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by Jenny

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© Copyright 2002 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; wrap; tape; bandages; board; breastplay; nipple; encased; stored; stuck; electro; torment; insert; toys; cons; XX

Do you really think you are safe and sound when completely wrapped in your bandage as a mummy, could this happen to you?

The evening started off pretty much as any other, I suggested a session of sexual teasing and making mad passionate love, then it was suggested that I should be Mummified, I agreed if he did all the work and carried me upstairs. I was soon whisked up in his arms and carried upstairs in his strong muscular arms, Len had always been a bit of a he man, I was all ready naked and in that mood were he could do anything to me and I would let him. I was placed on the board we used, his large yet gentle hands caressed my body as his lips met mine, I was deliriously in passionate love, I was there for him to do as he wished with, we were going to have a good evening.

He started at my feet binding me to the board below, soon he reached the top of my legs and an evil smile crossed his face, as he reached down and picked up our large vibrator. It had not just the vibrating head but around the back end was a vibrating ring that pressed against the clit and could drive me wild. The speed and intensity of the vibrator would vary as it had a built in programming chip, two wires led down to a small transformer that kept it powered up and running indefinitely. This large device was gently slid into me, I was already wet from our session downstairs so the monster slid in easily leaving about a inch and a half still protruding.

Len now cut a nine inch piece of silver bodge tape, then with one finger gently pressed in the last inch and a half into my body, causing the point to press into the cervix, a slight discomfort was felt but my mind was on the pleasure to come. My love lips were held over the top of the vibrator as the bodge tape was applied, sealing in the monster leaving the two wires trailing out and down to the transformer on the floor, Len now bound me firmly to the body board.

He started at the feet bandaging me lightly yet firmly to the board, each hand was bound in a fist to stop me flexing my fingers. He continued up the body, on reaching the breasts he produce two rubber O rings, I suppose the diameter was about three inches and made of quarter inch thick rubber. The rings were stretched as wide as he could, then my left breast was dragged through the ring till it slipped off his outstretched fingers and snapped down behind my breast as close to the chest wall as he could get them. My small breast was instantly transformed into a ball on my chest the same was done to the right breast, as the rubber rings seemed to bite in, I started to complain but before I had hardly got a word out a piece of bodge tape was pressed firmly over my mouth, this instantly stopped me complaining.

Both breasts were now transformed into purplish round balls, I looked down at them in amazement, Len was now binding each nipple with silver fuse wire. He bound away carefully so no part of the nipple showed through the coils of wire, they were firmly bound with the fuse wire. When he was finished both nipples ached as I was sure he had bound then in the unforgiving wire a bit too tight.

He now continued to bandage up my body paying particular attention to the breasts till they resembled bandaged small melons with just the silver nipples showing. He soon reached the head, the bodge tape covering my mouth was removed, I was sure it had taken a layer of skin with it, my lips were peeled back and a snorkel mouth piece inserted then strips of bodge tape were applied to hold my lips closed over the mouth piece and keep it firmly in place.

He looked down at my face kissing me on the cheek and told me he was going to give me a mummification this night I would never forget! A spoonful of Vaseline was pressed into my eye, lifting the eye lids and pushing Vaseline under the lids then a pad was placed over the eye and taped in place, both eyes were treated to the same procedure and my vision was now completely eliminated. Two plastic tubes were inserted into my nostrils, I am sure if my eyes had been open there would have been tears there as the tubes were pushed deeply in leaving about three inch protruding.

My whole head was now bandaged several times sealing me inside, I was now completely mummified and unable to move a muscle. Len now went over to the window seat and lifted the lid, below was a space about 18 inch wide about two foot deep and six foot long, he lifted the body board with me strapped firmly on top of it and lowered it gently into the dark space below.

"There my love you have your very own Sarcophagus". he said.

He connected two wires to my nipples then he gently closed the lid. Now he plugged in the transformer, the first thing I was aware of was the vibrator coming to life, at least he was thinking of my sexual pleasure. A second transformer was plugged in, it was connected to a small control box that would now and then send pulses to my nipples supposedly to stimulate them. He tided up the room collecting my clothes and bits and pieces, he switched off the light pulling the door closed behind him.

He stepped out on to the landing then disaster happened my skirt was dangling from his arms, as he trod on the skirt and it cause him to trip and cart wheel down the stairs, at the bottom of the stairs was a glass topped telephone table which he crashed into shattering it into a thousand pieces.

Meanwhile hidden from view and totally unaware of the disaster that was now unfolding below, Jenny was being stimulated by the vibrator and the electric nipple stimulator was now coming into action, but the results were far from pleasant as the power setting was on maximum and each pulse was causing her body to contort in spasm. The two rubber rings seemed to be shrinking around the base of her breasts and pleasure was now turning into pain.

About four hours had passed and Len regained conscious only to find he was covered in blood and his left leg was broken. He was very weak with the loss of blood but a few feet away was the telephone lying on the floor, with his last reserves of strength he clawed his way to the phone and dialled the emergency number, the mundane voice replied, "this is emergencies which service do you require Fire, police or ambulance?" He just had enough energy to whisper his address and help!!

Within minutes a police car was speeding to his help, the officers arrived to find the house lite up but no answer to there knocking. One of the officers went around the back, the rear door was open, he entered the house and on turning into the hall he discovered Len in a bad way on the floor, he immediately radioed for help. An ambulance soon arrived and Len was loaded on to a stretcher, as he was being placed in the ambulance he managed to whisper to the officer, "Rescue Jen - she is trapped inside."

The officer returned to the house and started a search, he was accompanied my his companion, they entered the back bedroom and found the room was empty except for a pair of trestles in the centre of the room and a long window seat. As they left the room closing the door behind, one officer mentioned to the other, "He must have been delirious with the lack of blood!" They searched the rest of the house then secured the door and left. Jenny was now in continuous orgasm, her body also was being racked by one pulse after another from the electronic stimulator causing her to spasm time and time again.

The ambulance arrived at the hospital, Len was taken to the emergency room were his broken leg was reset, he was also given an injection to help him sleep. It was next day when he woke, he called the nurse and asked if Jenny had been rescued?

The nurse said she would find out, she disappeared and spoke to a doctor. The Doctor said, "Yes when he came in he was talking about a mummy trapped in the house, leave him to me I will deal with him".

He approached Len assuring him his mummy was OK then slipping a needle into the upper arm he depressed the plunger. Turning to the nurse, "That will keep him quiet for twenty-four hours or so!"

Meanwhile Jenny's body was now being subjected to continuous stimulation both from the vibrator and the electronic devise, her body had in fact now been taken over as she was now totally unconscious, her body was twitching and contorting under the wraps on the commands of the power surges. Len was having to be sedated at the hospital as he was rambling on about a girl who was mummified, the doctors decided the accident had been more severe than first thought and the best thing would be to have him sectioned under the mental health act for a month or so.

Nowadays Jenny's body still twitches and contorts under the window seat at the command of the power surges. The house is taking on a sort of run down look theses days and Len is in a home sitting in a basket chair still rambling on about a mummified Goddess.



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