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Close Your Eyes

by J.M.

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© Copyright 2008 - J.M. - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; drug; latexbag; shrinkwrap; cocoon; oral; toys; climax; nc/reluct; X

It had been a very long year. Sarah had just closed the deal on a huge merger with TSO Inc. for her company and was awarded with two months in the Caribbean paid vacation. Not to mention the 0.4% of the profits to her company which turned out to be about four million dollars in her pocket. No more talk about mergers or transactions or dividends, all she wanted was to just sit on her couch and vegetate for a week.

She sat back in her chair and went online, beaming happily as she checked out her bank balances and info. Four million smackers, damn, she couldn't help but giggle like a school girl. After a few more clicks she checked out another area that showed she would be making around $13,000.00 a month just from the interest. No more work!

Laughing she rolled around the room in her computer chair throwing papers in the air. She knew she wasn't a billionaire or anything, but who the hell cares, no more work! She decided to route all her bills right to her bank so she would never have to look at a bill again.

She was a rather beautiful woman but a bit of a workaholic. She had shoulder length light blond hair, about 5' 6", perfect tits and an ass that turned every head. Now, she was young, rich and beautiful and she could do everything she always wanted to do. The world was her oyster.

* * * *

"Mmm, anything I want to do", A shiver ran down my spine as the thought hit me. Just then my phone rang, it was my best friend Charla. I had always admired the way Charla looked as we were friends from childhood and had always wanted to experiment with her, but never had the guts to even ask her. Feeling extremely bold now from my recent fortunes, I invited Charla over to my apartment for a movie.

"Oh, I'd love to come over!", Charla shouted on the phone. "I'll bring the drinks, we have got sooooo much to catch up on!".

"Great", I said. "Come on over about six-ish"

The suspense was delicious as I slid a frozen pizza in to cook. "That's no food for a millionaire", I comically thought as I pushed it in.

I couldn't help laughing knowing that I could eat whatever I wanted. The freedom was incredible. I figured I may as well go get dressed now, knowing that the doorbell would ring in a little while. I was hoping that tonight, after so many years of friendship, I could get her in my bed. I gazed in the closet and saw my clothes. The knee-high leather boots were calling me to put them on with the black fishnet stockings, but that would probably send the wrong message to Charla. I settled for something smart, but sexy. A tight light grey dress that was a tiny bit too short. If I bent over, you would be able to see my tight black lace panties. Mmm, perfect. I bent over and looked at my ass in the mirror, I pushed my hand into my panties and pleasured myself a little bit. Just then the doorbell rang, I snapped out of my revelry and ran down the hall to let her in.

"Awww, I haven"t seen you in so long", Charla said as she burst through the door giving me a warm hug. "I missed you".

We reminisced on things past but I never told her about the money once. We sat and ate the pizza over an old rerun of some cop show. As we watched the show, a scene came up where the girl was kidnapped. The thugs taped her mouth shut with duct tape and tied her arms behind her, her legs together and stuffed her in a large duffle bag. They put it in the trunk of their car and drove off. Strangely enough, we both stopped laughing and talking when this happened and watched intently. I noticed that her breathing changed as we watched it. The show ended and we broke out the drinks. After a few I was buzzing quite nicely and I decided to go for it.

"So, Charla, Got a boyfriend yet", I asked hopefully. I had never known her to have a boyfriend for more than a week.

"Naw, guess I just haven't found the right person. Not that I even have the spare time anymore. I'm going to be taking advanced pharmacology down at the university.", Her toes curled up and she giggled at me.

It hit me, she said person, not man. And is she hitting on ME?

I chuckled along with her and smiled. "We"ve been friends a long time Sarah, haven't we."

I nodded.

"Do you trust me?"

I nodded.

"Ok then wait here". She jumped up and ran out the door to her car.

I was getting really excited now and it just dawned on me, she could see my panties, the whole time we were laying on the couch, which were a little wet! She came back through the door with a heavy looking bag in her hand.

"Ok", She said, "I know this may sound weird, but, I've been wanting to ask you for years".

Charla was trembling as she set the bag on the floor. "Want to play a game?".

I couldn't help but smile. I couldn't have imagined this morning that I would get her, this was going to be one great night.

She opened the bag and said, "Close your eyes".

I felt all warm and tingly with my eyes closed, waiting for the unexpected and suddenly I felt a cloth push against my face and the strong, coppery taste of pennies filled my mouth. I panicked and resisted. I threw my arms at her but she held the cloth firmly to my head from behind. My vision blurred and words coming from the television seemed to drag out long and slow. My legs gave out and I fell into a dark slumber.

Wild dreams of sex filled my mind as I lay there in bed. I popped out my dreams and opened my eyes, the soft morning light was pouring in. My head hurt a little bit, but, I figured I drank a little too much last night but didn't remember at all. I felt totally warm and quickly realised that I couldn't move. I tried looking down but my neck wouldn't move at all. Something was around my neck. I tried to scream, but I couldn't make any noise at all. Only air came out. My eyes watered up and I began crying.

Just then I heard, "There, there. Don't cry my pet". Charla was here, what the hell was she thinking.

"So, I suppose you wonder what you are doing here. Well, since you can't talk, you just lay there and listen. I know you came into a lot of money, your colleagues told me. So, I decided that you would like a change in life and so would I. I've always wanted you, so, now I'm going to keep you. I'm going to turn you into a toy. I've numbed your vocal cords with an anaesthetic, but don't worry, we will take care of those before we are done."

I struggled against the binds but could not move an inch while looking at her with eyes that said, What the hell!?.

"Right now, you are in a latex body sack, wrapped with straps. And that thing around your neck is a posture collar. Don't worry, you will come to love it. Ahhh, I'll be right back and we will start the transformation."

Charla walked out of the bedroom on deeds unknown. I couldn't believe this. This sick bitch was going to do something to me and I couldn't stop her. Charla came back in the room the big bag in one hand and a syringe in her other. She dropped the bag and hopped up on the bed and straddled my chest. Oh, I could barely breathe. She undid my sack a little bit and stabbed the needle into my shoulder. A strange and eerie calm came over me, I couldn't will my limbs to move, not even my face muscles.

"That should hold you", she said in a matter of fact kind of way. "That's a chemical that has basically turned you into a temporary paraplegic. You don't mind do you? I didn"t think so".

Oh my god, this girl is insane, I thought I knew her. She took all the straps off the sack, opened it and rolled my naked body out onto the bed. She spread my legs apart and pulled me to the end of the bed so my pussy was hanging off the edge.

"Mmm, Nice little cunt there Sarah. Nice of you to keep it trimmed.", Charla rubbed her hands together. "Lets get it ready."

My whole mind and body was screaming for release until I realised that I still had a sense of feeling. I could feel her rubbing my whole cunt with some cream. She used her fingers to rub it in, sensuously, sumptuously. Looking down I could see out of the corner of my eye, 'depilatory cream'.

A shiver ran through my body.

"Oh, you like that do you? We'll enjoy it, cause it's the last time you'll get to feel it." Charla said it with a tone of delight.

My eyes were searching for escape and tears were welling in my eyes. She spent the better half of an hour rubbing my sex and asshole, my cunt was wet when she finished. She took a towel and rubbed my pussy thoroughly like she was wiping a baby. A cold draft drifted over my sex and my nipples hardened involuntarily. "Smooth as a babies bottom", she said in triumph. She smacked over my cunt with an open hand repeatedly so I could hear the sound of skin on skin.

"Alright, lets put in your best friends".

I was terrified, and completely unable to stop her. Please just let her be playing a joke. I closed my eyes and prayed and felt something in my sex, a catheter was being pushed into me! It hurt as it went in and once it was all the way in she pumped a bulb a few times, inflating it slightly and holding it in permanently before detaching the bulb and capping the hose.

"No more going to the bathroom for you".

Tears were constantly running down from my face now. A second feeling of pain shot over me as two large objects were forced into my ass and pussy. It hurt so much that I thought they were going to split me in two. She pushed a strange pair of clear latex panties over my ankles and forced them up onto me. Once they were all the way up, I could feel them squeezing me, pushing all the implements into me driving me insane.

"Now that that"s done, we can wrap things up." She giggled as she said it, "Wrap things up, that's rich"

She went and got a small clear bag from her duffle that looked like a tiny clear sleeping bag but it was rolled up like a thick condom about five inches wide.

"You"ll like your new home, I promise".

God, all I wanted was to get away, the objects in me were making me uncomfortable being so full. She unrolled the stretchy bag over my legs working higher and higher. She pushed my arms to my sides and struggled as she stretched the bag up over my shoulders. Crushing me as it went upwards. It was tight, very tight. All the way up me she forced it until it was around my neck brace.

"And now the best part!" She said enthusiastically and ran off to the bathroom.

I lay there panting in my new prison, fantasies passed through me as the invaders were edging me closer and closer to what I couldn't achieve on my own. Charla came running back with a hairdryer. She plugged it in and immediately turned it on the sleeping bag. I could feel the plastic shrinking from the heat. She started at my feet and it felt strange as it contracted on me. Like a warm embrace but total. It contracted around my midsection and made breathing a bit difficult as she continued north. Across my breasts it stretched making my nipples harder than ever, still poking outwards in the plastic. At last she started on my neck, it contracted tightly and without a seam around my neck. The dryer was turned off and all I could hear was my breathing. I would have been moaning like a whore if my vocal cords weren't numb.

At last, she looked at me and said, "Done and Done, now, just open your mouth."

She walked over to her bag and got a small leather roll with tools in it. She grinned evilly at me and said, "No peeking", then wrapped a blindfold around my head, rendering me mute AND blind. Opening my mouth forcefully she probed into my throat with a tool. She was giggling like a school girl and then all of a sudden, all I felt were two sharp pricks, like at the dentist.

"There, see, I've cut your vocal cords. No need to worry about gags now." She smiled like she was being merciful or something.

Tears streamed from my face. Any feeling of lust was crushed from my bound body. She walked out of the room without a glance at me.

As I lay there, I pondered my situation. My world was spinning. 'How could this be happening. Wait! Someone will call, and when I don't answer, they will... Maybe... Damnit, everyone think I'm on vacation! No!'.

All her hopes were crushed. She listened intently to her surroundings. She could faintly hear Charla on the phone.

"Yes yes, I've got her. Yeah, all packed up. No, it's sixty thousand now. I don't care. No. No. Fine, call me later at this number. Ya, you do that."

She hung up the phone and all went silent. Hours passed as I lay there pondering my fate. "No, no, no" just kept trailing on in my head, she can't sell me, you can't sell someone, can you?. I could move my fingertips a little bit and my tongue was trailing across my lips from being so parched.

Looking around the room for an escape for the hundredth time, there was nothing. No possible way to escape. It was just then that Charla walked back into the room.

"I find myself in a predicament", Charla said with authority. "Do I sell you or keep you as my own toy? I'll let you eat me out and we will see if you are worth keeping."

I swallowed hard. The choices were racing through my mind. Do I do this? What if she sells me? What do I do!!!

She came and straddled my head, her pussy right in my face. "Eat it, and do a good job or I'll sell you to the Arab."

I gingerly stuck my tongue out, probing at her sex, touching it with the tip of my tongue.

"You like pussy", she said, "Now eat it".

She lowered onto my head, my lips locking onto her sex. "Oh yea, that"s it".

I sucked and tongued her clit and pussy hard and voraciously. The smell and taste was foreign but everything I imagined it would be. If I could please her she wouldn't sell me maybe. A tingling in my sex started, I could see a remote control in her hand as she rocked back and forth, grinding my head into the bed. The tools in me were coming to life. She screamed and bucked on my head, grabbing the headboard. I sucked for all I was worth as she revelled in my oral pleasures. The invaders in me were vibrating hard, I was so close!

She came hard and heavy in my mouth, forcing me to swallow it all. She was pushing herself down on my head as she gripped the headboard deep in that orgasmic afterglow. I couldn't breath with her on my face, but I could feel my friends vibrating. I bucked in vain for air, but all I could feel was the explosion between my legs. The orgasm hit me again and again. Looking up I could see her looking down between her legs into my eyes. Panic was paramount in me but I couldn't move an inch. All I could do was look into her eyes and feel my pleasure as my world went dark. The sharp smell of smelling salts roused me and the whole ordeal happened again, three more times. The final time finished me off, I guess even the salts couldn't bring me around that time.

When I opened my eyes, I was laying in a bed covered with white silken sheets and I could feel that I was naked underneath. I looked around and to my surprise, I could move my neck, and arms, and everything. I smiled, thinking it was all a dream. Beside me, Charla was laying under the sheets, naked as well, looking into my eyes. "Morning.", she said. "Have a good sleep?"

"What the hell!" I stopped mid-sentence. "I can talk! You bitch! I should..." Charla rolled over and giggled.

"It was all just a game, it was fun wasn't it?"

Charla did make a good point. Actually, it was very pleasurable. Apparently, it was very easy for a pharmacology student to get their hands on a few drugs here and there. But for now, I had to think of a way to get even. Only something fittingly strict would do. I would have my revenge, no matter the cost. A wide smile shot across my face. This was going to be a lot of fun.



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