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Dream Holiday

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2006 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; drug; bodymod; wrap; linen; cocoon; encased; display; museum; reluct/cons; X

There is no doubt if you are going on holiday then make it a holiday to remember, I had always been interested in Egypt and the pyramids, it was so magic and mystical, I am sure to be there and to be able to touch things would make it so much better than just reading about it.

I left work and went to the travel agent, I sat in the cheap swivel chair looking at the super glamorous girl assistant sitting in front of a PC typing away, I did wonder to myself just how much time she had to spend each morning to reach that state of perfection.

It seemed funny to me to be able to go to work so dressed up with more gold in chains and rings than there is deposited in the Bank of England. She looked up and smiled revealing the regimental perfect set of teeth, "How can I help you Ma'am?" she uttered breaking into that perfect smile. I told her I was thinking of a trip to Egypt, and I wanted to take in the Pyramids, and the world famous Cairo museum that I had read so much about.

"That sounds good" she commented. And as if she was clock work, her fingers started to pound the well worn key board in front of her, I again found myself admiring this perfect young women, and thought to myself, If I turned up for work showing so much of my boobs as she was, I possibly would be sent home as a 'loose woman'. Yet there was something beautifully attractive about her. As she bent forward, I could clearly see the lacy top of her bra and the soft skin of her juvenile breasts slightly dimpled with goose bumps, the pink of her areola just peeking from under the bra.

The smiling face looked up and told me there were three trips to Egypt leaving with in the next few weeks, two where charter and one was a specialized trip for people with a interest in antiquities. I told her that was what I wanted. Again her fingers went into over-drive pumping in the details, while I looked on in amazement. Then pressing a key, and the nearby printer churned out reams of information and details of the proposed holiday that I had requested. 

"There we are ma'am that will be £5020 pounds." I handed over my debit card and the deal was done.

The next few days I spent packing, then off to Manchester airport, the trip was finally happening at long last. The flight as most flights are, was boring and cramped, so little leg room on modern flights, I often think the seats on modern aircraft are designed for deformed people.

The Egypt Air jet touched down with a thump and bounce, I glanced out of the window at the small cars and strangely designed trucks all scurrying about outside, they always intrigued me as to their use. I stepped out of the plane it was like walking into a oven, I collected my bags after a wait of one hour, and got a taxi to the Highton Hotel.

I had to agree the service was tip top and second to none, even if they do hold out their hands for a tip for the slightest thing, the balcony of my room had a great view of the Giza pyramid, a sight that takes your breath away. I lay on my bed to get a few minutes sleep before my adventure started.

The next day I visited the great pyramid in Giza, it is immense by any standards and the journey to the burial chamber down a narrow passage was something you just have to do at least once in your life. Once back out in the sunshine I got a bus to the Cairo Museum. Now this place is in a world of its own, stunning does not describe it at all. As you enter you turn to the right and soon you enter the Tutankamun room, and believe me in this room all that glitters really is gold in this place.

I left that section and wandered down the large halls, and found myself being looked down on by statues of immense size and so life like, and so romantic in a strange way. There is no doubt in my mind the old Egyptians had a knack of making these statues look at you and their eyes seemed to follow you as you moved around.

The Mummy room at the far end requires an extra payment to enter, but it is well worth it, the bodies of past Kings and Queens of Egypt lie in glass cases, a gent walked over and introduced himself as Dr Quark, head of antiquities he was very helpful and explained how people where mummified in those far off days.

Dr Quark took me all around the glass cases, then offered to take me on a tour of the research labs that normally were not open to the public, I gladly accepted. We entered the research rooms through a door at the far end, a few people mainly women scurried about working on different projects. On a near by table was the skeletal remains of a female Pharaoh, he explained she had just been unwrapped. I commentated she looked about my size, he smiled. At that moment a female voice from behind me said why don't you lie along side and see how you measure up to her? It was Dr Quark assistant Mira a lady in her 40s, and very attractive even if a bit over weight by my standards. I decided this was too good an opportunity to miss, I kicked off my shoes and swung myself up and along side the remains on the table I glanced at the dark coloured skeleton I was sure it had a smile on its face.

Mira told me to wriggle down a bit so I was level with the Pharaoh, I lay back she commented I was the same size as the mummy. She thought this was remarkable and asked me if she could compare my bone size with the skeletal remains. I was a little surprised but agreed as it was not every day I got to help with this sort of research, Mira asked if I was willing to remove my blouse and shorts. As I was wearing underwear I could see no problem as these where professional people so why worry.

I sat up on the side of the table, then I slipped out of my blouse and shorts, at the same time Maria undid my bra I hardly felt it drop clear of my body. I think my face coloured up a bit, but looking at them they did not seem to be looking at me so I pretended not to notice. I lay back on the slab I suppose it was like a mortician's slab in a way as Mara lifted my head and placed a padded rest under the back of my neck.

Lowering my head back to the table, she then added, "I want you to just lie here and we will move your body as we want, just pretend you are a corpse."

With that she pickled up a sort of measuring calliper and proceeded to measure my bone structure and then compare the measurements with the measurements with the remains on the near by table. I wiggled a couple of time due to the hardness of the slab I was lying on. Maria asked why I was moving, I told her it was uncomfortable and hard, she said, "Oh! we can sort that for you." Then in one quick movement prepared and pressed a needle into my upper arm, she held me down by the shoulders for a few seconds, I felt all my ability to move slowly drain away.

She smiled and said, "Its only temporary, do not worry."

A second assistant came over and started to help, as well as losing the ability to move I had also lost the ability to talk, so protesting was now out of the question. Now my panties where removed and I lay there like a corpse and totally naked, all body hair was now being removed from my body by electric trimmers travelling all over my body. And the body was also being cleaned with a sterilizing solution. A tube was now being fed down into my tummy, and the contents removed by suction, after several flushes of a sterilizing solution were pumped into me then extracted, leaving me feeling decidedly empty.

Now the vagina was clamped open and a thin tube was fed up my urethra, the bladder was now drained and again subjected to the same cleaning process as my stomach had a few moments ago. Now a canister of some sort of solidifying foam was attached to the tube and the foam was now allowed to fill the empty bladder supposedly to help keep its shape. A larger tube was inserted in to the rectum flushing and removing any waste from my insides, I could feel the cold liquid probing up my intestines, if ever a alarm bell was ringing in my head it was now.

Dr Quark was now pummelling a blue putty type material in his hands to make it more pliable. Maria now held my head pressing it over the neck support, and in so doing she pulled my lower jaw open till the jaw bone groaned under the strain. Dr Quark now pressed the bluish putty into the roof of my mouth, completely filling the upper soft Palate, I recognised the taste immediately it was what dentists used to take an impression of your mouth for a filling.

The blue putty was now being pressed further into my mouth towards the rear of the soft palate, pressing on and into the oral part of the pharynx. The tongue was now lifted and pressed into the blue filling making a impression, Maria now slipped her fingers into my mouth and took over holding my tongue in place.

Now a second lump of the impression material was being worked by Dr Quark, Mara now mentioned the material had set. "Good," muttered Quark, "Not long now." Mara now pulled the lower jaw down giving Dr Quark as much room as possible to work, he was now pummelling the blue material into the lower jaw in the space where the tongue usually lies. Now they closed my jaws together, this had the effect of trapping my tongue firmly between both layers and moulded into place, some of the blue material had squeezed through gaps in my teeth as the jaws where tightly closed and held in place.

Now some eye drops where placed in my eyes, I soon realized I was now not able to move the eye at all it was as if it was fixed in place, now a bluish glass lens's was placed over the eyes covering the pupil and cornea I could see but everything had taken on a bluish tint, I could feel them moving my eyes, so both looked straight ahead of me, I could feel a bead of sweat running down my head and the side of my neck.

The blue putty that filled my mouth was now removed and taken away, Mara lent over me and said, "Do not worry Jenny things are going so well." 

Later a third assistant called Samantha walked in, she had two objects that turned out to be the impressions made from the mould of my mouth. Samantha now proceeded to fit the lower impression into the lower jaw, it seemed a bit of a struggle but after a short while there was a click and it was in place. She now proceeded with the upper section, this was more difficult but again a loud audible click was heard and it was firmly in place. Samantha now coated the underside of the tongue with a jelly type of solution out of a tube, then firmly pressing the tongue into it the sticky solution and holding it there for about half a half a minute, then smiling as she prodded the tongue to check it was firmly glued and held in place.

Now a second generous application was applied to the top side of the tongue, teeth, and mould, then holding my lower jaw firmly upwards and closed till it set. My mouth was closed solid and glued shut. My eyes had now had there ability to move now taken away, and now stared straight ahead. As I lay there I could feel Samantha feeling my breasts, she turned to the other and said, "These will have to be firmed up it there to be any thing like the queen was over there". Mara came over and lifted the left breast by the nipple then muttered, "Yes I am afraid I have to agree."

Samantha ordered a helper to take Jenny to the surgery room and prepare her for immediate surgery, I was aware of the trolley rolling effortlessly over the tiled floors, I was soon laying there staring straight up at the light. Samantha soon appeared all gowned up and ready, she lent over me telling me I would not feel a thing as all the nerve endings in your body had been neutralised, at that she picked up a gleaming new scalpel.

The next moment she was making an incision relative to where the trunk and the breast meet, the incision was now made deeper to allow entry to the sub muscular area and placement of the gel pack to lift up the breast up, a fairly simple procedure for Samantha who was a accomplished surgeon. Soon both breasts where standing up like the drawing of pin ups breast in fantasy pictures.

Samantha now smiled and told me I was greatly improved and more surprises were yet to come for me, Samantha and the others raised Jenny from the table and got her into a standing position on a red square in the corner of the room. A cage device was now fitted to her head, this in turn was connected to a rope pulley fitted in the ceiling. As Dr Quark pulled on the rope it got Jenny to a perfect upright position, standing there totally nude starring straight ahead, the rope was locked at this tension and held her where she stood.

Now a second device was wheeled in, this completely surrounded her, Samantha now pressed a switch four mechanical arms started to whirl around Jenny, to each arm bandage was supplied from a central drum, soon the mummification bandage crept up her body encasing her body in a perfect wrap. On reaching her neck it came to a halt, Samantha and Dr Quark stood back to gaze at their latest achievement, another mummy for the collection. The cage was now removed from Jenny's head, she was aware of being trapped inside the endless wrap that now encompassed her body. A young assistant now appeared, Samantha called to her to finish the mummification and complete the wrapping. The young girl called Allie checked to see the mouth was glued and sealed shut, "that's good" she muttered to herself, she now starting at the lower neck started to bandage the head to complete the mummification.

Soon the whole head was covered so expertly with the cloth bindings, Jenny was now placed on a trolley and wheeled into the main hall, her now mummified body was placed in the base of a glass case where it was to be exhibited, it was all most complete now.

Allie now kneeled along side the now perfect mummy, She removed two white plastic tapered plugs from a small box, she gazed down at the now blue crystal eyes and said, "One last thing Jenny and it is all done." She coated the two plugs in glue then pressed the two plugs into the tiny openings and into the nostrils sealing them beautifully, Allie could tell a very short and frantic battle was now taking place in Jenny's body, a battle she would lose within the next minute, a faint murmur was just audible and the new breasts seemed to shudder then all was still.

Samantha smiled at their great success in providing such a perfect mummy to their growing collection. "That was very good Allie we have learnt a lot from this one."

Allie looked up an smiled, Samantha smiled back, and told her not to be late in the morning as she was to be the next to be mummified. Allie smiled back and said, "Yes ma'am, I look forward to it."

The waiter was opening the door to the bedroom, the breakfast trolley caught the edge of the door and a silver plate crashed to the tiled floor with a resounding crash and continued to spin around on its self as they always do when you do not want it to happen. Jenny jumped up wide awake in a instant, sitting upright in the large double bed. The waiter obviously worried he had startled her, started to apologise. 

"Its ok," muttered Jenny wiping the sleep from her eyes, "I was really glad it was you, I have just had a very strange erotic dream." As she pulled up the silk sheet to her neck to hide her naked body.

After breakfast Jenny was getting dressed she went to slip on her shoe, something was inside, she reached in, a tiny piece of blue glass appeared, Jenny stared at the blue piece of glass and wondered was it a dream I had last night, surely it was.


I wish to thank all my friends for allowing me to use their names in my story, As to Quark and Samantha I hope to mummify next week as a reward.




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