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Derek's Downfall

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2006 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F+/m; wrap; cocoon; cupboard; stored; caught; cd; fem; hobble; hum; crate; packaged; shipped; cons/nc; X

Derek Tyndal was a hard man to work for. But he was even harder to live with. His long suffering wife Kath would sit by meekly and indulge him. Derek was heavily into bondage of all sorts. Hogtie, suspension, packaging, straight jackets, mummification. You name it, he did it.

He had decided one night he would wrap his wife up in tape. Once he had done that he had gone out to the bar and got drunk and had finished up in the cells for the night leaving his wife to suffer. The sergeant asked if he had anyone who could bail him out, but he was so drunk he was incomprehensible. Kath was left wriggling all night trying to get out of the tapes. But that did not bother him. He was the breadwinner and she would have to put up with it.

His secretary Colleen was a quiet Irish girl who had a temper once aroused, but it took forever to get her going! She loved bondage as well. She used to get bonuses by either letting him tie her up or tying him up. Her favourite thing was to be tied up naked and put in the store cupboard in his office. He would have visitors to his office and he would make excuses for her and keep going to the cupboard for stationary and things. She would get a glimpse of the visitors, but they would not see her.

But this day, something was wrong! He had a girl about 10 years younger than his Secretary, Jane. She did not look a day over 17 and Colleen was only 28. Colleen knew there was no vacancies at present and wondered what he was up to interviewing the girl.

Colleen had to go and buy a present for Derek to give Kath for their wedding anniversary. She took her time looking for the best present she could she could get for the money he had given her.

Eventually she went back to the office. She passed Derek in the foyer! "I am off out for a while. I will be back about 5!" Colleen looked at the clock. It was still only 1 now! But she realised she had not passed the girl anywhere, and normally Derek took his time interviewing them.

Colleen showed the girls in the typing pool what she had got Kath, but to her surprise, Kath turned up. Colleen quickly hid the present and went and greeted her. Colleen said she had better wait in Derek's office as it was more comfortable. Once she got there, Colleen and Kath heard a noise from the cupboard. Colleen unlocked it and found the girl mummified. You could not see one part of her. Even her nose and eyes were covered in bandages. The two women lifted her out and quickly unraveled her head.

"What are you doing?" Colleen asked.

"My name is Suzie and I came for the job of Secretary!"

"I see and you just happen to be into bondage do you?"

"No, this is the first time I have done anything like this, and I don't like it!"

"Well, it must be my job you are after, so you can spend the afternoon in the office like that for your troubles!" Colleen took the bandages she had unraveled from Suzie's head and made a gag. She stuck it in Suzie's mouth and tied it tightly behind her head.

The girls from the typing pool were called over and Colleen explained what had happened. The girls agreed they must stick together. They carried Suzie to the back of the office and left her there. Now they called for a plan of action. Derek needs to be taught a lesson.

"Suzie is only 18 or so, very impressionable at that age. Derek should not have done that to her!" Kath said.

Colleen told her they will release her, but does she want to give Derek a shock. Kath thought that would be wonderful. "The business was my fathers, and it was left to me, but Derek took over the running of the firm. I have had enough of him. I would like to send him back to his folks in Reno if I had my way!"

"There may be a way Mrs. Tyndal, would you mind being mummified and stuck in the cupboard?" Kath looked wary. "Once he starts to unravel you, he will have a shock because he will think it is Suzie in those bandages!" Kath agreed, but would not be wrapped until the last minute.

Colleen and the girls had other ideas. Quickly they got some money out of their accounts and went shopping. Kath went with them as she knew Derek's size. "We are going on the razzle tonight. Derek is paying! I am glad you are wearing trousers Mrs. Tyndal, like the rest of us, because if you do not mind, Derek will be the only one in a dress!"

"Please call me Kath you lot. Mrs. Tyndal is too formal! I am with you all the way!"

They went into a fetish shop and bought a rubber hobble skirt with a locking belt. Kath picked one out that only allowed a foot long pace! Kath went into a woman's clothes shop and bought him a lacy bra, knickers, suspender belt, stockings, panty girdle (to hold him down) and a nice crisp white blouse that would allow the bra's lace to show through! Colleen had gone to a sex shop and bought some false breasts for him. Kath bought some nice 6 inch high heeled shoes for him that locked on.

Going into another shop the girls chose a nice jacket for him and a large handbag! Colleen went and bought him a nice wig and some earrings. The girls had their plan ready for Derek.

Back in the office, Suzie was trying to escape. She had rolled over to the door, but found it locked. With a lot of effort, she had managed to get on her knees and then stand up. She jumped to the nearest desk and looked at the phone. It was one of those old fashioned dial phones. Her fingers were trapped, so how could she dial out?

The girls came back in and saw her standing there! Colleen asked the girls to unwrap her and it did not take them long. But she was naked under all the bandages.

Colleen looked around and found her clothes and returned them to her. Kath apologised for what had happened to her and told her the plan. "Can I come along?"

"Of course you can. You deserve the chance to get your revenge on him!"

Quickly Kath stripped to her bra and knickers and the girls wrapped her up in the bandages. She was put into the cupboard and Colleen locked it. Derek actually turned up at 4 and told Colleen he would be busy for an hour. He was not to be disturbed under any circumstances.  He had not seen Suzie sitting at a desk at the back of the typing pool!

Going into his office, he headed straight to the cupboard! "Now my little beauty, we will have some fun!" He started to unravel the bandages and had the shock of his life when he saw Kath. "What the.., How did......, When..." But he never finished. The girls from the typing pool jumped him and stripped him.  Colleen unwrapped Kath and she got dressed. Kath took his clothes and threw them out of the window!

The girls put the stockings on him. The panties went on him next, followed by the suspender belt. The panty girdle was put on his feet and Colleen pulled it up tight, while Kath held his now erect penis was forced down by Kath.

The bra was put over his arms and fastened behind his back. Colleen got the glue and stuck the breasts to his chest. He was introduced to the hobble skirt. The girls grabbed him and although he struggled, they soon had it pulled up around his waist. Kath locked the belt behind him.

The blouse was put on him and the girls did his make up for him. Colleen put the wig on him and the ear rings. Kath helped him into the jacket and gave him his purse and handbag. She had transferred all his cash and credit cards from his wallet to his purse.

The girls tied him to a chair and left him while they got ready! An hour later, they were ready to hit the town.  Kat put the shoes on his feet and locked them on.

Kath took them into all the top bars and Derek had to pay. He was having a job keeping up with them as they were stepping it out and he could only step forwards a foot at a time.  With all that he was having to totter in his high heels.  Suzie was really making him cringe, "I think we should call her Desdemona!" Everyone agreed it was a nice name for Derek and that stuck.

All night long, through Times Square, Central Park , Madison Avenue the little entourage walked with Derek doing his best to keep up with them.

At the end of the evening they went back to the office. Kath told Suzie she had the job, she was promoting Colleen to Derek's job!

The girls tied Derek to a chair and gagged him before leaving him there for the night. Derek watched as they all walked out leaving him there.

The next day, Derek had the skirt removed to allow him to use the toilet, but it was put back on him again. He was the only one in a skirt. All the girls wore trousers. He hobbled about the office all day.

Kath turned up in a black leather mini skirt. She looked fabulous. Derek could see what he was losing. Kath asked how Desdemona was, and was told "Not too good I am afraid!" by Colleen.

"Then we had better send him packing!" Kath phoned a transportation company and asked for a large box. They delivered it and were told to call back in an hour. Derek was tied up again and gagged. His hands were tied behind his back and his feet were tied to them.

This time they stuck him in the box. Kath put a note in the box with him. It read, "I have had enough of him and his Philandering ways! I am returning him to you and you can keep him!"

She threw the keys to the skirt and shoes into the box and the girls screwed the lid down. Kath had just finished addressing the box when the transport people turned up.

Suzie said she had not had so much fun! "Careful girl or into the cupboard you will go!"



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