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by G Man

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She was in a padded cell unlike anything she had known. It was on the small side, but not cramped. The walls were padded in a soft white. The lighting was warm and illuminating, coming from a mirrored ceiling. On one wall was a "couch" formed into it seamlessly. The wall curved out and then back to the floor to provide the seat. The floor was covered in an off white spongy rubber like material. Firm enough to be stable to walk on but with enough spring to prevent injury. Over near the couch though, it was apparent that the floor was different. The material there seemed looser and softer, looking almost like a nest. 

To one side of the nest, it looked like a barrel shaped mound had been formed out of black latex. The mound stood about one foot high and three feet in diameter with the rubber material gathered tight at the top in the center and spreading out and over the sides to the floor, which it joined. In the corner of the room next to the couch and "nest" was a full length mirror set into the padding. Next to that was a table/cabinet that came out of the wall from a hidden recess, and that could then go back into that recess to clear the room. The room could serve as a treatment area, and as a pure cell.

Chloe stood in front of the mirror. She loved the way it looked. So deep black and so shiny. It looked like she had been buffed with Armor-All, when it was really the skin's own sheen that made it look so good. From under her round, perfect breasts to her toes, her body was fused in Blackskin. The single high heel pushed up under her and her legs were joined in a tight column of black rubbery skin. Chloe's hands smoothed over her shapely hips, ass and thighs. It looked like it should be wet with some kind of oil, but it was dry to the touch. And it was soo smooth. She could feel her touch her own legs through the skin, but it was the same as when she had worn latex. Only this latex had shrunk when it was put on her, and was tingling to the skin underneath, meaning the adhesive was activating. Chloe could not move her legs apart, nor could she even slide them along each other.They were just stuck. And it was amazing.

She had been longing to try it ever since she heard about it. This amazing material and the beautiful doctor who had created it had been on her mind since she found out the rumours were true. There was a doctor who had pushed medicine and science for her own pleasure and that of others who wanted to share. There was a type of latex that was literally as tight as a second skin - in fact that had led to the name. Blackskin. As soon as Chloe got the phone number for the "clinic" where she could experience it for herself, she couldn't dial fast enough. Her stomach tightened and her heart raced as she asked the barrage of questions and each one was answered as she had hoped. As soon as she was off the phone, she found herself dripping and shuddering with excitement.

Now, thanks to the mild sedative, she was able to control herself somewhat, but still her heart was in her throat and her breathing was heavy in desire. The orderlies helped Chloe lean against the upright table to keep her from falling over. The lovely design of the orderlies' outfits caused their large breasts to squeeze and flatten against her as they held her. Their wrists were fused in the Blackskin jumpsuits they wore to just under their tits. Chloe's arms were folded into her back and the double-donut of Skin was unrolled over them. Again, Chloe's eyes were transfixed in the mirror before her.

"Turn me around, I want to see," she requested. 

The orderlies helped her stand up on her single foot and then turn her so that her back was angled to the mirror. The skin highlighted her butt and her arms were joined in a U glove of skin. She could not shift her arms and could wiggle her fingers only slightly due to the stretchy nature of the material. As if reading her mind, the one orderly (Black - Chloe didn't know their names, so just thought of them by their hair color; hair that was pulled into long pony tails that reached down to their Blackskin wrapped bottoms) squatted down and put her hands on Chloe's hips, pressing her chest into Chloe's hind cheeks. Red - the other orderly - then came in front of Chloe and grabbed the sides of her torso, flattening their chests together in a carnival of soft flesh. Chloe moaned and leaned forward. Her instinct was to kiss the woman before her, and her lips went to meet Red's mouth. However, all she got was her lips pressed against Blackskin. The orderlies' mouths had been gagged with a covering of the skin. Red gently rubbed noses with Chloe and then moaned through her gag as she nuzzled the neck and shoulders that were offered. Chloe let out a moan herself. The sensations she was getting from these beautiful and controlled women was amazing, added to the fact that Chloe was herself now controlled. She wanted to hug and caress Red, but her Skin wouldn't allow it. And that notion right there was just adding fuel to the flame between her legs.

"Amazing, aren't they?" It was the doctor. The motor on her chair whined quietly as she glided into the room." You should feel their tongues. You could, if they weren't gagged."

The doctor was now in front of Chloe, the orderlies still gyrating and playing with her. The doctor had forgone the lab coat she had worn at the first meeting. Now, her huge breasts were bare and the Blackskin was still as tight as the first time Chloe had seen it. The doctor was wearing a similar single boot that Chloe had on, but the doctor had decided to accessorize hers. Wide silvery steel bands crossed the black material at the doctor's ankles, above and below the knees, and thighs. A wider one still was around the doctor's waist, made narrower by the Blackskin corset she had applied. The doctor had added Blackskin opera gloves to her outfit. Over these were more bands at the wrist, forearm and bicep. All the bands had rings dangling from them for attachment to whatever the doctor desired. A final band had been formed into a snug collar around her neck; not tall enough to restrict movement or tight enough to impede breathing, but still very impressive to see. Silver chains ran from the collar ring to the rings along her arms, one for each band they connected to. The effect was a tinkling necklace of bondage, which was more effect than effective. The doctor, no matter how much she wanted, couldn't be completely immobilized. At least not yet. Tighter chains ran from the ankle band up her legs to the waistband, joining all the leg bands. The chains then went up between her breasts to her collar.

The steel was also her creation; she dubbed it Tritanium to suit her own whims. The bands were a special alloy that responded to certain radio frequencies. When the right frequency and encryption was used on a remote transmitter, the band would open. When another encryption was used, the band joined ends and melded into a single piece of metal. No lock. No escape. Just like the doctor wanted.

"You seem to be getting into the spirit of the proceedings," the doctor said. Black had now stood up and pressed herself into Chloe's back. Chloe moaned again, louder this time. Speech wasn't something that was coming easily to her.

"Cat seems to have gotten your tongue. Maybe that's an idea for later." The doctor was now closer to her, inspecting the Blackskin application with a scientific eye. The orderlies were now 'whipping' Chloe with their long hair. She could hear the gentle swish as the red and black manes drew along her still exposed skin. As she was lost in herself, Chloe didn't notice Black break off and go to the prep cooler that contained the Blackskin top to finish Chloe's outfit.

"Wait for a moment, my dear," the doctor said to the orderly." I want to play too."

The doctor pulled herself up to Chloe, her hands just barely touching Chloe's ample breasts, her nipples so hard they felt like they could cut glass. The doctor's thumbs gently flicked the hard point as her as her hands cupped under to feel the weight of her boobs. Chloe wanted to spread her legs for this woman, but that wasn't going to happen, nor could her partner in lust do the same. Part of the frustrating appeal of the bondage they had chosen. Sensing this, though, the doctor angled her hip toward Chloe and pressed the area just above her snatch. The pressure only caused her to drip more. Every sensation was being amplified. The doctor pulled Chloe closer and then hugged her tight. The chains on the doctor's arms bound Chloe as tight as they wrapped around her.

"Kiss me," Chloe pleaded, her voice was barely more than a whisper - it was all the volume she could attempt as her bottled desire was going to kill her if she couldn't let it release, but she didn't want the roller coaster to stop. The anticipation of cresting the hill was just turning her on even more.

The doctor moved down to take a nipple in her mouth, her right hand pushing on Chloe's swollen sex through the Skin. The chains clinked as the doctor's hands moved and the sound of gentle slurping could be heard, the doctor panting through her nose as her mouth was occupied. The wonderful tongue on Chloe's nipple then snaked up her chest.

"More then you hoped for, isn't it?" The doctor said, her breath on Chloe's shoulder.

"Mmmmmmm, Oooh, God yes. Mmmmmmm" Chloe didn't know what to do.



"More what? More Skin?"

"More everything," Chloe had really no concept of what she was saying. Her mind had given into lust long ago and it was pure animal desire that was speaking from her now.

The doctor pulled away from her new patient and nodded at Black to bring over the top. Red was pulling up Chloe's hair to keep it from fouling in the Skin. The stop of the doctor's sensation caused Chloe to cool slightly and look at what was happening. The sight of the Blackskin top still rolled and ready to be applied made her catch her breath.

The top was pulled over her head as Red smoothed out the neck and Black rolled the Skin down to meet the application over Chloe's flat stomach. The two orderlies worked quick as Chloe felt the cool material warm to her body heat (which was burning out of control at the moment) and the expected tingling of the adhesive starting to work. Chloe saw in the mirror the achievement of her goal.her amazing body now sexier than ever. From the neck down, she was encased in a black shiny prison. The line where the top met the Skin of the boot started to disappear as the two pieces fused to become one. Squirming was possible, but she was effectively turned into a latex worm. Her arms were no more. Nor did she even have two legs. They were now joined. Hopping or slithering would be her only mode of movement from now on. She was now as helpless and as sexy as she had hoped. Red fixed Chloe's hair, letting it hang down long onto her new body, and because of the way the orderly was bound; Chloe got a face full of splendid cleavage.

The table Chloe was leaning against started to tilt back and brought her down on her back. She wiggled to test her bondage, and found it wonderfully tight and strong. The doctor went to Chloe's right side and started to make one final check of the material. Her touch was both clinical and sensual. Chloe licked her lips as she watched the doctor in her own self-imposed bondage feel her up.

"Seems acceptable," the doctor pronounced." Feeling okay?"

"Innncredible.mmm.." Chloe closed her eyes to 'feel' herself again.

"Looks like my orderlies did another nice job. I think they should be rewarded."

Chloe looked at the orderlies on the other side of the room. They were hugging each other as best they could, their eyes showed them smiling in spite of their gags. Evidently they were hoping for a reward and they were about to get it.

"Come, girls," the doctor said. The orderlies came over as the doctor moved toward them. They were now on Chloe's left side.

"I mentioned to our prisoner there about your tongues, perhaps she should find out for herself." 

The orderlies looked at Chloe with a mischievous glance. The doctor took a spray bottle out of a pouch off the arm of her wheelchair. On cue, the orderlies went down on one knee and presented their gagged mouths to the doctor. The doctor sprayed their gags and instantly the Blackskin started to dull in the area of their mouths. The doctor used her other hand to then work her fingers underneath the Skin that was now pulling away from the orderlies' skin underneath. The bottle contained solvent that was formulated to inhibit reaction in the Blackskin and cause it to temporarily decompose. The doctor pulled at the Skin gag on Black and it pulled away like tearing dried liquid latex. The jagged pieces of skin on Black's cheek then began to react with her body heat and reseal itself to her, but her mouth was now free, or rather her lips, for she didn't open her mouth. 

More solvent was applied at the lips and they then parted revealing more Blackskin underneath. After working at it for a minute, the doctor then removed the mouth plug from Black's mouth. Chloe then saw Black's tongue being drawn out slowly with the plug, the tip having been sealed inside the plug. And Chloe also saw how long it was - longer than she was expecting. Gene Simmons had nothing on this girl. More solvent was sprayed where the tongue had been inserted in the plug and it slipped free. Judging from the slight grimace on Black's face, the solvent didn't appear to be appealing in taste, but it didn't seem to harm her in any way. Black licked her lips, the tip of her tongue easily reaching the tip of her nose as she wet her lips. The doctor then turned her attention to Red and did the same to free her mouth, Red's tongue being similar in length to Black.

"Amazing what hormones can do, isn't it?" the doctor asked Chloe, in anticipation of what was going through her mind." One week and you can increase the length of your tongue. You'd be amazed at what you can do with it then." 

The orderlies were working their jaws to get used to being free. The doctor's research had produced pills that were excellent compliments to her Blackskin. The first being a metabolic inhibitor that removed the need for food or eliminating wastes - meaning that long term encasement could be done with no messy effects. The other pills could increase bust size (as the doctor and her orderlies were examples of) and also lengthen tongues.

"Thank you, ma'am," they said, now being able to speak. The doctor was going over to the prep table with the pieces of Blackskin she had removed from her servants, playing with it like sticky gum as the solvent was wearing off and it was reacting again. She was resisting the temptation to form mittens on her hands and glue her fingers together. She put the leftover Skin into a coagulation jar to let it reform so it could be reused. Some of the solvent had spread to the doctor's gloves and some of the fingers were starting to peel. She worked quickly to reform the Skin and her fingers were encased yet again in a moment. The Skin re-fusing and becoming one. The doctor watched the skin reseal and then looked to see the skin edges on her orderlies' cheeks. It gave her an idea.

"Let's play with our new toy, shall we?" the doctor said to her servants." You (Red) will work above the neck. You (Black) will work below the waist."

The doctor operated the table controls and lowered it toward the floor, she stopped when it was about chair height. Red moved to Chloe's side and let her tongue tickle her ear. Chloe giggled and squirmed. Red's tongue could almost curl around the ear perfectly. Then, like a snake, it slid up Chloe's cheek and to her parted lips where it entered. Chloe's tongue was enveloped in the intruder as they met and their saliva mixed. Chloe felt weight on her legs as Black straddled the table and sat on Chloe's knees. Chloe looked out of the corner of her eye down at what was happening, and then up at the ceiling. The doctor knew Blackskin was also about the visual and had put mirrors in the right places for it.)

She saw the doctor take the solvent spray and apply it just at her groin. The Blackskin began to become inert and the doctor, using surgical scissors from the prep table, made a four inch slit in the Skin above Chloe's own slit. She pulled the Skin to stretch it away. Cool air hit Chloe's steaming pussy, still mostly trapped by her thighs that were bound together. Chloe swallowed as the air hit the moisture and shifted in the sensations. The doctor was working the Skin on the sides of the slit into longish strips as Black licked her lips and shifted her hips seductively. Black knew what she was to do, and Chloe didn't take long to figure it out.

"Oh, God." The words escaped Chloe's lips and she braced for it as Black leaned forward and put her mouth into the slit in the Skin. The doctor then smoothed the Skin from Chloe's groin onto Black's cheeks and it did as expected. Black was now fused into Chloe's crotch, with only a slight amount of play to allow some movement. Black reveled in the smell of smouldering sex and her long tongue snaked around inside the cauldron. First squeezing in between Chloe's tight thighs, licking up the salty sweat. The tongue then moved up and flattened against Chloe's lips, drawing up slowly as the tip just invaded inside her. It reached the now swollen clit and formed a tube around it. Chloe arched her back and her legs thrashed under the orderly who moaned and grunted - her own passion rising. 

The orderly started to grind and thrust her crotch against Chloe's knee. Sweat formed on Chloe's brow and upper lip as Red slid her own wonderful tongue to lick it off. The pungent order of sex was intoxicating to Black as she dug in deeper, gasping air as she could. Black drew in a good amount of breath like a diver about to go under. She then forced her face deep into Chloe's sex and let her tongue part the soft petals of skin and slide on the silky insides, curling up under the roof. Chloe felt a wave of sensation sweep over her as her body welcomed this visit. The tip of the tongue was searching, probing. The orderly's breath added to the heat as she exhaled. Black pulled out slightly and slowly to come up and get another breath, then went back in.

"Oh, fuck.oh, fuck." gasped Chloe. She shifted her hips to push up into Black's face. She wanted to use her arms to grab the table, but that wasn't going to happen. She tried to pull her legs apart, but they wouldn't move. The tensioning of her muscles only added to it. Her leg muscles contracted and grew hard with the strain, muscle on muscle. The tongue went in again, curling, probing, sliding, slurping, feeling... then.

Chloe had never known anything like it. She had had orgasms before, but this was a thousand-fold more intense. Every part of her body tensed and she shook violently against the spasms, her body trapped in a cocoon that it wanted out of and wanted to stay in. She wasn't just shuddering, she was possessed. Her tension was so much that she started to pull her body into a V at the waist. Her upper torso was rising and her legs pressing against the orderly over them. She gasped for air like a drowning victim, but not as desperate. Her skin was on fire under her new prison and her heart timed out the spasms. The orderly felt Chloe's nether lips grasp her tongue and pull in wonderful spurts, drawing her in. Chloe's face was locked in a grimace of pleasure, her eyes closed and her mouth formed into an O that let timed moans escape as each wave came over her. The doctor's eyes went wide with excitement as Chloe's body was rocked violently and yet still bottled up in the all covering restraint she was in. Chloe's mind was gone, short circuited in amazing sensations from all over her body. She couldn't focus, save to realize that what was happening was beyond her rational thought. She didn't want to think about it, she just wanted to go where it took her.

Chloe's mind began to return as the waves gradually lessened. She mentally tried to grab one to hold onto for just a little more, but like spirits they just melted away. Her hair was stuck to the sweat on her face. Red brushed it away and kissed her gently on the eyes and forehead, letting her regain herself. Chloe's chest heaved with exhaustion, feeling like she had just run wind sprints and her body could barely move, Blackskin or not. Black's face was still in between Chloe's legs, her breath blowing gently as Black recharged after spending energy. Chloe made sounds, for words would not form. Her eyes closed, lost in the sweet aftermath. What she didn't see was the doctor motioning to her orderlies and her orderlies looking at each other with narrowing eyes, timing themselves into sync.

Simultaneously, Chloe was hit. Red's tongue snaked forcefully into her mouth and wrapped around her tongue while Black again stabbed at her from below. Electricity shot through her as she was tortured again.

"Oh.please.mmmffph." Chloe bit her lip in ecstasy as the path was taken again. This time, the doctor moved close to Chloe's face, sliding out of her chair and onto her bound knee, chains clinking and drawing tight along her legs. She put her face down to Chloe's ear as her hands toyed with Chloe's nipples. Red moved down to her partner. Red could not join Black in her duties, but she could play with Black's groin, as pronounced as it was in the position she was in over Chloe. The doctor leaned in and continued to tongue Chloe, her right hand moving from the breast it was playing with up to Chloe's throat. The doctor's hand melded flat over Chloe's windpipe and used Chloe's own tension against her. As Chloe arched and started to rise again, her stomach and legs clenching, the doctor's hand gently pressed down. The doctor's other hand then brushed into Chloe's hair before grabbing a tail of it and pulling, forcing Chloe's chin up. Chloe's eyes opened and looked pleadingly at the doctor. It wasn't clear if she wanted it to stop or never wanted it to cease.

The fleshy eel that was Black's tongue was merciless and gentle at the same time. It came close to pushing Chloe over, but then would back down slightly in maddeningly wonderful frustration. And now that Black was getting her own treatment from Red, the motion stuttered sometimes as Black felt similar pulses from her own sex. Chloe contorted again as another bolt shot through her. She wanted to beg for it to end, but the words wouldn't form, much to her desire's delight - for this should go on. her thoughts were slurring.

Chloe lit up again and she very nearly bucked the orderly off of her - and as if she was hit with a high amp current - her body locked and twitched once more, almost more intensely this time. Black was gasping for breath as she was hit again from Chloe and also from Red who was practically pushing her forward. As the shocks passed, Chloe's body slumped onto the table, mewing and begging as she gasped for breath. The doctor's hand released Chloe's hair and smoothed it out soothingly. She kissed Chloe so gently on the lips it was almost a breath. The doctor then pulled out the solvent and aimed at Black's lower face.

"Ready my dear?" The orderly grunted and the spray was released. Red stood up and stretched as Black sat back on her haunches, pulling away from Chloe's pungent caldera of sweat and cum, the Blackskin stretching and tearing as she withdrew. Black ground her hips as she drank in cool room air, her tongue licking up the fluid on her face. The torn ends of Skin curled and shrank, becoming smooth on Black's face again. Red came around and leaned in to taste.

"You two definitely deserve a reward," the doctor said watching them kiss." Don't you think so, Chloe?" Chloe made a grunt, but it wasn't much of an answer.

"Superglue?" the doctor asked her orderlies.

"Oh, yes please!" they replied. Black climbed off of Chloe and straightened out her muscles. Red and Black moved away from the table and hugged each other, waiting for the doctor who was covering over the slit in Chloe's Skin and resealing her.

"One moment, let me let the cat have its tongue." The doctor got back in her chair and went to the prep table as Chloe's table rose up more. The doctor returned with a plug.

"Open," she instructed quietly, brushing Chloe's chin. Chloe's mouth parted.

"Tongue out." Chloe stuck her tongue out as the doctor guided the plug over the pink flesh, letting it into the center hole on the plug. The plug moved into Chloe's mouth and her lips instinctively wrapped around it, like a scuba mouthpiece.

"Bite."Chloe's teeth sank into the material like a dental mould. Her tongue was squeezed slightly and then held fast in the plug. Her teeth were cemented into the surface. The doctor then smoothed another piece of Blackskin over Chloe's lips, finishing the gag. The Skin went to just under her nose and along her cheeks, wrapped under her jaw and joined with the skin on her neck. Her breathing was now through her nose, long and deep. Chloe tested the gag and would have smiled in satisfaction.if she could have. The doctor leaned in and gave Chloe a kiss on her now gagged mouth.

"Now for you two."

The orderlies seemed like little girls about to get their ice cream. They were hopping slightly in the anticipation. They stood off to the side of the newly bound patient, holding each other tight and letting their tongues dance with each other. The doctor came over from the prep table with what looked like a double ended dildo that seemed to have some girth to it. The doctor pulled out the solvent and sprayed at the orderlies' groins, pulling away the now inert Skin. Once a patch had been opened on both of them, one end of the dildo was inserted into Black. Black grunted and shook as it settled into place. Wanting to have fun, Red knelt down and started to suck the free end, effectively performing fellatio on her partner. Chloe watched as her modified tongue teased the latex member and at one point seemed to almost wrap clear around it, even with its size.

The doctor pulled Red away gently and moved her to stand up. The solvent was then applied to the Blackskin on Red's stomach, as well as on Black's. The Skin dulled and the doctor guided the other end of the dildo inside Red, pushing her body to Black, their stomachs against each other. Now the Skin started to reform, but this time fusing the two orderlies together. The doctor worked the flaps of Skin between their legs to glue the dildo in place and cover it over. The orderlies leaned on each other to keep from tumbling due to their weak knees. Chloe watched in restrained and mute frustration. She loved it.

After another trip to the prep table, the doctor returned with two smaller double donuts. These were slid over Black's hands to the wrist, then the two held hands and the Skin was rolled over, locking their hands together, tight at their waists. Chloe could see them shivering in anticipation for what came next.

"This is something they love," the doctor explained to her literally captive audience." I developed this before the Blackskin." A gold bottle came out of the wheelchair's pouch." I did it once to them as a lark, but they really got into it. Even more when their tongues were augmented." The doctor moved over to next to Chloe's head and turned to the orderlies.

"Come close so she can see." The orderlies did as told, shuffling sideways as their two bodies were now one." Down."

The two orderlies descended gently to their knees. Obviously they had been in this situation before as they moved as if they had some practice at it. The doctor moved to just above Chloe's head so that the orderlies' mouths were right in view, unobstructed.

"Tongues out." The two long pink snakes stuck out, so long that the orderlies had to bend their heads back to keep from touching. The doctor used the brush applicator and applied a clear gel to the top of Red's tongue and the bottom of Black's. While their mouths were wide open, the doctor then applied gel to their lips.

"This is the tricky part for them," the doctor said aside to Chloe." They need to get this right on the first try."

"Tongues together." Gingerly, like two pink worms sliding together to make love, Black's tongue came down and pressed onto Red's tongue, who was pressing up to make a tight seal. They tested the join, and Chloe could see that the flesh was in fact glued together. Red and Black smiled at each other with wide open grins so as not to foul the application on their lips. Chloe was dazed at the thought of what was coming next.

"Lips."The orderlies then positioned their heads and kissed tightly, the air rushing in and out from their nostrils in bursts as they now could only breathe that way. There mouths were now joined in a permanent French kiss. They tried to pull apart and couldn't. From their sounds though, Chloe could tell that they weren't panicking or fretting. Instead they seem to be even giddier. The doctor caressed them lovingly as she admired the sight. Such frustration. To be right next to the object of your desire, to be joined to it, and yet to never be able to touch it. Wonderful. Red and Black were squirming, grunting, and wiggling.

"Go to your place," the doctor instructed them, treating them as one entity, which they were at this point. Red and Black, still on their knees, sidled over to the edge of the nest, and then fell onto it sideways, giggling. The nest undulated under them, suggesting it was like a water bed. Chloe could hear fluid gurgle and slosh under the cover.

"Time for Chloe to get tucked in for the night." The doctor used the remote for the table and had it rotate so that Chloe's feet were now pointed at the latex mound near the nest. The orderlies worked their way around so that they could get a good view of the mound. They almost had to take turns looking as their joined mouths made it awkward. The doctor spread Snake oil over the mound and especially into the center, which was actually a tight orifice. The doctor pushed her hand into the center and deep inside, spreading the oil in the tight interior; immersing her arm up to the elbow. She would have gone further, but her network of chains wouldn't allow it. It was being prepared for its captive. Then the doctor spread oil seductively all over Chloe's Blackskin. The captive was now prepared.

The table tilted forward, bringing Chloe to the vertical with her feet near the mound. Chloe had figured out what was going to happen and the doctor smiled as Chloe positioned her 'foot' over, then in the orifice. The latex parted as she was sliding in, but it remained a tight squeeze. The rubber squeaked as Chloe twisted to help with the insertion and the doctor, on her 'knee' now, pushed down on Chloe's body. Chloe felt the pressure of the material against her.

"It's filled with oil," was the doctor's explanation." It's connected to the same reservoir as the nest the girls are on." To emphasize the point, the orderlies shifted on the nest, causing the oil to expand the rubber pressing around Chloe. Chloe felt very much like a cock sliding into a pussy, and the pussy was trembling with micro orgasms.

After a few grunts and squeezes, Chloe was inserted up to the top of her shoulders. Her body was suspended in oil filled latex that squeezed her in the most amazing ways. The doctor then said that the "pussy" could be tightened by filling it with more oil. The remote was used to activate a pump to fill the bladders snug around the prisoner. Chloe loved it. She was drifting in her own world. She closed her eyes to revel in her body's bondage and compression. She opened her eyes and saw the orderlies joined in lust.

She looked up as the table was retracted and turned to the mirror again, tilting to full vertical.

"Now, it's my turn," said the doctor, her voice betraying a slight anxiety at her anticipation. The doctor went to the prep table, stood up from her chair and began to work. She fiddled with the timer on the remote control she had, setting for the estimated time it would take for her to do what she wanted. The doctor used the remote to send her wheelchair out of the cell. After it was out, the door closed, the outline of the door jamb seeming to disappear in the wall. Chloe heard the door hiss as it sealed and the lock bolts slid home. She was nervous and excited at the sound.

The doctor had prepared everything and hopped to the upright table before the mirror. In her head she was figuring the time she had left on the remote, which was sitting on the prep table pointed at her. Chloe could see that the doctor had already inserted a gag plug in her mouth and had set it in place. What the doctor put over her now stuffed mouth was not a piece of Blackskin like Chloe's, but a piece of Tritanium with a Blackskin backing. The skin sealed the metal to the doctor's face as she pushed hard against it to set it.

Once that was done, the doctor sprayed solvent on her hands, getting the Skin tacky. After a few moments, the doctor had succeeded in molding her fingers into pair of thumbless mittens. She was now waiting for the final moment. The doctor was nervous and excited, mentally making ready for it.

The remote beeped slowly. As it did, the doctor brought her arms in front of her and crossed them wrist to elbow. The Tritanium on her wrists touched the metal on her biceps, and the metal on her forearms touched each other and the Tritanium band around her waist. The doctor felt the rigid metal start to soften like solder in reaction to the signal from the remote. She pressed her wrists into her arms and her arms into her waist. The beeping from the remote quickened and the doctor set her arms for their final position. The beeping became a single tone for a brief moment then stopped. At that point the Tritanium instantly hardened, locking the doctor in a steel band straightjacket. 

She looked at the mirror. It was perfect. The metal plate over her lower face silenced her and her arms were welded in a tight frame of shiny steel. Her freedom was now gone and she wanted nothing else. The timer on the remote activated, tilting the table back to the horizontal and lowering it to the floor. As this happened, the prep table was pulled back into the wall. When the table reached the floor, it settled and disappeared, becoming part of the floor. The doctor was now with them in the padded cell. In a few hours, the timer would reopen the prep table and send out the activation for the Tritanium, setting the doctor free. But that was a few hours away.

For now, the doctor revelled in her bondage; lost in her mind and in the image looking back at her of the black and silver form held tight and strong. As well as the image of two joined women frolicking with each other and a third who was squeezed in a tight full body corset of latex and oil, as well as her own Blackskin body. In a few hours, they would begin the process of release. At least, the doctor was pretty sure she had set the timer. Wasn't she?



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