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Darkest Desires

by Jamec59

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© Copyright 2010 - Jamec59 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; mum; wrap; bandage; party; kidnap; bodymod; display; cons/nc; X

Times were bad and she really needed the money. Amy told herself this again and again. Amy stood in a brightly lit room, her arms holding a tray before her where drinks were available for the guests her posture perfect. The truth was she had no choice she was bound tightly in place. Two holes allowed her to see and a tube from her nose made it possible for her to breathe. Tonight she was a living mummy, on display for a group of jaded party goers.

For the most part the guests treated her like an object, just another piece of furniture in the over decorated mansion where the party was taking place. But occasionally she could a feel hand through the wrappings that encased her. Someone gave her ass a quick slap when no one was looking. Someone’s hand would brush across her breast and she would she someone staring into her eyes with her limited vision.

Then she heard a woman's voice from behind her.

“Darling aren't you the perfect little doll.”

Amy swallowed hard when her heard the voice and could not see who was doing the talking.

“I'd love to take you home and let you decorate my place. I'm putting together quite a collection and you would be a perfect addition to it.”

If she did not need the money so bad, Amy thought. But it paid so well. Tonight alone she would take home a thousand dollars maybe even more if they really liked her and decided to give her a generous tip. The party seemed to drag on forever but eventually it came to an end. Shirley came right on time from the agency to release her from her bondage.

“Anything interesting happen tonight?” Shirley asked as Amy tried to stretch her cramped muscles.

“Well someone made an odd comment about adding me to her collection.” Amy answered.

“Probably the wine talking.” She answered nonchalantly.

It was late and Amy was dead tired and wanted to go home and crawl into her bed. She fell asleep as she was driven home, she barely remembered opening the door to her apartment and dropping off to sleep.

“Wake up, wake up!” The voice drowned in her head.

Amy struggled to focus on what was being said to her. She tried to open her eyes but she could not see. She struggled to speak but could not move her mouth. Next she tried to move her arms but they were locked in place.

“Good I see you are awake. Welcome number six you belong to me now. Your past life is over and your future is mine. As you are beginning to notice I control you completely. You are no longer a free woman but an exhibit in my special world.”

As she finished these words a bright light flashed in her eyes.

“Welcome to your new home.”

Her eyes began to slowly focus and she realized she was in a large glass display case, her eyes begin to focus on the woman in front of her.

“Welcome number six you are a fine addition to my collection...”

The woman then took out a hand held mirror and held it to Amy's face so she could she how she was posed. Amy was wrapped from head to toe in white bandages just like an Egyptian mummy.

“You see when I saw you at that party I knew I just had to have you for my own.”

Exhibit number six let out a small moan when she fully realized her situation.

“You have been being prepared for the last week. Some day when I feel I can trust you I'll let see some of the video of your transformation. Although I feel it will be a big hit on the Internet. First all of your body hair was removed permanently. Secondly your mouth was sewed shut leaving a small opening so you can receive your special liquid diet.”

Number six tried to let out a scream of terror, but could only manage a muffled screech.

“Yes it must be difficult to take all this in my dear but it only gets worse. Next your toe and finger nails were removed. Then a system was installed to remove your waste when needed. “

She held up a small black box for number 6 to see. It was a series of buttons in it.

“This box let's me control you completely.”

She pressed a button on the black box and number six felt a tingly in her ass.

“You have just taken a shit my dear. Thirsty?”

She pressed another button and some liquid was pumped into her mouth.

“Plus you are attached to a control frame which can be removed if you prove trustworthy to me.”

She pressed another button and her arms slowly began to rise. When they were pointed straight out they stopped.

“But there is one thing that cannot be removed and that is your bandages. They have been permanently grafted to your flesh. For all purposes you are a living mummy. You will be so for the rest of your life.”

The woman paused to let this sink in and slowly smiled enjoying the panic she was bringing to the newest addition to her personal collection.

“But there is some room for hope. Over time if do obey me without question you can regain some freedom of movement. I can also provide you with great pleasure.”

She then pressed another button on the remote. Suddenly a great feeling of pleasure started filling the living mummy. She let a moan of delight. But just as quick as it had started it was gone.

“So I'll let you think about your new life. But before I tuck you in for the night here is one of my other living exhibits. Here girl she called.”

Into the room bounded a woman a woman on all fours. The woman was naked, but was instead covered from head to toe in a coarse layer of hair. Her face looked surgically altered. Her jawline and nose we elongated. It appeared she had a snout. Her ears had been been made larger and longer. Then the dog woman stuck out her elongated tongue and licked the woman's hand.

“She is one of my first projects and she is doing quite well. In fact I am considering getting her a mate.”

As she heard this the dog woman let out a happy whimper and barked.

“So sleep well my lovely mummy a whole new life awaits you.”

At that she turned and left the room with her pet at her heels. Then Amy, now number six was left in darkness to contemplate her life.

End of Part one


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