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Damsels Under Wraps

by Miss Stacey

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© Copyright 2004 - Miss Stacey - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/ff; rope; gag; cuffs; drug; captive; vetwrap; cocoon; stuck; cons/nc; X

It's 5:30pm, Rita Miller has finally finished her work so she calls home to her roommate Barbara to see how she is doing. After three rings she hears their answering machine.

"Hi there, We're tied up at the moment, so leave your message after the beep, thanks."

Rita smiles to herself upon hearing the answering machine. 

"Hey Barb, its me. I'm on my way now. I'll be there in an hour. Don't go anywhere." She chuckles. 

Rita knows Barbara has no choice but to stay right where she is because she is literally tied up, just as it was stated on their answering machine. The clever pun on words is a secret signal to confirm that Barbara needs her help getting free from self bondage. Rita got a call from Barbara earlier in the day alerting her that she was planning on engaging in their self bondage game. As per the usual rule, each girl knows to call back after a few hours to see if their answering machine is turned on. If it is on that means the self tie is complete and they need the others help to get free. Tonight is Barbara's turn to play damsel in distress and Rita's turn to play the heroine rescuer. She takes a moment to tidy up her desk before going to her car. 

Barbara and Rita are intimate roommates who met at a sports club a year ago. Barbara is a 5' 5" busty blonde part time dancer with a curvy figure and Rita is 5' 6" brunette Ad executive with an athletic figure. It was Barbara who first approached Rita one evening in the locker room. She had left her lock home by mistake and asked Rita let her share her locker just for the afternoon. Rita agreed. That was the beginning what would become a close friendship. The two woman became workout partners as well as they began to see each other outside of the sports club. 

They began to spend a lot of time getting to know each other through dating . Eventually their affections grew more intimate and they became lovers. They became roommates renting a house in the suburbs. It wasn't long before they discovered they each shared similar kinky ideas about foreplay particularly a mutual interest in bondage. They tied each other up on a regular basis taking turns becoming helpless at each others playful mercy. When they couldn't be together for some reason they would each do self bondage and worked out how to use their answering machine to call for help to assure they neither would accidentally become stuck in a self tie. It worked like a charm. A favorite self bondage role play game they enjoyed was playing a helpless damsel in distress. Over time the two girls became very competitive, with each trying to outdo the other to see who could devise the most intricate and restrictive self bondage. 

After driving for about an hour Rita pulls into their driveway very excited. She can't help but wonder how creatively her friend has tied herself up tonight. She looks at the windows of the house and doesn't see any lights on. 

"Oh, pooh. She still hasn't installed the automatic timer so the lights would turn themselves on during self bondage. Now she's tied up in the dark again." She says as she shakes her head. 

Rita walks to the front door, her high heels click noisily on the concrete as she walks. She unlocks the door and enters removing her shoes and pads in her stocking feet to the light switch on the wall. She feels for it for a moment then flips it on and is amazed at what she sees. 

The living room is totally ransacked. Things are thrown everywhere as if someone was searching for something. Among the huge mess laying on the floor is Barbara. She is on her side completely wrapped from head to toe in white vet wrap. She's bent slightly at the waist and knees. Rita sees the slight rise and fall of her stomach indicates she's breathing fine despite the fact her entire face, even her nose is covered. She can't help but notice how Barbara makes a very sexy looking mummy. All of her curves are clearly visible through the skin tight wrappings. Her arms are behind her back and wrapped tightly against her body. Her small waist is cinched very tightly causing the curves of her hips to flare out somewhat. Her legs and feet are pressed together and wrapped as one single useless column. Rita drops her shoes and the wrapped girl instantly becomes aware someone is there. Barbara lifts her head and begins frantically struggling turning her featureless face towards the direction of sudden sound.

"MMMmmmmphh! mmmmffffppt! MMMmmGGGhhhh!!!" She manages.

Rita is momentarily mesmerized as Barbara struggles on the floor helplessly. She is completely impressed and the tightness of her friends self mummification and the effort she's put into the mock burglary theme.

"I'm totally impressed Barb. My goodness girl, how on earth did you manage to self mummify like that?. Its absolutely fantastic. By the way, the trashed living room is a nice touch, it almost looks like you were really robbed." she says as she picks up a lamp. 

"Ggggggffff!.GMMmmmphh' mmMMGGFFF!" Barbara screams shaking her head.

Rita kneels down by her girlfriend and places Barbara's head on her lap. She gently runs her hand over her Barbara's face. 

"Awww, did a big bad burglar rob you and leave you all bundled up like this you poor thing?" Rita says as she plays along with the robbery role-play.

Rita places her hand on Barbara's heaving breasts. She notices the vet wrap is very warm to the touch.

"Oh my, you're really cooking in there aren't you?." She says with a huge smile. 

"MMMggmmmphh. MMMPPHH!!" Barbara bucks and kicks her cocooned feet.

"Oh be still hun. You know, I'm here to release you Barb, but I just have get a closer look at what you did to yourself first." she says as she rolls the cocooned girl onto her side.

She marvels at how the layers of vet wrap has adhered to Barbara's body like a second skin. Her full sexy breasts, tight flat stomach, and round buttocks are particularly well defined by the sticky wrappings. She feels the back of Barbara's head and her fingers can detect a buckle of a wide strap. Her fingers follow the strap to the front of Barbara's face where bulge at her mouth clearly shows the shape of a ball in her mouth. 

"Ball-gagged under there huh?." she says as she continues her inspection.

Rita's hands move lower and she feels the familiar ridges of ropes under the wrappings. There are rope pinning Barbara's folded arms behind her. More rope is tied around Barbara's torso and waist. She feels the waist ropes at the small of Barbara's back and notices several more strands of rope.

"Humm! ahhh, what's this..?" 

Rita's fingers trace the rope strands as they lead down from Barbara's waist and between Barbara's flexing butt cheeks then up into her vagina where the rope is tied off to the front of her waist ropes. 

"Oh how sweet. A crotch rope to keep you company while you wait to be rescued. Are your knees and ankles tied too? Lets see." she says as she rolls her bundled lover onto her stomach. As she suspected, Rita feels ropes tied around her girlfriends knees, ankles and even Barbara's toes.

"Yep! Roped up to the max. Geeze, you went all out this time didn't you?. But I just can't figure out how you did all this by yourself. I mean, how could you tie yourself up so well and then still be able to wrap yourself up so perfectly? You must tell me what method you used to do all this or I'll spank you." She says as she slaps Barbara's vet wrapped buttocks.

"UmmmmmMMPPHH!!!" responds Barbara. Who arches her back and struggles and kicks even more frantically than before. 

"Ha ha, ha..oh sorry. Silly me. Lets get you unwrapped so you can answer me." She says as she rolls Barbara onto her back and begins feeling for an edge of the vet wrap at the back Barbara's head. She picks at the material with her fingernails until she rips a piece and begins unwrapping Barbara's eyes.

"Mmmmffgggh. mmmmff!!!" Barbara impatiently screams 

"Ok ok, will you please hold still so I can unwrap you?." After a few minutes Barbara's head is unwrapped. Rita sees she is gagged with her pink ball-gag. There is a wad of cotton well taped over each of her eyes. Rita carefully removes the tape and cotton wads from off of Barbara's eyelids. Barbara blinks and tries to focus. She looks up at Rita with relief at first but her attention shifts to something over Rita's shoulder and her eyes go wide with fear.

"GGGHHHMMMMF!!!!" She gag screams with fright while wiggling wildly and shaking her head..

Rita quickly turns to see what has frightened her friend but sees only a dark blur as strong hands seize her tightly and a cloth is pressed over her nose and mouth. 

"Wha' mmmmfffffggg!" she screams as her hands grasp at the cloth over her face.

Rita struggles as she is lifted up and off her feet. She fights and squirms but whomever has hold of her is too strong for her to break free. Her struggles soon lessen to nothing as she can't help but breath in the strange sweet scent of the cloth. Then everything goes black.

Barbara's chest heaves as she helplessly witnessed Rita rendered unconscious by the intruder. It was very similar to how he made her unconscious shortly after she completed her self bondage earlier in the evening. She had no idea when she began to tie herself up that he was already there in the house watching her. His intentions were to tie up the occupant of the house make off with valuables, but he stopped short when he saw Barbara arrive home and immediately undress and begin playing with her ropes. 

He found this very intriguing and patiently waited and watched her as she tied her own crotch rope, knees and ankles, ball gagged herself and handcuffed her wrists behind her back. She had inadvertently done his work for him. It was a simple matter for him to step out from hiding and chloroform her as she struggled in her own bondage. When Barbara came too she was retied, blind and wrapped from head to toe like a parcel. The intruder had apparently found their box of vet wrap and decided to indulge himself at her expense. He had removed her handcuffs and tied her arms to her body and bound her wrists. He retied tighter her crotch-rope, knee and ankle ropes. He added additional bindings around her upper thighs and big toes before wrapping her up with vet wrap. 

She tested the bondage. He had tied and wrapped her so tightly that as much as she tried she couldn't loosen anything. She even noticed that he'd tightened her ball-gag another notch. It was then that she heard Rita's voice on her answering machine telling her she was on her way. Barbara heard the intruder curse under his breath and run out of the house slamming the backdoor behind him. Barbara felt relieved that Rita's call seemed to have effectively spook the intruder. All she could do was wait for Rita to arrive and help her. When Rita finally arrived and delayed untying her to examine what she thought was an ingenious self mummification she felt like she would explode with frustration. Her heart had nearly stopped when Rita's begin to unwrap her and removed her blindfold she saw the intruder standing behind her. He had not left. He lingered and waited for Rita to arrive. Now they both would need rescuing.

Barbara watched as the intruder placed Rita on her back and began removing her clothes. He took off her blouse and skirt then her bra and pantyhose and lastly he removed her thong panty. Still bound, wrapped from neck to toe and ball gagged, Barbara could do nothing to stop this man. She watched with dread as the intruder roughly rolls the naked Barbara on to her stomach and used ropes to tie and cinch her elbows and her wrists together behind her back. He lifts Barbara's hips slightly and fashions the beginnings of a crotch-rope around her waist. He knots and pulls the rope down through her vagina and back up between her buttocks before tying it off to the back of her waist rope. He silently proceeds to tie and cinches her upper thighs, knees, ankles and her big toes. The intruder steps away from the bound girls for a moment. 

Barbara sees that Rita is beginning to slowing come to. Her, arms, leg muscles and buttocks begin to twitch as she attempts to move. 

"Oohh..wha' oh God..." Rita says with a nervous groggy voice. 

"GNNNMMMFF!!! mmmmmFFF!!" Barbara responds and flops onto her stomach. 

She tries to crawl on her stomach like a snake over to her terrified bound lover. She hadn't made much progress towards Rita by the time the intruder returned with the box of vet wrap He stops when he see her attempting to wiggle across the floor. 

"Be still you!" he commands.

Frightened, she stops her crawling and looks over at Rita. Rita has lifted up her head and is looking back at her. Each girl can see the worry in each others eyes as to what will become of them. Rita turns her view to the intruder. He is dressed all in black with a ski mask over his face. He reaches into the box and holds up a black ball-gag.

"No, wait! Who..who are y' you... wh' mmmmffmmPPHH!!!" is all she is able to say before he forces the ball-gag into her mouth and buckles it tightly behind her head. Rita is more alert now and begins struggling. The intruder dumps the remaining rolls of vet wrap near Rita's struggling form. 

"Time to be wrapped up." he tells her.

The intruder kneels down pulls Rita into a seated position on the floor. He begins wrapping her feet first. He wraps quickly and tightly using roll after roll of vet wrap stopping at her thighs. She forces her onto her back and continues wrapping her from her hips upward until she is wrapped from under her arm pits all the way down to her toes. He rudely pushes her onto her stomach and begins wrapping her arms. In no time from her fingers to her upper arms are wrapped into a single mass. He pulls her back to a seated position and continues wrapping her from her upper arms to her neck. The intruder stands and steps over to Barbara. He lifts her up and drags over into a seated position next to Rita. He leaves them alone and disappears into the back of the house. They hear him ransacking the rest of the house. 

Rita and Barbara look at each other with tearful eyes. Both are ball gagged tied up with ropes and wrapped from neck to toes with sticky vet wrap. Their playful self bondage role-play has become a real imprisonment and robbery. 

"issssh' wwwilllffff  bbbeeeeeff ookaassshh.." Rita tries.

"mmmfff..mmmoooppp..shhooommmpp" Barbara responds.

They wiggle closer to each other tying to give each other comfort. They lean on each other and in doing so loose their balance and both fall backwards onto their backs on the floor.

They squirm and wiggle like a pair of worms. The intruder returns with a bag full of valuables. He looks down at the two helpless mummies at his feet. They watch him as he walks over to the phone and places it on the floor across the room from the girls. 

"It's been fun ladies." he says as he hauls the stolen goods over his shoulder and leaves out of the back door.

Both Rita and Barbara look at each other in shock. All the intruder wanted was to burglarize the house. They thank god for that. All they need to do now is crawl to the phone and gag call the police to help them. They know it will be quite an embarrassing moment when help arrives but they have little choice. They roll onto their stomachs and begin crawling inch by inch to the phone. After crawling about halfway to the girls are startled by phone when it suddenly rings and the answering machine picks up.

"Hi there, We're tied up at the moment, so leave your message after the beep, thanks."


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