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Casted Forever

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; fibreglass; casting; encased; toys; insert; susp; gag; tease; torment; caught; stuck; object; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

Kneeling on the floor Lisa tried to move her body and legs as the large vibrators she had inserted yesterday continued to tease her and drive her lust as she fought the thick fiberglass that held her rigidly in the position she had chosen for this adventure. Two days ago Lisa had wrapped her feet in the en-point position she loved, Lisa wore ballet boots as often as possible and since she found casting she had always casted her feet in this position loving how her legs felt and how restrictive this simple position was and how difficult it made it for her to walk, even since mastering the boots when she casted her feet this way she still found it more difficult to walk while they were casted but had wore them out on several occasions enjoying the sound they made and the prancing effect they had, forcing her to raise her knees high as she stepped forward.

After completing her lower legs and feet she continued wrapping her legs until they were thickly covered up to her wet pussy and let them set completely before pushing herself off the chair into the “crutches” she had made out of two by fours that would hold her slightly off the ground by her under arms so her body weight would not be all on her knees once she completed her casting, casting her ass and pussy trapping the large vibrators inside her while moving up her torso until she reached her D cup breasts wrapping over and under them with several layers before crisscrossing her shoulders then stopping to let this section set as well.

After twenty minutes Lisa lowered herself off her support onto her knees and ran her hands all over her body feeling the thick fiberglass now holding her firmly in a very erect kneeling position, she could feel the added pressure of her body weight being held up in her pussy and around her breasts as she added more wrapping over her shoulders and made sure the chords for her vibrators were still in reach before continuing the wrapping process and moving herself to the place she would stay for the next three days.

Preparing herself she removed the suction cups that had been stretching her pert nipples for the last two hours slipping the small rubber bands off the cups as she pulled them off trapping her aroused nipples in their engorged state for the duration knowing that after a few hours they would become painful. Taking the next roll of fiberglass Lisa wrapped her breasts tightly around their bases then over them compressing them until she was having difficulty taking a deep breath. Working her way up her chest and neck slowly covering her head leaving only her face exposed before stopping her encapsulation and rubbing her cocoon, smoothing out all the wrinkles and bumps as the fiberglass warmed and constricted slightly increasing the tension on her chest and head.

With her head now covered Lisa began wrapping her wrists adding the metal plates after the first two layers securing them tightly while wrapping her hands and arms from her fingers to her elbows letting them dry before swinging them forward making her inflexible body fall forward onto her outstretched hands, her pointed toes were held wide apart and now pointed towards the ceiling as her body leaned forward on her casted arms, the added pressure on her tits caused her nipples to scream with pain making her groan loudly as she dragged herself the ten feet to the place she would remain for the next three days.

Reaching up she grabbed the rope secured from the ceiling and pulled herself back up to her knees, settling onto her knees while her stiff body rocked back and forth. Reaching onto the small table next to her she grabbed the cords for the vibrators and plugged each in feeling them start to hum as she did, with her lust driving her on Lisa took the panel gag with its large ball and forced it into her mouth, Lisa had wrapped under her chin a little tighter than she should have and it was making opening her mouth wide enough to accept the ball difficult but with a little grunting she was able to force the ball past her teeth and buckled the straps tightly and locked them closed, the straps holding the panel on were more difficult to manipulate with her casted hands than the larger straps but soon Lisa had them all tight and could feel the outlines of her lips through the leather now covering them and slipped small locks through each buckle making sure that the gag could not be removed before it was time.

The locks on the panel jingled with each movement that her casted body made when it rocked slightly as Lisa knelt trying to decide on whether or not to wear to wear the blind fold she had prepared, the thought of being blind scared Lisa and even though she often wore blindfolds she only did it because she disliked them so much but it added another torment for her so she wore them anyway, this time it was the choice of blindfolds, the heavy padded leather or wrapping her head with the fiberglass casting, Lisa knew that once she started wrapping she would continue until her whole head was covered and that the fear of total enclosure would ruin her chances of any orgasm’s, she had tested this before but by the second day she was very close to climaxing and felt it would have been huge but her release had opened and ruined the feelings so that is why she has picked three days for today’s adventure.

Lisa grabbed the roll of fiberglass wrapping and proceeded to wrap her head sealing in the gag and closing her eyes as she put three layers of the wrap around her head and face leaving only a small gap over her nose open as she excitedly panted through her nostrils. As the wrap warmed she reached up and found the electromagnet plate that was suspended from the ceiling and carefully held on to the cable leading to it and worked her hands upwards until she felt the switch, knowing that her plates were now close enough to the mag lock so that once she pushed the button the timer would start and her hands would be locked high above her head until the timer ran out and turned the power off.

Lisa could feel the wrapping on her shoulders pulling tightly against her skin and knew she had wrapped it a little too tight this time but her need to be restrained was too high for her to back out and she knew that if she stopped to adjust them she would remove her head casing and quickly pressed the button. Lisa could feel the plates align with the mag lock and had a small panic attack as she let go of the cable and started pulling on her wrists, finding as she expected to be completely trapped in her current position and at the mercy of the timer.

Lisa calmed herself and imagined what she looked like, using all black casting wrap this time to match the black spandex cat suit she wore to protect her skin from the fiberglass and so no skin could be seen and hoped the video looked as good as she did in her mind, a black statue kneeling with its arms tethered high above its head, no sounds could be heard by it or made by it and it couldn’t see to be able to tell when it would be released, she loved the idea of being an “it” or being thought of as a thing and felt her climax building as she tried to flex and twist her body to help bring it closer.

The camera picked up only slight pants and grunts and some creaking of the tight fiberglass but no discernible movement could be seen except from the statues arms but soon that would be remedied as well. After thirty minutes Lisa could feel her arms being pulled higher, she fought with all her strength but she was slowly raised off the floor and spun slowly around as she held her arms bent trying to fool the sensor on the winch, it was set to hold her for 5 minutes at this height then lower her until the weight sensor tripped and stop there, the delay was set because Lisa knew she would try to trick it by holding herself up and stopping the pull so she had set the delay knowing she couldn’t hold herself up that long and soon she was hanging again from her casted wrists as the winch took out the remaining slack keeping her arms taunt but not supporting her weight.

Lisa had another panic attack as she realized she was not going to be freed for three days and no one would check on her for four knowing that by the fourth day she would no longer care about being caught and had left a letter on the table on where to find her and how to release her. By the second night Lisa was sure something had gone wrong, she had been near an orgasm from almost the very beginning and knew more than three days had passed as she struggled making only the creaking sounds and gasping for air until her drained body had to stop, Lisa hung limply when suddenly her arms were pulled up higher causing a muffled squeak to come from her and reminding her to keep her weight on the cable at all times.

This extra tug on her cable now meant that when she tightened up her arm muscles her bent knees and pointed toes would be slightly lifted off the floor and was glad she had casted her wrists firmly so they would not be supporting her body’s weight. Her shoulders had been rubbing into the fiberglass that crossed them and now were pressed firmly into it and quickly began to ache worse, Lisa also knew by this movement that the system was working properly and it had not been three days yet and was able to calm herself and dream of the day when she would have someone to help her be completely encased and not know when or if she would ever be released.

Lisa dreamed of being tormented endlessly by a cruel mistress but had never found one she thought she could trust and was convinced she never would. Lisa continued to day dream while she hung in her cocoon and waited for the mag lock to drop her hands so she could drag herself back into the house and begin the long process of her own release, hoping that soon she would climax but feeling the orgasm slip away as she thought about being stuck forever and another panic attack set in.

Lisa had now hung frustrated and on the edge of a huge orgasm for three days and had been fighting the fiberglass that had been holding her motionless for the entire time, struggling desperately for the last few hours as she grunted and pulled at her bonds until suddenly her wrists were released and dropped in front of her frozen body and she knew she would not orgasm this time either. Lisa sat whining into her gag for another hour as she rubbed her bound breasts and body trying to stimulate herself over the edge but reluctantly accepted her fate and unplugged her vibrators and swung her arms until she fell forward, letting her encapsulated body clatter on the hard floor before pulling herself forward towards where she hoped her cutters were forgetting she had been slowly turning.

Lisa drug herself slowly, her breasts and knees the only parts touching the floor and supporting her weight, the increased pressure causing her numbed nipples to awaken and make her moan loudly as she bumped into a wall on the other side of the room, now lost and frustrated even more Lisa continued her search for something she could recognize and slowly crawled around the room until her hand slipped out from under her during one of her thrusts slamming her chest onto the ground, the pain in her nipples coupled with the three days of frustration caused her to explode into a wonderful orgasm that she was not expecting. Lisa screamed and flailed about as her stiff body shook all over as wave after wave of the most wonderful feeling washed over her exhausted body.

Lisa awoke several hours later, smiling behind her gag as she thought back to the orgasm’s she had just had and after getting her bearings again resumed her search for her release. Finding a table in front of her couch Lisa was able to go straight to her bathroom and found her cutters, as she forced her encased body back on to its knees she started cutting away at the casts around her wrists, after some struggling her arms were now free and she could carefully cut away the upper part of her head cast so she could see to cut the lower part without ruining her favorite gag. After removing the top of the cast Lisa was resting as her eyes became accustomed to the light when she realized she didn’t know how long she had slept or when her friend was due to come over. Lisa knew she couldn’t call Julia but thought “I could text her not to come over” and leaned forward and started dragging her frozen body into the living room again to get her phone.

When Lisa got into the living room she swung her body around and grabbed her phone from the low table and leaned herself back and while her rigid body was still rocking held up the phone to send Julia a text when she heard something behind her. Lisa still couldn’t turn her head but knew someone was there as she heard what sounded like papers being shuffled and finally heard, “Well, well, well… now I know what you’ve been doing all these times, I’ve been your safety and didn’t even get an invite to play!” Julia’s voice said as Lisa grunted and tried to spin her frozen body around.

“Your letter said nothing of what you were doing, but I like it” Lisa moaned at her friend who now stood in front of the casted girl’s rigid body and had begun to rub Lisa’s cast, “I like the way it holds you so still, you can’t move at all inside that can you?” Lisa moaned again as Julia pushed the back of her neck making Lisa lean forward and squeal before Julia let go and Lisa fell back on her casted legs and feet.

Lisa moaned and tried to plead to Julia with her eyes as Julia stepped out of her eye line, Lisa rocked her way to her hands again and started dragging her tired body towards the bathroom again when Julia’s high heels could be seen in front of her. “I like your toys, can’t believe you never invited me to play, maybe we’ll make up for all those lost chances” Julia said as she grabbed Lisa’s throat and leaned her back on her knees again.

Lisa moaned and whined as Julia was leaning her back but could do nothing to stop her friend as Julia pulled her hands behind her back and quickly cuffed them there saying “This should help keep you still” and walked off leaving Lisa to struggle with the steel cuffs that were now holding her hands close together behind her casted back. Lisa knelt grunting and moaning as Julia went back into Lisa’s bedroom and dug around finding all her toys and gear. Julia left Lisa alone for over an hour before coming back into Lisa’s view and Lisa couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Julia was now wearing Lisa’s long latex gown complete with her leather posture collar, tight leather corset and Lisa’s own ballet boots. Lisa stared in disbelief as her friend modeled for her turning around slowly asking what Lisa thought of her new attire. Lisa just stared at her beautiful friend all dressed up in fetish gear and actually walking in ballet boots. Julia broke the silence by saying, “These boots are a little small for me but I do love the way they make you walk, don’t you?”

Lisa moaned in agreement as her friend bent down and rubbed her encased body some more making Lisa fight the handcuffs harder and moan louder. Julia was enjoying dominating her friend and had dreamed of having her at her mercy since they met and now was going to take full advantage of it while she could. Julie found the wires sticking out of Lisa’s shell and asked, “What do we have we here?” she said playfully tugging at them. Lisa moaned and tried to shake her head no as she moaned louder but could not get her friend to understand she really wanted out, Julia said, “I remember something in your note about being in the garage” and turned around and walked into the garage, Lisa could not see her but heard her squeal something about this is wonderful and heard her walk back in the room.

“You are a little devil aren’t you” Julia said smiling broadly as she bent down to Lisa’s red face and continued, “I might want to even try that if I could get vibrated too!” Julia turned Lisa’s trapped body around so she was now facing the room and could watch Julia move about in her latex and leather while she got her plans ready.

After moving a chair and laying some plastic down in front of it Julia dragged the struggling Lisa over and placed her on top of the plastic before covering Lisa’s eyes with a blindfold and hummed while Lisa struggled and whined. Lisa could feel Julia begin to wrap her arms tightly together starting at her shoulders and carefully working her way down to her elbows making sure to keep the wrap very tight and forcing Lisa’s cuffed arms close together. Julia applied another layer of wrap to Lisa’s upper arms this time pulling it tight enough to crush her elbows together before Lisa started to feel the heat rise in her arms and realized Julia was casting her arms together in a single arm sleeve of tight fiberglass and started moaning and trying to fight but the wrap was already hardening and she was too late.

After waiting for a few minutes Julia removed the handcuffs and quickly wrapped Lisa hands and wrists together then continued up her arms until she had joined the two casts together then worked her way back down sealing Lisa’s hands into tight fists at the end of her encapsulated arms. Julia held Lisa’s arms down so they remained straight until the cast had set, Lisa had stopped fighting and just knelt quietly letting Julia do as she pleased unable to stop her anyway and was also getting aroused at the idea of being truly trapped by someone else.

When Lisa’s arm cast had set fully Julia lifted her arms until they were pointing straight back adjusting their height until Lisa heard her say “That should do it” Lisa now was kneeling in a full body cast of her own design with her arms wrapped tightly in a single arm sleeve cast that was now being pulled almost straight back and away from her body forcing her to move forward in her shell crushing her tortured breasts tight against the inside of her cocoon and making them begin to hurt again.

As Lisa sat moaning she could feel Julia begin to wrap her shoulders and after another thirty minutes she heard Julia slide the chair out from behind her and said, “Perfect!”

Lisa’s arms were now sticking almost perfectly straight out from behind her, casted firmly in place as she struggled in her shell trying to ease the added tension on her body of her new position. Julia laughed as she could hear the fiberglass creaking and see Lisa’s forehead wrinkle as she grunted and knew her friend was frozen solid in the fiberglass. Julia waited for a few minutes before pushing Lisa over backwards causing Lisa to squeal loudly before landing on her outstretched fists and sat like a tri pod table on her balled up hands and pointed toes, her head now facing the ceiling, her spread legs now making Lisa feel self conscious knowing she must look like a slut in heat with her pussy sticking up for all to see.

Julia clapped her hands and said, “There now we can have some fun!” Lisa grunted as she tried to move but the hard shell not yielding an inch with her struggles as Julia walked into the bathroom and retrieved Lisa’s cutters.

Lisa was still struggling as she heard Julia walk past her then return a few minutes later and move around the room, after hearing some grunting from Julia, Lisa not knowing that she had tightened her own corset and now bending over was more difficult for her, Lisa felt her vibrators spring to life and moaned again as she knew what Julia had been doing and hoped she wouldn’t tease her for long before pushing her over the edge and letting her orgasm.

Julia watched and listened as the trapped girl grunted and moaned as she played with the intensity and speed of the vibrators lowering them anytime Lisa showed signs of getting too excited. For two hours Julia kept the frozen girl on the edge of climaxing before turning the vibrators off and said, “Well that’s enough fun for today, I have to go out and show off my new dress and tell my friends about my newest toy, who knows maybe I’ll bring some of them back here and let them play with it, or maybe we’ll just use you as a coffee table from now on.”

Julia had set the timer to come on in two hours and run for three hours before turning off the vibrators she had left set to max, smiling to herself as she left the house thinking Lisa is going to have so much fun, she’ll beg to be my slave after this.

Lisa heard Julia leave and was desperately trying to get her attention but stopped moaning when she realized she was really alone, trapped by her friend and unable to get free without her tormentors help. Lisa drifted off to sleep, her exhausted body still frozen in the obscene position Julia had left her in until suddenly her pussy and ass came alive and had her panting and screaming as she climaxed over and over again, before blacking out Lisa had been thinking how much she might actually like to remain casted forever and be Julia’s coffee table, but I hope she covers my head completely when she returns.


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