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The Clueless Fly

by Robin Barnard

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© Copyright 2014 - Robin Barnard - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; Spiderwoman/m; silk; web; ensnare; susp; wrap; cocoon; encase; bite; vore; oral; sex; climax; cons/nc; XX

It was a cold night and Rod was pissed, for the joke his buddies had pulled, getting him drunk and leaving him stranded in the dark alley totally naked. He looked up and saw the sign, the spiders den. The neon was turned off, “FUCK!” he cried in anguish, figures the only place to go around here is shut down for the night. That’s when heard the door creak and saw it slowly swing open. He looked at it suspiciously and the then apprehensively walked through.

When he finally made it into the opening, he looked around and noticed an eerie glow emanating from the center of a large room. He looked at the center and noticed something strange, he saw what he thought was a large cable strung from the ceiling but this cable was weird it had the color of a white thick piece of silk. Except that’s exactly what it looked like he thought the more he stared at it, the more it reminded him of a big strand of spiders silk.

Curious he walked into the room and looked, slowly following it up with his eyes, he suddenly gasped as he saw what appeared to be a giant web of at least 40 feet in diameter and at least 20 feet off the ground. As he stared up in amazement he started backing up unaware of the silk thread directly behind him, not paying attention he backed right into it, suddenly startled by the feel of it he panicked and ran forward, but found after a few feet he was attached to it. As he struggled against it, it tugged harder stretching like a bungee cord, suddenly before he knew it he felt his legs leave the ground and found himself airborne, headed right for the center of the web.

Landing in the center of the web and stuck he started to panic, struggling he just got tangled even more. Meanwhile up in the corner out of view was a redhead, long red hair just at 6 inches below her shoulders, having 4 arms and 4 legs she was built like a regular woman nice D sized breast’s and a nice vagina, all that separated her from another normal woman was the extra pair of arms and legs.

Attached to the bungee like thread that caught Rod was another silk thread running to her pussy, her name was Christine and she had been sleeping until she felt a tug at her vagina that made her orgasm so quickly and unexpectedly that she almost fell out of her web, drowsily she looked down and saw her victim struggling in her web.

Rod was looking around and struggling when he heard a voice, it was a seductive female voice from somewhere above him it said, “Hmmmm!!! It’s not often that my prey actually find themselves in my web so voluntarily! “

Rod looked around and started to really panic now trying to find the source of the voice.

“But that’s OK!!” it said followed by a deep throaty laugh, “It’ll make this much more fun.!!”

And with that Rod felt movement in the web somewhere above him, that’s when he saw her, Christine was carefully climbing down the web slowly toward her victim. Rod looked up and started screaming and struggling even harder, Christine got right up to him and laughed saying, “Hmmm!! We better make you a little quieter!!”, and pulled a thin veil of silk from her pussy and wrapped it over his mouth effectively muffling his screams.

She then repositioned herself pointing her pussy at him a few inches from his face and started releasing silk first streaming it over his face and then squirting some over each hand and foot, once she was sure he was secure she repositioned herself and pulled his body to hers using her hands to guide his now swollen cock into her pussy, she then started fucking him, pulling his face to her breast’s. Rod was lost in the ecstasy of the lovemaking session, each time he pumped his cock in and out Christine let out a sexual moan, and each time he came he let muffled whimpers of fear and sexual satisfaction followed by Christine’s trembling body movements.

After what seemed like forever Christine stopped fucking, slowly she dropped to his cock and took it in her mouth. The cock sprung to life like it had been given an energy boost, releasing its load Rod squirmed and whimpered with each orgasm, while Christine lapped up every bit of it. After about an hour she stopped, and started slowly releasing his body from the web while pulling his body next to hers, she left his hands and feet secured to the web, after clearing the web from all other parts she slowly and carefully brought her rear legs up to her vagina, using her toes she pulled a sheet of silk from her pussy and draped it gently over his legs.

Feeling the wet hot sticky silk covering his legs Rod started squirming and struggling while letting out muffled screams even harder knowing that she was preparing him for cocooning. Christine ignored the pleadings and whimpers, giggling every once in a while and started rotating her prey releasing a thick sheet of silk cocooning the struggling man slowly. Slowly she worked her way up releasing the wet warm silk totally cocooning him, she stopped as she got to his head, shoved his face into her vagina, and orgasmed releasing her juices, Rod struggled but was overcome by the taste of her juices, Christine let out a deep throaty laugh and continued to orgasm feeding him her juices, and laughing.

After about an half hour of this she finally stopped feeding him and moved back down to him, face to face she gave him a long kiss, she then put her vagina up to his face and let out a spray of webbing and finished cocooning him, after she wrapped up her victim she put her pussy on his face and attached a silk thread and then crawled up to her sleeping place and rubbed her pussy against her bedding silk connecting the thread running from her victim.

She then crawled back down to him right in front of his face and opened her mouth showing her fangs. Rod started squirming and screaming muffled screams as she slowly moved her head to the side of his and delivered the bite, Rod jerked out of instinct and really started to squirm and scream, Christine looked and then laughed her deep throaty laugh crawling back up to her bedding, after getting comfortable she looked and watched listening to the squirming screaming cocoon and fell asleep feeling good about her delicious meal that she'd caught.

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