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by Cinder

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© Copyright 2001 - Cinder - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f+; F/f; D/s; wrap; tape; cocoon; sd; laboratory; latex; toys; climax; cons/reluct; X

Dr. Bethany Fax stood in the lab, facing the large observation window. The window was closed now, metal shutters sealing all light out. They would not be opened until the light in the lab was out, as the window was two-way. They could see INTO the next room, but the occupants could NOT see out. 

"Almost ready, Dr. Fax?" asked her co-worker, Dr. Forbin.

"Yes. The conditioning subjects are all awake now," she motioned to the bank of monitors.

"Very well, lets begin..." Forbin said. The lights went out, and the window opened, revealing the next room.

The room was circular, huge. In the center were twelve "dentist" chairs arranged in a circle. And each one was occupied by what looked like a mummified woman.

"Complete sensory deprivation?" Fax asked.

"Indeed. Each of the young ladies has been wrapped from head to toe in common household saran wrap, followed by masking tape at the ankles, knees, waist, upper torso and mouth area of the head. Then they were wrapped in soft cloth. Each woman is blind to the world, ears are plugged with soft form-fitting bits, and each is gagged with a rubber ball with a breathing tube affixed." Fax nodded as she saw that each of the victims had a small tube coming from her mouth.

"The wire?" she asked, pointing to a wire than ran from the crotch area of each woman and into the wall.

"Vibrator, sensors, lubricant, just as described." Forbin answered.

Dr. Fax looked at the girls. Most of them quivered just a bit, a slight turn of the head, a flex of the mummified feet. She hit the speaker, and sound from the next room entered the lab. Fax focused the mike on each girl. Many were screaming muffled screams, a few were weeping, a few silent.

"Cross section?" she asked.

"Wide. Black, white, latino, asian, etc, from all around the globe."

"Good. Begin." Forbin pressed a button, and an odourless, colourless gas seeped into the lab. The gas contained hyper-pheromones, the human sex cue/scent. The scent in the gas was multiplied by a hundred, and soon the vibrators began... if all went well, the group of terrified, frightened, unwilling victims would all be having climaxes all around... they would make a mint!

Time passed, more than four hours. The scent was a sucess, the subjects all had orgasms, many of them. The sound of the girls in the lab was that of several very happy, sexually pleased females. The room smelled of pussy and oestrogen, and though they still struggled to escape, it was subdued.

Forbin went home, finally, and Fax was alone... she turned off the tapes, and decided to do an experiment of her own. She increased the scent in the room, and went to change into something a little less comfortable...

* * * *

Dr. Bethany Faxed changed in her office after a shower. By now the room would be flooded with gas, many parts per million in the air, and the captive females mummified in the large room would have been saturated by the experimental scent by now. She looked at herself: black latex gloves, black corset, black latex panties, garter belt and hose, knee length spike heeled latex boots. She felt sex, powerful... moist. Time to play.

She went back to the lab, vented the holding cell, and entered when it was safe. She selected the first girl at random, unlocked the gurney brakes, and wheeled her away. Dr. Fax could hear small "mmmph!" sounds from the bandaged head, the girl knowing that she was being moved...

Fax brought her victim to her torture chamber - a sound proofed part of the lab complex where she conducted her more sinister psychological experiments. Fax unwrapped the girls head, cloth and saran wrap, down to her neck. She removed the breathing tube but kept the ball gag in place. She was young, blond, with big, frightened green eyes.

Fax strapped her head to the gurney again, at the forehead and neck. She leaned over, and placed one hand on the woman's stomach, and stroked her hair with the other. Her face loomed close, and the mummified girl had to turn her eyes all the way to the left to see her tormentor.

"You are my prisoner," Fax hissed, and smiled. "I can do anything I want to you." She ran a gloved hand gently over the girls stomach, then her crotch area. The blond screamed into the ball gag, eyes darting back and forth in fear.

"Will you agree to be my slave?" Fax asked. The girl didn't answer, only struggled a bit and whimpered.

"I have ways to make you agree," Fax said again. and then did two things at the same time: she pinched the captives nose closed, cutting off her air, and hit the control to the vibrator. The woman's eyes went wide, and she moaned. Fax released her nose, and stopped the vibrator,  allowed her a few breaths, and then pinched her nose closed again as she started the vibrator.

The gas was powerful, and even now her neurones were being conditioned to charge and fire when her clit was stimulated. because the added sensory input of fear and suffocation and mummification were also added, the subject would ALSO associate these aspects with sexual pleasure. Soon Fax would let her come, almost making her pass out as she did. After that, her orgasm would trigger the required response, and the woman would always have bondage, mummification, and pleasure hand-n-hand.

"Will you be my slave?" she asked, and the girl nodded yes, as much as she could. She had just been given an orgasm, and she was happy, relaxed, peaceful. Fax removed the ball gag and kissed her, much more roughly than was needed, and her mummified victim reacted in kind.

"Very good," Fax smiled, and replaced the gag as the girl pouted. "Sleep now, Number One, and when you awake a new life will begin for you," said Fax, and she placed the choloroform soaked cloth over the girls flaring nostrils.

What other tortures does Dr. Bethany Fax have in store for the eleven other girls in her lab? And what will happen once her Hyper pheromone gas is mass produced? Only time will tell, readers. Tune in soon to find out, same bat time, same bat channel!




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