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by Darkraptor1

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Storycodes: Other/f; drider; wrap; silk; cocoon; susp; vore; reluct/cons; X

Drider: For those of you who don’t know what a Drider is, it’s a hybrid between a spider and a human. The drider has the abdomen, legs, and body of a spider, and the upper half of a human positioned where the spiders head would be.

* * * *

Although she was on a giant web, and the fact that a Drider was wrapping her up, Anne still had enough sense to phone her business clients.

“Steve?” She asked her cell phone. “Yeah, just wanted to call you to say that I won’t be coming in this weekend.” The Drider held Anne’s legs while her abdomen spun silk around the feet, pressing them together.

“Why? Well, I’m currently in a sticky situation.” Anne continued. “You’ll find out in a while anyway. Someone’s bound to find me eventually.”

The Drider spun more silvery silk around Anne’s feet, then started moving up to her legs, always keeping a tight hold on the human.

Anne ended her call, then dialed another number. She patiently listened while the dial tone rang. She looked down to see how her cocoon was coming along. Her feet and ankles were now covered in the silvery silk, and her legs were being bound as well. Someone picked up on the other end.

“Jerry? Did you finish the fiscal report for this quarter? You didn’t?! Why not?”

The Drider smiled as its silk encased the legs of its prey. Humans were always fun to wrap. Most of them struggled and screamed as they were cocooned. A select few offered no resistance. Only two had actually asked to be wrapped. Those were always the most fun.

“No, I’m not going to be able to come over. For one thing, my legs are wrapped.” Anne glanced down at her legs. They were now encased completely within the silk. She tried moving them. No luck. They were restrained by the bindings and she couldn’t move them.

“No, I’m not going to explain it. You’ll just have to do the report on your own.” She ended the call. Anne looked at the Drider working on her.

“Honestly, you’d think business people would know how to act.” She said.

“Well, you won’t have to worry about that any more.” The Drider said in a soothing voice as she moved her way up. She began to spin silk around Anne’s tummy.

Anne dialed a third number. It was answered instantly. The Drider continued to spin her tight silk around Anne’s tummy.

“Stephanie, this is Anne. I want you to cancel all my business appointments. I’m being wrapped up in other things right now… no, you wouldn’t understand. Just do it OK?” She hung up.

Anne’s tummy was finished, encased and compressed within the tight wrappings. Anne struggled for a moment. The bindings were compressing, and it was becoming hard to breathe normally.

“Do you have to wrap it so tight?” Anne asked.

“Yes.” The Drider said as it began to spin its silk around Anne’s creamy breasts. Anne looked at her phone. The battery was almost gone. She would have to move quickly if she wanted to finish her calls. She dialed up her housekeeper.

“Halie? This is Anne… yes, I’m fine. I just wanted to let you know that I’m not going to be coming home anytime soon, so I’m turning the deed over to you.”

The Drider frowned as she kept trying to envelop the woman’s breasts. The woman kept putting her arm down over them while she talked. Anne noticed the Drider’s frustration, and raised her arm behind her head.

“Sorry.” She said. The Drider smiled.

“Thank you.” It went back to the task of wrapping Anne’s breasts up into an enveloping silk bra.

“No, I’m not apologizing to you.” Anne said, remembering her housekeeper. “You get the deed to the house… No, I’m not crazy… Yes, I hope you enjoy it. Bye.” She hung up.

Anne looked down at her body. From her toes to her armpits, she was completely wrapped up and encased within a tight silk cocoon. It felt quite nice actually. The cocoon was warm, and the silk felt soft and comforting as it hugged her bare skin. Anne smiled as she enjoyed the feeling.

The Drider moved and held Anne’s left arm out. Anne did not resist as the creature took her arm.

“Can I make one last call?” Anne asked her captor.

“Of course.” The Drider said.

Anne dialed the last number as the Drider proceeded to wrap her arm up into a cocoon. Anne kept her fingers straight while they were wrapped together.

“Honey? Hi, this is Anne… Yes, I’m fine. How about you?… OK, listen Honey, I’m afraid I wont be coming home. In fact, I’m being kidnapped… no, they haven’t made any demands, but they might be releasing me soon.” She was lying of course. She knew that the Drider encasing her like a mummy was most likely not going to give her up. But she didn’t want to tell her husband that she was now spider food.

“Yes, I’ll call you if anything comes up.” She looked, and saw that the Drider was patiently waiting for her to finish.

“I’ve got to go honey. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.” She hung up. Anne looked at her phone.

“Guess I won’t be needing this anymore.” She casually tossed it away. Anne looked at the Drider. “Go ahead.” She stuck her phone arm out.

The Drider worked quickly as it spun it’s silk around Anne’s arms. Anne had her eyes closed as her mummification continued. The Drider thought she could detect a… smile? Did this woman actually enjoy being cocooned? She thought so. The previous ones who had asked to be cocooned always smiled as they were wrapped.

The Drider finished off wrapping Anne’s arms. They were now encased in a full-length glove of silvery silk. Anne curiously looked at them and tried moving them. She could barely manage to flex her elbows.

The Drider moved to pin Anne’s arms behind her back. Anne looked at it.

“Could I have my arms wrapped while they’re crossed?” She asked. The Drider thought for a moment. Because the woman had cooperated and offered no resistance, she decided to grant the human’s request.

“Yes.” The Drider said. Anne quickly crossed her arms over her chest in an “X” pattern.

“Go ahead.” Anne said. The Drider moved and spun silk around Anne’s arms, pinning them to her chest. With each strand, Anne found it harder and harder to move her arms. Soon it was impossible to move them at all. The silk denied her the ability to move her arms up or down, side to side, or anything outside of a wiggle. With her arms wrapped up and pinned to her chest, and her legs encased in silk, she was now trapped and at the mercy of the Drider.

The Drider was almost finished wrapping the human woman. It just needed a few more touches. Moving the woman into position, the Drider began to encase the human from toe to shoulder in a second layer of silk. She kept spinning silk and spinning the human, her cocoon growing thicker and thicker. Within a minute, Anne was now encased in two inches of soft and shiny silk. She was completely immobilized, unable to do anything except wiggle. The only flesh showing was her neck and head.

The Drider turned and looked at Anne.

“I’m going to wrap your head now.” She said. Anne looked a little frightened, but it passed. She nodded, not saying a word. The Drider cupped her humanoid arm and stroked Anne’s face and head. Anne found the touch comforting.

The Drider moved so that her shiny black abdomen was positioned near Anne’s face. Anne closed her eyes.

The Drider spun her silk, which quickly covered Anne’s neck, blending in seamlessly with the mummified shoulders. Moving quickly, the silk was wound upwards and around Anne’s head.

Anne’s hair was meshed with the shiny material as it began to form an enclosive shell. Anne kept her eyes closed during the entire process. The Drider completely covered Anne’s head until no strand of hair, or sign of skin showed. The only thing left was Anne’s pretty eyes. Anne opened her eyes and looked at her captor. The Drider noticed that the eyes were very beautiful. More striking and vibrant then on any previous victims. Deciding to make the most of the moment, the Drider slowly leaned in until its human lips were right next to Anne. The Drider smiled as she kissed Anne between the eyes.

“Sleep tight.” The Drider said.

Without another word, the Drider resumed its wrapping. Anne’s eyes looked out as the silk was wound over them. Resigned to her fate, Anne closed her eyes for the last time. The silk was wound over and against them, sealing Anne’s eyes forever. More silk was wound over them until it was even and indistinguishable from the rest of the face.

The Drider paused and looked at the results of its handiwork. The human was completely bound and encased within a two-inch thick cocoon of silver silk. The only thing distinguishing about the cocoon was the two round forms of the woman’s breasts. They stuck out from within the silk, identifying the encased prisoners gender. The Drider ran her finger over the area where the nipples were. The cocoon twitched as its occupant wiggled inside.

The Drider reached down and picked up the cocooned human and slung her over her shoulder. The Driders eight black and shiny legs carried both of them deep into the Driders lair. They walked for a while until they reached the prey chamber.

The chamber was full of webs, each containing a cocoon holding a human being. Most of the cocoons were still, their occupants having long since expired. A few still wiggled occasionally.

The Drider chose an area near the ceiling. It spun thick silk across a corner, making a supportive hammock. After three interwoven layers were spun, the Drider gently lay the enveloped human down onto the hammock. It spun more silk, binding the cocoon to the hammock of web so that the human was secured.

Satisfied, the Drider walked away into its cave to take a nap. The woman would wait. Until the Drider got hungry.

Held prisoner within her cocoon, Anne lay still, contemplating her fate. It wasn't so bad. The cocoon was tight and warm, causing a soothing effect upon its occupant. She felt rather safe within it, more safe and comfortable then she could remember ever being. This wasn't so bad after all.

Safe, warm and content, Anne drifted off into sleep.

My thanks to those of you who tell me what you think of my stories. Your comments and suggestions allow me to refine my writting.


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