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Storycodes: Solo-F; car; storm; mansion; F/f; drug; captive; gibbet; ironmaiden; bond; rope; tape; torment; punish; wrap; mum; sarcophagus; dream; cons/nc; XX

Part One

It was a long hot Indian summer night. So, Betty, decided to go for a long drive, to cool down But with all heat waves comes, torrential rains and down pours. It got so bad Betty, couldn’t see ten feet out her windshield. For fear of running off the road she decided to look for a way stop but could not find one.

Finally she pulled her car into the next driveway she could find. The rain was so intense, that it stalled her car out. Now all alone, rain pouring down, car stalled, lighting all around she was starting to worry about her safety. Then suddenly as it started the rain ease a bit.

There off in the distant, up the driveway Betty, could just barely make out the shape of a house. Not just any old house, But a huge Victorian style Mansion. Chills began to run through Betty, at the sight of it.

Here she is alone, car stalled, rain pouring down, the thought of waiting the storm out in the car was scary to her. So, while the rain was easing she decided to walk up the driveway to hopefully get help. (Big Mistake)        


Betty, started to walk up the driveway. It was a tree line path that inclined a few feet ahead. Up she went, when she got to the top hoping it was a short walk to the house. But that wasn’t going to happen it looked to be a long road ahead and boy it was scary. Dead trees everywhere, A bog or quicksand off to the left Betty, wasn’t sure and finally a small pond with steam raising from it on the right . (Totally a pic out of the Black Forest,)

So onward she walked till her instinct told her to stop and go back. Betty, was a little more than half way to the house. When she thought better this decision to go on. But as soon she turned around to go back the sky opened up again, even more heaver this time. Up ahead Betty, could see the house with a light on, so she made a mad dash for it. All for not.!!

By the time she got to the front path, she was soaked head to toe. She looked a mess and not a good impression to make to the owner of the house. There was nothing Betty, could do about it so up the path she went to the front door. It was a huge old oak door and had a big scary rusty Gargoyle head for it's doorknob.

Betty, took a breath, and thought  for a moment before she reach out her hand to knock. No going back now !!!

No answer, so she tried again, this time she heard footsteps coming.

Slowly the big oak door began to creak and groan and then open. The site Betty, saw when the door was fully opened took  her aback. Standing before her was a beautiful middle-aged woman. She was dressed in a traditional Victorian attire with a few twists. A long flowing black lace dress with  a very heavy leather and very tight corset around her waist. She also had on a pair of high heels boots that went up her legs and disappeared under her skirt. (Classic Gothic  look)

Part Two

"Hi my name is Betty, and my car broke down at your front gate."

The women answered, "My name is Lady Victoria. You poor girl, please come in." ( As the Spider said the Fly).

"Thank you," then Betty asked, "may I use your phone to call help?"

Then Lady Victoria said, "I'm so sorry the storm knocked out the phone lines and I don't have a cell phone."

'Oh shit Betty', thought.

But then Lady Victoria, spoke again, "Betty why don't you wait out the storm here for the night. It's a big house with lots of room and I'm the only one here." ( classic set up to the trap ).

Betty replied, "You sure you don't mind ??"

"Nonsense, I will enjoy the company. Now then lets get you out of those wet things."   (add Eerie music).

Lady Victoria, excused herself and went down the hallway to a bedroom. she came back with a long flowing white Lacey nightgown with a night coat. (classic horror dress)

Lady Victoria, handed Betty, a big fluffy soft towel with her clothes and told her she could change and take a shower in the first bedroom on the right. Betty, took the clothes and towel and head for the bathroom. Walking to the bedroom Betty, look around at this grand old mansion. There were old artifacts all over the place, A suit of Armour in one corner. On the other side a Sarcophagus and then she saw an Old Gibbets Cage with a skeleton hanging in it. Kinda strange and odd.

When Betty, enter the bedroom, she was impressed how big and beautiful it was. Done in traditional mahogany wains-coating with bright red velvet wallpaper on top. The ceiling also had been given a coffer look. And a big 4 poster king size bed just beautiful she thought. After Betty, had a long hot soothing shower , she came out with the clothes Lady Victoria, gave her.

She saw Lady Victoria, had made a spot of tea, upon seeing Betty, Lady Victoria said, "Come child sit and have some tea and we will talk."

"Lady Victoria, I thank you for hospitality tonight. You also have a beautiful home."

"Come on Betty, you don’t have to be polite I noticed your curiosity about the odd artifacts in the home. They were from my husband, He was a adventurer, collector and an archeologist."

Is he due home soon Betty?" asked.

"No, I lost my husband a year ago in a freak accident."

Betty said her apologies. The two talked late into the night.

Betty yawned, "I’m so sorry Lady Victoria."

"Don’t be. It’s late time for bed."

So they both adjoined to their rooms for the night.

A couple of hours later Betty, was awakened by a low moan coming from the closet. Or thought she heard. But a moment later she heard. "Help me" in a low voice.

So Betty, got up to investigate. She put on her robe and walked over to the big walk in closet. With chills going down her back she flew the door open and screamed, "Who’s in there?"

No one answered so Betty, decided to look closer at the closet. She began to rub her hand around the sides of the closet, nothing wrong there, then she saw the row of clothes hooks, six in all. Betty, was always reading horror novels and remembered clothes hooks always had a dual purpose.

So she started to pull on them starting from left to right. She pulled on the last one and nothing happened. Betty, was disappointed and turned around to go back to bed. But then a minute later. The closet door closed behind her and the back panel slid back. It was a time delay open.

Betty, chills went into high gear now. (DON’T GO INTO THE DARK CLOSET) was all she could think.

But with all curious beautiful damsel in distress she had to check it out. Betty, ventured in very slowly, but as soon she was through the panel and took one more step. She heard a click and then the panel slam shut leaving poor Betty, stuck behind the closet wall.

Of course she screamed for all her worth. (LET ME OUT) but no one would hear her. So she turned around and took another step forward into the dark narrow space. Poof was the sound that now came from a lighted candle opera, with relief Betty, grabbed it and continued to walk slowly forward until she saw the reflection of the candle opera on the back wall coming into view just a few more steps and Betty, screams as she drops into the hole in floor to the chamber below.

Part 3

Betty, slowly regains consciousness, she feels a strange tightness around her torso. Along with a cool breeze on her skin. She realizes, the breeze is caused by a ceiling fan above her, also her nightgown was torn to bits when she fell through the hole in the floor, a few loose nails caught it on the way down. As for the tightness it was a few more minutes to wake up. But she could not move, she thought she was paralyzed for a moment, but this was not the case.

Betty, then realized she was in a identical Iron Gibbets Cage like the one she saw before. Her whole body had been stuffed and locked into the cage. It started at her feet, a post that came up from the bottom of the cage with welded shackles locked around her ankles, the post continued up her body and locked other parts of her body, including her knees and waist. Her hands were locked behind her back, also her elbows. Metal bands went around her torso above and below her boobies. Next was a 4-inch metal band around her neck and the last band was a 2 inch head strap, she couldn’t move a inch. But when the cage door was shut it tighten everything up even more. Finally now awake she started to scream.

What’s all this screaming about, Betty, tried to turn to the sound but to avail. A few seconds later she saw Lady Victoria, come into view.

"Please Lady Victoria, help me. I don’t know how I got here and who put me in this cage. Help me get out,!!"

Lady Victoria said, "Why would I do that when it took me so long to lock you in there my dear!!"

Lady Victoria, walked over to the wall and started cranking a handle, then the cage started lifting off the ground. She cranked until the cage was 2 feet above the floor.

Betty, had a sheer shock on her face. "But why did you do this to me ??"

"Simple ever since I lost my husband, living alone in this mansion has been so cold and lifeless. But now that you are here, It will be full of life again. So I’ve decided to keep you as my pet lover."

Betty screams, "You can’t do that. I won’t be your slave."

Lady Victoria says, "I wasn’t thinking of you as a slave, but a loving partner."

"Let me out of here!" Betty screams.

"Boy you are a noisy one aren’t you. If you don’t stop screaming, I’m going to use the last piece to that cage. It’s called a Scold Bridal Gag. It attaches to the head piece of the cage, as you can see it’s made of metal also, the face plate goes around your head, also there’s a big 2 inch metal ball on the inside of the plate to stuff in your mouth."

"You bitch", Betty screams.

"Now there, you have gone to far too much with that mouth of yours."

A few moments later Betty, was wearing the bridal gag.

"Well Betty, I’m tired and it’s been a trying day. I’m going to leave you down here for the night, but I don’t want you to hurt yourself struggling in that cage."

With that Lady Victoria went to a medicine cabinet and pulled out a Hypodermic needle and a vial of sleeping drugs. Upon seeing this Betty, once more tries in vain to free herself. Moments later Lady Victoria. stabs Betty, in the neck, and steps back and talks to Betty, one more time before she passes out. Betty, barely heard her say, I do hope you will reconsider to stay with me. (End of day one)

Part Four

The sun came shining through Lady Victoria’s bedroom window. She felt so good to be alive again. Now only if her guest downstairs in the torture chamber will cooperate to her request. She hurried up and did all her pleasantries. With all that done the outfit was next. Lady Victoria, decided to go all out for her guest, a full Dominatrix style from head to toe. When she was done she looked absolutely stunning. There was no need for breakfast, she had all day to eat. Lady Victoria, was too excited and couldn’t wait to get downstairs to Betty. As Lady Victoria enter the chamber, she saw Betty, starting to move around, as much as she could.

"Well Betty, did you sleep well?" ( with a sinister laugh). She looked like hell, hot, sweaty, hair all over the place a real wreck.

"Betty, have you decided on my proposal?"

With all her strength she mumble "NO.!!"

This answer enraged Lady Victoria to no end. She was filled with fire in her eyes. How dare Betty, turn such a generous offer. (how demented) So Betty, does not want to share my bed with me. Fine, then I guess I will have to show her what this room can do .

"Betty, as I told you my late husband was a collector. But his passion was of all things Dungeon related devices. He amassed quite a collection starting with the Rack in the corner. This device is guaranteed to stretch the cooperation out of you. His next piece was the Chinese Water Torture and Wheel on the far side of the room, where a under ground spring of water is that flows beneath your feet. I bet you can’t wait to feel the drip by drip on you."

"Then there’s the classic Electric Chair behind you. That ones always a shocker. But one of my favorites Is the Spiked Iron Maiden. Betty, you will get the point on that one too, Do you really want me to use all these things on you, I will if you don’t corporate and say yes to my request."

Again Betty, mustard all her strength to mumble NO, This enraged Lady Victoria, and then said, "So be it."

Next thing Betty, felt was being let out of the cage, she fell to the ground. She was so weak after being in the cage all night. Lady Victoria was swift in her actions on poor Betty, she decide on a Hybrid of American and Japanese rope Torture. Betty, was to endure being tightly and brutally bound all day with no rest in between torments. But if this fails to get a proper response from her, she would endure all these devices tomorrow.

First up a Hanging Hogtie.

Lady Victoria, would need lots of traditional Hemp Rope, at least 500 ft. Two or three Silk scarves and very strong Duct tape.

Betty, didn’t feel the first rope encircle her hands.

Then wraps of rope went around her elbows pulling them very tight together, separate rope was added to wrap around from her elbows up across her neck back down to her elbows then encircle her elbow rope again and back up to the rope going across her neck and finally back down to be tied off at her elbows. Her chest was next. Above and below and crisscrossed at her gap in-between her boobs, this rope was also tied in and out threw the elbow ropes.Then legs, ankles, knees above and below, then doubled back to the thighs.

One of the last rope was a hanging rope. That would hold her up in the air three feet above the ground. A thinner rope was used for this, It encircled her waist three times before being pulled up through her legs. A special knot was specially placed at her Bud then the went up to a pulley and back down again and threw until her waist , two more times.Then Betty, was hoisted up 3 feet above the ground. And the rope was tied off to a post. When this was done all the ropes began to get tighter, She could not move a inch and just twisted in the air

Lady Victoria, then grab two silk scarves and joined them together and made a tight ball of them. She then grab the roll of Duct tape and walk to Betty, where she grab her long flowing Blonde hair yanked her head back and began stuffing the scarves into Betty’s mouth followed by completely wrapping the Duct Tape around her lower face covering her mouth and around her head three times.

Lady Victoria still angry with Betty, said "I don’t want to hear your pitiful screams."

Lady Victoria, then stormed out of the room, she return with various implements of torture in hand, and said "LETS US BEGIN".

For the next two hours Betty, was subjected to all the implements Lady Victoria, brought with her to torment her body all day long. She even used Vibration on her. After 10 hours of torment Lady Victoria, asked Betty again do you submit to my request. Betty was too weak to answer But did manage blink her eyes twice meaning NO !!, then she passed out.

Betty, came to just as Lady Victoria, was slamming the cage shut, she would have to spend another night in the cage but with a twist. Lady Victoria, walked over to the handle and began to crank the cage up 3 feet, then she went over to Medicine cabinet again and pulled out a different syringe and stabbing her again poring it’s contents into her. Then back to Betty, to explain what it is.

"Betty, this drug is Full strength, the reason is you are to to be put into a iron sheath that goes around the Gibbets Cage. You made so much noise last night trying to escape. I need my sleep after the trying day you gave me. But, tomorrow you will have one more chance to come to my bed. If you chose not to, your fate will be sealed." With that she walked back to the wall pulled another lever.

The Gibbet Cage flew to the iron sheath along a track in the ceiling, where upon the sheath closed around the cage and cutting off all sights and sounds. (POOR Betty)

Part Five

Lady Victoria sighs, another day to get Betty, to come to my bed. Or I will have to dispose of her. She is too Beautiful for me to lose.

Betty, had another hell of a night. Inside the Gibbets Cage, inside the iron sheath everything was more intense. The temperature inside was near a hundred degrees, sweat poured out just pour out of Betty, and down her body, this cause her to black out off and on. Her body reeked an odour that was fowl all her sweat pooled at the bottom of the sheath making to stand in her own sweat.

Lady Victoria entered the chamber and went straight to the wall and threw the lever back. Out popped Betty, her sweat pouring out onto the floor, her odour and stench fill the room. So the air filters were also turned on. All of this came from Betty’s cage, it was so bad that Lady Victoria went over to the water wall and grabbed the hose. Turned the hose on high and aimed it at Betty. She douched Betty, for a good twenty minutes. Of coarse the water was ice cold , Betty, could just scream for all she was worth.

Lady Victoria sighed, "Moment of truth. Betty, do you accept my bed?"

Poor Betty, two of days of pure torture, exhausted, weak, hungry, thirsty and host of other aches and pains Betty, summed enough strength took look up at Lady Victoria, And said NO, Of coarse her speech was unintelligible, for the 2inch ball of the Bridle gag was locked in tight.

Lady Victoria, was very disappointed, but she knew what she had to do. She had to admire her strength thou. "But Betty, your fate is now sealed, you will be Mummified and put in a Sarcophagus."

Poor Betty thought, 'this crazy lady is going to bury me alive.' Once again Betty, tried to struggle free but to no avail.

With her task in hand Lady Victoria, went to the medicine cabinet again. This time for a special injection picked it up and headed for Betty. The injection did not take long to take effect and paralyze poor Betty stiff, then she was released from the cage. Being stiff as a board made it easy to put her on the wrapping table.

So Betty, being so helpless to do anything started to cry and that was hard to do because of the drug her tears barely trickled down her face. Meanwhile Lady Victoria, was getting supplies to wrap her up. She gather up a large supply of cotton linen bandages.

"Don’t worry Betty, the drug will wear off soon. Now let us begin." As she picked up the first roll.

Lady Victoria, was quick with the wrapping as she has done this many times before. Within minutes Betty, had her lower half wrapped from the waist to her toes. Meanwhile the drug was begin to wear off like Lady Victoria, said. When she saw this she went into high gear. She crossed Betty’s hands in the traditional manner and added a separate wraps to bind her hands in place just before she regained her movement back. Lady Victoria move with greater speed now and soon finished the wrapping up to her neck.

Now fully recovered Betty, tried to get free with all the strength she had left to before her fate was sealed. With her voice back Betty, started to scream at Lady Victoria, this irritated her so she wadded up a bunch of bandages into a 2inch ball of cloth which she stuffed into Betty’s mouth. She continued to the final wrapping of Betty’s head. First to cover her lower face and hold in her gag, then around the head, then switching directions, she went from the chin to the top of her head then she was done.

Normally she would have covered Betty’s eyes but she had to suffer for rejecting my advances. Betty, would see the lid close to seal her fate.

Lady Victoria, took a break for she was not quite done. She needed to wrap Betty, up two more time as tradition dictates. When she has done this she will put Betty, in the sarcophagus.

Lady Victoria, now came over to see Betty, in her tomb. "Just one more step and you will be sealed in". She lifted a bucket of solution and poured it all over the bandages soaking them good. It smelled awl-full.

"My Husband came up with this stuff, in a few moments after the bandages are soaked good, they will begin to constrict and the harden."

Sure enough this was happening now.

Tighter and tighter the bandages shrank. Nearly cutting off Betty’s ability to breath the process was done. Lady Victoria came over to Betty, and began to speak. "My dear, Betty, I just couldn’t bring myself to terminate you. Instead I’m selling you into White Slavery. A nice Japanese Man brought you for two million dollars. You will be on your way there shortly, but one final injection to ease the long trip. It will bring your heart rate down and lower all body functions. For all intense purpose you will look dead. GOODBYE BETTY, !!"

With that the lid slammed shut, Her fate sealed.


"Oh my head," Betty said, as she lifted her head up and leaned back into the bucket seat. The sun was coming threw the windshield and the rain had stopped. What happened, then Betty, remembered. She had indeed ran off the road last night in the down poring rain and hit her head on the steering wheel. The events she endured was all a DREAM.!!

'But boy they seemed so real. Oh well,' she thought, 'time to go back home.'

Betty, put her SUV into reverse and back onto the road then forward down the road to the next town which was up ahead. Betty, pulled into the local diner to have some breakfast. While eating Betty, went over the events of her dream, for they all seemed so real The Erie Mansion. Lady Victoria, Strange Artifacts, Secret Passages, Torture Chamber, and her Mummification.

What got her the most was that she liked what happened too her. Anyway she got up to  leave and pay the bill, she had one more vision pop into her head, the way she was tightly bound in front of Lady Victoria, This made Betty, smile with a happy grin. Then to pay the bill and on her way out not paying attention, she bumps into a female coming in to eat. She said so sorry and that’s when the women took off her black scarf and sunglasses. Standing in front of Betty, was a Beautiful middle aged black haired women dress in Leathers from head to toe, She said her name was VICKY.  ( Maybe dreams do come true )

the End.


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