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The Conversation

by Jsmith7471

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© Copyright 2004 - Jsmith7471 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; D/s; bandages; saran; tape; cocoon; bond; remote; toys; oral; sex; cons/reluct; X

Mike had a very bad day at work. His boss had told him he was resigning. With those few words, Mike knew that his world at work was about to change, in a big way. It had taken him years to break in his present boss. To learn each other's likes, dislikes, all the little subtleties. The potential replacements for his current boss were all assholes. He was very depressed about the impending change.

Mike's fiancée Lori, called him at mid morning as she usually did, wondering how his day was going. After a moment, she sensed that something was wrong. She prompted him for a few minutes, before he finally explained what had happened and the unpleasant options he was facing.

After spending a few moments consoling him, telling him it would be alright, she made a suggestion. "Leave work early and come home. I'll have an early supper ready. After supper, we'll get you mummified as snug as a bug in a rug!"

Mike cheered up immediately at the thought of this. Maybe she would leave him in for the whole night. They both enjoyed mummification. Mike had always been the dominant one, Lori had always been more of a sub. With Lori exhibiting some dominant tendencies lately and wanting to experiment a bit. Mike had agreed to switch and occasionally play the sub role. This was especially easy since he found out how much he enjoyed being mummified. This would certainly take his mind off his work problems.

Mike arrived home at 4:00 PM. Lori greeted him at the door. And what a greeting it was. Mike stood open mouthed and staring. Lori was dressed in a black satin corset, which extended from just above her mound up to right below her breasts, cupping them and pushing them up. She was also wearing long, black, shoulder length gloves, a black, silk thong, black, fishnet stockings and garters. She was a brunette with shoulder length hair. Her breasts were swelling as the top of the corset pushed them upward. Four-inch pumps and a diamond studded, black velvet choker around her neck completed the package.

Mike was breathless when the door opened and he saw her standing there. She smiled seductively, took his hand and led him inside. The lights in the entryway were dimmed and he saw a few candles flickering. Once thru the door, he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Their tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths as they each felt a familiar tingle spread thru their crotches. He loved the sensation of her firm breasts squeezing against his chest as he gently stroked up and down her sides.

She led him into the Dining Room and sat him down at the table to a light meal. She rubbed his neck and shoulders while he ate. "Can't have you too full or peeing the bandages!" she commented with a twinkle in her eye. After a moment, she sat down to join him.

After they finished eating, she sent him into the living room to relax on the recliner for a while. Then, she cleaned up the dishes and finished her preparations. "I'll get you in an hour. Just relax.", she told him.

"Mike. Time to get up.", called Lori. He stood up and she took his hand, leading him into the bedroom. He stood by the bed as she took his clothes off. Then he sat down on the edge of the bed. His cock was half erect and pulsing as his pre-cum dripped off the tip of his cock, onto the carpet.

Within 20 minutes, he was completely mummified in the stretchy, sticky bandages, from head to toe. Lori had been very thorough in his mummification. His fingers, arms, legs and torso had been wrapped individually. She made sure that no skin was touching skin anywhere. She had applied two more complete layers, winding from his head to his toes and backup around his body to his head, during the over wrap.

Only his nostrils and cock were sticking out. Mike was gagged, deaf, blind and totally helpless. (He always enjoyed the finality, when she put the ball gag in his mouth, pulled the strap tightly, and buckled it behind his neck.  Silencing his last chance to protest. Ending any second thoughts he might be having about his decision to be encased.) He reveled in this feeling of compression and tightness that the total mummification brought him.

Mentally he performed his usual audit, going limb-by-limb, digit-by-digit, trying to move or feel anything besides the uniform pressure of the bandages over every square inch of his body. He loved the way the sticky bandages locked his legs together and his arms to his sides. With his arms at his side like this, they helped stiffen his torso. He found that he could barely even wiggle or squirm. He was able to lift his legs slightly and flex his feet. He could also bend his neck and move his head slightly. That was it.

The bandages compressed his body so solidly, that he barely felt the straps, as Lori pulled them tightly to secure him to the bondage table. He had straps at his ankles, calves, above his knees, thighs, waist, ribs, chest, mouth and forehead. Mike only realized that she had strapped him down to the table, when he felt the strap at the bottom of the table pulling his feet into a mild en pointe position. Now he was truly powerless and absolutely in her control.

In a moment, he felt her cutting his nipples out and exposing them thru neat little holes in the bandages. She usually did this last, so he was pretty sure she was probably done. He hummed and whimpered thru the gag as she began playing with his cock. He sensed that this was only the warm up, to a long teasing session over the next few hours. She bent over and placed a kiss on his bandaged mouth and licked the tip of his nose, as a sign that his time had started.

Being totally mummified, along with the subsequent sensory deprivation, left his sense of time grossly distorted. He knew that she had played with him at least three times, since being wrapped, but that meant nothing without a timeframe for reference. He remembered that he was to chat with Serena tonight at 9:00PM, as they usually did. Typically they would chat after Lori had been put to bed in bondage or gone to bed as part of her normal routine. It was becoming obvious that he may not make their chat tonight. But, he was sure she would understand. The next round of teasing began and thoughts of chatting with Serena were quickly forgotten. 

Time continued to pass as he lay there, helpless, enjoying the tightness and confinement of his exquisite mummification. Every once in a while, Lori saw him squirming as he tried to feel himself and further explore his situation. She busied herself with cleaning up the empty bandage rolls, straightening up the bed, etc.

At 8:55PM, Lori sat down at the computer. She opened a side drawer and pulled out a folder. Laying it on the desk, she opened it and began reviewing the chats between Mike and Serena, his cyber slave. After a moments reading, she reached up to the shelf above the monitor, and disconnected the web cam. It was very careless of Mike to leave these out where she could find them. (Ok. Maybe they weren't laying right out and she had been a bit nosy.)

She smiled as she spun around in the chair to face the helplessly mummified male, strapped to the bondage table, not three feet behind her. She appreciated that this role was a switch for Mike. Normally, Lori would be the one mummified on the table, helpless and in Mike's power. She watched his chest slowly rise and fall. He was off in sub space now. Occasionally, his legs or body would squirm a bit. Not really trying to escape, just testing the sensations he was experiencing. Her eyes paused on his half erect cock. She watched it jerk periodically as a glistening drop of pre-cum would drip off the tip, onto the bandages. Leaving a thin string back up to the tip. He mmmphed for a moment and was quiet. She thought to herself how much she loved him, as she reviewed her plan in her mind.

She shook her head with the same smile and spun back to face the computer. It was 8:59PM as she connected with the Internet and logged onto Yahoo Messenger with Mike's username and password.

Serena-"Hi sexy. How are you tonight?"
Lori watched a picture pop up on the screen of a young blonde woman.
Lori-"Great! Hi my little mummy. How are you doing tonight?"
Serena-"I'm doing very well. Had a very nice weekend. Where is your picture? I'm not receiving anything."
Lori-"No picture? My damn web cam must be screwed up. I'll check it in a few minutes."
Serena-"Ok. No problem."

Lori-"What did you do this weekend?"
Serena-"Had some fun traveling with my significant other."
Lori-"I don't remember going anywhere with you this weekend. LOL."
Serena-"LOL. Very asshole!"
Serena-"Any time that I had to myself this weekend, I found myself fantasizing about the special mummification you said you had planned for me. My pussy has been sopping wet all weekend. I can't wait to hear what you have planned."

Lori-"Oh, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. You'll be very surprised! LOL."
Serena-"Are you ok? You seem a bit out of it."
Lori-"No need to worry. I'm not myself tonight. Just a bit out of sorts. Nothing to get excited about. I'm already as hard as a rock and horny as hell!" 
Lori-"I had a little disagreement with my significant other. But its been handled."
Serena-"Was that bitch giving you a rough time?"
Lori-"Nothing that I couldn't handle."

Serena-"I know what you mean. I'm already dripping, waiting to hear what you have in mind."
Lori-"Well. Let me try to get the camera going so that we can get on with your intense mummification."

After a few moments of fiddling around and no messages exchanged.
Serena-"How is it cumming? Did I loose you courtesy of Yahell?"
Lori-"Wait a moment. I've got it fixed."
As soon as Lori connected the web cam, a picture popped onto Serena's screen. She gasped in shock. Before her sat a woman. Definitely not Mike.

Lori-"Hello Serena. I'm Mike's wife Lori. Can you come out and play?"

Lori was savoring the shocked and surprised expression on Serena's face. For a moment Serena just stared at the screen. She noticed a completely mummified form strapped onto a table behind the woman. "Oh my god. What had they gotten themselves into? Was she going to hurt Mike to get even?" she thought to herself. Serena caught a glimpse of his cock, half erect, sticking out and his nipples barely peeking above the bandages.

Lori-"Are you still there? Do I have your attention?"
Serena shook herself out of her stupor and responded.

Serena-"Why is he mummified? He was always a top."
Lori-"Mike decided he wanted to experience what a sub goes thru and what its like to be mummified. Tonight, he is getting both his wishes."
Serena-"What do you want? You won't hurt him will you?"
Lori-"That will depend on you. As you can see, he is helpless and in my control, resting comfortably behind me. At this point, he doesn't even know we are talking. He is in his own world, for the moment. A world you have only dreamed of experiencing, I believe."

After a pause in the conversation.
Lori-"What, exactly, are you doing with my fiancé?"
Lori-"Who contacted who, first?"
Lori-"Have you two met in person?"
Serena was nervous and didn't know what to say, as she stared at her inquisitor.
Serena-"No, we only chatted online."
Lori-"Where are you located?"

Serena hesitated and Lori spun around to face Mike. She reached out with an evil looking nipple clamp and slowly released it on Mike's right nipple. Serena saw his sudden straining and struggling against the straps. The stop motion effect of the web cam made it appear almost surreal.
Lori-"Every correct answer brings him pleasure or at least no pain. Wrong answers by you are punished at his expense."

Serena-"I'm in Ohio. Near Cincinnati."
Lori-"Your only about 5 to 6 hours away. Very interesting."
Lori-"What is your street address?"

Serena hesitated, watching Lori toy with a second nipple clamp. Suddenly, Lori spun around and began to stroke his cock.
Serena-"492 Hill Crest Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio!"
Lori heard the tone signifying an incoming message. She paused and turned around with a grin facing the screen.
Lori-"Very good. It appears that we understand each other."
Serena-"I'll do as you ask."

Lori-"Where is your significant other? Your husband I assume?"
Serena-"He is a trucker. Out on the road 3 or 4 times a week. Usually overnight."
Lori-"Is he gone now?"
Serena-"Yes. He won't return until late tomorrow afternoon."
Lori-"Does he know you chat? That you like bondage?"
Serena-"No. But I think he suspects."

Lori paused for a moment and stared at the screen, deep in thought.
Lori-"Well. It appears that we have a lot of time. That's good to know!"
Lori turned around to face Mike. Serena winced as she saw Lori put the second nipple clamp on Mike's left nipple. He struggled briefly as before. She tied a string to each clamp and draped the strings over the side of him.
Lori-"I don't know if you're aware of it. Nipple clamps obviously hurt when they're put on. After a while the pain becomes a dull ache. Tugging on them (She gave the strings a hard pull that made Mike squirm.) momentarily revives the initial pain, but that soon reverts back to the dull ache. The real pain comes when you take them off. Then, you are very thankful to have a gag to muffle your screams."

Lori could see the look of concern on Serena's face as she watched.
Lori-"So what is it exactly that you do with my fiancé? Just chat about the weather? Football picks? What? Why did you contact him?"

Serena-"He contacted me! Thru an online mummification club. He started chatting with me one evening. We had each run an ad on the club site."
Serena-"We initially began discussing our mutual interest in mummification. I found out that he was a top and told him I was a sub. We talked about all the ways I wanted to be mummified and things I wanted to have done to me."

Lori-"So. You used my fiancé to fulfill your fantasies."
Serena paused and looked up at the camera with an ashamed, guilty expression.
She wondered why she felt like this. She'd never even met them in person.
Serena-"It wasn't like that. First we chatted occasionally, and then a few times a week. After a while, we were having cyber sex and it progressed to where he was dominating me in mummification, all the time."

Lori-"So you liked when he mummified you online?"
Serena-"I couldn't help it. It is so pleasurable to feel as if you're controlled by someone else. Especially thru mummification. When the person describes the process, step by step, as intimately as he does and you can almost feel it happening."
Lori looked at the screen with a sympathetic expression on her face.
Lori-"Poor baby. I understand. Mike is very good at it. Too bad you can't experience him and his mummification techniques in person. He is learning tonight that I've been watching and learning also, over the years. As evidenced behind me."

Lori-"Perhaps I can help you."
Lori now grinned with an evil twinkle in her eye. Now Serena's look was a puzzled one.
Serena-"What do you mean help me?"
Lori-"You received a package from Mike today?"
Lori-"You followed the instructions that came with it and did not open it?"
Lori-"Good girl. Go get it."

Serena could almost feel the commanding tone in Lori's voice. She got up automatically to retrieve the package. The sub in her, taking over. Lori entertained herself while she waited, stroking and licking Mike's cock. Bringing him to a peak and backing off each time. His breath was rasping thru his nose in rapid snorts as his arousal drove him wild.

In a few moments she had returned to her seat. The package lay on the desk beside her.
Serena-"I have it. Now what?"
Lori smiled and thought to herself. This is going better than I had hoped. She is so easy to dominate.
Lori-"Before you open the package, you'll need a few things. Items I believe you mentioned you have, in your chats with Mike. Yes, I've read your recent chats with him. Very interesting and very pathetic!"
Serena again felt embarrassed and humiliated as she stared at her lap after reading the comment.

Lori-"You will need a roll of Saran Wrap, roll of Duct Tape, cotton rope, 2 1/4 inch red ball gag, blindfold and six clothespins."
Lori-"Get them now! And be quick about it!"
Lori turned back to Mike. Mixing a bit of caressing his form with soft, soothing talk and painful tugs on the nipple clamps. She deliberately stayed away from his cock. She felt herself getting wet as she watched him squirm and wiggle helplessly under her control. The tone from an incoming message brought her back to her seat and the screen.
Serena-"I brought back all the things that you asked. Lori."
Lori-"That's Mistress, to you from now on!"

Lori gave a very sharp tug to the nipple clamps, causing Mike's form to jerk briefly. The panicked look on Serena's face indicated that Lori had made her point.
Serena's head was bowed to the screen. Lori could see the items, she had requested, arranged on the desk near the package.
Lori-"Now. Before you get too comfortable, take your clothes off. I want to see what I have to work with."
Lori-"Keep watching the screen for my directions."

Serena stood up, and hesitantly pulled her shirt up over her head, dropping it on the floor. She reached behind her back with her right hand and released her bra. Her breasts hung perfectly as she let her bra fall forward and the straps slide down her arms, joining her shirt on the floor. As her clothes continued coming off, her head remained down, facing the floor. "She'll make excellent sub material.", thought Lori to herself. "With those nice round breasts, narrow waist, flaring hips and tapering thighs. An exquisite female shape. Even if she can't satisfy anyone sexually, she'll make an excellent wrapping dummy." (A person who has no sexual appeal or use. But, whose shape and figure look great when mummified. A wrapping dummy can be put on display, as a party decoration, used for mummification practice, or used to try out various new techniques. A wrapping dummy has less value than even a slave.)

She unsnapped and pulled down the zipper on her jeans. Even loosened, they hung suspended on her shapely, round hips. With her thumbs in her waistband on either side, she pushed them down and wiggled out of them. They stopped in a pile at her feet. After stepping out of them, her thong slid down to join them.

As Serena stood there facing the camera, Lori admired her long dark blonde hair, very nice figure and the neatly trimmed brownish vee at her pussy lips.
Lori-"Very nice. You have a lot of potential. Put the thong on the desk with the other items and sit down."
Lori-"You will do as I say from here on out, or Mike will pay for it before your eyes."
Lori held the nipple strings and then waved a riding crop near his half erect cock. The meaning obvious.
Lori-"I am prepared to increase his punishment and suffering."
With that, she gave his cock a light swat and simultaneously pulled hard on the nipple clamps to make her point. Mike struggled briefly as Serena watched anxiously.
Serena-"Yes mistress. Don't hurt him! Please! I'll obey."
Serena begged and pleaded.

Lori-"Your devotion to your old master is quite admirable."
They sat there for a moment looking at each other. Lori spread her legs and casually reached down and began rubbing her mound. Serena just sat there with her legs clenched together. After a moment, her eyes dropped to her lap as she fidgeted nervously under Lori's intense stare.

Lori-"Spread your legs. I want to see your pussy."
Serena's lips looked swollen from her arousal. Her nipples were erect and a reddening sex blush was spreading over her chest above her breasts.
Lori-"Hold your labia apart. I want to see how moist you are in there."
Using her fingers on one hand, Serena parted her lips. The pink swollen flesh glistened as they parted. Her wetness became evident as a drop of juice ran down her folds. Only now did Lori notice the swollen bud peeking out of its fleshy hood.

Lori-"Use your fingers to take a taste of yourself. Then I want you to massage your clit and masturbate yourself."
Serena-"But Mistress..I can't!"
Lori spun around and gave Mike's cock two swats with the crop. Serena saw the tight cocoon squirm furiously and quite ineffectually. Lori chuckled to herself, knowing that she had barely touched him. She had pulled back at the last second. The nipple clamps hurt and were for real. The crop had been used only as a light tap. Lori counted on startling him out of his reverie to achieve the desired affect.

Lori-"In a battle of wills, you will find that I am quite determined."
Serena-"I'll do it! Please stop Mistress!"
Her left hand parted her lips and her middle finger on her right hand entered her wet, warm hole. Almost literally dripping wet, she moved the finger up and slid it into her open mouth. Her eyes slowly closed, as she tasted her juices. Almost simultaneously, her left hand moved back to her mound and she began playing with herself. Her two middle fingers moving in slow circles over her clit. Occasionally, the fingers would dip into her moist hole for some lubrication.

Lori enjoyed watching her squirm and slide forward in her chair. Serena was becoming carried away with her own pleasure. Her right hand left her mouth and was now down squeezing her nipple. Serena heard the message tone. It sounded three separate times before she stopped pleasuring herself, to look at the screen.

She saw Lori standing by Mike, pulling on the nipple clamps as far as they would go. Not only was he struggling, but also his feet were flexing as much as allowed by the strap.
Serena-"I'm sorry! Let him go! Punish me! Please Mistress."
Lori returned to her seat, realizing that she had regained Serena's attention.
Lori-"Now that idea appeals to me. Nice performance. You are quite the hot little slut. Open the box and remove the contents."
Serena opened the box. After burrowing thru the packing, she found and removed a box with wires connected to a cock shaped vibrator and to a set of handcuffs. Serena looked puzzled as she stared at the unusual assembly.

Lori-"What you have before you is a modem connected to a very potent vibrator and handcuffs. With the modem connected to your USB port, I will be able to control the vibrator's speed and the opening and locking of the handcuffs. Connect the modem to your computer now, slave."

Lori watched Serena working as she moved her processor tower out to access the communication ports in the rear. Within a moment, she had the task complete.
Serena-"I'm ready Mistress."
Lori immediately hit a key and watched Serena jump in her seat as the vibrator buzzed about on the desktop. The handcuffs began clicking as they locked and unlocked. Two green lights on Lori's screen both flashed on, indicating that both devices worked fine. Perfect thought Lori, we are ready to begin.

Lori-"Spread your legs open. I'm sure your still quite wet and slide the vibrator into your hole. The whole way!"
Serena-"Yes Mistress."
Serena looked hesitant and unsure as she nuzzled the tip of the vibrator between her lips. Serena gasped and winced in anticipation as the tapered point started to slide in and her pussy spread to the full diameter of the vibrator. She had it in about halfway, when Lori saw her lean back against the chair, her body slumped and her eyes closed. She let out a long moan.

Lori-"You had better not be cumming, without my permission!"
Serena sat bolt upright in the chair as she heard the incoming message tone.
Serena-"I'm sorry mistress. It has been a while since I've had an orgasm. I'll control myself properly."
Lori-"You had better or else. Now let's get on with this!"
Lori-"Make sure the vibrator is pushed in nice and snug. Then spread your outer lips. I want two clothespins on each lip. Top and bottom."

Serena picked up the clothespins and looked at the camera. She then turned her gaze downward and hesitantly applied the first clothespin. Lori saw her wince as the jaws tightened on her delicate flesh. Lori smiled as Serena closed the clip on herself.
Serena-"It hurts Mistress."
Lori-"Not as much as all four will. Now finish it."
Serena repeated the process with the other three clothespins. Her face twisted up into a painful expression as the last one was applied. Her labia were now decorated with four clothespins.

Lori-"Remember. After awhile, it will become a dull ache. Until they come off. Then the pain will be incredible."
Serena looked at the screen with a very frightened expression. The game that she enjoyed with Mike was now out of her control. Totally.

Lori-"Now. Put your legs together carefully. Press them together as tightly as you can. Then start wrapping the Saran Wrap around your feet and work up your legs to your thighs. I want the Saran Wrap layered and smoothly applied, up to your ass!"
Serena pushed her legs together gingerly. As the clips began to compress between her thighs, they poked and pinched her privates, causing more discomfort.
She stopped and looked at the screen with a pained, pleading expression.

Without a thought, Lori spun the chair around and stood up. Serena saw the crop in her hand as she pulled back for a swing. She cried out as the crop struck his cock. Mike jolted as if electrified and struggled. Lori laughed again, her back to Serena, knowing that it looked good, but she hadn't hurt him. Lori turned as she heard the message tone.

Serena-"Look! They're together. I'm wrapping now Mistress."
Lori-"You're a very slow learner. I constantly find myself having to motivate you. Your causing Mike a great deal of unnecessary discomfort."
Lori watched as Serena wrapped her legs into a single column of shiny plastic.

After a few moments, as she strained to bend over her knees to wrap her feet and calves, she straightened up in the chair. Sliding forward, she brought her bottom right up to the edge. Serena then finished her thighs, removing any access she may have had to her pussy. As she finished smoothing the plastic, she looked uncomfortable, squirming her thighs as she watched the screen.

Lori-"Now the Duct Tape. Cover all of the Saran Wrap with the tape."
Serena picked up the roll of tape, bent down grunting as she strained to reach her toes and feet again. With difficulty, she pulled the tape off the roll in a jerky fashion and wrapped it around her feet.

Lori watched for about five minutes as Serena worked the tape up her legs to her thighs. The only evidence of Serena's efforts on screen, were her visible huffing and puffing and the faces she made. Lori saw the sweat dripping onto the floor.
Serena-"I'm done Mistress. Isn't this going to be hard to get off?"
Lori-"No you're not done. And this is intended to be long term! Any questions?"
Lori looked at Serena for a moment, then stood up, picked up the crop and disappeared from view. Reappearing a few seconds later, standing behind Mike. Looking angry, she swatted the crop into her palm a few times and laid it down across his thighs.

Serena watched her bend down and take his limp cock into her mouth, sucking and licking it into an erect state. Mike's hips began to move up and down in a slow motion as she continued pleasuring him for a few moments. Lori removed her mouth and straightened up. She daintily wiped her mouth and grinned at the screen. Mike's cock was still stabbing the air as she grabbed the strings for the nipple clamps, pulling on them. Mike's discomfort was evident as his body went rigid from the unexpected pain. After a few seconds, she picked up the crop and returned to her seat.

Lori-"Though you are my slave and I have power over you. Your actions have power over Mike."
Lori-"Now wrap each arm, from your wrist to your shoulder and wrap from your waist to below your breasts in Saran Wrap. Pull the waist wrap very tight. I want your breathing restricted! Then put a layer of Duct Tape over the plastic."
Serena-"As you wish, Mistress."

Lori sat back for the next twenty minutes and watched her mummify her torso and arms. She was enjoying this new role. Her thighs were moist as she rubbed her mound thru her panties. She moaned and closed her eyes as the exquisite sensations spread thru her. After a while, the Instant Message tone brought her back to reality.
Serena-"I'm done Mistress. My arms are stiffened and it's hard to breath."
Lori-"Good. It appears there may be some hope for you yet."
Lori stabbed the button for the vibrator. Serena almost slipped off the edge of the chair as the pleasurable tingling startled her.
Lori-"You'll find that slaves who follow directions are rewarded. Now let's finish this up."

Lori turned off the vibrator and Serena made a childlike pouting face.
Lori-"Put the two remaining clothespins on your nipples. Get that ball gag in your mouth! Strap it in tight. I want to see marks and indentations in your cheeks. Oh. Put that thong around the ball before inserting it."
Serena-"But Mistress. I wore that thong all day."
Lori-"Your point being?"
Lori-"Do as your told! You slut! You've never tasted pussy? I think not!"

Lori picked up the crop and stood. Turning to the tightly mummified form behind her. Her arm swatted left and right as the crop struck his penis. (Her strokes were again gentle. His startled reaction looked worse than it was.) Lori heard the Instant Message tone repeatedly behind her, but she ignored it. She grabbed each nipple string in turn and wound it around the base of his cock, in opposite directions. Now Mike's struggling was constant, frantic and genuine. After a moments wait, she turned back to the computer and sat down.

Serena-"Stop! Please."
Serena-"Let him go."
Serena-"I'll do what you want. Look. I'm putting the gag in."
Lori-"That's a good slave. Once your ready, I'll release his cock and nipples. Not before."
Lori reached behind her with the crop, poking at the string stretched between his cock and nipples. Twanging the string with the crop.
Serena-"I'm putting on the clothespins now. The gag is so tight that I'm afraid I'll choke Mistress."
Lori-"You'll be fine. Now keep going."
Serena's face screwed up in pain as the clothespins went on her cute nipples. She looked as if she was going to cry.
Serena-"Done, Mistress."
Lori-"This is the last thing for your preparations."

Serena eyed the handcuffs on the desk, nervously. She knew that putting them on was her point of no return. A shiver ran down her spine. Though afraid, she wanted so badly.
to be in someone else's power. To give up control totally.
Lori-"Well? Put your arms over the back of the chair before cuffing yourself."
After a moment, Serena picked up the box with the hand cuffs attached, and clicked one on to her left wrist. The steel felt so cold and impersonal. It went on tight enough to almost pinch her skin.

Lori-"Why did you stop? Keep going and finish it."
She put her hands behind her, the top of the chair back jamming into her armpits. Lori watched her struggle and fumble a bit. After a moment, Lori saw her stop for a few seconds and then slump forward. Her head hung down.

Lori-"Done Slave?"
Serena looked at the screen, read the message and nodded her head in the affirmative. The look of defeat, etched in her face as her hair hung partly over her face.
Lori-"Keep watching the screen for instructions. Use your cocooned feet to push the chair around. I want to examine the cuffs. When you hear the Instant Message tone, then spin yourself back to face the screen."

Once she turned, Lori saw her wrists and knew by the pinched, wrinkled appearance of the skin, that the cuffs were nice and tight and locked on for real. She pressed a button on her control and each cuff was drawn up to and against the box, by the chain. Lori enjoyed seeing the increased tension and strain on Serena's arms as her shoulders were stretched back a bit further. The clothespins looked like flagpoles as her breasts were thrust out.

Lori only wished that she could hear the moaning and whimpering as she watched Serena tossing her head from side to side. Her body twisted as much as it could. Her legs flopping back and forth as much as the cocooning permitted. Now Serena was squirming and struggling just like Mike. Lori smiled. She knew she had her.

She watched Serena like a predator. 
Her hand slipped under the waistband of her thong. Her fingers parted her drenched lips as they slipped into her hole to stimulate herself. Watching Serena struggle, she realized, was a tremendous turn on. Her free hand moved over her left breast and began toying with the nipple.

A few moments later, she forced herself to stop. She was saving herself for Serena.. and Mike. The thought of Serena's mouth in her pussy brought a grin to her face.
Serena heard the Instant Message tone and began the laborious process of spinning the chair so she could face the screen.
Lori-"Very good Slave."
After a moment's effort, pumping her feet, she was facing the screen.

Lori-"Now that your helpless, just sit back and relax. I'll tell you where we're going from here."
Serena watched Lori tap a key and felt a gentle buzzing begin in her pussy, as the vibrator started. A few more taps and the speed had increased. It was buzzing away at a steady pace.  Serena hummed into her gag and closed her eyes. Lori left her go for a minute, then sent a message.

Lori-"Attention Slave!"
Serena opened her eyes, upon hearing the message tone. She saw Lori set up a laptop on the desk, transferring the modem connection to it. Serena looked puzzled as Lori powered up the laptop and logged on. She felt the vibrator stop and start right back up again. The cuffs remained locked.

Lori-"I always keep my word."
Lori stood up and walked over to Mike. She untied the string to his cock and licked and fondled him until it became erect. With her mouth and tongue working the very tip of his cock, she reached up and released the first nipple clamp.

Serena saw Mike's body go rigid and shake, straining against the straps that held him fast, as the pain surged thru his nipple. Lori kept sucking his cock, in an effort to distract him from the pain. As he settled down, she removed the second one. The reaction repeating itself. Once the pain had subsided, she moved up to lick his sore nipples gently, while caressing his head. Lori could barely hear his muffled moans and whimpers. Serena noted that Lori was now obviously saying something to him. Her mouth moving right by his ear.

Mike's head seemed to be to shaking from side to side, as if resisting what he heard, motioning no. A few more moments of this talking passed and Lori straightened up. She unstrapped him and rolled him on his side, facing away from the screen. Serena watched Lori carry a cup around and after a moment, then walk away, returning without it. She laid him back down on his back and returned to her chair.

Lori-"We're done for now. I've now transferred control of the modem to my laptop and reconnected another web cam to the laptop. I'll soon be dressed and have Mike ready for travel. As a mummy of course. With your web cam, you'll get to watch my mummy and make sure that nothing happens to him. You had better do a good job!"
Serena looked puzzled and then began struggling in earnest, indicating that she wanted her hands released, so she could begin releasing herself from the Duct Tape.

Lori-"Would you like to be released Slave?"
Serena nodded her head in the affirmative. She watched Lori tap a key on the laptop and felt the vibrator stop.
Lori-"Oh, Slave. Did I forget to tell you? Your not going to be released..yet! In about seven hours, you're going to receive a visit from some cyber friends. I can't wait to see you in person and meet your husband."
Serena's jaw would have dropped had she not been gagged. The look of shock on her face was priceless. Her eyes were as large as saucers. After she digested this information, she began struggling fiercely. Thrashing her head back and forth and twisting her body and legs.

Lori-"You may as well save your strength. You'll not get out of the Duct Tape and handcuffs. Why do you think that I used them? We will be leaving shortly. When we do, I will turn the vibrator back on. You can watch the clock in the lower, left corner of the screen to track our progress. It is about a six-hour drive."

Serena watched Lori load Mike's mummified form on a hand truck. Lori spent a minute wrapping his cock to his body with a roll of bandages. She then wheeled him out of the room. Presumably down to their vehicle. She came back and spent twenty minutes dressing herself and gathering things for the trip. Extra clothes (all female) and bondage gear were packed into a large suitcase. Three cases of bandages and two boxes of white, medical tape were carried out also. Serena had a very bad feeling that they were for her.
Lori-"We're heading out now. See you in six hours. Slave!"
Serena watched Lori blow her a kiss and wave bye as she disappeared from view. She felt the vibrator start. The clock displayed 12:35AM.

Lori sat in the middle of the king size bed, drinking some coffee and watching a morning talk show. It was about 11:00AM. The drive had been long, and was without incident. Upon their arrival, she was glad to see Serena as she had left her. Lori had monitored Serena the whole trip on the web cam. She had only finished both of their preparations a little bit ago.

On her left lay Mike, who had been released, toileted and watered upon their arrival, and who was now strapped to the bed in Serena's Master Bedroom. Again mummified from head to toe in a fresh set of tight, constricting bandages, much as he had been at home. He was decidedly unhappy about what Lori had done, but had little choice in the matter. She had threatened to break off their engagement if he did not comply with her wishes.
Upon arriving, Lori had released him from his bandages and kept him in light restraints. Forcing him to help her in the mummification of his former cyber slave, Serena. Before preparing her head and wrapping it, but after the complete mummification of her body from her neck to her toes, Serena was given the opportunity, (As if she could refuse.) to suck Mike's cock. Lori watched Mike's face intently. Serena was very good as her tongue and lips drove Mike slowly over the top. His expressions changing as his arousal increased and he came into her mouth.

Then, after Mike had settled down, he rolled Serena onto her stomach and moved her up between Lori's spread legs as she sat up at the head of the bed. Mike guided Serena's mouth and nose into Lori's swollen mound. A smile crossed his lips as he watched. Mike straddled her back and held Serena's head in place, guiding up and down Lori's lips as Serena licked and sucked Lori's pussy. After only a few moments of this, Lori gasped breathlessly, to an incredible climax.

After they had finished Serena's preparations, Mike faced his second stringent mummification in less than twenty hours. (Lucky guy!)

On Lori's right, lay Serena, mummified from head to toe in bandages and also strapped to the bed. Except for the visual differences between his form and Serena's shapely form, they were prepared identically. Two smooth shapely, featureless mummies strapped to the bed. Both of them had their fingers, arms, legs, torsos and heads wrapped individually. They were ear plugged, eyes padded and gagged. Their arms were crossed behind their backs in an arm bar, wrapped together and then completely wrapped to their bodies.  Only their nostril openings were exposed for breathing. Lori had especially enjoyed the look of terror and the frightened eyes of Serena as the bandages moved steadily up, enveloping her body. Then the final pleading expression, as the pads were placed over her eyes and the wrapping was completed. She struggled for quite a while before finally settling down. Lori almost felt sorry for her. This must truly have been her first time. 

Each of them had a butt plug in place. Mike had a remote control vibrator wrapped to his cock, buried under the bandages. Serena had two remote control vibrators in her. One in her hole and a butterfly over her clit. Both of them had their upper bodies propped at an angle with pillows to make their arms (Behind their backs.) more comfortable. Lori knew that Mike was used to this intense a level of mummification. This was Serena's first time. She watched her closely. "Oh well! Time for Serena to walk the talk!" she thought to herself. 

Periodically, Lori would play with both their remotes, bringing them up to their respective peaks and then denying them the satisfaction they so desperately desired. It was going to be a long wait till the late afternoon when Serena's husband hopefully, came home. Maybe longer. As they were gagging Serena, she was yelling something about her husband sometimes going out for drinks after work. Lori couldn't wait for him to see them mummified and tell him what his wife had been up to. 


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