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Directrix Phantom Versus Evil Ancient Pharaoh

by Papa Palpatine

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Storycodes: Other/f; mum; entomb; majick; bandages; silk; latex; abducted; nc; X

She sat at her desk in her office at MirageCorp Headquarters, watching the large view screen across the room. One of the secretaries, a cute blonde with a ponytail, was on the floor under her feet, bound in a black latex bondage bag and a bright red ball gag in her mouth. Directrix Phantom picked up the remote and turned up the volume. On screen, a young, dark brown-haired reporter stood with a WHU News microphone in hand as bright lights shown on her in the dark.

"We're coming to you live from Dallas," The reporter said. "Where the sun has mysteriously been blacked out this morning, plunging all into darkness."

She cupped her hand over an earpiece in her left ear.

"It would seem it's not just here in Dallas, we've recieved reports the entire globe has gone dark. No word yet as to what is causing--Wha-what the Hell is that?!"

The reporter cocked her head, looking off screen. About a second later, a swarm of writhing, white cloth bandages came into frame, blocking the camera's view of her. She let out a terrified scream and was suddenly muffled. With the camera shaking, the camera man panned to catch footage of the reporter's mummified form floating away into the sky. Phantom checked all the other television networks and the internet, more video of women around the world being captured, wrapped, and taken away by the mysterious bandage swarms.

In one video taken on someone's phone, the bandages poured into a church during a wedding. The bride, the bridesmaids, and several other women at the ceremony were wrapped and taken away while onlookers watched in terror and disbelief. In another video taken at a middle Eastern restaurant, a beautiful Arabic girl in her late teens performed a veil dance to traditional music for the crowd gather therein, dressed in a shiny, light blue Lycra belly dancer outfit. Without warning, bandages forced their way into the restaurant, seizing and wrapping the girl and several other women in the audience before taking them away.

Phantom pressed the microphone button on her remote. "Display live feeds from surveillance satellites. All feeds omni-spectrum mode."

The screen changed, dividing into eight sections. In each, the satellite view of one of many major regions of the planet. Massive swarms of the animated bandages flew over every country. In every place on Earth they raided, streams of fully-wrapped female mummies flowed out. As she scanned through all the surveillance feeds, she found where the bandages were coming from and where the female mummies were going; a location deep in the Egyptian desert.

"It figures..." Phanton chortled. She pressed the microphone button again. "Display only surveillance feed for the Egyptian desert."

The screen now only displayed one feed, the one for Egypt's great desert.

Must be one of the hidden tombs I've heard rumors about, She thought, staring at the screen intensely. But who's tomb? And how in the Hell are they getting that many women into it?

Her intercom beeped. The voice on the other end called out, "Directrix, we're under attack!"

She pressed her intercom button. "Go to red alert, try to keep them at bay for as long as you can."

"Yes, Directrix."

Red lights flashed and alarms rang out. Phantom called up the surveillance camera feeds for the building. Just outside the lobby, a squad of MirageCorp security agents were engaged with several massive bandage swarms. They fired their heavy stunner rifles at the bandages, but they were not having an effect.

Those things are some kind of magical constructs, Phantom thought. I don't suppose they have a nervous system for the stunners to zap.

As she watched, the bandages disarmed and grabbed two female security agents, and then immediately began wrapping them. Their comrades attempted to save them, but to no avail. The bandages hurled the male agents against the wall hard enough that they were immediately out cold. The other female agents were disarmed and grabbed, and the bandages began the process of wrapping them as the previous two were finished and their mummified forms flew away into the sky. The bandages poured in passed the glass double doors into the lobby. The two latex dress-clad receptionists at the front desk were the next to be grabbed. Unable to put up meaningful resistance, they were wrapped and floated out of the building in seconds.

Bandages forced their way into the public restrooms, the stairwells, and the elevators. As fast as they were moving, it wouldn't take them long to fill the entire building and reach the top of the tower if someone or something didn't slow them down. Phantom rubbed her chin. Maybe fight fire with fire?

"Computer, deploy Intrusion Countermeasure SBT-069."

On screen, panels opened in the walls, floors, and ceilings of the hallways. Small turrets popped out and immediately launched salvos of shiny, black balls at the bandages. The balls exploded on contact with the swarms, coating them in sticky, latex goo and bringing them to a halt. Some MirageCorp personnel who had the misfortune of being in the halls at the time got caught in the crossfire and were also stuck in place, but they would just have to take one for the team.

"That should hold you for now." Phantom said with a smile. She spoke into the microphone on her remote. "Search Database: Ancient Egyptian Magic, Animated Bandages."

Paragraphs of text appeared on the view screen and she read them with interest. A priest-magician had created a spell that could animate bandages, primarily to serve as the guardians of secret tombs and ensnare would-be tomb robbers, though they would readily obey anyone who knew the proper phrasing for commands. As a fail-safe should any swarms go rogue and leave the catacombs, the priest had included a weakness to "the divine fires of Ra."

The divine fires of Ra? Phantom thought. The sun. It was no coincidence that someone had blacked out the sun just before the first wave of these bandage swarms showed up. They must have a weakness to sunlight... possibly intense ultraviolet light?

She glanced over at a nearby work table, on which sat a high tech-looking pistol with a massive barrel. A technician from Research and Development had brought some new gadget up for her to look at last night. The technician said it was a super intense, ultraviolet flash gun. It was an interesting little toy to be sure, but it hardly seemed like there was much practical use for it... until now.

Phantom got up, picked up the secretary off the floor and put her in her desk chair. The girl looked at her with wide-eyed confusion, unable to speak a word through her gag. The Directrix smiled, placed her hands on the nubile blonde's shoulders and said, "Sorry to have to stake you out as a sacrificial lamb, Sweetie; but the world needs me right now."

The secretary bucked and flailed in the chair, terrified. Phantom reached down and rubbed the girl's pubic region through the black latex. Moaning in pleasure through her gag, she resigned to her fate and sat still. The Directrix walked over to the work table, put the UV gun into the belt of her tunic, and stuffed some spare power cells in her pockets.

She didn't have much time, the ammunition in the Sticky Ball Turrets would run out soon and the bandages would start working their way through the building again. She blew the secretary a kiss on her way out the office door. She had to move quickly, she ran to her private express elevator. She had to get to the penthouse hangar atop the MirageCorp building...

She had to get to the Interceptor.


Riding the express elevator to the top of the MirageCorp building, Phantom looked out on what little could be seen in the darkness. More female mummies were floated out of the building and joined the stream of mummies flying away from the surrounding area. Some of the mummies were partially or fully enshrouded in black latex over their bandages from the Sticky Balls. She imagined it wouldn't be long before all of MirageCorp's female staff members would be captured, wrapped, and taken away.

As the elevator reached the top, the doors opened. She drew the UV gun from her belt and made a run for the hangar. Halfway there, she glanced back in time to see a bandage swarm coming at her from over the edge of the roof. She took aim and fired, a direct hit! The intense flash caused the bandages to make a shrieking noise and then disintegrate into dust. More were coming behind that swarm, she had to move quick. She sprinted to the hangar and shut the door behind her.

She switched on the lights. The Interceptor was a sleek, black and purple dart of an aircraft, built for speed and maneuverability. Phantom approached the plane, gently stroking the front landing gear.

I hope this bird can get me to Egypt in time.

Phantom climbed up the ladder and into the cockpit. She put on a headset and then pressed the button to close the canopy.

"Okay, all systems go..." Phantom whispered to herself as she threw the switches to start the engines. She pressed the button to remotely open the hangar's roof hatch. Hands on the controls, she engaged the vertical thrusters to lift off. Once clear of the hangar, she gave the main engines full throttle; flying in the direction of the stream of mummies leaving the region. After entering her destination into the flight computer, she set the craft on autopilot and sat back in the chair, closing her eyes and exhaling slowly.

She turned on a nearby view-screen, scanning the various television networks' coverage of the strange abductions. She watched a live broadcast from Portland, Oregon. On screen, a male reporter in a suit and tie ran up to a buxom redhead with a microphone in his hand; his camera crew just barely keeping up with him. The woman was stripping naked right in the middle of the street.

The reporter addressed the woman as he approached, "Ma'am, What are you doing? Don't you know it isn't safe out here?"

She shoved him away from her and replied, "Get lost asshole, I want them to take me. This is a fucking dream come true."

The reporter could only stand there with his jaw hanging slack. The woman glanced up into the sky at an approaching swarm of animated bandages and vigorously rubbed her vagina.

"Yes, come to mama..."

The bandages came down and surrounded the naked redhead. Starting with her legs, the bandages went to work wrapping her. She offered them no resistance, she continued to masturbate even as her flesh disappeared beneath the white cloth.

She panted and moaned in pleasure. "Yes... Do it... Take me."

Trying to regain his composure, the reporter said, "Ladies and gentlemen watching at home, I... I'm at a loss for words, you don't see something like this everyday..."

As she continued to watch the screen, Phantom chortled, "Understatement of the year."

Seemingly rewarding her compliance, the bandages allowed the redhead to keep her hands near her crotch and continue pleasuring herself as they finished her. She was in the throws of an intense orgasm as the bandages covered her eyes and sealed her in. Her mummified form then floated away into the sky.

Scanning other channels, Phantom soon found the redhead from Portland was far from the only woman to willingly give herself to the bandages. In the Middle East, several women threw off their burkas and invited the bandage swarms to come down and take them. In Perth, Australia, a group of women wearing only lingerie waved and gestured to the bandages, signaling their desire to be taken. They were a rare--and possibly a bit crazy--minority among the women abducted thus far. For these women that surrendered without a fight, the process of being mummified seemed vastly more pleasurable; the bandages caressed them as they wrapped them. These women all closed their eyes and had relaxed expressions on their faces, as if enjoying a really good spa treatment.

She changed the channel to a news broadcast. Four anchorpersons, three men and one woman, were discussing the current state of the world and the abductions of women by the bandages.

"Roads around the world are a nightmare," the anchorman in the salmon pink tie said. "Vehicles that had been driven by female motorists are blocking traffic or have been involved in terrible wrecks as their drivers have been abducted by the bandages. Jane?"

"Thanks Rodney," The brown-haired anchorwoman replied. "Still no word on how many women worldwide have been taken, though the bandages have consistently left girls not yet of age untouched. Women too old to be... sexually desirable, have also been left alone."

"Gee Jane, any guess as to why they haven't come for you yet?" The half bald anchorman in the purple tie said with a Cheshire Cat grin.

"Believe me, Peter, I'll welcome them when they come if it means I never have to work with a douchebag like you ever again."

"Oh-Kay," The anchorman in the green tie said with a look of discomfort on his face. "We'll be back after a word from our sponsors..."

Just as the outro music played, a swarm of animated bandages burst into the newsroom and seized Jane. They wrapped her up and her mummified form floated out of the studio just as the broadcast faded to black.

Phantom switched off the view-screen, turned on the Interceptor's exterior lights and looked out the canopy at the stream of mummies she was following. Some of the captured women still wriggled inside their wrappings, vainly trying to get free right to the last. The others were, for the most part, still; none of them so much as twitched a muscle. Curious, Phantom used her craft's sensors to scan for life readings. All of them were alive, the ones that were still read like they were in a form of stasis.

She then watched the swarms of bandages that were flying in the opposite direction, being sent out to seize more women. One or two bandages in every other swarm would briefly turn and point in her direction, but none of the swarms deviated from their course. Was the Interceptor moving too fast for them? Were they simply letting her go on orders from whoever conjured them up? It was hard to say for sure at the moment. Hopefully she would find out more when she got to Egypt.


After a long flight, the Interceptor was over the Egyptian desert. Phantom took the plane off autopilot and looked around for a place to land. That's when it caught her eye; a luminescent dome twenty meters in radius with what looked like daylight inside. Several female figures were gathered in the center, though it was impossible to tell who they were from the air. Bandage swarms that attempted to get inside disintegrated on contact with its glowing surface.

Phantom brought her plane in for a landing nearby. She drew her UV gun as she climbed down from the cockpit, and then ran across the sand to the dome. As she came closer, she could get a better look inside. The source of the solar dome was an athletic blonde in a metallic gold leotard with a stylized sun symbol over the left breast, with matching opera gloves, thigh-high boots, and domino mask. She held her hands high over her head, projecting the energy that created the dome from her palms. It could only be Daystar, the mistress of solar energy. A tanning bed was next to her, plugged into a portable generator. Lying down inside was a blonde girl who looked about 18 years old and wore a costume similar to Daystar's. It was without a doubt Solar Girl, teen sidekick to Daystar. Phantom rubbed her chin, marveling at how much the two resembled each other; she would not be surprised in the slightest if they were secretly mother and daughter.

The next woman she recognized was Miss Britain, with her Union Jack leotard, dark hair, and crown there was no mistaking her. Standing next to her was a big breasted brunette in a star-spangled bikini with a golden belt around her waist who could only be Miss Americana. An assortment of other costumed superheroines gathered around them; and judging by how Miss Britain was gesturing, they were either having some kind of ad hoc strategy meeting or a heated argument.

Phantom tried to tap the dome, surprised when her hand passed through. She entered the protected area and called out, "Is this a private party, or can anyone join in?"

Miss Britain spun around, "You? What are you doing here?"

"The same thing I presume you are, my Pretty Penny."

"How did--"

"Oh please," Phantom chortled. "I've had you under surveillance for years, not that you made it all that difficult for my spies to discover your true identity."

Miss Americana glared at her. "Why should we trust you? How do we know you're not the one behind the abductions?"

Miss Britain interjected, "Brenda..."

"No, no, that's fine." Phantom said waving a hand, turning as if to leave. "I'll just take my new UV flash weapon and bid you good day... always assuming the sun ever comes out again."

Miss Britain stepped into Phantom's path. "Wait, what do mean 'new UV weapon?'"

Phantom gestured to the pistol tucked into her belt. "Disintegrated a whole swarm with one shot."

"Impressive as that sounds," Miss Americana snorted, "Did you bring enough for everyone, or is that all there is?"

Phantom shook her head. "Sorry, all I've got is the prototype."

"Well a fuck load of good that does us..."

"Brenda, please." Miss Britain put up a hand. She looked at Phantom again. "She does have a good point; unless you've got some way of manufacturing more on short notice... one UV flash gun against all those swarms?"

"Would you rather just wait around for Daystar and Solar Girl to reach their limits trying to maintain this dome of yours?" Phantom smiled a feline smile. "I must admit the tanning bed was a clever idea, but it's a poor substitute for the sun in the long run if I understand how their powers work."

Daystar turned her head to them, a bead of sweat visible on her forehead. She said, "I hate to admit it, but she's right about that."

"So what are we supposed to do, Miss Evil Genius?" Miss Americana groused. "We already lost Star Bright, Princess Amazonia, and Dixie Damsel to those bandages before the dome was up."

"Well then," Phantom replied. "If you don't want to share their fate, you'll do everything I tell you."


The Evil Ancient Pharaoh stood in his private chamber, gazing into his scrying pool. He watched Directrix Phantom's interactions with Miss Britain and the other superheroines with interest, rubbing his bandaged chin. He thought, Perhaps she's the one...

He then issued the verbal command in Ancient Egyptian to open the secret door to his ever-expanding harem chamber. He walked down the center row, watching as new female mummies flowed in and new sarcophagi materialized to accommodate them. He entered the storeroom at the far end of the chamber; the one with seemingly endless shelves of linen bandages, watching as stacks of bandages came to life and exitted the tomb through a trap door in the ceiling. In the center of the storeroom, on a white marble pedestal, were the special rolls of golden silk bandages. The honor of being ensnared and wrapped by them was reserved for the woman worthy of being his queen. He incantated and gestured over them, causing them to levitate off the pedestal and then fly out with the others.


Phantom and the others watched tensely as the dome flickered for a moment and became dimmer. Daystar looked to sidekick in the tanning bed and said, "Solar Girl, I'm almost out of power. I need you to take over while I recharge."

"I"ll be right there." Solar Girl said as she climbed out of the tanning bed and started towards Daystar. Unfortunately, just as she was raising her hands to take over maintenance of the shield dome from Daystar, she suddenly began to sink into the sand! Daystar reached down to try and help her, but she was quickly sucked under. The dome flickered, faded, and finally went down. A swarm of bandages immediately grabbed Daystar, rendering her helpless, wrapping her, and then taking her away. A partially wrapped Solar Girl emerged from the sand, eyes wide with horror. The bandages finished her and she too floated away.

"Goddamnit!" Miss Americana shouted.

Phantom took aim with the UV gun, trying to blast the bandages that had Solar Girl, but she missed. It was soon too late as the mummified Daystar and Solar Girl disappeared in the distance. More bandage swarms were closing in. She blasted as many as she could, but they were coming in too fast. Miss Britain was the next to be grabbed. Miss Americana and the other superheroines tried in vain to free her, but one by one they too were grabbed and the bandages began wrapping them. Miss Britain's mummified form floated away, leaving only her crown in the desert sand. Miss Americana cursed at Phantom just before the bandages stripped her of her power belt, gagged her, and finished her. She and the rest were soon taken away, leaving Phantom alone against the other swarms.

Phantom instinctively ran for the Interceptor, blasting at bandage swarms as she sprinted across the sand. She was halfway to the plane when bandages burst out of the sand below her and grabbed her ankles, tripping her. As she fell to the ground with a grunt, she dropped the UV gun! She stretched to try and retrieve her weapon, but then bandages swiftly grabbed it and pulled it out of her reach. More bandages grabbed her arms, holding her helpless. She assumed they would start wrapping her like they had the others, but curiously they did nothing but hold her. Not long after, it became clear why.

A new swarm of bandages unlike the others was rapidly approaching her. These bandages were made of what looked like a metallic gold silk. As the golden bandages took hold of her arms and legs, the others released her. As Phantom was drawn into the center of the golden swarm, more of these special bandages grabbed her around the waist and gagged her. She struggled but they were too strong even for her cybernetics. They wrapped her legs and arms separately. They wove themselves through her crotch in overlapping figure eights until her pubic area and ass were perfectly wrapped. The bandages worked their way up her stomach, chest, shoulders, and her neck. They wrapped her entire head, save her eyes.

Surrender, a voice said in her head.

Who is that? she thought, ;Who dares violate the sanctity of my mind?

I am a Pharaoh of Egypt, and soon to be your husband. These special golden bandages will prepare you to be my queen. You will have more autonomy than the other women of my harem--our harem I should say. You will be dominant over our slaves, but submissive to me.

Phantom resigned to her fate as her legs were brought together. Golden bandages wrapped her ankles and feet and then started back up over her calves, knees, thighs and abdomen; and eventually stopped under her armpits. Her arms were crossed over her chest and wrapped in place. She closed her eyes as they were covered over and her mummified form was complete. More layers of golden bandages added themselves to her shroud, making it tighter and tighter and impossible to escape. Just before her consciousness faded to black, Phantom felt herself float away.


Evil Ancient Pharaoh watch as the the mummified superheroines flowed into the harem chamber, each entombed in a sarcophagus as she arrived. He was then pleased to see his golden-wrapped bride drift in. A golden sarcophagus, fit for a queen, materialized and awaited her. Once the sarcophagus lid closed on her, the magic in her wrappings went to work making her his. When she was ready, he would consummate with her and his curse would at last be lifted; he would then be free to leave the tomb and conquer the globe.

In the meantime, he would sate his sexual desires by having his way with one of his new concubines. He went to the sarcophagus that held a nubile virgin captured from the region known as Oklahoma. Removing the lid, he scooped the mummified girl up into a bridal carry and took her to his private chamber, and his king size golden sarcophagus. Beneath his bandages and kilt, his penis erected in anticipation of deflowering his lovely plaything.


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