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Conventional Fun

by Chaoslocks

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© Copyright 2011 - Chaoslocks - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; bodybag; capture; D/s; hypno; polyamory; straitjacket; sex; climax; cons; X

Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest

Somewhere during the evening news I'd slipped off to sleep, and now it was celebrity gossip to which I was awoken, by the cloths dryer buzzer going off. In the basement I'm greeted by the heady scent of detergent, as I walk barefoot across the concrete floor. It's then that I spot it, as I take one of my work shirt to a waiting hanger. Our Darlex sleep sack is hanging innocently on the clothes line. It's dry now but one could hardly call it innocent, I reminisce as I gather the clothes I need to hang.


It had been a cool mild November Friday, I'd gotten off work early with comp-time, and we were heading to the local kinky/sci-fi convention. I know—dorky—but it was fun, and there was always plenty of eye candy. I was rooming with Eric. Not like that; let me get to that. Eric was my college roommate, and honestly I wanted to be more like Eric, but I wasn't interested in him. Eric had a gift for talking to women. Not like the pickup line guy, no Eric was just a nice self confident guy and not a loser. He was polyamorous, he had at the time three girlfriends, and yet he somehow made time for all of them. I'd originally thought they'd be uncomfortable with the situation, but no everyone knew and was on-board with this. So it was my college roommate and me, driving to the con-hotel to meet Jenny and Rebecca two of his girlfriends, and their friend Sarah, who I hadn't met, to share adjoined rooms and hang out together between panels on what alien civilizations might be like, and beginner's rope bondage. My life sometime stopped being like other people's, and I love it.

We received a phone call to meet them for dinner. An Italian place, I think, I don't really remember. We joined the girls at the table. Jenny is slightly shorter than me and has some flesh on her, but overall is fairly thin except for her “t'ig ole b'itties.” When Jen went to the renaissance fair in a corset, men forgot how to walk; she has “derp” inducing boobs. Becca on the other hand is shorter and very curvy, nice and round in all the right places. Becca does belly dance and can work her hips like a weapon. Sarah, beautiful amazing Sarah, I had thought was kind of mousy by comparison, a bit of a beanpole, though even then I realized it was probably unfair judging anyone standing between those two. Ten minutes later I would have rescinded that initial judgment. Sarah was fascinating, witty and amazing. We started talking about CERN, and wormholes, and somehow ended up discussing dirty lines in Shakespeare, and theories about how the legend of King Arthur began.

When it came time to pay the bill and head back to the hotel in separate cars I was desperate to spend more time with Sarah since our con-schedules didn't match up. So I tried what in retrospect might be the worst conceived excuse for asking a girl over, “I'm trying out a D&D module, tomorrow night would you like to join us?” There's something wrong with this, and it's not the choice of past time.

“Sure sounds fun, do you have pre-gens?”


“Alright, I'll be there”

On the way back to the hotel, I felt like hot stuff because she agreed to join us, but Eric didn't seem convinced “You should ask her out”


 “Sarah of course, you like her right?”

“She's seems nice, I invited her to the game.”

“Yeah. I'm sure she knew that the invite to play a game with you and your college roommate, was you showing interest.”

It was an awkward ride back. I understood what he was telling me, but never felt it was the right moment. We enjoyed the convention, but the five of us were usually at different shows, or panels. My head was in the clouds planning the game wanting to impress her, I never suspected, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Saturday night came around and I couldn't find my notebook. When I'm running a roleplaying game, I outline the basic plot, beforehand in my notebook. It had all the details, of people, places, and events that would make up the adventure scenario the players would then navigate. I couldn't run a game without it. I was in a bit of a panic searching the hotel room, when a knock came at the interconnecting door. The girls had arrived, but no Eric. I didn't think much of it.

I told Jen, “I can't find my notebook, I can't run the game without it.”, catching myself looking sheepishly at Sarah worried she'd be upset. She did look disappointed, I felt terrible.

Becca offered the solution, “Hey actually there's a game I've been wanting to try out, sort of a D&D like LARP, uses hypnosis, I've been practicing for psych class, basically just a visualization aid, makes it more real.”

I as usual opted to be the voice of reason “Isn't that dangerous?”

“No, I implant a safety word. You know it's a game and if you need it to stop you say gazebo, and everyone comes out of it. Perfectly safe.”

“Sounds fun, lets try it” Sarah volunteered.

“Okay, I'm in.”

Becca began the induction on me first. I remember it involved walking down a flight of stairs into increasingly safe and relaxing space. This is where things started getting weird.


I was standing in a field, the hotel room, holding a dagger, a rolled up con schedule. My feet were sore from walking, through the jungle of missing skulls, seeking the famed treasure cave of the Urdzzat House, a family of Drow who were wiped out by demons. The map showed there should be a door here at the cliff, wall between the rooms.

After some searching I found a loose stone, which revealed the secret door into the hidden treasure cave. Sadly no treasure yet. I followed the passage way down to a T intersection, and took a right. Thankfully, being quiet as I was I managed to hear the approaching footsteps in time to duck behind a large amphora, the desk chair, just as a busty Drow priestess rounded the corner— Jen in her corset. She looked amazing, and the exotic beauty I imagined on top of that only enhanced the effect. I never noticed the movement behind me, but it was one bite on my shoulder and I was out cold, from an in-game sleep inducing poison.

I awoke in a well lit cavern at the foot of a dais, the queen bed. On the dais sat a Drow queen, Sarah looking radiant as she surveyed me, judged me. I tried to reach for my belt where my dagger should be, but found my arms unresponsive, pinned at my sides. I lifted my head to look around to the queen's amusement, she laughed. Sarah has such a beautiful confident laugh, it put fear in me and shook something deep in me. I was trembling like a rabbit but couldn't run. I glanced at my bonds. I was wrapped head to foot in spider's silk, caught in a tight cocoon. Sarah sat over me Jen and Becca kneeling beside her.

“The prey awakens.” Sarah looked at me like a cat surveying its toys. Her wings spread out behind her.

 I tried to pull away in surprise but barely moved an inch. Drow don't have wings. Certainly not bat-like wings, or now that I thought about it small horns obscured by her crown. This was weird. Then it hit me, she looked half demonic; the House Urdzzat must have bred with the demons rather than be wiped out. This must be a lady if the House Urdzzat. “What do you want, demon? Why haven't you killed me?”

She grinned at me, “I want your soul, your very being.”

“No, I'm not dealing.” I glared defiantly back. What else could I do trapped in this cocoon? I wondered what the cocoon was, vaguely aware it was actually some sort of sleep sack, I thought heavy spandex, though it felt too sturdy for that. I found out later it was Darlex, an impressive material, but it fit the illusion. “I'll never give you my soul, I'll die first. I don't fear your tortures.”

She leaned forward with the calm of a predator, and stared straight into me causing me to flinch. “You will freely, you'll beg me to take it.” She gestured to her two attendants; the priestesses descended on me, but not with the jabs and cuts I expected. They touched my body gently then leaned over me and began caressing each other. I knew Jen and Becca occasionally had fun together though both were more interested in Eric. I'd never been much involved, but now was given a front row seat as their hands played with each other's body teasingly finding sensitive spots to provoke response as their hands wandered over each others' form. Becca pulled Jen forward with a gentle finger brushed under the chin. My Darlex cocoon seemed more restricting. They kissed over me a deep intimate kiss of experienced lover, passionate for each other, but patient enough to drink in every moment. As aroused as I was at the prospect of two beautiful women making out above me, my concern for what Sarah must be thinking distracted me enough to look away from the show. She sat smiling confidently watching me. Somehow her firm confident gaze was even more erotic than their show. I was straining against the fabric and I could follow her eyes to see that she could tell. She was looking straight at my hidden erection. “You want to surrender to me mortal. You need it.”

“Y-you won't t-tempt me demon!”

They seemed to take this as a challenge, and broke off their kiss to descend on me, They began rubbing my body through the sack, a frustrating sensual massage. The experience only made more intense by their breasts pushing against me as they explored the outside of  my cocoon. This certainly wasn't torture, it was however maddening in just how helpless I was made by a simple bag with inside sleeves.

“Never!” I rocked my shoulders trying to buck them off, but got nowhere. I knew this was a game, they must have known as well, but none of us choose to stop it.

The queen, Sarah moved forward and placed her hand right on top of my erection while her attendants worked over my chest and arms. “I already own your body. Surrender. You want to.” She cooed stroking me gently

“I-I can't.”

She leaned forward kissing my neck. I let out a moan, and she bit playfully at my neck. She must have had a poison bite as the world faded from view.


When I woke up I wasn't the same character anymore I was me, but we were still playing the game. I looked around disoriented at plain white walls. Hospital walls it dawned on me I moved to get up, and while my legs were now free I found myself without arms. They were there, but held crossed over my chest. I looked around and saw the nurse come in to check on me, Sarah, only she was also the Demon Queen. “Where am I?”

She smiled that knowing powerful smile, Saint Urdzzat's Asylum. I balked that didn't make sense game or otherwise. “No, that's crazy”

She laughed. “Says the boy in the straitjacket.”

I tried the tear the thing off, which is coincidentally not the way to escape a straitjacket. I couldn't pull the thing over my head, I couldn't get my arms loose. Sarah had to hold me down to keep me from banging into something.

“Let me go!”

She shook her head no. “I still own your body.”

I shivered in arousal at the thought. “This is insane, none of this is real!”

There was the grin, “Maybe that's because I own your mind as well.” She reached toward the crotch zipper and stroked my cock through the confining material. She leaned forward pressing her body against me pinning me to the ground her lips were teasingly close to mine “You want this, you want to be mine, completely. You want me to take your complete surrender.” She climbed over me pressing  against me with her body pinning me down.

I was trembling like a leaf “I-I do”

She stared at me intensely like a a starving tiger anticipating its dinner. “Say it”

I could hear something wrong with how she said that, but I was too caught up to reason out what “I surren-”


The game melted away I was lying on the hotel floor in a Darlex straitjacket, with Sarah pulling away from me, and I felt very confused. Why had she ended the game so close to the obvious climax?

Jen came to comfort Sarah, leaving Becca to come release me.

“Sarah, what's wrong?”

Sarah shrugged off Jen's approach, like she didn't want the help. “I just don't want to do that game. I don't want pretend,”

And then I grokked it. What was upsetting Sarah so much. “It's roleplaying, but I think Becca's trying to set us up.”

Sarah looked at me confused “This is my fault I let slip in the car-”

“Wait you? I-”  had thought Eric must of set this up, but that didn't matter. I got to my feet despite the jacket, frustrating Becca's attempt to release me. “Could we have some privacy?”

Jen and Becca exchanged conspiratorial grins before exiting to the other adjoined room and closing the door.

Sarah didn't seem to understand. She came over to release the straitjacket. I looked her straight in the eyes and asked “Do you want me?”

“But, we're not playing the game.”

I looked her straight in the eye, “but you do want me, and I want to be yours.” She looked at me like she doubted what I was saying. I'm not sure I could have lied to her. I think she realized it. She led me over to the bed and helped me lie down on it.

“You can still safe word out at any time.”

“I know”

Her hand went straight to the crotch zipper and she began stroking me off as we kissed passionately her exploring my body— me rising to her hand yearning for her touch. She stopped just long enough to place a kiss on my cock, followed by a rubber and a little lube. Which was good since  I wasn't going to be able to reach until she released me. Bring me fully erect with little playful touches, she straddled me and lowered herself onto me carefully positioning us so I penetrated her smoothly. She was noticeably hot, and I could feel the muscles of her cunt gripping at me, testament to the effectiveness of the earlier foreplay.

I was breathing hard and trying to hold back a little, to keep things going.“You belong to me.” She told me, as she fucked herself on my erection. “All of y-you, freely given. I own you. You're mine n—“ her word were lost in a visceral orgasmic scream as she clenched down on me.

No holding back; I've always been aroused by causing orgasms. I let my breathing harden as the pressure built within me as she continued to fuck herself on me, I came hard with an intense orgasm spurting into the reservoir of the rubber. I fell back exhausted, though she'd done most of the work. “I think I always was.”

She got me out of the straitjacket and we just held each other and talked for hours. It was crazy, we didn't do things like that with strangers, but it just felt right that night, and I haven't regretted it yet. We spent most of the rest of the con together.


I finish folding and hanging the laundry, and take it and the sleep sack up the stairs. As I'm reveling in the memories, I don't notice the movement behind me.

“Sleep time.” and a bite on my neck, This is now a hypnotic trigger for me.


I awaken now wearing the freshly washed sleepsack, staring up into the loving eyes of my smiling wife Sarah, who happily chirps,




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