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Cheetara In Mumm-Ra's Pyramid

by Papa Palpatine | Forum Feedback

© Copyright 2019 - Papa Palpatine - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; tomb; investigation; mum; display; trap; M/f+; bandages; majick; envelop; wrap; stuck; enslave; cons/nc; X

Cheetara arrived at the black pyramid as the sun was going down. The place was creepy enough during daylight hours, in the dark with a constant clash of thunder and lightening all around, it was even more frightening. Steeling her resolve and running around the structure at super-speed, she quickly found a door into the lair of Third Earth's most vile, wicked fiend; Mumm-Ra.

The entire tribe of warrior maidens had recently gone missing, and rumor had it the wretched bag of bones was the one behind it. If he was behind all their disappearances, Cheetara could only speculate as to how he managed to capture them all. Sure, he had the reptilian Slithe and those other repulsive mutants to do his bidding, but the lot of them were too dimwitted and clumsy to defeat and capture an entire village of skilled warrior women, let alone do it over night. As the only Thundercat not off world at the moment, it fell to Cheetara to investigate the matter.

The underground corridors of the pyramid were dimly lit by torches mounted on the walls. Cheetara explored the treacherous dark maze, keeping a keen eye out for any hint of traps or foul creatures serving as guards. After seemingly endless searching, she found a corridor full of female mummies, standing in two rows against the walls. Most of the mummies looked like they had been down here for centuries, though some looked like they might be more recent additions.

"Is this supposed be Mumm-Ra's harem?" Cheetara asked herself aloud.


In his private chamber, Mumm-Ra laughed maniacally as he viewed Cheetara from his scrying pool.

"Why yes, my dear Cheetara," He chuckled. "And you are soon to join my harem... FOR ALL ETERNITY!"


Cheetara continued down the corridor of mummies until she came to the end. It was then that she spotted Queen Willa and her sister Nayda, partially mummy wrapped! Each was perfectly bound and gagged by layer upon layer of white bandages, with only the upper half of her face uncovered. As Cheetara approached, the two women began to writhe within their wrappings.

"Mmmmmmmrph! Mmmmmmmmmrph!!!!!!" Both cried, their voices largely muffled by the bandages wrapped around their mouths.

Cheetara went to Willa first. As she started unwinding the bandages from the warrior woman's face, she asked, "Are you two alright? How did Mumm-Ra cap-"

"Cheetara, run!" Willa cried as soon as her mouth was freed. "It's a trap!"

But Willa's warning was too late. All down the length of the corridor, the mummies' wrappings came to life! Willa and Nayda's bandages immediately finished wrapping them head-to-toe, sealing away their full faces this time. Cheetara had no time to try and free them as the bandages soon came after her! She drew her staff, taking a fighting stance; but the bandages snatched her weapon from her hands with surprising swiftness. One of them then managed to grab her around the right ankle, but she quickly tore free of it and ran.

The corridor behind Cheetara was filled with one big swarm of writhing white bandages, in hot pursuit of her. Cheetara's super-speed kept her well ahead of them for the time being, but even her endurance would reach it's limit if she didn't get away as soon as possible. They chased her without tiring through the dark underground maze, the swarm even split up at several points, attempting to catch her in a pinscher move. As she came to a dead end, she had no choice but to try and run right through the swarm! Bandages continued to try and grab her, but she was too fast for any to get a loop around her.

Short of breath and her body shaking, Cheetara found her way back to where she came in, but found the heavy stone door closed and locked! The bandages were not far behind her as she looked all around for a way to make the door open. There was a panel of buttons next to the door frame, but none of them were labelled in any language she could read. Cheetara desperately pressed random buttons, hoping to find the one.

Unfortunately, as she brought back her arm to strike the last of the buttons, the bandages had caught up to her and quickly grabbed her wrist. She struggled against them, but they were too strong for her in her weakened state. More bandages grabbed her other arm, her legs, around her waist, and around her neck. They gagged her and then started pulling her back.

Cheetara could only watch wide-eyed as she was brought to the center of the swarm and bandages attacked her from every angle. They started with her right leg, tightly binding it in layers of white cloth until she could barely twitch a toe. They did the same with her left leg, her right arm, her left arm, and her torso. Next they wrapped her head, leaving only her eyes uncovered. They wrapped her in more and more tight layers, making it next to impossible for her to move. They brought her legs together, wrapped her ankles and feet, and worked there way back up her legs and body until they stopped under her armpits. She knew all too well what was to come, but there was no preventing it.

The bandages grabbed her arms, pulled them into position across her chest in the traditional mummy pose, and wrapped them securely in place. Even more layers were added to her wrappings, finally covering her eyes and sealing her fate. It had long since become impossible for her to escape; any hope of getting free long gone. The last sensation Cheetara experienced before her consciousness sank into the haze of ageless slumber was the feeling of being carried through the underground corridors; back to where the rest of Mumm-Ra's harem was being kept.


Mumm-Ra watched from his scrying pool as Cheetara's completed mummiform was placed against the wall along side Willa and Nayda. He smiled with wicked glee, already looking forward to subjugating the female Thundercat and having her to serve him with her body. The hideous gray shaft that was his penis stirred to life at the thought of all the fun he would have with his new plaything. Sending animated bandages out after the warrior maidens the previous night had not only been a success, but their queen and her sister were the perfect bait to bring him yet another prize.

It wasn't long after that the scrying pool alerted him to two more intruders outside the pyramid. He was pleased to find it was the other two female Thundercats, Pumyra and Wilykit; that later appearing to have recently matured enough to be sexually desirable. The two found a way into the pyramid, blissfully ignorant of the fate that awaited them.

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