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Chris Kidnapped

by Chris

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© Copyright 2014 - Chris - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/m; capture; bond; tape; wrap; cocoon; gag; bfold; tease; tickle; kidnap; cons/nc; X

Chris is an 18yr old student in his final year in college. He is approximately 5’9, slim build with black hair. He goes to one of them colleges who take pride on being one of the best in the country in terms of results so they expect their students to represent them in the right way in appearance, in other words wearing a uniform. Chris was wearing a white shirt (untucked), sleeves 3/4length, blue tie and black trousers.

It was the final day of term and he had the house to himself for the next 3 weeks which he was looking forward to. When he got home, still in his uniform he made himself food and drink, switched on some music and sat on the sofa in his bedroom. Unknown to him his house was been watched and had been for some time.

Two men approached the house, opened the front door and entered the house. Due to the loudness of the music Chris heard none of this. Chris left his room and took his leftovers to the kitchen. He came back up the stairs, entered his room and as he was closing the door behind him arms wrapped around his pulling him further in to his room. Before he could shout out another hand went firmly over his mouth.

“MMPPH” Chris struggled as the two men forced his hands behind his back and taped them. One of the men taped Chris’ legs together. Hands and legs taped, Chris couldn’t escape. Pushing him on to the bed one of the attackers says, “Co-operate with us and nothing will happen to you”

Chris nodded, as the other attacker grabbed the roll of duct tape and wrapped it around Chris’ mouth ten times silencing him. The two men left the room leaving Chris in his bedroom

“MMMPPPPHHHH MMPPPHH” Chris rolled around on the bed squirming trying to get out of his bonds but he could not. He could hear the two men talking in the next room as they searched the house. He could not make out what they were saying but he was sure they were communicating using each others names, Steve & Adam. He did not think these were professionals.  After fifteen minutes of struggling Chris gave up and lay waiting to see what would happen next. Not long after the two men re-entered the room.

“Alright we’re going now, we’ll be long gone by the time you report this.”

Chris pulled on the tape again but it wouldn’t budge. As the men began to leave, one suddenly stopped mid step. He looked back at Chris as if he had just thought of something.

“If we leave him here, when he gets out he will be able to ID us.”

Both Chris and his companion looked at him understanding what he just said. Chris tried again at his bounds and tried calling for help trying to shout through the gag “MMMPPHHH” Both men climbed onto the bed pulling out rolls and rolls of duct tape.

“Lets have fun and we’ll take him with us!”

Chris watched as one man held his legs to prevent him kicking while the other pulled the duct tape tightly around his ankles slowly making his way up his legs pulling tighter and tighter. Chris tried to pull his legs away but he could not. Looking down Chris saw his legs was a solid silver column of tape. Reaching his waist the men rolled him over to untie his hands. Chris knew what was coming next and his last hope of escape was right now.

As his hands came loose Chris made an ambitious attempt at throwing the man off him but the attempt was bound to fail from the start. Straddling him, the man forced Chris’ hands to his sides as his partner taped them down. Knowing he was completely helpless to prevent his mummification Chris screamed into the gag


As the tape was continued to be wrapped over his stomach and then chest, pulled tightly against his body until it reached just below his shoulders leaving the top of his shirt exposed so it could be seen that he was a college boy and his neck. As the wrapping finished Chris could barely move an inch. Hoping it was all over he was sadly mistaken.

He felt more tape being wrapped around his ankles again as one of the men said, “Time for another layer”

After the second layer Chris could not move, mummified and gagged Chris was helpless. Chris shouted in to his gag again, “MMMMPPPHH” and the man that was holding him down pulled the tape out again and wrapped it around Chris’ mouth again.

“MMMMPPPHH” tighter “MMMMPPP” and even tighter “MMMMMM”.

“Now thats better!” All Chris could do was move his head and wriggle his feet wondering what these men wanted with him. The men laughed as they watched Chris’ hopeless attempts at escape.

“I love this job, I wonder if he is compatible for our clients?” Chris looked at them both, wide eyed confused at what they meant and what was going to happen.

One of the men approached Chris’ bare feet, pulled out an electric toothbrush and put it against his foot

“MMMMMMMMPP” Chris squirmed as he felt the brush against his feet. He could not believe this was happening. If being helplessly mummified and gagged wasn’t bad enough he was also going to have to endure tickling for which he is unbelievably ticklish. The other man had an evil smile on his face as he climbed on to Chris’ mummified body.

“I’ve got an idea.”

Using a scarf, the man blindfolded Chris. Unable to see Chris had no idea what would happen next. All of a sudden he felt tape pressing on the scarf and then more tape pressing on his mouth. The man had blindfolded and gagged him to the bed so Chris could not move his head.

“Ready with them brushes for his feet.”

Chris tensed as he heard them switching on the electric toothbrushes. As the brushes moved against his feet he felt hands on his neck too

“NOOOMMMMMPPPPP MMMMMPPPPPPPH” Chris screamed as much as he could into his gag, wriggling as much as his wrapped body could which was barely. Unable to move his head he could not protect his neck leaving it exposed to endless tickling. The men did not show him any mercy

“MMMMPPPPH MMMPPPH MMMMPPPPH MMMMPPPPHH” Chris screamed and squirmed, his duct tape cocoon holding him still as the tickling continued. He was starting to sweat and was becoming very hot from the tickling. To Chris the tickling felt like it wasn’t going to stop for eternity but eventually did.

When the tickling stopped, Chris breathed deeply as he regained his breath.

“Wow, he is definitely compatible, I believe our client will have endless fun with her new tickle slave.”

All wrapped up on the bed, regaining his breath Chris tensed hearing the words and suddenly lost it making another attempt to break out of the cocoon despite knowing it was impossible.

“Before we deliver him,” One of the men said. Chris suspected what was about to come but could do nothing about it. He felt them tie the brushes to his feet and turn them on again “MMMMMMMMPPPHH” Chris could not do anything to move the brushes away from his feet.

“”MMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHH” Chris screamed more and felt a hand clamp over his mouth tightly.


With the brushes working on his feet, one of the men had gone back to tickling his neck while the other handgagged Chris completely silencing him. Chris could do nothing, move or call out as the tickling drove him insane. His captors tortured him for an hour before they stopped.  Chris was broken and a sweaty mess when they finished. He had no strength to fight off any more.  He lay there as they untaped his head from the bed and carried his mummified body into the back of the van.

As they drove along, Chris lay in the back, mummified, gagged and blindfolded completely exhausted as he squirmed hoping the tape would loosen just that little bit to give him hope of any escape. However no matter how much he tried the tape did not give way.  Exhausted from the previous events Chris slowly fell asleep.

Awakening Chris found himself still mummified and unable to move.

“MMMPPPHH” Chris shouted but no one could hear him. He had no idea how long he had spent mummified, it felt like days to him. Chris could hear voices in the next room but they were muffled. A door opened and Chris could hear the voices a little more clearly. He could hear the two men who captured him and another female.

Chris was sure he had heard the voice before but could not place where he had heard it. Time passed as Chris listened to the men boasted about the events that happened earlier. The female voice then spoke from a lot closer to him than Chris thought and that was when it hit him when he had last heard that voice. He went cold to the spine and made new efforts to escape and screamed into his gag, “MMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHH”............



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