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Day Dreaming

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2006 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; Other/f; discovery; machine; bond; wrap; bandages; mum; encased; sealed; cons; X

The trouble with day dreaming is it becomes a sort of way of life, and not only a way of life it starts to take over all your spare time. Recently I decided I would go to a part time college class to learn woodwork. OK I can hear you saying that's not very lady like, well I do have odd jobs around my house and usually end up having to get a man in to fix them, Then after watching him I decide I could have done that, and anyway my landlord Len is the wood work teacher at the college and is always encouraging her to pop along.

Now to start with I have a large double garage, and the only things in there are a few boxes of junk and a one sturdy work bench at the far end.

At my first class a rather dishy guy told us there is no magic to woodwork, it is just learning to master the materials we work with, and we can use our skills to make some thing or use them to do repairs around the house to save paying tradesmen with our hard earned cash.

Now both the uses I could turn my hand to appealed to, saving hard earned cash was a good incentive, I suppose at this point my warped mind kicked in and took over, "Why not make some bondage equipment" I thought, That was the incentive that drove me firstly to clear the garage of all the junk, I now decided to repaint the floor red so it looked clean.

In the centre of the floor was a sort of maintenance pit covered by a sectioned top, I opened the first door type cover, it revealed a pit that could be entered by steps at the one end, and was about 10 feet long and just over two feet wide, and about 5 feet deep. I decided to clean this out as it may have some use.

As the rubbish was dragged out, I noticed a door in the one side, a rather solid one and sealed with an old rusty padlock. As I could not get the door opened I cleaned every thing out, then closed the trap door and continued in the garage, soon it was clean and tidy, the new coat of paint on the floor really brightened it up.

At my next wood working class I mentioned to my landlord and teacher Len that I had found this maintenance pit in my garage and it had a little door on the side sealed with an old padlock that I could not open. He listened contently his eyes lighting up at the possibility of finding some long lost secret, but he did add it might only be a sort of store cupboard for keeping odd spare parts in by the last owner.

Len agreed to call at my house and cut the old lock first thing in the morning as it was his day off, and true to his word he arrived prompt on the dot of 9am. It was a hot sunny day we chatted for a while talking about all sorts of things including my woodwork class over a glass of cool orange.

After about half a hour chatting he bounded to his feet saying, "Well girl show me this lock so I can open it for you. Who knows what treasures may hide beyond that rusty lock!" laughing as he picked up a small tool bag he had brought with him to help open the lock. I led the way to the garage and lifted the hatch revealing the descending steps below. Len gave a low whistle "You have a fantastic set up here Jenny". At that he descended the steps and into the pit, he examined the lock saying it was quite old and then opened his tool bad retrieving a piece of thick wire and a pair of pliers, he bent the wire to a funny shape then entered it into the lock.

After a few minutes there was a loud click and the old padlock slipped open. Len removed the lock and slid the rusty bolt back. Both Len and Jenny held their breath as the old door was pushed inwards creaking as it opened.

A rather musty smell seemed to envelop them as Len shone his torch into the darkness, revealing a set of stone steps leading downwards, Len looked at Jenny "Wow this is exciting, shall we venture forth and see where it leads?."

Jenny was keen to explore the new found passage way as they descended the steps, Len commented that the old stone work was about 13th century possible built the same time as the castle at the bottom of the road. After about 15 steps they came to a second door, Len was looking for a lock on it as it suddenly slid open with a sort of silent swish.

As the two stepped into the room beyond, hidden concealed lighting seemed to switch on, the room was spotless and symbols adorned the walls. Len looked around saying "Well Jen do not know what this room is for but it is very modern yet in a very old setting."

At that Len looked at his watch and said, "Sorry Jenny have to dash I am late for college" he wished her good luck and ran back up the steps. Jen followed him to his car and waved goodbye.

She went into the house for another cold glass of lemonade, sitting in her deckchair wondering what the hidden room was all about.

Jenny stood there looking at the walls and she soon realized the symbols where not just random drawing but Egyptian hieroglyphs. As she looked closer she could see a faint outline of a door, in the way the edges where so well made it was hard to see and the door it certainly had no door handle, then she noticed it had a had a drawing on it, similar to the incised cartouche found on the tombs of pharaohs in the pyramids. She traced the letters with her fingers all of a sudden if dawned on her, looking closer the cartouche seemed a mixture of Egyptian and English and in the centre going downwards she tracked the letters it came as a bit of a shock it was Jenny.

She stood back thinking what a coincidence, again she felt around the door, she felt a slight tremble at her finger tips and the door slowly slid to one side revealing a room about 15 foot long at the far end was a beautiful sarcophagus base. Jenny walked all around it, then she decided to try it for size, she had always been interested in mummification, pharaoh's and any thing Egyptian. She climbed up the base holding the side's of the sarcophagus and lay inside it. It seemed a bit big but this was a thrill she had dreamt of this sort of thing, as she lay there a very soothing voice seemed to whisper in her ear, 'In order to lie in state you must first be prepared.'

Jenny looked all around her, no one was there she thought her mind was playing tricks on her. She climbed out of the sarcophagus, walking into the main room, she stood on a small red square in the centre of the room looking all around her, the voice again so softly told her to undress and submit to the god Horus. Jenny could see no one and the voice was so soft and gentle and very convincing.

She started to disrobe, soon down to her underwear, she again looked all around her then undid her bra allowing it to fall to the floor, then stepping out of her knickers.

Jenny stood there the bluish glow of the lighting shimmering on her now naked body, her skin was slightly goose pimpled as she stood there in the cool air of this underground vault. Jenny felt a steel stretcher slide up from the floor and place itself against her back, then five flexible steel strap's encircled her body. One positioned its self across the forehead, the second just under her breasts, the third positioned itself above the pelvic bone, then the forth over her thighs and the last one encircled both ankles.

She could feel the steel bands flexing and tightening and releasing till they took the shape of her body then held the body firmly in place. Jenny now found that she could not move her arms they were pinned to her side. Now a stainless steel tube rose from the floor, positioning itself just touching her outer labia, slowly a centre core rose up and entered her vaginal entrance, pressing the mound of fatty tissue of the outer labia apart. Jenny had to admit the feeling was nice, she had often dreamed of such an experience in her teens. The outer labia offered no resistance at all as if it ever did.

If anything they seemed to welcome the intruder into her body, now the steel tube seemed to open allowing a smaller section to slide out this tube, immediately encircled the small erectile structure of the clitoris, sucking it inside the hardened steel shell, it then pressed into the fleshy base of the clitoris, this made Jenny suck in her stomach at the shock of the entrapment of her love button. Now a thin black plastic tie was being drawn together surrounding the base holding the devise firmly attached to Jenny.

It now withdrew leaving the small steel devise firmly attached to the clitoris, two arms now proceeded to rotate around her body engulfing Jenny in a wrap of pure silk bandage, she was being mummified. It took about 20 minutes to totally wrap her, Jenny knew this was always her dream but to have to actually happening to ones self, it comes as a bit of a shock.

Jenny was now being transported towards the sarcophagus then lowered inside, now with all the wrapping around her she fitted snugly inside. It was strangely erotic to say the least, Jenny was now aware of the lid being placed on top sealing her inside, the hard thing to bare was the silence. But now the devise on her clitoris was beginning to stimulate Jenny as if emitting vibrations, she could feel some movement the sarcophagus was being pushed into a small opening in the wall, soon it was totally inside and a plate slid up closing the entrance.

She could now hear a sort of sound as if liquid was splashing around her tomb, the fact was the tomb was now being filled with a liquid concrete to seal it in forever. All was so quiet and peaceful now as Jenny lay back being aroused by the devise that held her clitoris captive.

"Wake up lazy bones!" a voice called out. Jenny opened her eyes, the sun was going down and she was still in her deck chair in the back garden. The lemonade had slipped out of her hand and was soaking through Jenny's shorts. Len was standing there saying, "Have you wasted all afternoon in that deck chair doing nothing? I thought you would be clearing that cellar in the garage ready for me to put the wiring for the light in there."

Jenny smiled and said, "I must have dozed off in the sun I had a real strange dream." She stood up and said that she needed a shower first. "I will be with you in five minutes."

She bounded upstairs to the shower stripping off her clothes off as she entered, soaping herself all over she thought about that erotic dream she'd had and had to smile at how silly it was really but it did get Jenny aroused.

As she dried herself,  Jenny rubbed the towel between her legs it felt different some how, she pulled the labia back to expose the clitoris,  it was the shock at first that took her breath away, as she gazed at her clitoris now encased and totally trapped and sealed in a small hardened titanium device,  Jenny was sure it was only a dream.

Hope you all sleep well, even you Guys.





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