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by Unknown

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Storycodes: M+/f; kidnap; bond; susp; wrap; tape; encase; toys; nc/reluct; X

Episode One

It was a cold, misty morning in March and Anna was on her way to work. She caught the Bus most winter mornings, but on this occasion she had decided to walk. Gazing lazily down at her small feet as she strode forwards, she pulled her handbag further up onto her shoulder. Suddenly she felt her body stiffen as she sensed someone behind her. She glanced fleetingly behind her, but saw nothing but an empty street. Still worried, she quickened her pace and tried to convince herself that it had been merely her imagination playing tricks. It was only one minute later however, that the feeling of being followed by a mysterious stalker returned to her. This time she looked more subtly behind her, only to see a hunched figure receding behind his thick green jacket walking about ten yards behind her on the other side of the road. Relieved and finally feeling safe (the man looked small and non-threatening) she exhaled strongly and continued her walk. It was only at this time, when she expected no attack that it came. She saw nothing but a blur of silver, and then darkness.

When she awoke she saw nothing but a blur of white. When everything gradually came back into focus she could see that she was in a smallish white room, with no furniture or windows and one solitary door, also white, to one side. At this point she had given little thought as to what had happened to her, and why. She overcame the dizziness and throbbing of her head and went to move towards the exit, but to her horror she came to the realisation that it was impossible; she was tied to a square metal frame - each of her limbs secured to a corner by very strong, thick rope. She tried to free herself but the ropes were taught and each effort only served to make the ropes cut deeper into her soft, pure skin. It was at this point that Anna learned the extent of her problems; she was helpless, ready to be used in whatever way her captor saw fit. She screamed. She shouted at the top of her voice for some time, but no help came. She began to panic and she could feel herself begin to overheat as she continued her struggle against her bondage. Sweat ran freely through her clothes, soaking into her skin tight denim jeans which had previously been so comfortable. Whether it was the heat, or the energy loss, Anna eventually passed out.

She was awoken, unknown to her how many hours later, by a splash of cold water. She saw before her a tall, muscular man holding a bucket and three further men of similar build sitting against the far wall in a committee, staring at her. She could say nothing. Her throat was sore from her screaming, and the ropes cut into her wrists and ankles more than ever. One of the men got up from his chair and advanced until he was standing just before his helpless captive. Staring deep into Anna’s dark brown eyes, he slowly and calmly drew a sharp looking knife from his trouser pocket, and showed it to the terrified girl. ‘What's he going to do to me?’ she thought. ‘Stab me? Why? What have I done?’ She renewed her battle for freedom, but pain was all that came from her struggle.

The man then pressed the knife to her chest, denting lightly into her fleshy skin, before he slowly slit her blouse down its centre - it fell away effortlessly and Anna’s perfectly formed breasts were then hidden only by a lacy black bra. The man continued to slice through her jeans and socks until Anna was standing, helpless, in only her bra and panties. Fearing rape, she began her frantic screaming once more. She threw all her weight against the ropes ignoring the pain from her wrists and throat, but she was not strong enough to escape the expertly tied bondage. She then realised that even if she were to escape the rope, what could she do against four strong men?

At this point one of the men stuffed her mouth with her own sock, still drenched in her own sweat, and then sealed her mouth with silver duct tape. Her screams now were useless. On the verge of giving up hope, she glanced to her left. On the wall hung a solitary picture - a figure Anna recognised - the Egyptian burial coffin of their king: Tutankhamen. Her heart, full of dread and confusion, sunk.

The tallest of the men then grabbed a plastic bin liner and approached her. He reached inside and pulled out a huge roll of clear cling film, easily one foot wide and several hundred yards long. He began to wind the wrap around her right leg, overlapping constantly until he reached her thigh, when he cut the film and repeated the process with the other leg, trapping all her sweat inside. Anna could feel her flesh being compacted, and discovered that she could not bend her knees at all because of the thick layering of the cling film. The man with the knife then returned, and with a look of delight on his face, he slowly cut through the elegant lace of her knickers, catching them as they fluttered towards the ground.

Anna felt suddenly extremely vulnerable as cold air gently attacked her moist pussy, but she could only ‘mmmmppphhhh’ in protest. The man with the wrap then proceeded to wind the sticky plastic around her arms enclosing every inch of skin between the wrists and shoulders. The man with the knife then returned and slit though the material of her bra, until her large, firm breasts were open for all the world to see, their nipples standing erect and ready for attention. The plastic was then wrapped upwards from just above her pussy, encircling her more and more, trapping her within their sticky bonds. She was already struggling to breathe. The wrap was tight, squeezing her inside. The film went higher and higher, over her delicious pert breasts where the film was wrapped even tighter. Anna could feel the DD cup tits that she was so proud of being pushed further and further into her body, becoming smaller and smaller until eventually they appeared small and only a mass of plastic could be seen. The wrap was then wound in a cross around both her shoulders and finally around her neck. Looking at the Egyptian picture on the wall, Anna finally realised what was happening. She groaned in helpless despair.

One man then reached into the bin bag once more and withdrew two large black dildos, easily ten inches in length. Clutching the first, he approached the spread-eagled Anna. Slowly, and very gently, he eased the veiny mass into her already moist pussy, until its entire length was buried inside her slender plastic wrapped body. He then took the second dildo, smothered it in an oil of some sort, spread Anna’s cute, tight arse cheeks, and then inserted the dildo deep within her. Anna groaned as she felt two huge masses fill her from within. They pressured outwards from the inside, whilst the plastic pressed inwards. She felt entirely helpless, and knew that she was virtually immobilised. She groaned once more as the man with the wrap began wrapping around her middle, sealing the gigantic dildos and her dripping pussy inside the plastic prison.

Anna’s ankles were then untied, and her legs forced together. She felt the presence of the dildos then everything within her tightened. The wrapping commenced once more, binding her legs together, snaking higher and higher, over her toned thighs, around her hourglass figure and tightening its grasp on her perfectly formed breasts. Her wrapped arms were also untied and placed at her side, where they were also wrapped to her body, before the whole body was wrapped again. Anna, now completely enclosed from ankle to neck, was immobilised. Any struggling went unnoticed: she could not move. She only remained standing because of support from the men, who were admiring the sight of her sweat running around inside the plastic as Anna overheated. Tears dripped from her large, dark eyes. She was happy however that the wrapping seemed to be finished.

She could not have been further from the truth. Reels of thick silver duct tape were extracted from the bin liner, and they too were used to enclose Anna. This felt different however. The wrap was stronger, thicker. It was so tight! It wound its way over her body, perfectly conforming to every inch of her features, perfectly mummifying the victim. Anna was now a picture: a mass of silver resembling the shape of a beautiful woman, with a head and feet sticking out either end. This was not to last: her feet were wrapped together first with Clingfilm, and then with duct tape.

Anna, after resigning herself to helplessness, heard the whirr of electronics above her. A glass cubicle, around a metre square, descended from the ceiling, enclosing her within. Once the cubicle was in place, a pipe also descended from the ceiling, which began oozing a creamy white liquid that began to fill the chamber. It crept upwards without stopping. As it reached the height of Anna’s pussy, she could feel it begin to harden lower down, enclosing her, the dildos, the plastic - everything inside. The liquid continued to rise, over her pussy, over her tits, up to her neck, to her chin....

Anna was petrified. She didn’t want to drown. She tried to kick and punch, but the plastic held her tight. Besides, the liquid had now completely hardened, forming a thick block around her. She was panicking. She tried to scream but her gag prevented any loud noise... and then the pipe stopped. The liquid had set up to her chin but no further. Anna found she was paralysed from the neck down; she could only blink and breathe.

Then one of the men pressed a button on a wall and the glass cubicle withdrew to the ceiling. The block of white stood unwavering in the centre of the room. The man then approached Anna and removed her gag. She did not try to speak; she knew it would be worthless. It was he who broke the silence, “Thank you for being our plaything. And as a measure of our appreciation, we’re going to give you the greatest pleasuring of your life.”

‘Pleasuring? Anna thought. How can this result in pleasure?’ Suddenly something inside of her clicked. She realised that she had been moist throughout - could she really have been turned on by any of this? She felt dirty, but the tension grew within her cocooned body.

“We are now going to enclose your head” continued the man. “We’ll ensure you can breathe. And just to let you know, the dildo we inserted into your pussy is the most powerful vibrator on earth.” He finished and then inserted a long plastic tube into Anna’s mouth, before wrapping her head in layers and layers of cling film. Anna couldn’t see, and breathing was difficult, but this time she contemplated no struggle. Her body was crying out for pleasure. Her head was then wrapped in silver duct tape, until nothing but the pipe could be seen. The glass cubicle once again descended from the ceiling, and the creamy liquid filled the remainder of the space, completely covering Anna’s head. It hardened within seconds.

Anna found that she could not see or hear. She could not move, blink or make any noise. All she could do was breathe. She couldn’t feel anything apart from the growing feeling of tension from within her. Then the vibrations started. The pleasure rocketed through her body. She tried to squirm and stretch in orgasmic satisfaction, but she was held tight by her bondage. She was getting extremely hot. Tension flowed everywhere but had nowhere to escape. The vibrations increased until Anna thought she couldn’t handle anymore. Ripples of pleasure ran from her head to her toes as she felt she was about to explode.




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