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by Jsmith7471

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© Copyright 2005 - Jsmith7471 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; vetwrap; cocoon; tape; breathplay; tease; encase; entomb; foam; display; object; cons; X

He had been lying there for what seemed hours, completely mummified, from head to toe in white vet wrap, only his cock and nostrils sticking out. Experiencing almost total sensory deprivation and he loved it.  He was gagged, his ears were plugged and padded and his eyes were padded. His arms locked together in front of him in an arm bar and then welded to his torso with more vet wrap. Occasionally, he could feel the pre-cum running down the outside of his cock with each involuntary pulse of pleasure.

She came into the room and leaned down by his ear. "I'm tired of white. I think a blue mummy for the next few hours." He sighed with satisfaction, knowing that she wasn't planning on removing his current white wrapping, before rewrapping him in the new colors. She intended to add more layers.

He could see nothing and hear very little, if anything. After a few moments, he felt his legs being lifted into the air and something being wound around his feet. The increase in pressure sent tingles and chills thru him as he realized what was happening. She had started at his feet and begun winding another layer of the sticky medium blue vet wrap up his legs. She was pulling it as tightly as she could, moving at a steady pace.

Once she reached his upper thighs, the wrapping stopped. After their initial play at the beginning, she had been careful to avoid touching his cock. Not wanting to give him any additional pleasure or move him closer to cumming. She had kept him on the edge of orgasm for a long time. 

 He felt her begin to fondle and caress his cock. Her fingertips danced over the underside and head. Not gripping and stroking, just lightly touching. He was moaning and squirming in his tight cocoon. After a few moments her warm moist mouth slipped over his erection and sucked eagerly on it as it grew and swelled. Her lips moved up and down its length. Her tongue trailing over the underside.  Once at its peak, she slipped something over it and wrapped the base of his member with electrical tape to insure that he stayed erect. It felt cool and soft, yet fit snuggly and conformed to his member. It almost felt as if a condom had been put on. She smiled as she listened to his moans of pleasure.

She placed a fold of cotton cloth around his cock and carefully bent his cock down so that it pointed at his toes. He winced at the slight discomfort as she bent his erection slowly and steadily. His body rocked from side to side as she wound multiple layers of bandages over his hips to hold his cock down. The erection felt so good, he couldn't help pulsing the muscles in his cock as the sensations spread.

She resumed her wrapping at his upper thighs. He didn't think the bandages could get any tighter, yet he was able to gauge her progress by the difference in compression between the existing and new layer. His arousal increased as the wrapping thickened. She knew he had wanted this very bad. Lifting his feet up in the air, she tilted them back, over his head far enough, to roll his bottom off of the bed. She quickly wound the tight blue layer up over his hips and bottom, almost to his waist.

Lowering his legs back onto the bed, she spun him around and pulled him towards her so that his legs were hanging over the edge of the bed. Grabbing his shoulders, she lifted him into a sitting position at the edge of the bed. She continued his mummification at the waist, winding the bandages up over his body and arms, stopping at his neck. While she was now sweating from her level of arousal and her efforts at pulling the bandages tightly about his torso, she noticed that his breathing had become noticeably labored. He concentrated on breathing slowly thru his nose. 

He wondered if she would apply her usual two rolls to cover his head? (In addition to the two already encasing it.) He was certain that by now, his head was already a smooth featureless shape. Under that many layers of bandages no detail would be evident. Only a bump for a nose and the chin. She was careful not to squash his nose flat and restrict his breathing as she wound the two rolls on.

 "She was certainly going to a lot of effort this time." He thought to himself. "It was definitely going to take her a while to release him." She laid him back on the bed. He felt no more activity.

Drawing in a deep breath thru his nose, expanding his chest and flexing all his muscles, he did not get far before the many layers of bandages began to resist and push back restraining him tightly in their embrace. One of the things that they had learned about the vet wrap in their play was, though it stretched when applied, it seemed that the body's heat caused it to experience some additional contraction, which tightened the wrapping up beyond the initial tension at application. The body's heat also increased the stickiness from one layer to another, causing the layers to bond together more tightly. Securing the individual into the cocoon even more. Wrapping the legs, fingers, arms and torso individually (As she had done in the beginning, before the head to toe over wrap.) assured that everything stuck together, reducing movement inside the cocoon to almost zero.

He lay there drifting, feeling the new layer of  bandages tighten further around his body. The pressure he was experiencing now was even greater than after his initial mummification. He reveled in the feeling as the bandages squeezed him and held him helplessly immobile. 

More time passed as he lay in his cocoon. His mind drifted. His thoughts and fantasies became his only companion, his only reality. He floated in the blissful world of his helpless mummification. 

He was brought back to reality, her reality, as his breath was suddenly cut off. She had waited and watched. Catching him just as he exhaled. Slipping one hand behind his head, the back of his neck was now cupped in her palm. Two fingers then plugged his nostril openings.

He panicked and struggled, squirming as little as his mummification allowed. Making low, soft whimpering noises that hardly penetrated the layers of bandages encasing his head. It felt as if his head were in a vise. Almost immediately, his lungs were aching for air. His heart pounded in his chest, his pulse pounding in his ears. Another moment and he was seeing stars and flashing lights, recognizing that within seconds he would pass out. Somewhere, he sensed a hand firmly pressing and rubbing the top of his cock. (He never realized that if she was using both hands to cut off his air and hold him, whose hand was rubbing his cock.)

The fingers and hand were withdrawn from his head and he quivered as a cool blast of air filled his lungs.

He barely heard her voice. "Well. That was very exciting, wasn't it! Are you ready to come out my butterfly?" As his head cleared and his thoughts focused, her question sank in. Deciding that he had had enough, he gestured as urgently as he could mmphing thru the bandages, indicating yes.

She paused as if thinking and answered. "I don't think your ready yet. I haven't decided if I want to keep you alive or preserve you as an artifact on display." He should be scared to death right now. He was in her complete control, totally helpless to her wishes and whims. Yet he found himself turned on even more and after all, he trusted her. He was tingling with pleasure from his nipples down to the tips of his toes

She continued. "But I do know I am certainly tired of a blue mummy. Time to change your color again." He began  struggling, shaking his head back and forth, and gesturing no. She enjoyed watching him wiggle and squirm futilely. She could hear his groans thru the bandages. He was positive he couldn't take anymore. She however, was sure that she knew his limits, better than he. "It's ok. You'll be fine. Remember. You're the one who wanted to prove your commitment to me. This was your idea." She reassured him as she patted his head and walked away.

She left for a few moments and returned with about 10 rolls of white, two inch, medical tape. She bent down by his ear and spoke. "We are changing your color one more time. Back to white, using sticky, cloth medical tape."  A few seconds later, it hit him. "Who is we? Is someone else in here with her?" He started to become very nervous. "She was crazy enough without her wild friends helping her."

She reached her hand over to press and rub his cock while talking. Thru the thick layer of bandages, she could feel it faintly pulsing and surging. Her muffled massage was sending tingling, pleasurable sensations thru him as he squirmed in the sensual torture. He knew he wouldn't be satisfied no matter how long she rubbed. The pleasant sensations quickly took his mind off the realization that she probably had a partner.

"I'm using white, adhesive tape. Nice and sticky. This final layer will seal your mummification almost airtight and lock you in like concrete." She paused. "Just in case I decide that you won't be coming out. This layer will help preserve you. All we'll have to do is seal your nose. Two little plugs and a piece of tape. Your struggles won't last long after that. Apply some sealant to the outside of your cocoon, and your done. From now on, shallow breathing will be the order of the day."

He felt a twinge of his earlier panic return. "What had he gotten himself into?" He struggled as hard as he could. All she saw was a feeble twitching and some quivering. A faint mewing escaped his bandages. He thought he heard another voice and some laughter.

Again starting at his feet, he felt hands propping his legs up on what he guessed were pillows. The tape was wound around his toes and gradually covered his feet. Pausing periodically, she would stop, rub and press the tape down to insure maximum adhesion to the vet wrap. She wasn't applying the tape as she did the bandages. Her method was very precise. The bandages had been wound on with each wrap overlapping about 50% of the previous wrap. This assured that the maximum layers were applied each time.  With the tape, she kept the overlap much less to assure maximum coverage. Each wrap connected to the previous one forming an almost airtight cocoon from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. This final layer would really restrict his movement.

He sensed and felt the movement of the taping as it climbed up his legs. However his skin was so compressed from the previous layers that he felt little increase in pressure. His mind focused on a faint, familiar sound. "She was humming loudly to herself as she wrapped him. A song? It was  "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!" His safety signal. "Was she trying to tell him something?" He wondered. "Yes. That he was in over his head, maybe!"

As the tape covered his knees, she added an extra layer to stiffen up the knee joint and reduce bending. The pillows were then moved up under his bottom. He could feel his back arching backwards at the waist. The tape continued climbing up over his thighs to his hips. She made sure that each wrap had sufficient overlap and was applied smoothly. She had no problem adding tape wherever it was needed to improve the appearance and security of her mummy. She chuckled to herself. "It's not like he's going anywhere, anyway. He has been totally helpless and in her control since the first over wrap had been applied."

Hands grabbed his shoulders and lifted him up onto his feet, standing him up beside the bed. He wondered what was coming next. He was dragged down to the bottom of the bed and strapped upright to the corner bedpost with three ratchet binders at the ankles, calves and upper thighs. He could feel the top of the bed post digging into his ass.

With the post holding him upright as an anchor, the tape was pulled even tighter. She resumed at his hips and wound up over his waist. She wound a whole roll around his waist reducing it significantly in the process. After a few more moments of work, the tape wound around his chest and she was doing figure eights over his shoulders, finishing up at his neck.

She leaned over near his ear and whispered. "Any last Mmmmphs, honeybun?"

The taping now wound up to his head moving under his chin and up over his head. She angled the taping until the top of his head was covered and then began winding around his face. Soon, the tape covered his blue vet wrapped head. Only the flesh of  his nostrils were showing. Slowly she rubbed her hands over his head and face, almost sensually. She took her time feeling and tracing the outline of the flat vacant cavities where his eyes were, the outline of his nose and chin, his only visible features.

Her hands then trailed down his body, smoothing out any puckers or wrinkles. Pressing here and there. She loved the contact, feeling his faint struggles. A squirming, shifting column of white. The faint mewing as he made helpless noises that were barely audible. This excited her so much. She leaned in close and inhaled the scent of the adhesive and the vet wrap. She tingled all over with excitement.  Her pussy was drenched from her arousal. Her clit had swollen out of its fleshy hood and throbbed with the power and control she had over her helpless lover. She watched him swaying and twisting at the waist.

After a few moments she snapped out of her reverie. Unstrapping his legs, he was carefully lowered back onto the bed. Removing her clothes, his girlfriend crawled onto the bed and cuddled next to her mummy.  Her swollen, moist mound pressed against his thigh, moving slowly up and down. She was thinking to herself. "What to do, what to do?"
Her friend watched her for a few moments and removed her clothes, joining the girlfriend on the bed. With one on either side, they trapped his heavily mummified form between them. They hugged, whispered and caressed him and played with each other.

Once they finished their attention to him and each other, they got up off the bed. He seemed very quiet, possibly resigned to his fate in their hands.  They busied themselves completing their preparations, while keeping an eye on him. Other than an occasional movement or squirm, he remained still. 

Once the items were readied, they picked him up and carried him to the middle of the room. They lowered him into the bottom half of the mummiform. He felt himself being lowered down onto a firm surface. The perimeter of his heavily mummified body felt as if it were being supported, pushed slightly upward or squeezed in a bit. "Was he being wedged into something?"

He felt pressure bearing down on the top of his chest, stomach, thighs and legs as if to seat him into something.  His feeble struggles and wiggling only helped this seating process. After the girls had him settled into the contours of the case, they pulled tensioned straps from one side of the case and latched them across his form to the other side, at the ankles, calves, thighs, waist, chest and forehead. Pulling these straps tight removed any movement that he had left.

His moaning and snorting resumed as they fed a thin walled hose an inch or so into each nostril. A final piece of tape was placed between the hoses and over his nose. "There. Now he is a complete mummy."  His girlfriend commented. "This will insure that he can breath, even if his sinuses stuff up." Her friend hooked up a urine line to the lead from the external catheter, which encased his cock. She placed the bag down at his feet and secured it with some tape.

They moved the lid for the case over beside the mummiform and connected the breathing tubes to the positive air pressure system. A piece of thin plastic sheet was laid over his immobilized form. The girls spent a few minutes tucking the edges of the sheet down between his body and the inside of the case. As soon as they finished, they checked his breathing one more time and lifted the lid of the mummiform and lowered it into place. His girlfriend's only regret was that she couldn't watch the look of surprise and panic on his face as they slowly lowered the lid. A deep lip on the lid fit perfectly into a groove around the perimeter of the base.

After verifying that the lid was securely in place, they each picked up a handful of aluminum pins and small hammers. In a few moments, 20 small pins had been tapped into place, locking the lid to the case.

"What about letting him out?" Asked her friend. His girlfriend just smiled at her in reply, a sneaky sort of smile. "Your not leaving him in there permanently are you!"  The friend exclaimed. 

"Of course not. But he doesn't know that." His girlfriend replied. "The pins can be easily drilled out.... in a day or so."

She pulled the hidden plugs out that were concealed in the hieroglyphics that adorned the center of the cover. Handing her girlfriend a can of expanding insulating foam, they each begin filling the shallow cavity between the cover and the plastic sheet, replacing the plugs when finished.

Once more, she verified that he was breathing. They both struggled to move the case onto a hand truck and stand it upright. Together they wheeled the mummiform out to the corner of the Living Room that his girlfriend had cleared out a few days ago. He was positioned in the corner facing out into the room.

"Looks like break time." His girlfriend commented. "I think we need a party this evening. An opportunity to show off my new artifact. Possibly an Egyptian theme. I'll have my cordless drill ready in case we decide to do a viewing. I have extra pins." They both walked over to the couch and sat down sipping their coffee. His girlfriend mused. "Maybe I'll release him tomorrow. Though we did put a lot of work into this." Her friend nodded in agreement. "Maybe not for awhile." They both looked at each other and smiled.

 He stood immobile and helpless in the mummiform, oblivious to all around him. His cock throbbed as his fantasies took over and he moved into subspace. He had been deprived of all of his senses and any movement. He finally gave up struggling and calmed down, accepting and reflecting on his situation. It was now up to her to decide when he would be released. He had certainly proven his commitment to her, if that's what this was still about. The only noise inside the encasement was his soft "Hmmmmm" that probably never escaped his cocoon, as he chased another elusive orgasm. 


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