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The Burglar

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2002 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; capture; bond; gag; shackles; rings; cbt; tape; oral; mast; sex; climax; hum; cons/nc; X

The story below came about after I was burgled a week ago, fortunately I had for once remembered to set the alarm before I left, and the police arrived before the dear little turd managed to make his get away with a video recorder, DVD plus a few other thing’s including a pair of leg irons that I must admit took a little explaining to the officer who took my statement, I think I convinced him that I had collected them as a curiosity to hang on the wall, Any way I thought up this story as perhaps my way of dealing with the criminal types, Or do you think I was too hard on him. I wish to thank my friend john for allowing me to try some of the idea’s in this story on him to see if they really worked Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr they did

I had been on an advanced nursing course just outside London it had been a long week. The train pulled into Rhyl Railway station, I was the only one to alight and I made my way over the foot bridge to number one platform and made my way out to a lone Taxi, he drove off through the dark night and we soon reached the village of Rhuddlan, the taxi turned into Parliament Street then down the road that led to my house.

The Taxi pulled up in the road and I grabbed my bag, paid the driver and made my way up the drive, as I approached the house I became aware of a torch light moving in the front room it looked serious. I knew instantly I had a intruder in my house, I left my bag by the front door and as quietly as possible unlocked the front door gently easing it open just enough for my slim frame to slip inside. I slipped off my shoes and made my way towards the front room, the door was ajar inside a figure of a man could be seen rummaging in a drawer and placing items in a bag. I slipped silently into the room, I was about three foot behind him when he sensed my presence, he turned quickly to face me, I stepped forward placing my hands onto his shoulders pulling him towards me at the same time fetching up my knee as hard as I could between his legs. There was a sort of gurgling scream as he crumpled downwards, then raising my hand I brought it down with all my force across the side of his neck.

The man was now unconscious at my feet; it now seemed that the keep fit and self-defence classes had paid off, I switched on the light and saw it was a young male in his twenties. I bound his hands and feet as I did not want him to surprise me, I might not be so lucky next time. I now decided that no one breaks into Jenny’s house and gets away with it, this burglar was going to pay in full for the trouble he had caused me! I now set about gagging and blindfolding him. Once he was secure I nipped outside to pick up my bag, returning inside locking the door behind me. The man was just coming round and groaning a bit, I informed him he could submit to my punishments or be handed over to the police, he mumbled from behind the gag that he did not want the police.

I had often dreamt of having a male as a toy to do with as I wanted, now was my chance. I nipped up stairs and rummaged in my bag of bondage gear, one pair of leg irons, this would allow him to hobble about at my will. And the body belt, a wide leather belt that could be strapped around his middle and his hands cuffed to his sides, rather ideal for what I had in mind. I almost skipped down stairs with joy at the thought of my new toy. As I entered the room he was struggling trying to undo himself but with no luck, I knelt at his feet and attached the leg irons turning the old key to lock each one in turn, there would be no escape from these they were made for tougher men in mind than the one I had caught.

Now with the aid of a pair of safety scissors I cut up the front of his striped tee shirt exposing a masculine almost hairless chest. Well that is a good start, I never liked the hairy variety. I now struggled a little slipping the body belt around him. I rolled him over so I could buckle it behind him, then cuffing his left hand to a D-ring on the side of the belt, I then undid the cord that tied his hands together and quickly cuffed the right hand before he realised what was happening and perhaps could have over powered me. All was going well so far, I now told him I wanted him to stand, I had to help him to his feet I then guided him to the foot of the stairs and got him to sit on the second step, now one step at a time I made him raise his bum on to the next step then his feet up a step and so on till we got upstairs. I now led him into the back bedroom making him lie on the bed, I set about removing his clothes cutting up the seams and pulling the clothes away till he lay there naked.

He was a good figure of a man and well endowed, I slipped a noose over his head and tied it to the head rail of the bed then a second rope to the chain of his leg irons and attached it to the foot of the bed, at least it would stop him rolling off and hurting himself. I now went on my bag of bondage gear and got the largest ball gag I owned, I had never been able to use it myself as it was too big to fit in my mouth, even through my friend Sue often said I had a big mouth! This gag was at last going to be used, I returned to the bed & told him I was going to remove his gag and replace it with a ball gag and he must agree as I did not want to damage his teeth levering his jaws apart, he nodded his head. As I removed the gag he instantly wanted to know what I was going to do to him and saying how sorry he was for breaking in. I told him to shut up and open his mouth wide as he was to be punished for his sins. He seemed to object but eventuality opened his mouth, I pressed the bright red shinny ball against his teeth. At first I thought I was not going to get it in, but with a bit of persuasion it eventually popped in, really there was no need to fasten the straps behind his neck to hold the ball in but I did out of habit.

I now removed the blindfold, then cut two pieces of bodge tape and firmly pressed them in place over his eyes, I had found out from my self-bondage experience that good bodge tape made the ultimate blindfold, it completely eliminated vision. He was now naked and all mine, the mysteries of the male body were all mine to explore as I felt fit. I went to the bathroom filed a bowl with hot soapy water and returned to my personal captive, from the small bed side table I picked up a small leather box, opening the box I retrieved a beautiful pearl handled cut throat razor. I tested it on a piece of paper holding a piece of writing paper, the razor slit downwards with no effort just right for what I had in mind. There were a few hairs on the centre of the chest, I lathered the chest then using the razor removed the hairs with two passes, the beauty of the cutthroat was it shaved so close. I now moved down the body his penis, which was sort of semi ridged at this stage, I pulled the scrotum towards his knees shaving all the unsightly hair away, the balls were a good size very firm and nice and warm.

By now his penis was erecting rapidly, I had to sit back and admire the shaft it was a good eight or nine inch long, the fore skin was pealing itself back exposing the head. I gripped the shaft, it felt good, occasionally it would pulsate in my grip, a small drop of precum appeared in the eye of the head it was fantastic. I now shaved the shaft till his genitals were completely hairless, a real exciting sight in fact a work of art as the shaft moved with the odd pulsation. There were a couple of speckles of blood were the razor had caught him. I lifted his sack containing his jewels with the flat of the blade then rotating the handle till the scrotum was hanging over the razor edge. A wicked thought passed through my mind but I dismissed it as it would be a terrible waste of good equipment.

I stripped off as I was getting quite horny and wanted to play with my new toy as his punishment was about to start. I held the shaft and moved my hand up and down a couple of times, it seemed to grow before my eyes, the veins seemed to be standing proud. I lowered my head and removed the drop of precum with the tip of my tongue it was just as I remembered it, sweet to the taste. I squeezed the shaft producing a second glimmering drop of precum, I could just could not resist it I lowered my head opening my mouth allowing the shaft into my mouth, closing my lips around the shaft then sucking and searching with my tongue for the drops of precum, pushing the foreskin back with my lips then closing my teeth behind the head, gripping the soft fleshy head at the same time sucking hard. I had the urge to bite it, this I did and there was a groan from him but it was nice, the feeling of power to me as my teeth sunk in to the fleshy underside of the head.

Several more groans from my new toy as the punishment continued, I lifted my head to examine if I had drawn blood as I had bit him quite hard but there was no visible damage. I gripped the shaft and gently worked it up and down, I felt it pulse. I removed my hand the shaft was fantastic, I could understand how men became homosexual, they had much more interesting bits to play with than women! I flicked the head with my fingers, this caused several more groans and more precum it seemed to shine. As I lay part on his stomach watching, I squeezed the head between thumb and forefinger and as I watched the head fill back to its glory then the ejaculations started, I counted six strong pumps leaving a pool of sperm on his stomach filling his navel, I could not resist it I scooped up the sticky drops of liquid and massaging it into my breasts trying to rub it into my nipples, as I had heard from somewhere it enhances the nipples “one can but hope” I thought.

His Shaft had now shrunk to about four and a half to five inches, it was so toy like, so soft and gentle looking, it seemed light years away from the throbbing steel like shaft that had it had been a few moments ago. The testicles were still as solid as I rotated them in my hands squeezing them gently, occasionally causing him to wince as I hit a tender spot which I must admit I did concentrate on quite a bit once I located it, it seemed to be the part were the connecting veins joined the ball. I found it quite enjoyable with my long thumbnail of one hand and holding the ball with the other hand making his body contort as the nail was pressed in. After about quarter of an hour his erection started again and I soon brought him to full size, his punishment was to continue.

I pulled the scrotum downwards by gripping the right testicle then reaching down to my bag of goodies I picked up a copper ring, I had bought four some time ago from a farm shop they were designed to fit in bulls noses, the ring opened up sort of hinged half way round. I placed the ring around the skin of the scrotum just above the ball snapping it shut, trapping the ball to the end of the scrotum. I then inserted a special screw as it tightened and locked the ring in place, half the screw head snapped away making it impossible to remove, I thought that was a good design trick! I now gripped the second ball carrying out the same procedure, the testicles looked good trapped behind the heavy copper rings no doubt with the passage of time the sack would be stretched downwards due to the weight of the rings. I wondered to myself at what point the stretching would stop, that is if it ever did stop.

He had now started to become hard again; it soon reached its full size throbbing occasionally. I got a third ring and attempted to encircle the base of the shaft, it was a struggle, the shaft was almost too thick but persevering and a bit of muscle I managed to snap the ring closed around the base. It was impossible to get the locking screw into the ring, due to the swollen flesh of the penis overlapping the ring, but once the ring was in place a change instantly came over the penis, the veins seemed to stand out from the shaft, the skin was now taking on a bluish purpley colour. The shaft seemed to have increased its length and the circumference had considerably, I could tell the whole penis was extremely sensitive as the merest touch and he was groaning, his punishment was now at hand. I was so horny, I was almost dripping watching this monster, I encircled it with my hand, the veins were hard to the touch, the shaft itself was so hard and rigid it was unbelievable.

I now sat aside his body looking down at this unreal weapon standing almost ten inch tall, by now pointing up at me, his body was glistening with sweat and he was moaning and groaning constantly, his penis was now out of his control it was mine for the taking. I stood on my knees the huge tip of the monster touched my love tunnel, I eased the enlarged head into me it was red hot and stretching me. I took a breath and lowered myself on to the monster allowing it to slide in to the well lubricated hole. I now held my breath, hardly daring to breathe, then placing my hands on the bed, I lowered myself down on to the huge weapon very gently a fraction at a time. It was that magic mixture of pain and pleasure, at first a lot more pain as it very slowly was allowed to explore and penetrate my body, meanwhile the man was moaning in pain continually from behind the oversized ball gag, his body constantly trying to escape contorting with the pain that was more than he could bare due to the tight fitting ring that allowed the blood to be pumped in to the shaft but not exit, Or so it seemed to me.

As I had lowered myself to the point that I thought was the maximum I could safely allow inside of me, I held still for a moment gasping slightly yet marvelling that I had manage to achieve, the penetration of such a large object so deep into me without damage. I looked down his shaft that was now imprisoned in my body, I was sure it had gone in as far as it was possible yet there seemed to be another three to four inches of shaft still showing. After a few minutes the warm or should I say the hot feeling could be felt inside me, as if it was burning in a fantastic explosive feeling of sexual dominance, the need to be impregnated was strong, the feeling every girl knows once the hormones take over. I gently raised my body and lowered it on the shaft, it was working it felt great, the motion at first was gentle the sweat was pouring off me and looking down at my victim he was fairing no better but after all it was his punishment.

The movement got faster, then the feeling of “I must have that sperm” took over and I became like a machine raising and dropping my body on his shaft, the feeling could not be described I was now out of this world. I glanced down there was no spare shaft left, my body was accepting the full length of the shaft and I was in continual orgasm. I was gasping and screaming with each push waiting for that feeling as the hot boiling sperm pumped into me but due to the tight copper ring around the base it never came. At times on the downward stroke I could feel the two copper rings around his balls bang against my body as by now I was accepting the full shaft and wanting every inch of it and more if he could give it.

After a while of this frantic sexual exercise I was so exhausted I pulled myself off his still greatly enlarged shaft and fell by his side totally exhausted. I looked over the huge shaft was trying to ejaculate but due to the ring could just manage to squeeze a little of the thick white liquid out that dribbled down the glowing shaft. I dragged myself over and tried to wank him off, his screams could be heard even through he had the gag in. I dropped my mouth over the head of the shaft sucking and biting the still hard shaft, It was still red hot and still trying to pump the last of the sperm, the veins were almost knotted and rock hard.

After a while I decided the last phase of his punishment would now take place I went into my bag of goodies and got two rolls of bodge tape, dragging his feet off the bed I started to bind him tightly working up the body I cut the ropes that held him to the top of the bed dragging him further off the bed binding all the time, on reaching the still grossly distended shaft it was impossible to remove the ring as the shaft was still greatly enlarged and the ring was embedded and irretrievable at this stage. I bent the shaft to the body and continued binding, I completely bound the head leaving an opening for his mouth nose and eyes after first ripping off the two eye patches, I wanted him to see the last phase of his punishment.

I now dressed it was about two in the morning as I dragged him out into the car, he looked a magnificent mummy being totally encased in black bodge tape, it was a shame I did not have more time to play with him but I had to finish his punishment. I drove into the centre of Rhuddlan town, there was not a soul about as I dragged him out of the car still moaning and whimpering, rather typical of the male I might add. I propped him against a lamp post by the old parliament buildings in the main street and taped him to the post after all I did not want him falling over and hurting himself! I then hung a card over his head that read, “I am a Burglar”

There was panic in his eyes as I drove away, I wondered what the people of Rhuddlan would think of a mummified burglar bound to a lamp post in there sleepy village when the morning dawned.


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