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Circ du Slavery

by ZTVFemdomtales

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© Copyright 2016 - ZTVFemdomtales - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; circus; F/m; seduce; sex; pantyhose; bond; wrap; gag; captive; bodyhose; cocoon; susp; enslave; cons/reluct; X

The circus is a sinful place. That was what my parents always told me anyway. That’s where drifters and other unclean souls gathered. The circus is dirty, shows too much skin and mistreats God’s creatures. No good Christian would be caught dead in such a place. So of course I couldn’t wait to see one.

I bided my time knowing once I turned eighteen they would have no other say in the matter. Something happened that summer that changed my plans and my life forever. A brand new kind of circus began touring the country. It was known simply as Nu, which I learned latter was French for nude. It was being billed as an adults only circus.

I almost fell out of my chair when I read they were performing one town over. The problem? It was coming in July. My eighteenth birthday was in August. Would I let one lousy month keep me from seeing this? Of course not. In hindsight maybe I should have.

I waited till the last night so my parents would think they'd won the battle. After they went off to bed I crept out and drove over to the next town where Nu awaited. The show was housed in a large outdoor tent like any good circus should be. Of course this was no good circus. The tent wasn't bright and colorful. The whole thing was done in a single color: nude. 

Sexy women in skimpy and feathery Vegas showgirl costumes lead us to our seats. The girl who escorted me sat me down in the front row. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. 

"Enjoy the show. I know our ring-mistress will," she whispered sexually in my ear. 

I gulped as she left and the lights went out. Suddenly the center spotlight turned on and I nearly jumped out of my seat. A woman had suddenly appeared right in front of me. Not just any woman mind you but a sex goddess made flesh. At least that's what I thought at the time. 

Long sexy legs in heels and fishnets met powerful womanly hips and an ass that almost demanded to be grabbed with both hands. They were covered by a pair of short shorts that left little to the imagination. A shiny white corset held to her thin waist and massive breasts. If I were to guess I would say they were somewhere in the double D range. A small red leather jacket was worn over that kept open so everyone could see the two fleshy mounds trying to escape. Long wavy hair a mix of blond and brown hung down around her shoulders. A top hat sat jauntily on her head.

"Hello everybody!" She shouted, "You ready for one hell of a night? I know I am!"

Everyone cheered and hooted. It was like a roar erupted around me. The Ring-Mistress looked right at me and winked. Then the lights flickered and she was gone. Loud music began playing. Suddenly female acrobats came flying out of nowhere. What caught everyone's eyes immediately was that these women were totally naked save for full body pantyhose. The only thing tighter than their outfits was the bulge in my pants. 

The women jumped off trampolines, ran up walls, hung from the ceiling by ribbons. I don't know which one I found more incredible: their bodies or what they could do with them. Too soon however the show ended and we began to pour out of the tent. I was stopped by a hand on my shoulder. It was one of the performers.

"The Ring-Mistress would like a word with you."

With me? 

"Oh, OK."

I followed her out behind the tent. The whole way my mind was torn between two conflicting thoughts. God that woman's ass is incredible. God they know I'm not eighteen and I'm in so much trouble. She lead me to a small red trailer and held the door open for me. Thanking her I went inside. It was a small office with the Ring-Mistress behind the desk. 

"Hello?" I asked weakly.

"Well hi there cutie," she said grinning broadly, "do you wanna sleep with me?"

"Excuse me?"

Well that was not how I saw this going.

"In every town we go to I pick some lucky audience member out of the crowd and sleep

with them. This time around I want you. What do ya say?"

Oh god was this really happening?

"Sure, why the hell not."

No way I was going to let this opportunity slip past me. I mean when would this ever happen again? She smiled. 

"Excellent, follow me then."

She stood up and walked out of the office. Chasing after her we passed through the busy workers closing up shop. Beyond that was a clearing with no one to be seen. Just beyond it a large red train sat on the track ready to go.

"You actually have a circus train?" I asked.

"Where else would we live?" She asked matter of factly.

I had to laugh at that one.

"Yeah, I guess you're right about that."

She lead him down the length of the train to the last car before the caboose. It was the only car to have its own exterior entrance save for the lead one. Up a small set of stairs they climbed leading into an apartment of all things. There was beige carpeting, a kitchenette, TV, chairs, a table, everything you would find in a modest little apartment in the city. Set up against the rear wall of the car was a bed. And what a bed it was.

There was a large mattress, large enough for three or four people to sleep on or together on he thought. Large pillows sat at the head propped up against the wall. Everything was cream in color which I reckoned went with her love for the color nude. What really made the bed striking was that the four legs of this sheetless canopy bed were carved into the shapes of trees whose thin leaved branches all met in the middle with a small bird's nest on it. He had never seen a bed like it.

She took my hand and led me over to it. Gently she pushed me down on my back climbing on top of me. She started slowly teasingly kissing me on the lips. Soon I found myself kissing her right back. They stopped being gentle little pecks and we were lost in a mutual passion I never felt before. In a flurry of activity our clothes were yanked off and tossed aside. She shoved me down and mounted me like she was trying to swallow me whole with her wet pussy. 

With a fierce passion she began to ride me like she was on bucking bronco. I thrusted beneath her moaning at the immense pleasure she gave me. God this amazing! Each time I came close to climaxing she would slow down and prolong our time together. Hours passed and I became lost in our love making. As she continued to ride me she sat up and pulled a wad of pantyhose from the nest atop the bed. She began wrapping some of the leggings around my chest and arms.

"What are you doing?" I panted.

"I love the feel of pantyhose against my body during sex. It makes the orgasm so much better. That's ok right?"

"Yeah, sure."

She wrapped three more pairs around me. If I hadn't been so high on the feelings she was causing in my crotch I would have noticed I couldn't move my arms anymore. She did the same to my legs. When she was done she wrapped herself around me, pulled me in close and rode me to explosive climax. Exhausted we lay there panting. Eventually her heavy breathing turned to light snoring. She had fallen asleep! 

I must have fallen asleep myself at some point because I awoke with a start. There was a weird pressure on my legs. Struggling to push myself up, I still had a band of pantyhose around my arms, I saw the Ring-Mistress wrapping layer after layer of pantyhose around them. 

"What are you doing?"

"It's a few days till we stop again, I have to make sure you'll keep."


It was only then I noticed the landscape outside the small window was moving. The train had left in the middle of the night with him on it!

"Listen I've got to get off this train. There's been some kind of mistake."

"Oh no, no mistake sweetie. It's all part of the ritual."


"At the last show in each town I pick a cute guy out of the crowd and bed him. If he doesn't pass muster he finds himself booted out before he knows what happened. If they please me, like you did, they have a few days in my cocoon to impress me. If they fail to impress me further, which they all have, my women deal with them. When one finally does go all the way for me he will have the pleasure of my company for all eternity. Let's see if it's you."

"Help! Help! Somebody help me!"

She shoved a wad of pantyhose in my mouth then secured it with several layers of hose around my head ending just under my nose. I moaned and groaned but barely anything came out. All I could do was watch helplessly as she went back to wrapping me. Soon my entire body was cocooned in pantyhose. The only things left exposed were my head and groin. 

"Now I've got to check on something for our next show. Get nice and horny for me while I'm gone."

With that she stood and left me alone in her bed. I began to trash about and tug at my restraints. It did no good they were too tight. All I managed to do was wear myself out. Well that and turn myself on from the feel of the hose rubbing against my crotch. When she returned I was fully erect again.

"You follow orders, good. Let's see what else you can do."

The next few days passed in a haze of sexual bliss. She was ravenous assaulting my body whenever she could. The only break I got was when she was too exhausted to move and just collapsed on top of me, never bothering to take me out of her. She would nuzzle up next to my ear and whisper to me. She told me about herself at least everything from the moment she started Nu and renamed herself the Ring-Mistress. I asked her about before that, after she ungagged me on the second day, but she said it didn't matter. That life was gone and she never wanted it back. I told her about my life and she listened intently, studying me. Then the train pulled into the next town.

"Well better go address the troops."

So she left me laying there, flushed from her last conquest of me. Suddenly a side door opened up and two women wearing full body pantyhose walked in. 

"Let's get him with the others before she finds her next one."

"What? No, wait …"

Before I could say anything else they shoved a knotted pantyhose into my mouth gagging me. They produced a bodystocking and began sliding it over my feet. Well it looked like the kind of full body pantyhose they were wearing except it had no sleeves for limbs, it was one solid tube of material. They slid it up over me knotting it off behind my hands. I began to panic and thrash around. Producing several more packages of leggings they wrapped me again. This time however nothing was left exposed. 

I was alone in a tiny dark world unable to see or speak. Tears rolled down my cheeks as the fear of my situation gripped me. My world was then lifted up and began to move. I couldn't help but wonder what had gone wrong. Why didn't she want me? I thought we were getting along so well. It never occurred to me that I shouldn't want to be a stranger's prisoner. 

Eventually we stopped moving and I felt something hook into the back of my cocoon. I heard a mechanical whirring and I was pulled up into the air. I could hear the women leave, the door close and I was alone. I have no idea how long I hung there like that all I knew was suddenly I heard her shouting.


Then the hose was violently ripped off my face and there she was looking at me, tears in her eyes. 

"Oh thank God. Don't worry baby, I'll get you out of there."

It was then I got to look around. I was hanging from a hook in a car with twenty other cocoons hanging around me.

"Are those …?"

"Those are the men that didn't make the cut," my Ring-Mistress told me, "when the car is full we find lonely women willing to pay for a sex slave all their own. From now on my girls will be in charge of stocking our inventory. I'm going to be too busy with you. Well I should say most my girls. These two won't be."

The two women who brought me in here were dragged in totally naked.

"It was an honest mistake," one of them said.

"One you will never make again," Ring-Mistress told her.

The women had belts locked around their waists with vibrators attached now pressed up against their vaginas. The devilish little machines were turned up full blast. It’s important to note these were not your typical battery powered model. No these were built to be plugged into a socket for long term use. The women were then wrapped up the way he was and hung on hooks. 

"Maybe they'll learn to listen before they get to their new owners," Ring-Mistress said as her helpers lowered me down and carried me after her back to her room.

They laid me gently on her bed and left.

"You know I never asked your name before," she said.

"It's …"

"Shh, no it's not. Your old life is gone. It doesn't matter who you were before only who you are now. From this moment on you are Boy Toy, you're like my assistant, doing whatever you need to help me do whatever I want, except I own you mind, body and soul. I know it's a lot to ask of you but I'm confident you will do just fine. You are mine after all."

Like I said the circus is a very sinful place. Turns out I love sin, who knew?

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