Matt was covered up to the base of his neck. The next section, covering his throat, was wrapped more loosely, covering him up to his chin. Only his head remained uncovered.

From the bag, Brandy next removed the two most expensive items in her plan. The first was what looked like a strip of dark plastic with two bulges. Carefully, she pulled this over Matt's eyes, making sure the bulges lined up with his eyes. Knotted in place, it allowed him to see, more or less, but it was dark enough that, outdoors at night, it would make his eyes look like black holes in his soon-to-be wrapped face.

The next item was a ring gag, but one she'd had custom made. This was no simple circle of metal. Instead, this one had a bar running across it at slightly below center. From the bar, a flat piece jutted out for about an inch and a half. The whole thing had been given a coat of black rubber. Carefully, she inserted the ring into Matt's mouth, making sure the projection slid over his tongue, then pulled the straps tight and buckling them. Finally, she wrapped his head tightly, with extra wraps beneath his chin to keep him from opening his mouth any further than the gag already had it. After tying the final knot, she stepped back and examined her work.

Perfect, she thought. The tight wraps on his fingers would keep them from bending, while the tightness and extra wraps would do the same for his knees and elbows. Other motions would be only slightly restricted by the looser wrap covering the rest of his body. The gag straps were well hidden, while what looked like two black voids stared out from where his eyes should be. Nodding her approval, Brandy quickly got into her own costume. The real chore would be getting Matt to the party like this, and she knew she would need all the time she could spare for that effort.

Luckily, Jim, their neighbor, hosted the party every year, which meant she only had to drag Matt across their back yard, through a connecting gate, and over to the patio. Once she had him in place, she ran back to her own house, returning with a length of chain and two locks. Wrapping one end around Matt's waist, she locked it in place. The other end was wrapped around one of the posts for the patio, the second lock securing it. Finished, Brandy stepped up onto the patio, knocking once on the sliding glass doors before slipping inside.

"Great party as usual."

"Thanks." Nodding, Jim glanced around his back yard. It seemed every couple in the neighborhood was there. No children, at least not yet, though not for lack of trying by some. In the midst of the crowd, the wrapped figure chained to the patio stood stiffly. At first, the figure had gestured wildly with outstretched arms, but now there was very little motion beneath the cloth wrappings.

"Where did you find him?" Jim shook his head. "He makes a terrific mummy. Hell, he even sounds like one. I tried to talk to him earlier, but he just kept making those same sounds."

Brandy shrugged. "He's a character actor I knew back in school," she replied casually. "Once he gets into his role, he stays in it."

"Well," Jim remarked, "he's good. Too bad Matt isn't here to see it. When you get home, tell him I said I hope he gets better soon."

Brandy smiled. "I'm sure he'll be up and around in no time." With a nod, she moved away from Jim, approaching the wrapped figure.

"Remember this," she said softly, staring into the blackness covering his eyes. "This is payback for last year, but it ends here. We're even. But if you try anything at all because of this, I won't stop at even. Are we clear?" Slowly, Matt nodded. "Good. Now, be a good mummy for the rest of the party. Afterwards, I'll take you home and unwrap you." With a grin, she stroked his tightly wrapped crotch. "Well, part of you, anyway. And if you do a good job with this, maybe I'll unwrap the rest of you."

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