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Caught Peeping

by Clive

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© Copyright 2011 - Clive - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-m; F+/m; voy; capture; bond; pantyhose; cocoon; locker; revenge; hum; nc; X

This all happened when I was about seventeen wandering about late evening with nothing to do

I was bored because all of my friends had gone home so I decided to do the same, on my way I passed the local hall where disco’s occasionally took place at wedding receptions and that kind of thing, when I noticed the door slightly open and I could see about 30 women in leotards and tights doing a workout.

I was instantly aroused and decided to creep around the back which backed onto a school and spy on the women for a cheap thrill.

I climbed over the school gates ran round the back and climbed up the fire escape where I would get a birds eye view, I couldn't believe my luck that they didn’t even bother to draw the curtains properly, I was looking almost directly at about 30 sexy, sweaty youngish women, half naked dancing.

As I sat there watching and getting lost in the moment I failed to notice a small group disappear as the rest carried on dancing.

I was there for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden my arms were fixed to my sides and I was being lifted and carried into the hall by a very angry tall beautiful brunette who was with about 5 other equally angry women. I was mortified at being caught and a bit scared at all the angry faces staring me down.

"So pervert you like peeking at women do you?"

Which I thought 'of course I do but I wouldn’t dare say it'.

"No", I said, "I was looking to see if my sister was here at band practice so I could walk home with her after."

I thought 'good one that sounds almost believable'.

Then one of the women said, "I know your brother and you don’t have a sister", she said as she said my brothers name.

Shit I thought as they angrily started gathering round me.

"How old are you?"

"16", I lied, thinking that being young would get me out of this mess.

"16 and that’s how you show your respect to women is it by peeking at them!"

"I'm so sorry", I said and red faced and ashamed.

"So you should be", she said, "well what shall we do girls, call the police or shall we teach him some manners?"

"What would you want us to do?"

"Please don’t call the police, I won't ever do it again honestly".

Just then the women started getting louder and shouting, "Teach him some respect, teach him some manners".

"Yeah! Yeah!" The group agreed.

With that I was lifted up again and carried to the changing rooms almost in tears pleading, "Please I won't do it again please!"

"Right I've got an idea girls", one of them said, "if he is so interested in our tights and leotards perhaps he can spend the night with them here on his own thinking about the error of his ways".

"Yeah yeah yeah!" they started shouting and big cruel smiles broke out on all their faces.

As their excitement grew I was petrified, it was like an out of control angry mob, "No please..." I said, "I promise not to do it again please!"

But they couldn’t hear me over their shouting.

"Ok girls get his clothes off!" and they roughly pulled my clothes off and left me standing in front of them naked trying to cover my bits.

"Put your hands down", they said, "lets see if you’re a man!"

Then laughter broke out at my young puny body quivering at the mobs feet. As they continued to mock me and push me from one to another, even slapping me a few times, I started to cry and beg them to let me go, which made them laugh and say, "Aarrrrh is the little man baby scared!" in a baby-like voice to humiliate me and it worked I felt so small and defenseless.

I didn’t think women could be so cruel but they were and they kept it up for half an hour at least, before one of the women said, "Right peeping tom now your gonna get what you deserve! Take your tights off girls I'm gonna wrap him in them and leave him for the cleaning ladies to find in the morning".

With that all the tights were thrown at me and landed all over me and the floor, I could smell the sweat and urine a mile off.

"No please, no don’t please..." I begged but they just grabbed my arms and legs and held me still while the tall brunette that first caught me proceeded to tie all the leotards around my arms and legs to hold me, I was too scared to struggle, who knows what they will do to me if I annoyed them any more. I thought to myself 'don’t make it any worse', still expecting them to let me go soon but she kept tying me tight, then just for extra humiliation she asked for all their dirty knickers, "Yeah!" they all said and tossed them at me laughing.

The brunette picked them up and put them all on my face with the gussets over my nose and mouth, she then took a pair of tights and put them over my head also to hold the knickers in place.

The smell was overpowering and the women erupted into laughter at my disgusted expression.

"That will teach you won't it!" they said as the tall brunette carried on with my encasement.

Both my legs were forced into one leg of a pair of tights and pulled up to immobilize my lower half. Then another pair and so on until about 10 more pairs of sweaty tights were encasing my legs, then more tights over my head and stretched over my arms completed my mummification. They finished off with more tights being tied around my body and then duct tape one of the women had in her car over that to properly secure me.

I was gagged, blinded, humiliated and mummified.

In a matter of 20 minutes or so made completely helpless and forced to breath the smells of sweat and piss of all the women I had dishonored.

They looked at their work for a while before bundling me into a locker, stuffed all their smelly trainers and socks in with me for good measure and locked the door. After about an hour they all dispersed and went home leaving me there all night gagging at the smells that I would have to endure until I was found and released the next morning. I had more humiliation in the morning as the cleaners that found me left me there tied up until they had finished their work about midday before finally they let me go.

I went home and told my mum I got drunk and stayed at a friends house, too ashamed to tell the truth.


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