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by Orion1701

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© Copyright 2001 - Orion1701 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; cuffs; gag; bfold; tickle; plastic; wrap mum; tape; toys; climax; cons; X

An afternoon at the pool sounded great to Crystal. But the guys there made relaxing impossible with their rude comments. Picking up her towel she went in to call an elevator. Who cares what those boys say, she had worked hard to stay trim and firm. Maybe her bathing suit was the minimum allowed in public and barely held her gravity defying boobs. She did not intend to listen to their childish banter.

The carpet felt coarse to her bare feet as she rang for the elevator. When the lift arrived the doors opened and blast of air conditioning flooded out. Damn she thought, as her nipples stiffened, this is cold. It was a direct ride to the top floor. The apartment building was three stories taller than anything around. That meant total privacy on all the balcony's for what ever you needed it for.

Today the amazon brunette wanted some nude sun bathing. Passing through her apartment Crystal dropped her skimpy outfit on the floor and went out to relax. She wasn't out long when she heard the door open next door. Crystal wasn't worried, you can't see each other without leaning over the edge. Besides two other girls shared that place. Anything except more noisy guys.

"How are you doing out here?" she heard Mary ask. "Comfy?"

"Muhuhhh!" she heard in response. "Good, You still have a bit longer, See you soon." 

The door slid closed as Mary went back in.

Crystal almost drifted off to sleep. Except that a shuffling sound was coming from next door holding her attention. Finally loosing out to curiosity Crystal got up the nerve to peek. She leaned out over the railing exposing her impressive breasts to the world. She thought that she was ready for anything. She was wrong. Kathy was laying on her stomach, a heavy film of sweat and sun block covered her nude body. Her hands were behind her back and tied together with rope. More rope circled her ankles and they were tied to her bound hands pulling them close together. A gag split her lips apart and a cloth covered her eyes.

Crystal pulled back, what is going on over there; she wondered? After a glass of water she went out to peek again, only to hear the two women going inside. The image of Kathy bound and gagged plagued her for the next half hour. That's when she heard the door open again.

"Are you there Crystal?" Kathy asked

"Yes" she answered, her voice trembling. Kathy leaned out and looked at her neighbor. 

"Why don't you come over?" Kathy asked. "It will be easier to talk." 

"Talk about what?" Crystal asked, not really sure if she wanted an answer. 

"What you saw a while ago. Mary saw you and thought that we should invite you over to explain."

"Alright, I'll be over as soon as I slip something on."

"Why bother, were both naked. And I'm not getting dressed, it's too nice a day." 

Crystal thought about it, we are looking at each other right now what difference can it make?

After making a dash through the hall into the next apartment Crystal took a seat on the sofa. Kathy has a tom-boyish appearance with a light sprinkling of freckles. Her smaller but no less firm breasts hovered above a slender waist.

"What you saw was one round in a bondage game that Mary started weeks ago." Kathy explained, "I came home and found Mary had tied herself up the way you saw me. Only she was having trouble getting out. That weekend we tied each other up over and over."

"You do this for fun?" asked Crystal.

"Oh yeah, and there is a punishment for not escaping!" was the reply.

"Punishment! What do you mean?" Crystal asked.

"Where is Mary? Come on, I'll show you" Kathy said, leading the way into the bed room. Mary stood in the center of the room, she was nude as well. Leather cuffs were locked to her wrists. Her hands were secured to either end of a two foot metal rod that held them high over her head. Mary's legs were bound at the knees and ankles with cloth strips. The blondes toes touched the floor but her heels were up. This forced the bound girl to hang or try to stand on tip-toe. A leather hood covered her entire head except for a small opening for the nose. The helpless girl could neither see nor speak.

"I'm back" Kathy said, "and Crystal is here too." 

Mary pulled herself up to her tip-toes by her bound wrists. 

"Hi Mary." Crystal said, uncertain about what to say to a nude, trussed-up woman. "Are you ok?" she asked. The hooded girl nodded and muuummmed through the hood.

"Watch this." Kathy whispered. With both hands she reached out with her delicate fingers and stroked Mary's side from arm pit to hip. The response was electrifying. Mary squirmed and twisted in an attempt to escape the tickling fingers. Wow, Crystal thought, how erotic. The dark haired woman felt her nipples tightening into twin points.

Kathy looked at her guest, "Give it a try." 

"Really?" she asked "It's ok with you?" 

Mary shook her head but her room mate said, "Go ahead, I invited you over. It wouldn't be very neighborly of us not to share."

Crystal stepped closer and extended one finger  Softly drawing a line from Mary's neckline to her navel. Mary arched her body at the light contact. Suddenly Crystal understood the power and appeal of bondage. With a single touch Crystal could make Mary respond in any way. Now the dark haired woman went to work with a passion, tickling her helpless neighbor. Kathy assisted as the two circled the thrashing girl. Crystal was laughing almost as hard as Mary.

An hour later the three nude friends were lounging on the balcony sipping wine. Crystal was eager to try it out but wasn't sure about the exposure. "Nothing too intense the first time out." Mary promised. Kathy added "It's your body, you set the limits."

"Well the tickling was wild." the new girl said. 

"Wild? Sometimes tickling can be worse than torture." Mary said, "especially if the tickler gets carried away." 

"I know what to do!" Kathy exclaimed, "follow me."

Twenty minutes later it was done. Kathy had produced a thick roll of cling-wrap. Starting at Crystal's waist they wrapped upward, pinning her hands to her body. When the clear plastic reached her shoulders the wrap wound back down over her again. This time the wrapping didn't stop until it reached her ankles. Then it was wound back up her legs and taped to seal the end at her waist again. The girls then wrapped six bands of tape around her to keep everything tight. Crystal had gotten her wish, She was tightly tied, totally exposed, and completely covered from neck to ankle.

Crystal tried to hop but  Kathy caught her before she fell. The two girls lowered her to the living room floor for safety. Mary slipped a blindfold over her eyes. Then a harness ball gag was placed over the blindfold. She was now the helpless captive of these two naked women. And she never thought to ask about being un-tied.

For the first hour the girls watched as Crystal explored her limits. She wiggled, twisted, and rolled all over the floor. Those two certainly did their work well; Crystal thought, I can't get out no matter what I do. The one thing she didn't expect was something touching her foot. Or even finger nails gliding over the soles of her feet. Crystal screamed into the gag and kicked wildly. It was useless, she just couldn't escape her tormentor.

The cling wrap covering her large boobs was cut away. Crystal barely noticed as she squirmed wildly. More holes were cut at her sides and naval. These provided access to other ticklish spots, which were put to good use. A vibrator was brushed against her breasts, hardening the nipples once again. For the first time Crystal realized just how excited she had become. Damn did she need stimulation down there, right now! The buzzing little monster sliding over and around her breasts was driving her insane with sexual tension.

Another small opening was cut in the plastic that covered the desperate girls thighs. The vibrator was slid between her thighs and the opening was taped over. Within seconds Crystal was reaching orgasm. Again and again as the rainbows washed over her. Brighter and more colorful than ever before.  And just think, It's only Saturday morning. Maybe The girls will let her stay for the weekend. Maybe they won't let her go home. Right now she didn't care, and didn't think about the future.

There are to many rainbows in the way........

Everybody is someone else's weirdo.


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