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The Dinner Invitation

by Xplaspete

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© Copyright 2009 - Xplaspete - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; wrap; cocoon; tape; display; electro; toys; enema; cons/reluct; X

The kids have grown up and left home. Their mum had walked out soon after and my life was a mess.

When I sat down to analyze, what was wrong, I realized that there must be more to life than this. So I started to explore all the areas of life which I had previously not had any interest in. Well that’s not quite true; some of the areas were way outside of the norms of my upbringing.

One of those areas was sexuality. My sex life had lately been pretty boring and mundane. I needed to spice it up a bit.

When I looked on the net I found a bewildering array of sexual sites. Most were low quality porn. Then I found my self browsing the porn and being attracted to both bondage and to my surprise latex and plastic bondage. Now where did that attraction come from?

It was while exploring the internet that I found an advertisement for a series of lessons in bondage. They were just short 2 hour lessons on a weekend with they said the possibility of staying on for dinner if we were interested in meeting like minded people.

The lesson next weekend was a beginner’s lesson on ropes, handcuffs, chains and plastic wrap. It all seemed OK and when I phoned they seemed to be nice people. Yes I was welcome to come and not to be scared as most of the others were also new to bondage and just there to have fun.

Ok so why not. I paid and received the address, which was an inner city, well to do suburb.

As the day approached I had second thoughts. Was I doing the right thing? Was it safe? Was I up to this or would I freak out?

So I set off in some trepidation, not quite sure of what I had set myself up for.

I arrived to find the workshop was in somebody’s home and there were 6 other participants all much younger than me and all looking nervous. They were also all couples.

When we had all gathered we were given a short talk about safety and a safe word to be used if we felt it was too much. Then we were led down to the basement. That was a shook as it was set out as a dungeon. Now why did I not expect a dungeon? This was after all a bondage lesson.

Mistress Janice introduced herself and straight away set the scene by telling us to take off our clothes. She explained that most bondage was about power, domination and the feeling of the bondage which worked much better on a naked body. The others seemed to have no problem taking their clothes off. The Mistress looked at me with a look that told me obey or else. I did not know whether to obey or run, however the others were encouraging me and I decided that I would stay. I was after all exploring new areas and it was bound to be a bit uncomfortable at first.

Mistress Janice came up to me, looked me in the eyes and said I would do as her model as the others all had partners. Before I could react she grabbed my wrists and click-click I was handcuffed. I was shocked, dumbfounded, I was expecting a lesson. I was not expecting to be the lesson!

Click-click, what the hell, now she had me in leg irons. I felt captured, restricted; cold steel had taken away my control. Now I could not run. My power had gone I was a prisoner, a victim of what ever was to follow.

I had not realized the power that simple handcuffs could take away from me and give to my mistress. The cold steel was taking away my energy; my life was in somebody else’s power. She allowed me to just stand there surprised and shaking while the others looked on. I realized with a shock that she was my mistress.

Then she explained exactly what I was feeling and encouraged the others to get some handcuffs and try them on their partners. She walked around checking the fits and asking people how they felt. She ignored me. She totally ignored me. I was a nothing. Just a piece of the furniture. I was just another fitting in the dungeon. I was left standing alone in a state of shock.

My Mistress walked behind me and came up to stand with her body touching mine. She breathed seductively in my ear and rubbed her hands down my body in an erotic way. My manhood stood up very excited and was rewarded with a stinging flick of her fingers. Ouch that hurt and excited me even more. I took or rather gasped a big breath and felt her hands on my hands. Snick wrench click. She had undone the cuff on one hand, pulled my hands behind me and redone the cuffs before I could react.

Mistress reach around me, fondled, and then squeezed my nipples painfully and walked off ignoring me again.

“When you handcuff their hands behind them you reduce their freedom even more” she said to the others. “They can’t do much with their hands locked behind them and it is not a natural place for their hands to be so it feels wrong. With their hands in front they can still move relatively freely. They can touch themselves, feed themselves etc. With the hands locked behind them they are useless.” Was she implying I was useless?

The others played laughingly with their handcuffed partners, especially when they discovered that when their hands were locked behind they could not easily unlock their partner’s handcuffs and definitely could not lock their partner’s hands behind them. I fact they soon discovered that their partner now had full control other them, which was not something some of them were comfortable with.

There was a clinking clanking noise in the corner. I gasped as there was suddenly a cold heavy weight around my shoulders. She had draped a long length of heavy chrome chain around my neck and down my chest.

She said nothing; she wrapped the chain twice around my neck securing it with a padlock behind my neck. Then she crossed the chain over my breasts and behind my back. It was pulled tight so I was scrunched down and bent slightly forwards then she secured it with another padlock to the handcuff chain before wrapping it tightly around my waist. The chain was locked in front leaving two lengths dangling either side of my balls.

That quickly changed. My balls were raised and the chains were joined tightly under them by yet another padlock

I looked into her merciless eyes and knew I was in trouble. Knew I was in trouble and I did not care. I was scared, very scared and at the same time very, very excited.

“Kneel” she said and kneel I would have except I did not know how. My hands were cuffed behind me, my arms pined at my side by chains and I still had on the leg irons. Which I suddenly realized was strange as I was the only one wearing leg irons.

I was jerked suddenly forwards and fell to my knees with my head in her groin. She stepped forwards pushing me upright and walked calmly behind me, grabbed the chains and locked them to the leg irons.

“Handcuffs are for prisoners, chains are for slaves. Chains are for putting a slave into the position you want them to be in and keeping them there. They are demeaning and turn the person into an animal. Like chaining up the dog.”

“Handcuffs are meant to be reasonably comfortable, chains are meant to punish them and put them in their place. They should be uncomfortable and demeaning. However they should not cause permanent problems so make sure they are not too tight especially around the neck.”

I was not comfortable at all. The chains were digging into my neck, cold across my chest and bruising my balls. I also could not move except maybe to sit on my feet. I knew if I did so I would be punished. She had said kneel and kneel I must.

It seemed to take ages for the others to play with chaining up their partners. Strangely I did not want to chain up anybody. Despite being painfully uncomfortable I was excited to be where I was. Somehow it felt right. I was left to quietly contemplate my fate.

Hands, lots of hands were griping me and lifting me up. They put me face down on a leather covered bench and unlocked and removed the chains and the handcuffs. It was good to be free, but I needed more, this bondage had me hooked.

I went to roll over and sit up but they all held me down while she tied my hands expertly and tightly behind me. She was explaining, to the others, how to do it so I could not escape. She then moved on to the feet which she explained are much the same as hands only stronger and more boney.

“Any questions.” she asked. One of the men asked about how to do hog ties. “Oh you can do a simple hog tie by just joining the feet to the hands. If you lift their shoulders and bend their knees whilst you do it you can make it as tight as you want.” She was demonstrating whilst she talked getting some of them to lift my shoulders so my back was painfully arched.

“Hogties are a bit extreme for a beginners class so I will get you to just tie hands and feet together.” You didn’t have to tell me its extreme my shoulders and back knew all about it.

I was not sure how much of this I could take when I felt her touch me and gently lift my head up. “Remember safety; always have something handy to cut them loose if it gets too much for them.” I slammed into the bench as she cut the rope securing my hands to my feet. I lay their gasping from shock and the pain of the sudden release.

What had I got myself into? Why was I accepting this? Why was I just laying here allowing things to be done to me? Why was she picking on me? My wrists and ankles were starting to go numb when she came back to me and pointed out that she had deliberately tied me tightly so she could demonstrate circulation problems. “See his hands are going slightly blue. When we untie them you will note a sudden change in color as the blood flow returns to normal. This can be quite painful.” She was untying me as she said this and yes I did note a very painful change in my hands as the flow returned. They throbbed painful for minutes afterwards.

“Stand.” She said in that power filled voice and I obeyed. “Over here.” I wobbled my way over to where she indicated.

“Plastic or cling wrap is very effective at securing a person but very different to the other ways we have just experienced. It is more a way of reducing feeling, of depriving you of feelings, whilst still rendering you helpless. You need to wrap each part separately and to wrap tightly so they can not move.”

That voice, that powerful voice said, “Spread your legs apart and raise your arms.” She got them to help wrap my legs and my arms then she had me move my legs together and put my arms by my side. She started to wrap my hands to my body, then handed that roll over to somebody and started on my legs. Very soon I was cocooned in plastic up to my neck.

“You are going to stop at the neck today. However I will give him an experience and you a demonstration by going higher”. I opened my mouth to say no and had it wrapped in the open position before I could utter a sound. Breathing became impossible and I started to panic and struggle. I soon realized I was bound tight and could hardly move. Then there was a pop and a hole was made over my mouth and I sucked in as much air as I could get.

I was in a world of my own. I could hardly see through the steamed up wrap and all I could hear was muffled sounds and the cringle of the wrap. I was feeling dizzy from lack of air and then felt myself falling. Panic again is I realized I could not save myself.

They caught me and I was laid on the floor in that world of my own.

I seemed to be there for a long time. I was getting hot, sweaty and stiff from lying on the hard floor.

There was snip and cool air flowed in over my feet. A zipping sound and the cool air moved up my body. The wrap was opened and I was released like a butterfly out of a cocoon. I was relieved and disappointed at the same time. I also needed to go to the toilet ASAP.

Janice helped me up, put a dressing gown on me, and showed me were the toilet was. The others had gone!

When I came back Janice asked me how I had enjoyed my first lesson and apologized for picking on me. I was, it seemed the perfect model to use for the lesson and she thought I would enjoy the experience.

I said I had enjoyed it, but I was not sure why I had enjoyed. I was very confused with my emotions.

She said “That is a perfectly normal reaction” and went on to ask “would I be up for more?” I said yes before I knew what I was doing.

“Good” she said “I need a model for dinner tonight, you are welcome to stay if that is alright with you.”

“A model?”

“Yes you will be sort of the guest of honor so to speak. We will have to get you dressed up in the right gear so you can be comfortable at the table. Would that be OK?”

“Eh, Yes I suppose so”

“Good go upstairs and have a shower. I will make us some afternoon tea and then we will start getting you ready. Oh by the way did you like the mummification?”

“Yes it was great.”

“Good, see you soon.”

When I returned there was food and drinks set out on the bench and a very relaxed Janice sitting quietly waiting for me. There was an air of anticipation about her as though she was really looking forwards to the evening.

We chatted a bit more about my feeling of being in bondage. Then she asked more about how I felt to be mummified and would I be willing to be mummified again.

I had enjoyed the mummification and said yes, but asked how I could eat while wrapped up. “Oh that’s easy we will just have to look after your every need for you.”

“Ok why not.” I said.

“Excellent. There are few things we need to do to get you ready as you will be wrapped for a long time. We need to make sure you don’t get dehydrated so you will have to drink lots of water before we wrap you and you won’t be able to go to the toilet so we will have to take care of that.”

“Eh how do we take care of that?”

“Easy we will give you an enema to make sure you are completely empty and put in a butt plug so there are no accidents.”

I had read about enemas and butt plugs, however I had never had them. I must have looked shocked as Janice reassured me they were perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Just a simple precaution. “You would not want to be embarrassed in front of everybody would you?” Put like that I just nodded.

She went over to a cupboard and returned with a large water filled bag to which was attached a hose. To this she attached another hose made of rubber. This she explained was the bit that went inside. I must have looked apprehensive so she reassured me and got me to lie on my side on the bench. Then she applied some cold lube to my anus and slowly and gently pushed the tube inside. It was not as bad as I had expected. It felt strange but not too uncomfortable.

“Now I will inflate the bulb so we don’t have any accidents.” What did she mean? I soon found out as I felt it inflate inside me and another bulb outside locking the tube in place. Then the water started to flow. It was cold and felt strange. Soon I felt like I was filling up and still the water flowed. How much was there? This was getting uncomfortable I needed to go and the toilet was a long way away.

“Just a little more and then I will give you a tummy massage to break up any shit in your colon.” She said it like it was just a normal everyday event. My colon did not agree. This was not normal and it was becoming painful.

“Now just lie back and relax. The water has to stay in awhile to work properly. I will just massage you so you feel better.”

It was not just my stomach that got massaged. My penis and balls seemed to get in the way so I forgot about my colon and enjoyed the first erotic massage I had ever had.

15 minutes later I really had to go or I would burst. Janice helped me up the stairs and to the toilet. I sat down and then wondered what now. Janice knew. She reached past my balls took hold of the end of the tube and did something with it. It exploded out of my bowels as did a torrent of water and shit. She stood there and laughed at me. There was a women standing laughing at me as I explosively, uncontrollably, shit myself.

The water and shit kept coming. Janice was back in her Mistress mode. “Stay there.” She left and returned some minutes later with something in her hand. She showed it to me. It was a butt plug not very big. It was covered in lube.

‘Stand up wipe your dirty bum and then bend over.”

I did as I was told. The plug was cold against my anus and at first I resisted its entry. However a bit of pressure and it slipped in. It was a strange sensation and I was just getting used to it when it started to expand. “We don’t want it to come out do we” she said. Now it was starting to get uncomfortably tight in the arse and a very full feeling again. She must have sensed my reaction as she reduced the pressure just slightly so the plug was tight but not painfully so.

We walked; or rather I waddled back to the dungeon. The plug was doing something to me and I had an erection by the time we got there.

On the bench was a large jug of water and a glass. “Drink up” she said “We don’t want any dehydration do we.” So I drank until I was full after all I was going to get hot in the wrap. The wrapping was much the same as last time except she did not wrap my head and my penis and balls where left outside the wrap.

Mistress then started another layer of tape over the plastic. I asked was that really necessary as I could barely move as it was?

“SHUT UP.” She gave me that look again and as I went to protest she slapped my face hard and grabbed my balls and twisted. ‘YOU DO NOT SPEAK!!”

I got the message and began to wonder if this was the way to talk to the guest of honor. There was however nothing I could do.

She finished her wrapping, went to a cupboard and returned with something floppy made of black rubber. Mistress was behind me so I could not see what she was doing. “Open your mouth wide.”

I opened it to say “why?” when it was filled with a rubber mouth piece and the rubber thing was pulled over my head. I could taste rubber and smell the rubber that encased me. I could not see as it was thick and black. My hearing was also restricted although I could still hear enough to pick up a puff, puff sound.

The hood expanded around my head and neck. It pushed in on my head. It became tighter and tighter. It was obviously expanding around my neck as I felt my neck slowly stretching and my head was being locked into place. I could not bend my neck or turn my head.

I started to panic until I felt a hand grab my balls and squeeze. That brought me out of the panic, but left me wondering what I had gotten my self into.

I felt helpless, stunned and trapped. Would I ever get free? Could I trust Mistress to look after me? Was I just her play thing, her toy? What had happened to the guest of honor?

Disorientation was setting in. Was I swaying or falling? Panic again. Thump something long and cold hit my back and I was pushed back against it. Rapidly my chest was tied to it with tape. At least I could not fall.

Now my feet were pushed back. More wrap I could feel the width of it as my whole body was wrapped to this cold thing up my back.

Flying, I was flying my feet had left the ground and I was swinging in the air. Tight wrap around my feet. Then more wrap pulling my toes down so my feet stretched out below me.

Down I was being lowered again. A jerk as the hoist stopped. Spinning like a top. Distant woops of joy as she played with me spinning this way and that and swinging me to and fro.

Then she caught me and said very clearly “You are mine slave, to have and to hold and to do what ever I want to do.”

With that she grabbed my half erect penis and started sucking on it. It was not half erect for long. Then without warning she slapped it hard twice. I winced with the sudden pain.

Her hand took a firm hold on it and pushed hard on the tip. Pushed something cold and slimy into my penis. Shit that hurts. I squirmed around, but could hardly move, she kept pushing, and it seemed to go on for ever. What ever it was popped through into somewhere and she stopped pushing. Mistress fiddled with something and gave a tug. What ever it was was not coming out.

“There we are now we can have wine with our dinner and you won’t have to worry about the toilet.” The penny dropped she had put a catheter in me. I cold feel the tube flapping around as I moved my penis.

My balls. Now what was she doing? Something cold and hard was forcing them apart. It was heavy and pulling them down. A ring clamped tightly around the base of my penis another half way along and a third just behind the glands. More fiddling then “OK let’s try that.”

Oh shit shit fuck. My balls and penis pulsed, jolted and jumped as surges of electricity leaped through them. I grunted and groaned, on the point of screaming, nearly passing out with the pain. I tried to tell her to stop but the mouth piece meant that was impossible. I was sobbing when it stopped, grasping for breath, and shaking all over in a cold sweat of fear.

Nothing. Nothing happened for a long while I just hang there stewing in my own juices. Helpless, hopeless and very, very alone. All that water I had drunk was working its way through and I drastically needed to go before I burst.

It seemed like hours later when I heard voices lots of voices. Laughing voices, people out to have a good time. Hands touched me feeling me all over. Somebody said very loudly “Great work Janice you have made my day. Where would you like it?”

“Oh it’s to hang over the table.”

What was to hang over the table? I soon found out as my feet were held my head lowered and I was carried off to the table.

I never saw the table. I felt my self hoisted horizontally over it and swung side to side by many exploring hands. There was heat near my chest and my knees and I could smell candles burning.

“Wine anybody, nectar of our honored guest.” The pressure in my bladder eased. They couldn’t be drinking my pee could they?

“Janice” a male voice asked “what does this button do.” I leapt, jolt, jumped squirmed and screamed into my mouth piece as the electricity shocked my balls and penis. I would have passed out but he let the button go and asked “Is this one that you can play tunes on?”

“Yes that’s the latest model we can hook it up to the stereo if you like.”

There were hands on my chest playing with my wrapped up nipples. They weren’t wrapped up for long as I felt the prick of a knife tip cutting them free. They were women’s soft small hands and they soon worked my now erect nipples free of the plastic. She worked them very erotically then gave them both a vicious pinch. Seconds later I screamed in shook as something cold and sharp bit in to both nipples. The something pulled them down and swung them from side to side. That seemed to be a great game as others took to swing my penis and balls in time with the clamps on my nipples.

“Music, music we need music.” “Coming”. I wished I could come. The music pulsed through my genitals and my whole body moved to the beat.

A hand hit me. Slap, slap. Then many hands slap, slap, slap to the beat of the music. They were using me as a percussion instrument. Slapping me hard all over. The music got louder the beating harder and faster as the music speeded up.

It was painful, out of control; I hated it, to be used like this. It was erotic, sensual I lived every bit of it; I love every bit of it. I was definitely alive and in the moment. I started to make sounds deep, dark, earthy sounds; my body struggled to move it wanted to dance.

Somebody turned up the music, up went the electricity and I screamed and I think passed out. It was just too much.

When I came to there were many gentle hands caressing my body. Gentle but erotic hands. Hands that knew exactly what to do. A mouth on my penis gently working away. The rings and tube seemed to be gone.

The mouth also knew what to do and more importantly when to stop doing it. So I hung there brought close to coming for what seemed an eternity. Getting more and more frustrated and more and more aroused.

Eventually she either went too far or was it deliberate and I came in a violent shockingly powerful orgasm that rocked my body to its roots.

It was it turned out the first of many.

Janice woke me in the morning with brunch in bed. She said she was not sure if I could make it to the table.

I was certain I would not have made it. I was exhausted, but boy was I alive.




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