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The Break-In

by JSmith7471

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© Copyright 2001 - JSmith7471 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f: captive; bond; susp; gag; wrap; bandage; cocoon; display; oral; mast; sex; climax; reluct/cons; X

Suzanne crept up to the patio door at the back of the house. She'd been casing this house for a month now. It was perfect. This was the owner's day to go out on an all day shopping spree. They never returned until 5 or 6 PM in the evening. She was sure that she had waited long enough (it had been an hour). The nearest house could be seen thru the trees, about a quarter of a mile away.

Once on the patio, she stripped off her jeans, shirt and shoes and paused in her black cat suit. It had taken her longer than she thought to bypass the alarm system (a whole five minutes). She then unlocked the door. As she walked in the sliding door, her clothes were dropped in a pile by the door. The door locked as she slid it shut.

Suzanne spent about 20 minutes going thru the house assessing what she wanted. Collectibles in the sunroom, jewellery in the bedroom and cash hidden in the kitchen. Hell she might even take the kid's 1st edition Star War's figures. As she moved thru the house, she never gave a thought to how many times she passed by the picture window at the front of the house.

"Dammit!" thought Bob as he sped down the long driveway to the house. We get almost an hour from home and then realize we've forgotten our wallets and purse. Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a figure moving past the picture window. He stopped the van and looked into the house. There it was again a minute later. The kids were asleep with their headphones on. "Hun Bun, call the police, I think we have a break-in." 

" Shit" she cursed, "The batteries on the cell phone are dead." 

"That's ok, we'll deal with this ourselves." came his reply. He pulled the van up behind some trees and stopped. "Give me 3 minutes to get around to the back door and into the house. Then come to the front door and make noise with your keys."

Bob exited the van and crept around the side of the house using some shrubs for cover. As he unlocked the sliding door and stepped in, he noticed the clothes by the door. He paused to look at them. "Hmm, a woman." he mumbled to himself. The gears are turning. He walked over to the medicine chest in the bathroom, and grabbed a bottle of chloroform and a cloth. Bob looked at his watch. "Almost time for Beck to hit the door," he thought.

As Suzanne stuffed goodies into her bag, she heard a noise at the front door. Running down the steps, she looked out the peephole. "Hell, it's the wife" she mumbled to herself. Meanwhile Bob is hiding at the bottom of the steps with the chloroform. Suzanne took a step back and suddenly bumped into something. Before she can react, an arm is around her chest under her breasts, pinning her arms to her side. By the time she began to struggle, the cloth was placed over her nose and mouth. She smelled a sweet, sickening odour and slowly blacked out. Bob opened the door and let Beck in. "Are the kids ok Hun?"

"Yes they're still z'ed in the back of the van" she replied.

"Good, let's get her downstairs and secured." They quickly bundled her down the steps into the Family Room, closed the curtains and hog-tied and gagged her on the floor. The room was locked as they walked upstairs.

Becky and Bob empty the van and bring the kids in. Becky tends to the kids while Bob puts some things away. Suzanne came to after about 45 minutes. She is laying on her stomach, can't move her arms or legs and quickly realizes she may be in a very bad situation. She rapidly becomes more and more nervous. "Why haven't the cops gotten here already? I'm awfully secure just to hold me for awhile."

About an hour passes before they descend down into the Family Room to examine their catch. She looks in her early twenties, long blonde hair, slender, but with a nice build, large breasts, and about 5' 4'. She is wearing a black cat suit with a thong and lacy bra underneath. The thief fakes unconsciousness, however, they know she is awake by now. "You can't fool us," Bob tells her. Becky reaches down to caress her sleek body. Spending extra time on her cute bottom and large breasts. She rolls her now erect nipples between her thumb and forefinger. The thief's head twists and turns in the gag and blindfold. She struggles and writhes on the floor under the stimulating examination.

Bob explains the situation to the thief. "I'm removing the gag and blindfold. Make a sound and I'll seal your mouth permanently!" She swallows and struggles for some spit to moisten her dry mouth.

"What are you going to do with me? Call the police?" she asks.

"No, you don't get off that easy. You're going to be our guest for awhile. We will teach you a lesson! You may even enjoy it!" replies Becky.

"What is your name?" Bob asked.

"Suzanne" she answered.

'We need to prepare some things, so you will be left alone for a few hours."

"But I'm cramped and my muscles are sore! Just call the police and turn me in!" Becky just smiled at her. Suzanne quickly realizes that she is in way over her head.

"Let me go!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

Bob grabbed her head on each side and held it steady while Becky approached with an inflatable pear gag. As soon as she saw it she renewed her struggles, twisting her head from side to side, refusing to open her mouth. Becky grabbed her left nipple and pinched it hard. As soon as she opened her mouth to yell Becky jammed the gag past her teeth and popped it in. Bob released her head, grabbed the dangling straps and quickly buckled them behind her head. Becky immediately began squeezing the pump and the pear expanded. Suzanne's eyes bulged open in surprise as she feels the gag expand in her mouth. Bob warned her not to use too much air since this is Suzanne's first time. She gave the pump one more hard squeeze and stopped at 8 pumps. Twisting the valve shut, she dropped the pump to the floor. Becky picked up a pair of scissors and proceeded to slowly and methodically cut the cat suit off leaving her in a thong and bra with one breast popped out. Her nipple as hard as a rock. Bob checked the bindings once more, tightening a rope or strap here or there. He is finally satisfied that she is secure. A stern warning is delivered to Suzanne not to have an accident on the carpet. The punishment will be severe.

They spent the next two hours preparing for Suzanne's big adventure while discussing the situation. "If she was working alone, we're ok. If she has a partner, what would that person do, call the cops?" voiced Becky. "They would be dropping a dime on themselves."

"I'll check the grounds, don't worry about it." Bob replied. Bob went out and walked the grounds around the house and garage finding no evidence of an accomplice. Becky completed the preparations. Among the items in her growing pile were, Ace bandages, latex panties, vibrating dildo and butt plug along with straps, gags, etc. It was actually about 2 1/2 hours later that the preparations were done and the house secure. The kids were fed and playing in their rooms (at the opposite end of the house). They had been told not to bother mommy and daddy because we wanted to talk in private downstairs.

"Well hello Suzanne" Bob said as he opened the door, walking into the room. As the room light came on, Suzanne blinked and had trouble seeing at first. Becky walked over to the tightly bound form on the floor and stared down with a big grin on her face. She bent down and rolled her over onto her stomach. When Becky cut the rope creating the hogtie, Suzanne's arms and legs exploded apart. She moaned loudly as the tension in her muscles released and blood flowed back into areas it had vacated hours ago. Bob explained, "We're going to rearrange you for the evening and then go to bed. We want to be well rested for tomorrow. We've both already called off work so we can have a long weekend with you."

"Oh by the way, I'm an Engineer by trade and Becky is a Registered Nurse. Between the two of us, we'll take real good care of you." Becky untied her legs and stood her up. We both got our first good look at her semi-nude figure. Suzanne had a trim, athletic figure with sexy curves in all the right places. She had a slight tummy that drove me crazy. I noticed that Becky was rubbing herself thru her pants. Suzanne looked very frightened and her eyes ran the gamut of pleading emotions. A few tears ran out of the corner of her eye. The helplessness of her situation continued to sink in further and further. We were in control and she could do absolutely nothing about it.

Becky cut the thong's waistband at each side and pulled it very slowly out from between her legs. The soft material slid slowly over her full, shaved lips.  A low moan escaped her gag. "Wow honey, look at those swollen lips and the dew dripping from her mound." Bob commented. He walked over, her legs were now slightly spread and he ran his middle finger through her lips, parting them. Her juices smelled wonderful and tasted even better as he touched his finger to his tongue. Becky reached down and sampled the goods also. "Well, her face and voice may be saying no, but her pussy and nipples are saying yes!" laughed Becky. She cut her bra away and then walked her into the bathroom. "This is your chance to go, better use it" When Suzanne was done; Becky cleaned her up thoroughly and marched her back out. 

"Can I have a drink and something to eat?" she asked.

"No! " Beck snapped back.

"But I'm hungry." Suzanne whined. "We'll take care of your nourishment. It will be controlled, so no problems occur while you are in storage," responded Becky.

"What do you mean storage?" questioned Suzanne. Becky just looked at her without a response.

"Move her under the planter hooks in the beam, babe. Put the blindfold back on her."

Once under the hooks, Bob spread her legs about two feet apart. He stood with his erect cock pressed against her left thigh. The middle finger on his left hand slid between her moist lips moving in and out slowly. His right hand was caressing her ass cheeks, giving them gentle squeezes to each succulent globe. All he could think of were juicy cling peaches. He began tracing small circles around the rim of her rear opening. His right hand slid down to her lips, picked up some of her pussy juice and dragged it back up to her rear opening. Using the natural lubricant he inserted his finger into her ass. After about a minute of this stimulation, he inserted a vibrating butt plug into her. This was followed, by a vibrating dildo in her pussy. He ignored her complaints as he used a piece of adhesive tape to seal them in place. This defeated her best efforts to force them out, as she squirmed vigorously. A pair of tight latex panties were then slid up over her legs as a last resort to prevent their ejection. Bob moved the wires out so they would not become tangled. The vibrators were externally controlled. Beck warned her not to have an accident during the night on her new carpet.

Bob attached a two foot spreader bar to her ankles. This would keep her still as the preparations continued. Beck cut her hands free and then raised her hands and arms above her head. Her hands were taped palm to palm and then tied to one of the rings above her head. (Interestingly enough, these hooks were originally intended to hold big plants. Who would've thought.)? With her arms and legs restrained, her struggling subsided. A strap at the elbows almost brought them together behind her head. She immediately started complaining about how bad it hurt. Becky stuffed a new gag in her mouth while I connected the vibrator wiring to the control box. This gag was solid with a tube going down the centre. The tube was connected to a small hose, which ran up to a nutrient bag (Gatorade), which was hung like an I.V.

"If you get thirsty, suck some of this during the night. Remember, no oops's!" reminded Becky. "All right hun, lets set the controller and finish up, I don't want to miss Dark Angel tonight." Becky bent over and began licking and sucking Suzanne's breasts. Teasing her nipples and caressing her ass. At that instant, I turned on the vibrators. Suzanne stiffened up and within a minute she was moaning and humming thru the gag. As tightly as she was bound, she still managed a sexy wiggle. About two minutes later, the controller shut off. She humped the air with her hips, moaning in frustration. Her eyes pleaded with us to turn the devices back on. About three minutes later the vibrators started again. "Hey, I don't want her having more fun than me" yelled Beck. 

"Don't worry Hun. The on and off time periods will vary so that she will not orgasm! It will be a very frustrating night for her not knowing when it's going to turn off or on."

"Oops, I almost forgot." Becky pulled out a long piece of string and proceeded to cinch Suzanne's breasts by winding the string tightly around them in a figure eight. She then tied a four-ounce fishing weight to each nipple. She plucked the weights to Suzanne's squeals of discomfort. "Good night Suzanne, sleep tight, horny dreams." taunted Becky. Her moaning carried thru the room as they walked out the door, turned out the lights and locked it. The vibrators were buzzing like busy little bees. They spent hours making love that night as Suzanne writhed in sexual torment downstairs.

Neither of us woke up until about 8:00AM the next morning. It was 9:00AM before we were showered and dressed. Bob's erection was raging and Becky's pussy was soaked, but they agreed they would wait, pending the planned morning activities with our captive.

"Do you think she's up yet?' 

"Don't know Hun. I doubt she got much sleep last night. Let's get some breakfast and then go down. We'll need to start getting ready for tonight's party by 5 o'clock."

As soon as we unlocked the door and opened it, Suzanne's head snapped around in our direction. Her pleading, tear stained eyes begged for a release that just was not coming. Becky walked over and checked the nutrient bag. She had barely touched it. That was ok since they wanted her cleaned out. Suzanne mmphed and hummed into her gag trying desperately to get our attention. The nipple weights swung back and forth as she twisted, desperate for her freedom. Bob turned off the control box and she sighed and sagged forward in her bonds. Relief showing in her sweat covered body and tortured muscles. This was probably the first rest that she had in the last 12 hours. "So, do you still think you've made a good career choice? Might want to reconsider and choose a new profession." she glared at Bob over her gag. "Better be nice and polite. You never know when or if we'll release you. We truly control you and are going to use you. It's all about restraint, control and pleasure. Not necessarily in that order."

Beck removed the nipple weights and cut the string off that encircled her breasts. She commented, "You know, I'm getting good at this. The cinching was nice and tight, but not so tight as to turn them blue or cut-off the circulation." "How do they feel? Tender?" Suzanne nodded her head.
Beck cupped a breast in each hand and gently massaged them. She sucked each nipple for a minute or two as Suzanne moaned into her gag. "These breasts are so round and firm."

Beck looked Suzanne squarely in the eyes and told her "The kids are in school, so no one is around. Grandma is picking them up for the weekend. There are no houses nearby, so no one will hear you. Scream if you want, when I get annoyed and have had enough, you will be punished. Understand?" Suzanne nodded her head slowly. 

When Bob removed the latex panties, he found no evidence of an accident, however, her juices had leaked past the leg band and run down her thigh. He pulled the adhesive tape off her pussy and ass and removed both vibrators. The relief of that action registered immediately on Suzanne's face. The tension drained out of her body.

"Don't get too comfortable, those inanimate objects will soon be replaced by the real thing. Then you'll have an opportunity to show how repentant and sorry you really are."

The gag popped out as Beck told her "This is your chance to listen and ask questions you may have." Bob stepped in, "Your appearance and subsequent capture came at a very opportune time, Suzanne. Especially for Becky. We both belong to a bondage club that specializes in mummification and encasement. It just so happens that we are hosting the club's monthly meeting tonite thru tomorrow. As the hosts, we are required to provide a demonstration or exhibit. My Hunbun had been selected to be the main attraction at this month's meeting. You will now take her place."

Beck then took over the discussion. "I'm betting this was your first bondage experience, though by the amount of sex blush and juices that you generated, maybe not. You obviously enjoy it." Suzanne squirmed uncomfortably under Becky's inquisitive stare. "Being tied up tightly cannot begin to compare with being mummified. Every square inch of your body is wrapped tightly and securely from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. The bandaging methods we use are so tight and confining, you'll barely be able to twitch a muscle. It's like being hugged by a lover, all over your body at once with no escape. All of your senses will be cut-off. No sight, sound, touch or feeling and speech. That is called Sensory Deprivation. My personnel best being completely mummified was about 6 1/2 hours. But that was after conditioning over a period of time. As Bob said earlier, it's all about giving control up to someone else. Mummification is the ultimate act of trust that a lover gives to his or her partner. Of course, this is based on the act being consensual, which in your case it isn't. As a newbie, your going to be an interesting experiment for us. We promise you will be turned into a fine exhibit."

"You probably haven't noticed, but we have been taking still photos and video of your entire ordeal since it started." said Bob as he held up his hand. "This device in my hand is not for my car alarm. The button activates the cameras. The photos and videos will be displayed with you this weekend. Well, it's 10:00AM and we wanted to have some fun before your preparations begin. Alice and Tom said they may stop over early, sooo..."

They both stepped out of their clothes at the same time. Their combined arousal quite evident. Bob walked over to Suzanne and stepped behind her. A nervous look came over her as she questioned," Your not going to put that in me, are you?"

"Whatever I do, it is my decision, not yours!" Bob growled back.

Bob nestled his cock between her firm globes, the arousal juices dripping out the head. He reached around her and grabbed opposite breasts with each hand. His arms were criss-crossed over her chest in a tight embrace. His juices made the perfect lubricant as his cock slid up and down slowly between her cheeks. With each up and down movement, the head came closer and paused longer at her rear opening. Bob continued to fondle her breasts gently, squeezing her nipples and rubbing them. Suzanne was moaning and didn't notice his strategy. Bob noticed Becky standing directly in front of Suzanne. She was fondling her own left nipple and running her right, middle finger slowly in and out of her own love nest, using the juices to lubricate her clitoris. By the looks of it, she would cum before they did. Suzanne was still moaning softly, eyes shut, head rolling back and forth. On the next downstroke, Bob paused at her opening and then slowly pressed his cock into her. Suzanne's eyes popped open and she yelled no as his cock buried itself in her rear

"Just relax and enjoy this. You know it feels good and the butt plug overnight, has loosened you up." Bob whispered in her ear. His cock stroked in and out slowly.

He switched hands and continued to fondle her left breast. His right hand moved down over her stomach, pubic mound, and down her mons, dipping between her labia. Two of his fingers entered her pussy seeking her "G" spot.
In between her own moans of delight Beck offered, "One of the neatest things my honey likes about anal sex is the ability to stimulate all three of a woman's erogenous zones at once. Right now, he can feel his cock and even rub it thru your pussy."

Bob was stroking faster now and Suzanne's moaning had increased in intensity. Suddenly his sperm erupted into her ass as she stiffened and screamed as she came. "Yessss.." hissed out between her teeth as her ass muscles milked his cock for every drop of sperm she could get.

Another scream caught both of their attentions as Beck orgasmed from her own efforts. As Bob's cock shrunk, he withdrew and sperm dribbled out her ass and down her cheek. Bob wiped some of the residual sperm off his cock and onto her ass. Bob and Beck stepped around Suzanne and went to the bathroom to clean themselves off. When they returned, they sat down on the couch in front of Suzanne, kissing and cuddling.

"Hey! What about cleaning me up!" Suzanne yelled.

Bob looked at Becky and said, "I think that she has been free to talk long enough, don't you? You're being left dirty to punish you. Remember, you're a petty thief, who was too stupid not to get caught."

She glared at Bob and began cursing and swearing at both of them. Bob walked over to the bathroom and returned with two of the cum soaked towels they used to clean themselves with. He headed straight for Suzanne. "Hey! I was only joking. No. Don't!" was all she got out as he pushed the towels into her mouth. He used his fingers to pack them into every corner.

"Hunbun, bring the other two soiled towels and an Ace bandage" "Ok" Beck replied. Bob folded the two towels into 8"x8" squares and laid them over her face. Using the Ace bandage, he wound her head tightly from chin to crown with the bandage. Leaving only her nose open to breath.

Her thrashing around was enjoyable to watch, so we sat back down to enjoy the show for a few minutes. After a short time, she calmed down.

"Ready for the next phase of our fun?" Bob asked. Suzanne shook her head emphatically from side to side. Clearly she wanted to be a spoilsport. "We'll need to get her off the beam and retie her arms." commented Bob.

"Back prayer position?" asked Beck. 

"Sure." replied Bob. "This next segment of the entertainment is for you Hunbun."

The ropes holding her arms together and to the ceiling were cut and her hands untaped. With her hands loose, her arms were so stiff and sore from the prolonged overhead suspension that she provided little resistance. Bob pulled each of her arms behind her back and folded them up so that her palms were facing each other, just below her neck. Beck kept her steady, as she still had the spreader bar on her ankles. She handed Bob the straps. The first strap went around her wrists, the other around her elbows. He added additional straps from her wrists to each shoulder for good measure. By the amount of mmmphing and moaning coming from the gagged and wrapped head, it was obvious we had found a very uncomfortable position. "Hope you're nice and comfy" whispered Bob as he squeezed her breast while rubbing his cock against her ass cheeks.

"Wow! This position really highlights her breasts," exclaimed Beck. "They really are fantastic. Can we do something with an arms behind motif, when we wrap her later?"

"Sounds great." replied Bob. "Great minds think alike!!" Beck stooped down to release her ankles from the spreader bar. "Are we all set?" asked Bob. Beck nodded yes to him.

They moved the coffee table from in front of the couch, walked her over to face the couch. "Down on your knees!" commanded Bob. She complied with a little help from Becky. "Strap her ankles to her thighs so she can't move. Make them very tight."

When Beck finished, she sat down on the couch directly in front of Suzanne and got comfortable. "Oh, I almost forgot." Bob handed her the adjustable nipple clamps. As she clipped them on and adjusted the tension, Suzanne squirmed and moaned trying to pull away. Bob explained to Suzanne, "You're going to be given an opportunity to demonstrate to my wife how sorry you are for your acts". He removed the bandage from around her head and peeled the towels off her face. The sperm had dried acting like glue. Bob also removed the towels from inside her mouth.

"I feel so dirty and my nipples hurt!" wailed Suzanne.

"My wife loves to have her pussy licked and sucked. Having it done by a woman is a novelty," answered Bob.

"But I don't know how, I'm no lesbian!" Suzanne whined.

Becky looked positively evil. "You know honey, neither am I. I just enjoy being licked. Be careful, if you hurt my feelings, I will hurt your nipples! Have you forgotten the clamps?" Beck gave the chain a hard warning tug "Now go ahead and start, a hot slut like you, I'm sure it will come naturally." Bob grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her face into Becky's crotch.

"That's it. Nice and slow. Start licking the outer lips. That feels good. Now suck my pussy lips into your mouth. Caress my clitoris with your tongue. Squeeze it between your lips. Oooh, that's nice" Beck crooned. "Push your tongue inside of me now."

"Hun, she seems to have slowed up a bit. Can you help?" Bob pushed Suzanne's face further into Beck's pussy and at the same time, Beck clamped the sides of her head with her thighs. It was obvious that Suzanne was having trouble breathing. "No pleasure, no air." Beck told her. "That's improved her performance!" said Beck. Becky's hips began pumping up and down against Suzanne's face. Her moaning increased in intensity as her head rolled from side to side. "Uuh, Uuh, oh my god!" screamed Beck. She reached down and buried Suzanne's face in her pussy as her body stiffened and she climaxed. She seemed to cum forever.

By the time she released Suzanne's head, she was breathless and gasping. Bob reached down between her legs from behind and dragged his finger thru Suzanne's lips. They were dripping with her arousal. He wiped his moist finger under her nose. " Do you smell that? That's you. Maybe you're a bit more lesbian than you think." After a few minutes, Becky stood up and moved behind Suzanne. Bob took her place on the couch. "Wait a minute," said Becky. "I'm dripping." She grabbed a fistful of Suzanne's hair and used it to wipe herself.  "Hey!" yelled Suzanne. Bob grabbed the chain connecting the nipple clamps and tugged hard. Suzanne screamed loudly as Bob looked in her eyes giving her a non-verbal warning.

"Start sucking. As pretty as you are, you should be good at this. I'll bet you've had lots of experience." After a few seconds, her soft, moist tongue began licking up and down my shaft. After a minute of this, her mouth slipped over the head as her tongue worked on the underside. Suzanne's lips, tongue and mouth were smooth, warm and moist. The sensation was fantastic. Beck reached over Suzanne's shoulder from behind and gripped his cock at the base. She then began short, slow strokes. The sensation increased as Bob moaned louder and louder.  As soon as he began to cum, Becky pulled Suzanne's mouth off of Bob's shaft allowing the sperm to jet all over Suzanne's face. Once Bob had settled down, he looked at Suzanne's cum stained face and laughed. "Let the sperm dry on her face for about a half hour, then we'll proceed."

"Sounds good to me," replied Beck.

"I'm hungry and I want cleaned up!" Suzanne yelled.

"Your not getting any food, because of your preparation for this afternoon and the humiliation of your cum- stained face and body are part of your punishment."  They dragged her over, under the eyebolts in the beam and strapped a ball gag in her mouth. "That will keep her quiet." commented Becky.

"Run a rope from the chain connecting her nipples up to one of the eyebolts. Make it real taught, so she can't move around. Let it hurt just a bit." Suzanne lay on her back with her breasts pulled up into the air. An occasional whimper was all that escaped her lips. Bob added some straps to hold her individually folded legs together as one unit. They both walked upstairs to prepare for tonight. It was 12:00 noon. It had been a busy, though pleasurable morning.

We came down about an hour later and found her tossing in a fitful sleep. This was probably her first rest in the last 18 hours. She never even noticed us enter the Family Room. "Wake up Suzanne, time to prepare for the party." Bob nudged her with his foot. Her eyes snapped open. Suzanne was disoriented as she awoke, hoping she was at home in her bed and that this had all been a bad dream. The straining arm and leg muscles, sore, stretched breasts, inability to speak or move, reminded her otherwise.  Bob and Becky moved the coffee table away from the couch. The smoked glass top was removed and leaned against the wall. They both lifted the table into the air and when Bob pressed a hidden latch, leg extensions dropped out of the existing hollow legs and locked in place. When they put the table back onto the floor, it now sat at waist height, making it easier to work on a bound victim. 

The two long sides of the table had wings that folded out along with the end wings to increase the working surface of the table. Bob locked the wings in place. Suzanne watched these preparations with a sense of foreboding and fright. Becky busied herself attaching the leather straps to the anchor points on the fold out end wings. These anchor points formed a tall, narrow X on the length of the table. They would hold the wrists and ankles, with provisions for the waist, neck and forehead if desired. They both walked over to Suzanne and looked down at her helplessly bound form on the floor at their feet.

Beck explained, "We are going to take you in and clean you up, inside and out. I will shave you all over, except for the hair on your head. Whether you are injured or not depends on you. Do you understand?" She nodded her head in agreement, having nothing to say. Bob continued, "When we are done preparing you and the meeting starts, a committee made up of club members will judge you later tonight. We have always placed highly in these contests."

"We will be very meticulous preparing every detail. There is always a chance that the committee will do a partial unwrap to inspect our work." added Beck. "They have strict rules that apply to any type of competitive mummification. No skin uncovered or touching other skin, certain measurable levels of tightness." As Bob continued his explanation, his voice faded out of Suzanne's consciousness.

Suzanne had a knot in her stomach as soon as she heard them mention details. She knew from her reading over the years what a mummy was and how they were created, by wrapping a body in miles of bandages. Then she remembered from an Ancient History class she had in college that preparations for traditional mummification included cutting out internal organs and removal of the brain thru the nose. Suzanne became very frightened and found herself trembling uncontrollably.

Suzanne's bonds were all removed along with the gag. She was very quiet, having absolutely nothing to say. Her hands were cuffed behind her back. Becky led her into the bathroom. Bob followed. Becky turned the water on and adjusted it until it was comfortably warm. Beck moved her into the shower and proceeded to scrub her from head to toe using lots of soap. As frightened and worried as Suzanne was, the warm water and scrubbing motion felt good on her sore muscles. "You go out and get the bandages and other supplies ready. Don't forget the scalpels and surgical scissors. I'll finish cleaning her," suggested Becky. Becky then shaved her armpits, legs and pussy.

"Are you guys going to hurt me?" Suzanne stammered weakly as tears ran down her cheeks mixing with the spray from the shower. Beck just smiled and wouldn't answer. Bob had gone out to the supply cupboard and pulled out twenty, six-inch sticky, elastic bandages and six, four inch sticky, elastic bandages. He also threw some 2" adhesive tape on the pile. When Becky led Suzanne out of the bathroom still in handcuffs, her hair was dry and braided down her back. She looked so vulnerable and innocent in the nude. She was quite attractive. Her head hung in silence. She was trembling with fright at the thought of her upcoming punishment and had nothing to say.

Bob finished gathering up the necessary materials and lined them up on the couch.  Becky and Suzanne walked over to the table and stopped. Suzanne suddenly burst into tears. "Please don't do this. This isn't necessary. I've learned my lesson. Don't wrap me up, especially my head, I'm afraid of the dark." her shoulders heaved as she sobbed. After a few moments, she quieted down. Obviously, she had resigned herself to her fate. 

They each grabbed Suzanne's ankles and shoulders and lifted her onto the table with little difficulty. Becky removed the handcuffs as Bob pushed her back to lie on the hard cool, wooden surface. They strapped her to the table using the straps at the wrists, ankles and waist.

"You'll need this," said Bob, as he pushed a ball gag into her mouth and strapped it tight. "It will help silence your screams."  Suzanne panicked as her thoughts went wild. She twisted and turned in the straps trying to achieve a freedom that was no longer possible. My god! They're going to mummify me in the traditional way. Organ removal, disembowelment. everything!! 

She snapped back to reality as she felt a stinging pain on her pubic mound and lips that spread to her legs and armpits. She screamed into the gag as more alcohol was poured on to the newly shaved, sensitive areas. Tears streamed from her eyes as she squirmed from the pain.

"We told you that more punishment was in order. We never said exactly what it would be. It was more fun to let your imagination conjure up all sorts of torments." Becky told her in a fit of laughter. After about 5 minutes they cleaned the excess alcohol off of her, then began the wrapping process.

Her left ankle was unstrapped. While Becky held the leg up, Bob took the first of many rolls of bandage and began wrapping at the top of her thigh. Bob wound the bandages around and around her leg as he worked his way down to her foot. He wrapped out to the tip of her toes and began wrapping back up with what was left of the roll, finishing above the knee (this helped reduce flexing at the knee joint.). The winding was done tightly and neatly. Each turn of the bandage overlapped the previous one by about 2 inches. "Nice and tight, Suzanne?' asked Beck. She mmphed and nodded yes. Beck continued "We use elastic bandages because they allow us to better control the tension and tightness as we wrap. If you think this is tight, it's going to get a lot worse." They strapped the completed leg down and repeated the process on the right leg. "The constant pressure from the bandages, desensitizes the feeling on the skin and allows your body to concentrate and focus on pleasurable sensations in specific areas being stimulated. You won't even notice the loss of sensation because your more focused on the overall wrapping process. The wrapping amplifies any stimulation a hundredfold, delivering intense pleasure or pain."

Bob spread her shaved lips and inserted a vibrator into her pussy. The vibrator had a flexible arm with a cup that fit over her clitoris so that both would be stimulated at once. A smaller vibrator was lubricated and slipped into her ass. The wires for both devices were routed out her back. After a moment, he noticed the love juice leaking out her lips. The waist strap was released and a thick pad slipped under the small of her back, raising her about 4 inches off the table. They wound the bandages around her ass and hips, running them thru her crotch until it was completely covered in white. With her hand in a flat position, the adhesive tape was wrapped around her hands from the tips of her fingers up to her wrists. This rendered her hands completely useless. Her arms were then wrapped with bandages, one at a time starting with a few wraps at the shoulder joint and continuing down to the tips of the fingers using up the remainder of the roll. 

The wrapping was then reversed back up the arm with the bandage finishing a few inches above the elbow. Her wrist straps were reapplied. The pad was removed from under her back and her ankle straps released. While Becky held her legs together, in the air, Bob began wrapping her feet together at the toes. The wrapping progressed around her feet, up past her ankles, calves and knees sealing them together. The bandaging continued up her thighs and overlapped and joined the wrapping already on her hips. Her legs were now welded together in a shapely column of white, with almost no movement possible. Suzanne was looking more frightened and panicky. Becky took one-inch wide rubber bands and stretched them open using both her hands, sliding them over each of her breasts. The bands cinched the base of her breasts tightly, also acting to squeeze the tissue and firm them up for a more prominent display. She squirmed uncomfortably as they were applied. Her wrist straps were again released and they sat her up. 

With her legs secured, Suzanne knew she was going nowhere. The wrapping resumed at her hips and proceeded rapidly up her ribs and over her breasts as layer upon layer was added. . She looked down and watched wide eyed as her body disappeared under a layer of white.  Suzanne's breathing suddenly became rapid and ragged. "She's panicking," yelled Beck. "Breathe slowly through your nose, in and out. Your chest is tight because of the compression of the bandages. This is a normal reaction. This is going to happen whether you want it to or not. Just relax, you can control it." After a few moments, she settled down and the wrapping resumed. Her shoulders were done in a figure eight, winding the bandage around and around, finishing up at her neck, under her chin. Bob wound another bandage from each shoulder down her arm and back until the roll was gone. Now she sat upright on the table as they each held an arm, she was squirming and wriggling like a caterpillar trying to escape its cocoon. Except for her head, she was completely encased. Every sensual curve of her compressed body highlighted in the white wrap.

"Are we doing the armbar?" asked Becky. Bob nodded yes to her. Beck took each arm and pulled them behind Suzanne's back. She bent them into an "L" shape with the forearms across Suzanne's back. Each palm touching an opposite elbow. "Not our most stringent, but a favourite nonetheless." thought Bob to himself. Bob proceeded to wrap her forearms tightly with a four-inch bandage. He then added a second layer that started at the right shoulder and ended at the left. Suzanne moaned loudly as she renewed her struggles. Some drool seeped past the ball gag and ran down her chin. Apparently she was having second thoughts, though it was now a little late for that. 

"Let's do one more layer neck to toe, before we wrap her head," suggested Bob.

"Are you sure?" Beck asked. "You know how you hate to loose the details under too many layers."

"One more won't hurt and I want to make it as tight as possible for her." Bob answered. Suzanne thought to herself, "I can barely breath now. How much tighter can they make it? I don't think I can take much more of this." She struggled for a moment fully aware of the futility of her efforts. Bob watched her for a few seconds and said, "It's a little late to think about escape now! Just relax and enjoy the tightness." 

Becky grabbed a fresh roll of bandages and wound it around her neck. As soon as they reached the shoulders, they criss-crossed her chest and arms wrapping over, under and around until her arms were seamlessly bonded with her upper body. They kept passing the white rolls back and forth between them as they worked their way down, pulling the bandages as tight as possible. The wrapping proceeded swiftly as the bandages progressed down her body. The adhesive allowed each layer to stick to the one under it. In very short order, Bob was winding the final few turns around her toes. Suzanne was wound in what seemed like miles of bandages. Becky laid her back down on her back as Bob slid some ceiling tiles out of the way directly above Suzanne's prone form. Above her was a full length mirror in the ceiling. Becky whispered into her ear, "Look up Suzanne and see what you look like. A compressed female form, very shapely, very sexy. Soft curves accentuated in a tightly, wrapped package of white." Suzanne took in the sights without any movement or sound. They rolled her on her side so she could appreciate the view. "Nice round breasts, a cute, pert ass. Hmmm." Suzanne thought to herself, her earlier panic forgotten.

They sat her up to wrap her head. Becky removed her gag. "How long are you going to keep me like this?" Suzanne asked fearfully. For she knew the answer before she asked. "Forever" came Bob's reply.

"But you promis...." she was cutoff as Bob stuffed a foam ball into her mouth. Beck quickly applied two wide pieces of adhesive tape to seal her lips shut. Bob grabbed a roll of bandages and started wrapping under her chin, up over the top of her head and down. This assured that her jaw was clamped shut. After a few turns around her head, Becky stepped behind her and rolled her braid up into a bun and pinned it.

Bob continued wrapping under her chin angling the bandages over her mouth, behind her head and over her mouth again. In a moment her lower face, up to the bottom of her nose was completely covered. She twisted her head as Becky installed the soft foam earplugs.  Bob held her head and looked into her eyes "This is where it gets real scary. We are going to finish wrapping your head, eyes and all and your helpless to do anything about it." Bob wound the bandages around her forehead and over the top of her head. Only her eyes and nose were left exposed. He paused for a moment. "Any last words or expressions?" asked Beck. Suzanne's eyes made one last plea for us to stop as she wiggled in her cocoon. A tear rolled out of her eye and was absorbed in the bandages. Bob wound the final passes over her eyes and finished off the roll around her head. "I have always enjoyed the flat outline of the eyes with the bandages pulled over them." commented Bob.

Only her nose passages were open to allow her to breath. She quieted down after a moment and sat there. She was an awesome sight, completely encased in white. Those tightly wrapped feet, ankles, calves, thighs, round sexy hips and ass, her narrow waist, rounded breasts, the vee shape of her torso and her shoulders, the neck and the featureless head. Tightly wound, unable to twitch a muscle. Every soft curve accented in a smooth white cocoon. "How wonderful the female form looks, compressed and mummified. Now I know why I enjoy being mummified so much." mused Becky thoughtfully.

"This is how good you look Hunbun, when your under wraps." replied Bob.

They moved Suzanne off the table and stood her up. While Becky steadied her, Bob took photos from all sides. Front, back, both sides, and in various positions, seated, kneeling, etc. When the photos were done, they strapped her to the table while they cleaned up. After they had cleaned themselves up, they went back downstairs to prepare the final setup. 

Becky grabbed Suzanne at the knees and Bob lifted at the shoulders to pick her up and move her to the display stand. Suzanne felt their hands grab her and lift her up. She wondered where they were taking her now. She would be displayed at a 60-degree angle on a clear stand. Bob then connected the vibrators to his control box and tried it out. She felt the sensation in her crotch and ass as the vibrators turned on. The tingling spread thru her body. She struggled in the bandages unable to move a muscle or even feel herself. The wrapping seemed to focus all the sensations back into her pussy. He was right, she had never felt pleasure like this before. Suzanne felt hands roaming over her bound body. Light pressure stroking across her face, breasts, thighs, ass and crotch. This gentle caressing added to her excitement. (Or was she imagining this?) By the slight wiggling of the mummy and the low moaning coming from her head, Bob knew the vibrators were working quite well. 

Meanwhile Becky set up the videos and still photos for viewing. They both returned the coffee table to its original configuration and location, in front of the couch. Just as they finished, the doorbell rang. 
"That must be Alice and Tom. I'll get the refreshments." said Beck. "I guess no quickie for us now." lamented Bob. "I'll get the door."

Suzanne has been with us for five months now. Apparently, no one missed her since no one showed up looking. She spends about eight to ten hours a day wrapped tightly in bandages, mummified from head to toe, placed in a form fitting sarcophagus of foam and fibreglass. (She did beat Becky's best time.) She has her very own room above the garage. A vault so to speak, equipped with all the amenities. She works out daily and remains quite healthy. Her submissive training has been progressing quite well. She has been conditioned to become aroused at the smell of our love juices or the thought of mummification. We expect to be able to take her with us in public in another few months.
Oh! We scored the highest in the Mummification Club's history at the meeting that night.




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