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Duct Tape Doubles and the Nosy Neighbor

by TekTaper

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© Copyright 2008 - TekTaper - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff+; wrap; duct tape; bodyforms; cocoon; gag; bond; cons; X

Hello all, let me tell you a story about the “Duct Tape Doubles and the Nosy Neighbor” It all started back when I got involved with the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA for short), which is a non-profit, educational organization devoted to the study of the Middle Ages and Renaissance time periods.

SCA members re-create the culture, arts, & sciences of the years between 600 AD and 1600 AD. I make clothes, leather garments, chain maille armor, and do blacksmithing and woodworking. I was asked by one of the members of our group to teach a class on making “Duct Tape Doubles” or “Duct Tape Dress Forms”. So I sent out an E-mail telling everyone what to bring to the class: Two or three old white T-shirt and 5 rolls of duct tape and stuffing materials. The class was held in my back yard. Here is where the nosy neighbor comes in.   :)

She was looking out one of her windows and saw one of the ladies take off her shirt to put on one of her t-shirt and called the police on us. She told the police that I was trying to kill this woman by wrapping her up in duct tape. The police got to my house and came around back with their guns out. After a long explanation I told the cops to go get her and have her come over so she could see for herself that nothing was going on. The cops agreed she was too nosy for her own good. The cops went and got her and brought her over so she could see.

After another long explanation about the “Duct Tape Dress Forms” the cops left. I told my neighbor she was welcome to stay and watch or she could participate if she would like. I then explained how to put the duct tape on in just the right way to mold it to the body. After the ladies had tried to make body doubles of each other, they all agreed that mine looked a lot better then any of theirs and that I had to “help” make theirs. So I got stuck wrapping 9 ladies including my neighbor. I used my Paramedic Scissors to safely cut them out of their body molds.

A week later, my neighbor came back over and asked me to help her make another dress form. I asked what happened to the first one and she said it was in use. I told her ok and she went home and got some t-shirts and duct tape and came back over. I wrapped her up again and cut her out and then she said thank you and left.

A week later I got a call from Hope and Joy (and Yes, That is their real first names) asking me to help them make 4 more duct tape doubles so they could mail one each to third sister Faith (Man you have to love the 60’s and flower power) who still lives at home with their mom out in California. (I thought they were identical twins but no they were identical triplets.) We set a date for Friday around noon.

They got here around 11:30AM and brought pizza. We talked a little bit about what they wanted this time around was a full body mold. They had brought ten full body unitards and a box of duct tape. I asked them playfully if they like to be tied up with duct tape or something and Joy smiled and said, “Maybe?”

I told them that the tight unitards would compressed their breasts and asked them if they wanted to put on a bra under there unitards and cut holes in the unitards to make the body double more realistic or if they wanted to do the compressed look? They both told me they did not wear bra today as they started to take off their clothes. I asked them if they wanted to change in the other room or if they wanted me to leave?

Hope said, “You are fine unless it makes you uncomfortable.”

I said, “I was fine” and they continued to strip down to nothing. Then they put the unitards on. Joy told me to cut the openings for her breasts and Hope said, “Mine too.” I asked them what they wanted to put over their breasts to keep the duct tape from sticking and they said, “It would be fine.”

I started to tape up Joy and three rolls later I was done. Then I reached for the Paramedic Scissors and Joy said, “Go ahead and tape up Hope first.”

I said, “Ok” Then I started to tape up Hope the same way.

Two and half hour later I had two most wrapped women standing in front of the sliding glass doors. I ask them which one wanted to be cut out first. Joy said, “Cut Hope out first, then re-tape her, then cut me out and re-tape me.” So I cut Hope out of her unitard and carefully helped her out of it. Then she got into another one and I taped her back up. After Hope was re-taped, I cut Joy out of hers and then re-taped her too. I asked them which one wanted to be cut out first now. They both said the other one first.

I laughed and said, “Now all I need to do is tape your hands to your sides and your legs together and your mouth shout and you would be all mine.”

Joy said, “Me first” as she put her arms down by her sides.

I said, “I was just kidding” and they both pouted and made sad looking faces at me.

I asked them if they really wanted to be taped all the way up. They both said, “YES!”

I asked them for how long? They looked at each other and said, “4 hours.” I said, “Ok” and went into the other room and got the 6 rolls of packing tape I had bought the other day. When I came back into the room, Joy asked what the packing tape was for.

I said, “I did not want to mess up the duct tape doubles.” They said, “Ok.” I then wrapped Joy’s hands to her upper legs. Then I wrapped from her shoulder down over her feet and then did the same Hope too.

I asked them if they wanted their mouths taped shout for real. They said “YES PLEASE, MASTER” and smiled at me.

I said In that case I get to stuff your panties in your mouths.

They said “If you want to, MASTER.” while pouting at me.

I told them I would be right back and I went to get two 5” pieces of rubber garden hose to put in their mouths. When I got back I picked up Joy’s thigh high stocking and said, “I am going to use these on you also.”

They gave me a funny look and I said to put over your heads so the tape will not pull your hair out too much.

Joy said, “Ok, but what is the hose for?”

I said, “So you can breath if your nose stuffs up.”

I picked up the panties and they were both very wet. I said, “You two are very bad girls making your panties all wet.”

They both said, “We are sorry, MASTER.”

I told them I may have to keep them here over night as punishment.

They said “Oh, please don’t do that, MASTER” while shaking their heads up and down.

I said, “You two were hoping I would tape you up like this weren’t you.”

They said, “YES, MASTER.”

And I said “The two of you are just rotten aren’t you.”

They just smiled at me. Then Hope said, “We are yours to play with or have sex with until 12:05AM Monday morning.”

I said, “Sounds like we will be having fun this weekend.”

I then put Hope’s panties in Joy’s mouth with the hose and duct taped it in place with six pieces of tape. Then I did the same to Hope. I then lined them up next to each other and told them the first one to my bedroom would be the winner and told them to go. They started inching their way towards my bedroom. I walked to my bedroom and got out some ropes and some dog collars and laid them out on my bed. I then went back out and got the box of duct tape and the unitards and Joy’s thigh high stockings and took them back to my room.

I went back out and ate some more pizza and watched the race. They had made good time so far, getting about ten feet. They only had another 60 feet or so go. By the time they got to my room, I did not know which one was which. So I picked up the first one in and laid her on the right side of the bed. Then I set her up and put one of the thigh high stockings over her head and duct taped her whole head up. Next I laid her back down and put a collar around her neck and one around her ankles. Then I tied the rope to the head board and her neck collar and tied the other rope to the foot of the bed and the collar around her ankles. Then I did the same to the other one on the left side. It was after 10:00PM by the time I got both of them in bed for the night. Then I laid down in between them to play and sleep with them.

That is enough for now. I might tell you what happened on Saturday if I get the time.




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