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Confessions to my Lust

by Siobhann

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© Copyright 2015 - Siobhann - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; pillar; wrap; cloth; cocoon; encase; touch; fantasy; objectify; voy; denial; cons; X


Is that too tight, no, just snug enough… the pole, too rough on you?… no… oh you flinched… just a little as my fingers try to smooth the wrap and I felt your skin flinch… I hope it was a pleasurable reaction, yes… such beautiful brown eyes, so lovely and big… such a lovely woman, brown eyes, olive skin… but now all I can see are your eyes… such dull gray bandages, such a dull gray wrap, every inch covered hiding your beauty, but your curves.

May I touch, of course, you can not say no, I will touch you, your erotic curves… the wrap accentuates your womanhood, it does, you look even more like a woman now, tight, skin tight, helpless, but your hips, your thighs, those breasts, all displayed in your skin tight bondage… you don't mind my hands, do you?

A soft kiss on your shoulder to say thank you… I hope you enjoy this as much as I do… now I will sit back and look at you, sit upon my chaise and drink in your helpless beauty with my eyes… ah, wine and grapes, a nice treat for myself… I shall enjoy a small glass of wine as I lounge… you don't mind that I am naked, no, and you all covered head to toe. But it is a warm evening and we have a few hours of sunlight left, so I have chosen to go without clothing, not too unpleasant for you, I mean, I do keep my figure, yes, and I seem to betray my arousal here, that part shows my lust for you… how sensual to be naked, a warm breeze gently through the room, evaporating the sweat from my skin.

I bask here and am aware of my whole body and you, my pet, you are aware of every inch of your skin held tight and snug by the linen wraps, gripping you, surrounding you like a lovers arms, a comforting hug from your lover… a small drop of sweat finds some room in the small of your back maybe, you can feel it trickle across your skin, mmmmm, the sensuality of it… I'm a little jealous… but yet no, for I am aroused more by the situation than the sight of you,  mmm yes the helplessness of your body is more arousing than the mere form of it…

OH NO! Your eyes show hurt, oh no my sweet, you are beautiful, such lovely eyes, beauty, and those curves, no no my pet I am aroused by simply looking at you, yes see, my body betrays my heart, I stand erect for you,  my lust is a prisoner of your beauty, I am helpless to deny you or ignore you, I must worship you, I am helpless to resist your siren songs… what I meant… my sweet, I meant that in your submission you achieve an erotic… your bondage is so… I am overwhelmed.  I must sit.

I have been quiet for a few moments, as have you… do you like my room? yes I hope so… yes, mmm… my lovely room, it is a bit Roman isn't it?  White marble tiles… white washed walls… decorative columns defining the space… my chaise and pillows in garish reds and golds, quite Imperial, yes, my little Roman villa.  It seems my interior designer was 2000 years old, ha ha ha, but I laugh at my own joke, which I believe is quite a Roman thing to do, ha ha ha, oh I did it again… .

I love it here in the evenings,  the warmth, the breeze, the softening light… oh, the sun is lower now, soon I will light the torches and then you will see an aesthetic triumph as the shadows dance around the room… quite stimulating… you must be thinking you are Cleopatra, yes, and that I am Antony… the great love affair … my little Egyptian pet, my mummified beauty… have you imagined yourself to be Cleopatra… but you would be wrong.

I apologize again, my pet, I have been sitting in thought, deep thought, I was quiet for a while.  You have been so patient.  You are the most lovely thing I have ever seen, no it is true, your eyes so warm and brown and deep, so aroused, erotic and scared at the same time, hungry, I am captivated by your eyes, and your form, yes that lovely form, I know I said it was the situation, the predicament that aroused my but I misspoke, oh I spoke with the befuddled mind of a man overwhelmed by lust, your body arouses lust in me, but it is your submission that has me in it's grip.

I have never seen such complete eroticism… I adore you, you… let me kneel down at your feet and hold you… it is almost dark in here now… I shan't light the torches yet, let me hide in the dark for a moment… may I confess… oh that sounded weak… I have a confession… you are not Cleopatra… you are a woman with no name… a woman of lore… she should have had a name… oh look at me, I am quivering,  like I have the chills… you are still warm in your wraps my pet? 

Yes you cannot answer… your body feels warm, warmer than mine… you have the strength now, I must use you… the past… the past is trying to leave me… to force it's way out… I must confess… thank you my pet… the woman of salt… is that how it started… yes, the woman of salt… a picture of her… it etched itself into my mind, when young, developing, forming… too young… before I should have had such thoughts… gray, solid,  curvy… buxom… I was aroused but this was before I knew what arousal was… This gray buxom shape of a woman… salt…

But you are confused, yes… I had a bible… they taught me bible stories back then… I was too young to know better… a children's bible, pictures in it… cartoon drawings of the stories… Noah's Ark with the giraffes sticking out,  Joseph and that rainbow coat… Lot's wife.  She had no name, just Lot's wife.  And there she was, buxom and gray.  She had been turned into a pillar of salt… it was a complicated cartoon… Sodom being destroyed in the background, fire and brimstone and meteors and smoke and the family of Lot pulling his donkey over a mountain pass and she… the woman… nameless… anonymous… buxom… turned into a pillar of salt. 

But her shape, like your shape now, curves, no facial features, no arms or legs, just the shape of a woman, compressed, like you are now, and gray and formless and buxom… sexual… why did they draw it like that… why make her sexy… that is why you are standing up… tied to a pole… wrapped in dirty gray linens… like a pillar of salt… I forever linked in my mind punishment and arousal… sex and submission… sex and death.   She was helpless… humiliated… but I felt not empathy… not empathy for the nameless woman… I felt sexual urges… her humiliation intrigued me.  Why did they have to draw her like that?

It is dark now.  I am cold.  Naked cold and spent… I shall unwrap you… you must go… I do not wish sexual congress tonight… you have touched me deeper than any woman has before… orgasm would just soil this beauty we found… take the liberty of a bath or a meal in my kitchen after I free you… but please… I must now be alone… I shall stay here and weep… you released something from me… thank you… thank you.


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