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Could be the Start of one of those Days

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2006 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M+/f; F/m; naked; bond; outdoors; cuffs; cuaght; kidnap; rope; bandages; wrap; mum; encased; shipped; cons/nc; XX

I for some reason have been into bondage in one form or another for most of my life, when I was a child and we used to play cowboys and Indians, I was always the one who was tied up as the prisoner. I got so good at escaping it became a sort of contest to see if any one could tie me up to see if I could not escape, and for some reason as I grew older I did not grow out of it but grew into it in a strange sort of way.

I met Len who really introduced me into bondage involving mummification, as I had always been a fan of ancient Egypt after a visit to the Cairo museum and seeing the old mummies lying there. I suppose I have been mummified in many ways,  and for various lengths of time, I have also been involved and enjoyed self bondage and developed it to a finer art, and now I have introduced risk into the equation,  I have always been a extrovert and a bit of a exhibitionist.

Last autumn for a bet, I streaked around the castle and back of the castle tavern during one evening for a bet, this I have done several times since, But of late I have refined and introduced self bondage and being out side all into the same equation. I find the thrill of the risk of being caught or found exhilarating, but doing my best as I go to get by without being caught, heaven knows what will happen if I am ever caught the possibilities are endless. 

It was late August the nights where drawing in, The ideal time for my venture, Samantha my long suffering friend offered to help plan a night to remember. As I enjoyed running and often ran up to 10 miles and thought nothing of it, we planed to get me to a position at least 5 miles from home, I would be bound hand and foot and once free I would have to make my way home. Of course I forgot to mention one little fact I would be totally nude.

It was about 8.30 pm Samantha drove me to the pre-arranged spot, Samantha helped me strip then tied my ankles. I offered my hands so she could tie my wrists, she smiled and said, "We do not want it too easy! I need to tie them behind you."

I turned around putting my hands behind me, to my surprise there was a double click and the feel of cold steel, she had cuffed me.

"Hell Sam, this was not in the plan!" I yelled at her.

She smiled saying, “Well Girl, we did not want to make it too easy did we.” Then she got in the car and disappeared into the night, leaving me standing there if anything a little shocked at being cuffed.

I sat on the damp earth rolling onto my back, I now drew up my legs to my chest, I was now able to get my legs past my cuffed wrists so my hands where now in front of me, undoing the rope around the ankles was now easy and soon accomplished. I stood up, I knew I had the main wood to pass through first as I had run this way several times. But there was no chance of getting the cuffs off, so it was a matter of just getting on with it and getting home.

I crashed through several bushes on my way and as I was alone noise was not a issue. I had reached the banks of the river Clwyd, it was now just a matter of crossing the river though the castle grounds then home. I waded across the river the cold water rising to my waist, and taking my breath away.

I walked up the river bank towards the castle wall, a small opening was before me, I decided to rest a few moment inside to get my breath back, I sat on the cold stone ledge that run around the inside of the tower leaning back against the cold stone wall.

As I opened my eyes and started to stand, a sack like bag was slipped over my head. I started to struggle but having my hands cuffed it was hopeless, the bag was secured around my neck and a sort of lead attached. A gruff voice told me, “We have been waiting for you, just let us lead you on  and you will not hurt yourself.”  At that I felt a tug on the lead and I was led off in the total darkness, we seemed to be descending downwards, I could feel the cold stone steps below my feet as we continued down the stone staircase.

After what seemed a life time we came to a level floor, the gruff voice called out “We have her master she was a little late.” 

I now heard a second voice, "Not a bad body on her, tits a bit small but she will do!” 

Then I was being manhandled up onto what felt like a stone table, the air smelt stagnant and the sort of smell that you get with dry rot seemed to fill the room,  I was in a sitting position I felt them using some sort of cutter to remove my cuffs.

I attempted to struggle but I was being held firmly,  My body was now being forced into lying down on the cold stone, I could feel what felt like leather straps securing me to the table, things where looking a bit bleak to say the least.

The gruff voice spoke again, “Tomorrow we will start the mummification of this new one, then have her shipped out to Saudi."

My spirits fell like a stone at the thought of being sold to an Arab, the light was switched off as the two men left. I lay there totally naked secured by straps to a stone slab there seemed no hope of escape.

The morning dawned and a young male entered the room, he looked at me and said, “Well girl this is going to be your big day!”  He lent over me feeling my boobs and smiling, "I hope you are going to behave yourself as we do not want any trouble." he said smiling, "I have a few things to do to you, then I am going to mummify you ready for your journey to Saudi."

He started to undo the restraining straps that had held me down so firmly all night, my body was so stiff I could hardly move. He helped me off the slab and with my arm over his shoulder walked me to a central spot in the room. 

"Now I am not going to hang you, but I am putting this noose over your head and then I am going to tighten it to hold you upright while I carry out a small procedure on you and then mummify your body OK?"

The noose was slipped over my head the rope pulled till I was on tiptoe. My mind was now in overdrive as he busied himself sorting out a tray of medical instruments. The feeling was fast coming back to my once stiff limbs, I realized I was going to get nowhere by being the poor little women, it would be now or never.

He turned round to face me, "Well Girl the first thing I am going to do is to remove the clitoris, as Arabs do not like their women with fight in them it will make you so much more submissive." At that he bent slightly slipping a finger in my pussy locating my clitoris immediately, he looked up. “Its very small love this will not take long."

He then applied a couple of clamps to hold the labia open so exposing the clitoris ready for the fatal cut,  he then picked up a small scalpel smiled at me, then as he bent down to do his evil deed I reached up grabbing the rope above my head pulling myself up with all my strength, at the same instant I lifted both legs, wrapping them in a Chinese leg lock around his neck.

In no time at all his breathing was becoming desperate as he struggled to breath, his eyes bulging out of the sockets his hand where clawing at my thighs in desperation to survive, slowly his struggle eased, I gave one extra squeeze on my thighs, then released him he feel into a heap on the floor below me.

I now pulled up with all my strength  easing my head out of the loop and dropping down on the floor along side this miserable excuse for a man. After getting my breath back, I decided desperate times demanded desperate measures, I now stripped the man naked binding his hands and feet in case he regained consciousness, I stuffed one of his socks in his mouth. I now started to bind him in bandages as once bound no one would know it was not me. As I bound down the body I came to his genitals, I must admit most men would have been proud to own such a set, and many a women proud to ride such a set.  I decided on a little revenge I picked up a surgical tie from the table and bound the testical’s as tight as was possible, after all he was going to harvest my love button.

I now continued the mummification as I passed by the testical's I noticed they where decidedly cooler than before and a little darker on colour, I had just finished when I heard foot steps coming down the stone steps outside,  I quickly hid behind the large stone slab that I had been strapped to a short while before.

It was the man with the gruff voice and a companion, the one moaned at seeing the mummified body lying on the floor. "We must have words with him over this."  he said, "He should leave them on the slab its so much easier to place them in the Sarcophagus." The two men now man-handled the mummified body into the waiting box, I could hear the mumbling of the man inside it was a good job I had stuffed a sock in his mouth when I did.

They now secured the lid and sticking the address labels on the outside,  "Oh well another body off to Saudi," said the man with the very gruff voice.

At that they left, I now crawled out and made my way up the steps finding myself in the centre of the old ruined Castle, I quickly made my way home thanking my lucky stars for my escape.

A few weeks latter I was sitting in the local tavern chatting to the local lads, one of them said, “Jenny you know a lot about history, do you fancy taking a friend on a conducted tour of the castle tonight,  there could be a few pounds  in it for you” 

I instantly agreed,  It was just going dark as I entered the castle grounds, I walked into the inner court yard,  I walked up to two men standing there, "Hi there,  My name is Jenny, Are you the guys I am to show around this place?"

The two men smiled as they stood each side of me, "We sure are honey!" the big man said in a very gruff voice as he placed his arm around me, I thought to myself, "Hell today could  be the start of one of those days."




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