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Christmas Gift

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; wrap, machine; saranwrap; cocoon; gag; cockring; condoms; gift; F/m; latex; catsuit; nipple; tease; bond; cuffs; chast; hood; collar; video; oral; sex; denial; climax; cons; X

I had started thinking about a gift for my wife for Christmas months ago, deciding to give her a new sex toy, namely me. I had seen Gord’s chic wrapper and thought I could make something similar all be it very basic and use it on myself to “gift wrap” her newest toy. I already had an electric motor from a failed pump and easily made a turn table strong enough to hold me and bought a control switch for the speed of the turn table. Once I had that completed I made two posts to hold the plastic wrap with two large nuts that would control the rising and lowering of the wrap.

After weeks of testing I had finally found the perfect way to wrap myself completely leaving my cock exposed to be used as she wanted. Christmas eve my wife who indulged my bondage fetishes by letting me tie her tightly when even I felt like it and sometimes turning the tables on me was going to a happy hour with co-workers. Lois had “Indulged” me by letting me lock her into her steel chastity belt with two inert plugs buried deep inside her that morning forcing her to wear it throughout the day and into the night.

Lois loved being teased like this because she knew as well as I did her arousal from the plugs and the frustration of the belt made her orgasm much better once she got home. I would leave the key to the belt in the envelope on the table explaining about the use and care of her new toy. Arriving home I cleaned myself out making sure I would not need to be released any time soon and began my preparations.

I had discovered during my tests that using the wrapper for my entire body was impractical because of the inability to cut the plastic wrap once I was wrapped. To solve this I would wrap my body from head to toe leaving my arms free then use smaller rolls of plastic wrap to seal my arms to my body. The smaller rolls would run out of wrap as they reached the end of the preset limits leaving me wrapped tight but free from the machine.

After wrapping my feet and legs separately I wrapped them together very tightly then stood on the turn table. Tonight I was going to use it to wrap my body from ankles to chest then change the rolls and finish myself off. The nice thing about using the wrapper it can pull the plastic much tighter than I could so it made for smooth tight layers. I had used fine threaded posts making the wrap move slowly and covering me in many layers of the thick plastic wrap on each pass.

After a half an hour turning slowly the thick wrap had moved up to my chest, I reached over and flipped the switch reversing the direction of everything and making sure to hold the wrap as I started turning the opposite direction. After the first wrap I could let go of the plastic and waited another half an hour as the machine wrapped my body tightly a second time as it moved towards the floor.

When the machine stopped again I was thoroughly wrapped up tight, I had never used it this way before and was very impressed by how perfectly smooth and exceedingly tight the plastic was wrapped around my body. Changing the rolls and resetting the spindles to the correct height was considerably more difficult being wrapped as tightly as I was but I managed it and stood gasping as I prepared to finish wrapping myself.

Tonight I would be wrapped in green pallet wrap on the bottom with red plastic wrap on top, my cock would be sticking straight out wrapped in a tight bow of course. Carefully I cut the smallest hole possible to pull my cock and balls out. Once they were out I took the eight inch roll of pallet wrap and wrapped above and below my cock tightly then made an X pattern working the plastic tightly around the base of my swelling cock and balls. Now that they were sealed outside the plastic I took the package of rubbers and began pulling several over my cock followed by the vibrating cock ring pulled tight to the base on my now throbbing cock. Lois loved the cock ring and with my dick so well insulated by all the rubbers I would be deprived of most of the lovely sensations she would be giving me while she rode my permanently stiff cock.

Tying the bow was difficult, I was gasping from the tight plastic over my chest and could hardly bend my torso at all from the many layers. I tied the wide heavy ribbon around the base of my cock and balls cinching it and tying a knot under my balls. Looping the ribbon up and around the base of my cock tying it again very snug and making what looked to me from my angle a nice bow. With my cock properly bound and covered it was time to finish my wrapping.

Swallowing the small blue pill and washing it down with cool water would guarantee my wife would have an erect play thing for hours. I took the large foam ball and checked the hole in it and began working the sphere into my mouth. This was made of very dense foam and even though it had a hole in the center would only allow breathing through it if you stretched your mouth very wide to allow the hole to open slightly. It was a very effective gag and was much safer than stuffing our mouths with a solid ball.

Taking the small roll of pallet wrap I began wrapping my head and neck, making sure neither was too tight as I continued to wrap layer after layer until no sight other than blurry light was possible and my hearing was diminished. Wrapping diagonally I sealed my mouth around the foam ball adding to the helplessness I was already feeling and making my dick stretch the rubbers further.

With my head and neck now wrapped tightly, the plastic wrap connecting my chest wrappings to my head made turning my head difficult so I began to wrap my arms. I had found out in my experiments when I wrapped my legs separately first then wrapped them together they were much more secure and immobile. So now I was going to wrap my arms separately hoping the same would be true. This was the first time I would be completely wrapped and butterflies swarmed my stomach as I continued to wrap layers of the plastic around my arms from my shoulders to my palms.

With my arms covered I took as deep of breath as I could and pulled the loose ends of the two rolls of wrap and attached one to my right side and the other to my left and flipped the switch. I did not want to wrap over my straining cock so I crossed my arms in front leaving one hand on top of the other palms down just below my stomach. This way I could set the stops so they quit lowering just as the plastic reached my cock and started its return trip to the upper stop.

I felt the plastic pulling tightly over my shoulders as I spun slowly then moving down less than an inch at a time over my arms. With each rotation my freedom was being taken away making my dick strain harder against the rubber covering it both arousing me more. When the plastic reached my hands I was gasping from the increased tension but knew it would get better as I flexed and twisted to get into position. Calming myself I felt the plastic begin its trip back up my already fully wrapped arms.

There is a slight delay when the wrap changes direction making that area get several more layers before it starts back up leaving my hands pressed tighter than I had ever felt against my stomach. I stood concentrating on keeping my balance and struggling to get enough air into my lungs as the plastic continued to climb, each pass increasing the tension. When the plastic pulled free of the empty spindles I almost feel over, catching yourself while mummified on a rotating platform is not easy.

As soon as I felt the platform stop moving I hopped off, I had practiced going from the “office” to where the Christmas tree would be placed with just my feet bound building up to being totally wrapped, lightly around the arms. As soon as I tried to hop to find a wall to get my bearings I found that I could only bend my knees slightly. I grunted under the plastic as I used my feet to force myself to move a little. After a few attempts I got the rhythm figured out and quickly found the wall and knew which way to go.

The much shorter hops I had to make from only using my feet made progress slow combined with the added pressure around my chest making me stop every few hops and rest. I hoped I would make it to the spot before Lois came home and forced myself to continue to move forward. As the frustration built from fighting the plastic I could feel my cock swelling into the ribbon tied around it and could tell it was getting tighter and groaned as I thought about it possibly getting uncomfortable.

As my cock grew it started bouncing more with each hop, this movement started to become painful resulting in it increasing in size even more as my arousal and the effects of the little blue pill increased. Reaching the spot where I had planned to be lying, under the large and heavily decorated Christmas tree. I leaned against the wall and panted trying to force my mouth open so I could breathe through the foam ball and found two things. I had wrapped my head way too tight and opening my mouth was all but impossible and I had forgotten to open a breathing hole in the plastic covering my mouth.

As I leaned panting through my nose I had a mild panic attack and found out just how trapped I was, the extra wrapping around my arms coupled with the layers of tight plastic over them welded my arms in place and I could not move them at all. As I struggled to free myself, no longer thinking of my beautiful wife but only getting out. I found I had wrapped the rest of my body masterfully and could barely bend any part of it. I struggled until I couldn’t get enough air and stopped still leaning against the wall and still wrapped up tighter than ever and totally helpless with my dick sticking straight out in front of me, the rubbers and bow now fighting to keep it under control.

I don’t know how long I stood panting and trying to accept what I had done to myself but I finally decided I needed to lay down and try to enjoy what happens when I’m found. Being unable to bend more than a few inches I decided I would scoot my feet out from under me and let gravity do the work for me. I had slipped a third of the way when suddenly my cock and balls felt like they were being pulled off. I moaned and tried to stop sliding but I was unable to. I fought to keep from bending any further which was not difficult and slid down until my shoulders slammed to the floor.

I was grateful for the thick layers of plastic padding the fall and that the pulling also stopped leaving me with aching balls as I twisted and scooted away from the wall so I could lay my head flat. I knew the tree was to my right, I could just make out the dim glow of the lights. My first thought was to roll over but found out quickly I could not bend enough to begin the roll so I twisted and drug my feet until the lights were directly above me.

As I lay gasping my cock and balls were still aching and I desperately tried moving my hands to them finding just as I had when I was falling that they were still welded in place surprising me with how well I had immobilized them. I lay for awhile finally getting comfortable and gently testing the plastic holding me so firmly feeling my dick swaying as I twisted and pulled at the plastic. My thoughts drifted off and I dreamt of Lois finding me and keeping me wrapped for days, riding my cock for hours at a time never letting me cum when I awoke to a throbbing pain in my cock and balls.

I couldn’t see it but I could feel that my arousal had forced more blood into my already engorged cock and now the ribbon was extremely tight and keeping it constantly hard and swelling. The more I struggled the more it hurt and soon I was lying whining and moaning as the pain just would not ease. I drifted off again only to be wakened by hearing my wife’s voice, I struggled briefly remembering my predicament and stopped to listen realizing she was talking to someone else!

I couldn’t hear everything but the little I could hear I could tell Lois had been drinking and apparently drinking too much. I stayed quiet not wanting anyone else to see me wrapped up and helpless under the tree. While I listened to the three women talk my cock grew again making me want to whine loudly as the tears welled up in my eyes. I remained quiet until I heard the door close then heard Lois walking past me, her high heels clicking loudly on the tile floor and moving quickly. I whined but she went past me into the bedroom, I started to struggle again trying to yank or pull the plastic but only succeeded in frustrating myself more and making my cock wiggle and shake in the air.

While I struggled I missed her coming back into the room and finding the note on the table. Lois sat down and read it then quietly padded over to the living room and watched her new sex toy struggling on the floor. Lois giggled and ran back to the bedroom to get “ready” the alcohol making her feel very dominate as I lay struggling to breathe as the plastic felt like it was getting tighter crushing me inside my hot sweaty cocoon. I had stopped struggling when I heard Lois say “Well I have an early Christmas present!” I froze as I listened to her say, “Maybe I should be a good girl and wait for tomorrow morning to open it!”

I immediately started struggling again and could hear her giggling when she said, “Oh I’m not in a good girl mood” and felt my feet being raised as I was drug from under the tree. “I have always wanted a full size sex toy,” Lois said still giggling. “The instructions say to use as many times as I want before unwrapping it”. Lois said this as she grabbed my bulging but numb cock and yanked and twisted it. “This is much bigger than my husband’s I hope he won’t mind”. I knew I was not getting out by the tone of her voice and her reaction to my rubber coated cock.

What I didn’t know was she had been planning a special present for me as well and had I waited until Christmas night to give mine to her I would have been in an entirely different position. I could hear Lois making several trips to and from the bedroom and once thought I heard something get dropped on the floor near my head. When Lois had finished carrying the multiple boxes that she had gotten for me she returned to my side lying next to me describing her current ensemble and wished her husband was there to appreciate it.

“What a nice bow, it looks like it getting loose,” Lois said as she pulled up on the bow and began to twist it. I could feel something happing to my cock and balls but it wasn’t until I felt more pressure at the base that I realized she had tightened the damn ribbon! “Now my toy will know what it’s like to have someone else in control of his sex for a few days!” I heard “days” and started to whine and moan trying to twist around under her. “Oh! A wiggly toy that will be so much more fun!” I heard her say as I continued to twist while she continued to pull and yank on my cock.

“I wish I wasn’t locked in the chastity belt I could really have fun with you, but I guess we will have to wait for my hubby to come home,” Lois said as she got off my legs and walked away. I didn’t know it but she had found the key to the belt and had already removed it before slipping into her bright red latex catsuit she had bought to wear for me on Christmas day. Lois walked around in her tall high heeled boots setting up the video camera so I could watch her later leaving me alone to struggle and whine in my cocoon more aroused than ever.

I don’t know how long I lay there but it felt like hours and I was getting worried she had passed out somewhere and I was stuck until she woke up. Lois doesn’t drink much and likes to go to sleep after having a few so I hoped she would stay awake long enough to cut me loose. As I lay thinking about maybe this hadn’t been such a good idea I felt her hands stroking my encased body and could hear her saying something but couldn’t make it out.

Lois was putting on a show for the camera, she was stroking my body and rubbing my cock while she talked to the camera about how big and red the toys cock was. Lois continued with her acting as she slowly unzipped her crotch and fingered herself while she sat on my thighs moaning. Lois unzipped her rubber further exposing her full breasts and with sex appeal dripping she said, “I need some punishment too” and clamped both her nipples in front of the camera.

All I knew was she was sitting on my thighs and I tried to wiggle and hum but the gag muffled my weakened noises to the point she thought I was having fun. Lois mounted my aching cock, throwing her head back as she slid further down its shaft. I could feel the heat rise on my cock but had no idea she had mounted me until she was sitting full on my hips. She wiggled and thrust on my numb cock throwing herself forwards and backwards landing on her hands on my chest and lower legs. I could see her humping the rubber cock in my mind and started enjoying myself again.

Lois thrust forever before I could hear her screams as she orgasmed but kept pumping and slapping my body as she continued to yell. I had always enjoyed her orgasm’s and tried to move something to help but was held firmly motionless by the thick layers of plastic. I felt Lois lay forward on my chest mumbling as she gasped for air then I could hear her say, “Next time I’ll use the vibrator”. Before getting off my cock she closed the zipper of her suit showing the camera her trapping the clamps under it then slid back and finished zipping it closed.

I had been left alone again, I could see nothing and hear very little and was getting worried again. Lois was on top of me again and I could tell by her voice she was facing my feet. Lois unzipped her suit a little making sure she showed the camera the outlines of the clamps still biting her nipples under the tight rubber before sliding down on my hard cock again. As Lois started riding me she kicked her feet back digging her high heels into my sides. I was starting to try and complain when the vibrator came on and I could feel it and hoped her orgasm took a long time so I might be able to get off forgetting about the heels.

It seemed like days before Lois started to get wild on my cock again, I was lying quietly concentrating on the vibrations when suddenly she kicked her feet back further and it felt like someone was stabbing me in the sides. I squirmed and twisted as she orgasmed on top of me helpless to stop her from gouging my sides and ruining my chance at cumming myself. I felt her hands on my calves and the vibrator get turned off and knew I had missed an opportunity. When my dick got cold again I knew she had slipped off me and was just sitting on my stomach rubbing herself. I tried to move my hands under her butt making her squeal and jump up only to return quickly and say something’s come loose under here, as she rubbed where my hands were held.

I felt her pressing on my hands and stomach then felt her roll me to my side and whined loudly hoping she wouldn’t roll me onto my cock but she stopped and rolled me back onto my other side and continued this for several minutes. I hadn’t noticed until she said, “There all tightened up” that she had been wrapping me with tape! I could now not move my hands at all, the small amount of slack I had struggled for was completely gone making more helpless than before.

“I need a drink,” was all I heard as she walked away leaving me alone again in my dim lit world of frustration and complete helplessness wondering when she would get tired of this game and if she would remember to free me. The plastic wrap was still holding me firmly as I continued to try to free myself gasping as I fought it and needing to stop when air flow got too thin. I heard her walking in her high heels and wondered what she was wearing since she must have changed since removing the belt and dreamed of her wearing something rubbery and tight.

Once again she surprised me by suddenly sitting on top only this time I heard a loud crack then felt a slight sting in my right hip. Lois had gotten a riding crop and was whipping me as she posed for the camera, unzipping her suit again allowing her clamped breasts to bounce as she stroked my rubber sheathed cock even whipping it some before mounting it again and turning the vibrator on high. Lois kept hitting me harder as she screamed and bounced on my rock hard cock still not giving me any stimulation other than the vibrations and now the painful stings of the whip.

Lois continued whipping and bouncing keeping me on the edge of an orgasm for what felt like days. She would stop every few minutes and flop onto my chest reaching up and plugging my nose until I started to fight for air under her. Laughing she would release my nose and start pumping my vibrating cock all while moaning and whipping my captured body harder and harder. After, what I would find out later was an hour and a half of this she screamed as her orgasm crashed onto her. Lois sat straddling me shuttering and convulsing for several minutes blindly whipping me as the orgasm passed leaving her exhausted and fulfilled.

Inside the cocoon my body was desperately trying to cum and was wildly pumping in her wet pussy but tight ribbon and multiple condoms wouldn’t allow any release leaving me in tears of frustration as I knew I wouldn’t be able to cum until she at least untied my aching cock. While I struggled with this realization Lois had collapsed next to my straining body falling into a satisfied drunken sleep. I tried to wiggle and moan to wake her but in her state nothing would have roused her and after fighting my bonds and weeping at my aching cock and balls I too soon fell asleep.

I woke up slowly moaning into the foam ball from my entire body aching but as I flexed inside the hot cocoon my cock and balls screamed with pain. I couldn’t see them but they felt like they were still swollen and were definitely still tied tightly. I wiggled and twisted but could not feel her next to me anymore and started moaning louder until I heard her yell, “I’ll be with you in a minute!” I quieted and lay still smelling coffee and then bacon before I started moaning and whining again thinking she was fixing breakfast while I was dying over here.

I fought until I couldn’t anymore, my strength depleted and could no longer think about anything other than breathing and how much I wanted to cum. Finally she returned to my side saying how much she had enjoyed her new toy and wondered if she could use it one more time. Feeling my swollen cock grow even stiffer as she had began stroking it she giggled and said, “I guess so” and started to stroke it faster. While she played with the rubber cock she untied the ribbon getting a loud muffled sigh from her toy as the feeling began to rush back to my cock with the newly found blood flow.

Lois climbed back onto my cock and started riding it harder and faster turning on the vibrator again as she rubbed her hands all over my plastic coated body. The sensation of being totally helpless mixed with the feeling of her bouncing on me mingled with the images in my head of my beautiful wife bucking on top of me finally allowed me to cum. The orgasm was so powerful and lasted so long I actually started to think I had passed out and was dreaming. Lois finished getting herself off and was lying next to my sealed body stroking me as she told me how much this had meant to her and she wished it didn’t have to end. I was panting but happy, I had finally got the release I was longing for and knew I had made her happy also.

As we laid there I heard her say, “It doesn’t really have to end, I can keep my new toy as long as I want.” I moaned under the plastic but then started to struggle as I felt her tying the ribbon back around my cock and balls while she rubbed the layers of rubber still covering it. I tried to struggle but didn’t have the strength and could only lay there and pray she would release me some time soon. Lois left me alone while she got dressed again in her red latex and black high heeled boots locking her chastity belt back around her waist along with her collar and cuffs linking her ankles together and stuffing her mouth with a large ring gag head harness and locking each strap with small padlocks.

I felt the tension around my legs ease, the feeling continued up over my hands and up to my neck. Lois pulled my hands from under the plastic and quickly cut the remaining wrap from my arms. As I tried to regain some movement in my arms she cut away the plastic on each of my legs then removed the ribbon and all the rubbers I had on my cock wiping my cock and sweat covered body with a towel before handing me the scissors so I could cut away the plastic covering my head and left me alone again.

I was able to cut the plastic away from my sweaty head and pried the foam ball from my mouth and lay on the floor rubbing my sore cock and balls for about twenty minutes before the smell of more breakfast cooking made me get up and crawl to the kitchen table. After getting into the chair I looked at Lois in her new bright red latex suit, her firm ass was split by the bar of the chastity belt stretching the rubber tight around her ass. The tall spiked heels of the boots making her ankles wobble as she stood in front of the stove cooking. I noticed her ankles locked together by a short chain then spotted another chain hanging from her wrist and smiled.

Lois turned towards me showing the large o-ring gag and snug collar as she brought me a plate of bacon and eggs with a pot of coffee. After setting it all on the table she handed me an envelope and linked the chain dangling from her right cuff to her left and locked it behind her back. I smiled weakly at her and felt my still swollen and sore cock begin to grow as I opened the envelope and three keys fell out and I read her note.

“Thank you for my wonderful present, I am also your Christmas gift this year and plan to fulfill all your dreams. I will serve you any time, any way you want until next Christmas. Please keep me locked up and helpless as much as possible, love Lois.” As I read this she had knelt and crawled under the table and was already sucking my cock while I read and continued while I ate breakfast. My first orgasm of Christmas was going to be with my cock being sucked by my loving wife on her knees dressed in red latex, I smiled at how lucky I was and knew how hard it was for Lois to submit to me at all much less ask for an entire year and I hoped it would be longer.

Lois worked on my cock for thirty minutes, finally making me cum again while I panted heavily and held her head tightly to my crotch. I leaned back gasping and watched her back up on her knees and work herself out from under the table amazed and her agility still cuffed and gagged. When she leaned back and quickly stood up I looked at her with a raised eyebrow and she said something I couldn’t understand at first then shuffled towards the bedroom.

While she was gone I figured out she had said, “Practice” when I had given her the confused look and wondered maybe she really did intend on being my slave for the next year. Lois returned carrying my robe behind her and handed it to me before waking to the tree. I watched her skillfully crouch in front of one of the boxes and then grab it and stand back up. I was impressed again and said, “Well the practice has paid off”. She grunted and shook her head in agreement and then mumbled, “Oen t” I smiled and said, “Excuse me?” she tried to speak around the large ring holding her mouth open and said, “Opn t”.

I laughed and asked if she wanted me to open it? She giggled and nodded she did. I opened the card first and read another note written by my wife. “I have been collecting everything I hope you will need and use to keep me under control and locked up tight and I expect you to use every item on me Christmas day and as many as possible every day afterwards. All the keys are with each item I do not have any copies so don’t lose the important ones. Your wife/slave Lois.

I smiled at her standing next to me with her head down and thought she really has been studying and started to open the box. I pulled a very large penis gag attached to a leather panel, the harness had so many straps that I knew it could not be removed without help. Lois stood saliva running from her gapping mouth onto her latex covered breasts as I studied the gag harness stunned she would have picked such a severe gag for herself. I dug the locks from the bottom of the box and as I turned towards her she turned and knelt in front of me.

I removed the ring gag and worked the harness over her head and forced the large cock into her mouth and started pulling the straps tight making sure everything stayed centered and straight. After several adjustments including two for retightening I had her mouth properly sealed and the skin on her face bulging over the straps. After I was finished she stood up striking a pose and modeled her new gag even showing me how efficient it was a keeping her silenced. I was sitting in my robe smiling at her as my cock started growing again and watched her shuffle to another package and carry it back to me.

We spent the rest of the afternoon opening her gifts to me and then placing them on her body. There were only a few I chose not to apply but she was now shackled at her ankles, above and below her knees and had two more wrapped tightly around her thighs. They were all steel and had permanent chains between the wide steel cuffs. Her breasts were clamped under the red rubber and a stainless steel bra had been strapped on over the rubber and clamps. Her head and neck were held firmly erect by the thick leather posture collar making it impossible for her to look down without bending at her hips.

Her leather cuffs on her wrists had been replaced by matching steel ones and two more pairs held her arms tightly together above and below her elbows. She was having more and more difficulty making the trip to the tree and back but was also running out of boxes. The last two were another pair of ballet boots but these were crotch high and could be attached by wide bands to the waist of her chastity belt. The last box held three hoods two leather and one very thick latex that matched her suit, it had no mouth and only small holes over the eyes and under the nose.

I took the hood and stretched it over her head and zipped it closed sealing her in total rubber enclosure and watched her walk around getting used to the restricted view and even more restricted breathing. I finally said, “That box near the tree is for you, get it and bring it here and I’ll open it for you”. She shuffled slowly to the box and was barely able to pick it up by the ribbon tied to it and carried it over to me. I opened it while she stood gasping next to me, she moaned and jumped in excitement when she saw the first item was a leather arm sleeve.

Lois had always teased me about wanting one and even though at the time I wasn’t sure she would actually let me use it on her I got her one to quiet her about it. “This will become her normal attire in the near future,” I thought to myself. Lois stood wiggling in her rubber and steel, the chains making a slight clinking sound as she stood quivering in anticipation waiting for me to show her the next item.

When I pulled the leather catsuit out of the box she squealed, instinctively her hands tried to reach for it but were stopped by the heavy steel holding them behind her back. I held it up and explained that it laced down both sides to assure a perfect fit and that I thought she would look wonderful in it when we go out. Lois stood staring through the small holes in her hood and moaned in agreement.

Laying down the suit I showed her the long gloves that went with the suit then pulled out the hood that I had gotten her to match. I had been unsure about everything until now but had gotten into ordering the items with the greatest of hope she would at least wear them once. The hood was amazing it laced from the top of the head down the back closing the collar as it wrapped around her neck. The whole thing would make any movement impossible from her shoulders up and had detachable eye and mouth covers making long term wear possible, something else I had not considered until now.

Lois stared at the hood as I stood it up on the table and pulled out the last items, a pair of handmade ballet boots that would lace from her knees to her ankles both having a flap that would cover the laces and could be locked closed. I sat them next to the suit and hood then showed her the attachments for the hood teasing her saying all we would need is the large o-ring that had a penis shaped plug that could be used to fill her mouth.

I stood up and hugged Lois and thanked her for the most wonderful gift I had ever gotten and went to the couch and sat down. Lois wrestled with her bonds while she tried to pick up the laptop that was attached to the camera. After watching her fight with the steel I got up and went to the computer and unhooked it from the camera. I asked, “Do you want to watch it with me?” she grunted she did so I unzipped the rubber hood and pulled it from her sweat soaked head. I left the gag and collar on and went back to my seat on the couch.

Lois shuffled to a place beside me and stood waiting for me to start the show. I pulled her around and told her to sit on the couch next to me. Watching her rubber coated body moving and realizing how difficult even something simple like sitting down was incredible, each movement pulling on something else and the light reflecting off not only the steel but the shiny red under it. Once she was able to sit she sighed from the relief of the pain from her feet but found she could not look over or down to see the screen, the realization of this making her moan loudly as I started the video.

I laughed and said, “You need to figure it out.” Lois twisted and shifted her body finally falling over with her head on my lap in between me and the laptop. I wasn’t sure she would be able to see the screen from that angle either but she made no effort to sit up so I stroked her body with one hand as I hit play with the other. We watched the video together, I fast forwarded through the dull times and she lay with her head on my lap. Lois was giggling as she saw herself doing the things she had done. Lois giggled when she felt my cock harden under her head as I watched her fuck my helpless body.

Before we were half way through I stopped the video and told her to sit up, my cock had grown so hard it needed to be relieved. I watched her struggles to sit up, her cuffed hands flailing behind her as she tried to swing her cuffed legs out. All this struggling made me hornier so I grabbed her and swung her to her knees in front of me. Lois was smiling behind the gag as she looked up at me and I fumbled with the locks holding the confounded head harness on. Finally removing it she gasped slightly as I pulled the phallus from her mouth and said, “May I have the ring gag sir?” I was shocked but dashed to get it and quickly had it strapped tightly into her mouth. Lois worked on my cock for a half an hour again as I sat watching the video and held her head tightly between my legs.

I only removed Lois’s gag long enough to feed her, and only once today did I unzip her suit and told her to go to the bathroom before going to bed. I don’t know how she managed in the bathroom but she returned several minutes later giggling with her hands and arms still chained tightly behind her. We both were tired and I led her to the bedroom by a leash I attached to the collar then once she was on the bed I tied the leash to the head board and lay down next to her. Lois had astounded me, she had fucked her x-mas sex toy for over twelve hours then spent that night and the next day still in her latex and twenty four more hours bound and now had lay down without complaining once. I would have a long talk later about her “practice” but tonight I’ll sleep well and dream up new ways to tease my wife/slave tomorrow.

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