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Duct Tape Testing

by Psyco133

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© Copyright 2001 - Psyco133 - Used by permission

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Sign posted on a telephone poll: Duct tape testing, participants needed, 5 business days, 8 hours per day, $5,000. Call 555-4567 to sign up.

What a deal to test duct tape, what does that mean?? Why not, I'm not turning down $5,000. So I call, its taking place at the packing factory, where they make duct tape and plastics.

Monday, Day 1

OK, I'm here, show up at the desk, I'm here for the testing.... sure go through those doors...OK. In there are five girls, all good looking. A representative comes in to tell us that only us 6 are testing... that's fine with me. I had to sign a contract and will be paid on the last day...... OK sounds good.

I was first; they had us go one by one into the next room. I was told to strip down, and put on a disposable suit they supplied. It was made of black plastic, just like a shirt and pants combo. It felt so good. OK now what??? I was led out of the room to this machine, kind of like a tube where only my head popped out; they locked me in and turned it on. You could see many rolls of duct tape on the side of the machine, and a huge roll of plastic on the other. I was told to keep my hands by my sides. Suddenly I felt the plastic wrapping around my whole body, wow what a feeling. I was immobile. Then the duct tape came on, once again wrapping me from neck to toe. I was mummified. They open the machine and let me out. Then they wheeled me into this padded room with TV's and mirrors. Some type of observational room. They dropped me off and told me the others will be joining me, basically I was here for the day, what they were testing... you got me? Something's missing.... oh yeah before leaving the lady stuffed my mouth with some plastic and wrapped duct tape around my head a few times.

I was fine; my secret love for bondage finally comes true without it being a big deal. All I could do is roll around; I just sat there for a little bit. Then the door opened again and the second participant came in all mummified the same way. She took one look at me and screamed a bit. They quickly gagged her the same way and placed her beside me. They calmed her down and using some reverse psychology, convinced her to stick with the program; she did sign a contract. What a sight though, a completely mummified woman sitting right next to me. And if that wasn't enough in comes another lady, all taped up, she didn't seem to mind it. So about an hour later here we are, five ladies and me all taped up.

So what do I do now? We were all told that we can struggle all we want, it was encouraged. Try to get out they said. You are all being monitored and if we see any signs of health related problem, we'll be in there in seconds to help you. Otherwise just relax. We all rolled around, struggled a bit, but it wasn't possible to get out. Time kinda flew by I think, there weren't any clocks, but the movie on the TV had ended, two hours must have gone by. Nobody came in to see us, I think this was it, once its five o'clock, they probably let us out. We all seemed to not mind it after awhile, $5,000 for this, there's really nothing physical I have to do, just lay here and get paid. Not bad, not bad at all.

Around 4:45 or so I guess they came in to congratulate us ...they wheeled me to a locker room and with one quick cut, took off the tape. I had to take my gag off, ouch. That was pretty much it. I was given a complementary plastic bag with a few rolls of duct tape and some large plastic bags inside. I was told to please not tell anyone about this study, they would deny any involvement anyway. Make sure to come back tomorrow or else our contract is void and you will not get paid. Don't worry about it I said, i'll be here 9:00 sharp.

Day 2

Couldn't sleep last night, looking forward to another day. I hope I'll be taped with one of the other participants. That would be great. 9:00 on the dot, I was there and it started off again pretty much like yesterday, removing my clothes and putting on my plastic jumpsuit. However this day was definitely different. The six of us were brought to a dressing room and left alone. After a little chat a few large hampers were brought in. I'd say that there were about a hundred rolls of duct tape in the first hamper, wow. In the second hamper were all different sizes of plastic wrap. The third hamper had plastic bags and the final one had succors and such.

A voice came through the intercom. We were to cover every inch of our body in duct tape. All except for our eyes and nose. The plastic was to protect our skin but for some reason it was said to be "optional." This was to be done all by ourselves, with the little finishing touches to be done by them. We were instructed to go only up to our wrists with the tape and to make sure to stuff our mouths before taping them shut. OK, this sounds good.

I opted to go for the bags as opposed to the wrap. I started by slipping my left leg through a bag and start taping from my foot upwards. These bags were large black bags; one of the girls was having fun and could fit her whole body into it. Anyways.I now had both of my legs all taped up and started on my stomach. This is fun. I was told to get started on my head before going to my arms; I suppose that sounds right, my arms might get stiff. OK, taping my head was fun. I started by stuffing my mouth with a bag all rolled up. Then I placed another bag over my head, cutting a spot out for my eyes and nose, and just winding the roll of tape around. I soon finished with my upper body and arms all they way to my wrists.

As soon as I finished, an announcement told me to place both of my arms through two holes in the near wall. All I felt through the holes was some plastic. I was told to grab it and keep my hands in a fist. Then I felt the duct tape going on. When I pulled my arms out, it was nothing but duct tape all over my arms. I was done, not mummified like yesterday, but still covered with a lot of duct tape. I was let out since I finished first. They fixed a few spots on my body I had missed, including covering my nose so only my nostrils were free.

Once everyone was done, we were placed back into that padded room, although we could walk ourselves this time. We were told again to struggle and try to get out; it didn't seem possible though. I hope this isn't it for today, sure the taping was fun, but it only took about an hour.

I just sat around for about an hour in the room, noticing that two of the girls were working together trying to break free. One girl, using the other for leverage, was actually able to get her left hand free. That was surprising. She then started to help the other girl get her hands free when the door opened. A lady came in and was very shocked. She escorted both of the girls out of the room and told us to keep trying. I wasn't though; I kinda knew I wasn't able to. All of a sudden my urge to break free increased greatly. Those two girls were wheeled back into the room, fully mummified to each other, face to face. Wow!!!

Before I could look at the other 3 girls, one of them walked right over to me. She signaled with her eyes that she would like that; I wasn't minding this at all. We struggled together a bit, which was good enough for me. Our bodies were rubbing against each other, trying to get the tape off. All of a sudden one of the other 2 remaining girls came over to help, the other one wanting no part at all. So me and two girls wrestling at it trying to make some progress, when all of a sudden I pulled off a piece of tape around one of the girl's neck and her whole head came undone. She had apparently only secured the bag over her head with that one piece of tape. She spit out her gag and was cheering to our success. What's that light? Oh, the door opened.

The three of us were led out and taken to the mummification machine we went into yesterday. They quickly stuffed my partner's mouth and started wrapping tape around a new bag placed over her head. Once that was done the three of us were all placed in the machine, chest to chest to chest. We were told to hug each other, and then they turned on the machine. A pole was placed in between us and about 5 rolls of duct tape dropped into the machine taping us nice and tight from upper chest to ankles. Some type of platform with wheels was placed under us and we were rolled back into the room. We were placed in the middle of the room and the pole between us was fastened to the ceiling and floor.

So there we were, three of us taped up, two girls taped together on the floor to our left and to our right, the other girl, still not wanting any part of it. After a little while, they came in again and took with them the only person in the room running solo. She didn't want to go but did without resistance. I was expecting her to be mummified when she returned, but she wasn't. Well technically I suppose you could call it mummified, but she was rolled into a ball. They placed her on the ground and she just kind of rolled there. She also wasn't gagged the same way; she had a small tube coming out of her mouth.

She just waddled there for a bit. Soon a lady came back in and had a large black plastic bag with her, it had one those plastic straps on it, you know that makes in close easier, a drawstring bag. This lady opened the bag and threw the ball-taped girl into it. The bag was tied shut and the strap was hung from the ceiling with her inside. Her tube was popped out so she could breath. You don't see this everyday, but it was still exciting. She was fine up there you could see her moving around in the bag.

Well, she was only up there for about 20 minutes, before it was time to go. The time sure flew by today. It took them awhile to get us all free; man was I sweating. We were all thanked for our time and effort and were made sure that nobody was mad at us at all, it was just part of the testing procedure. Miss solo girl didn't seem so upset after being singled out today. Unfortunately, we were let out individually; I wanted to talk to those girls some more. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Day 3

I slept well last night, muscles are a bit sore but I'm fine. I made my way to work (ya right, like this is work) everybody was still here, nobody chickened out. Same old routine, we all sat there in our plastic uniforms awaiting instructions. A voice came over the intercom: Today will be a little different. Girl number 5 being hung in the plastic bag yesterday gave us a few unexpected need for more tests. So we will need at least three of you to be taped in the same manor for half of today. Before you all volunteer, let me tell you what the other three of you will be doing. We have a new taping machine that has to be tested and those persons will be doing that for the whole day each being taped up about ten different times total. The first three will join the others for the second half for group tapings in the same machine.

Well, well, I dreamt all last night to be taped up in that ball and hung in that bag so I volunteered for that. Sure enough, the same two girls with whom I was taped up with yesterday volunteered with me. Cool. We got to observe the others being taped up before we were bagged. This machine was cool. What it did was spread out duct tape into two sheets about 6 feet in size. So the first girl went in and was told to spread her arms and legs out. The machine pressed both sheets firmly against her body locking her in that position. It had a vacuum bed effect to it. Wow!!! A quick mouth stuff and head wrapping and she was done. This all happened a fraction of the time that the first machine took. The two other girls followed and then it was our turn to be ball-taped.

Instead of standing in the machine, I had to sit down and hug my ankles. I was given a tube to bite on and it was placed outside of the machine. The plastic first came on nice and tight. Then came the duct tape, covering every inch of my body. I couldn't see a damn thing but I'm sure I just looked like a big ball of tape with a tube hanging out. I couldn't move at all. I felt myself being wheeled into the padded room and them I heard a bag opening. They rolled me inside, sealed it shut and hung me up. All I could do was swing a bit.

I could hear the three other girls moaning in the distance. Soon I heard the other two bagging victims being hung up one by one. They were hung on both sides of me kinda cool because we could bump into each other when swinging. These bags are strong man. I wasn't really worried about falling because the floor was heavily padded, I fell a few times when I was mummified on the first day, and it's like landing on a bunch of pillows.

So four hours in this bag, I was comfortable. Every now and then you heard the other three girls being taken out and placed back in, re-taped I'm assuming. They said about ten tapings for them, right? Well I actually fell asleep, I don't know why, but I was awoken when I was being cut down. I was mad at myself for falling asleep, but I don't think I missed much. I was led out of the room and actually given a shower. I was all sweaty.

From there me and my two female buddies were brought to that machine we saw before. We were given new plastic outfits to wear, and then I was led into the machine. Both girls followed. We were told to maintain whatever position we wanted. We just hugged a bit and then on came the tape. It pressed together on us, then it reloaded, we were turned and another layer was pressed on. Then we were all gagged and brought back into the room.

This was fun, unlike yesterday our bodies were rubbing against each other. About twenty minutes we were freed except for our gags. Everyone was freed this time. We were let back to that machine two at a time. The first twosome came back pressed right against each other, how nice. Me and one of the other girls stood there on the platform chest to chest and then firmly taped together. This was much closer that before. I won't got into detail, but both of our bodies were getting it on. There were only a couple hours left and I was only taped up twice more. First, the same girl and me were taped up together upside down, head to foot. Then we were placed in that machine with our arms overhead. This machine only could tape us up to our upper chests, so they had to tape our arms up. Once we were released from that the day was over. I thought.

It was about 4:30, so we still had to stay. The other four girls were taped together, to be released at the end of the day. We were both given the option as to how to be taped for the last half hour. She opted to just be mummified which she was. I asked if I could be done in both machines, ball-taped in the first then pressed in the second. They bought it. So I was led to the first machine, bit the tube, grabbed my legs, plastic on, tape on. Still tight. Then I was wheeled to the second machine, the tape pressed on even tighter. I was a bit worried about breathing but I was fine. Next came the ol' drawstring bag and I was hung up. This was a nice way to begin and end a good day.

Took another shower and got dressed, and my day was over. They wheeled in some more free stuff and said take whatever you want. I grabbed a drawstring bag and threw a few rolls of tape, some more bags, and a couple of those jumpsuits inside. Why not? If it's free I'll take it. Two more days left here, but I can still stock up on supplies for future use.

Day 4

Thursday started off very aggressive. I arrived last, but on time. Four of the girls were already inside the building, the other girl and I were told to wait. This was weird; usually I went in to the locker room, got changed and awaited instructions. Just then, the door opened.

I was told to wait another five minutes and she was told to enter. The door shut in my face. I could hear her scream and then all I could hear was the sound of duct tape coming off the roll; a lot of duct tape. I was a bit excited, but then again, a little nervous. I listened to the sound of tape for another minute, but soon heard silence. Then the door opened.

I took about three steps in when all of a sudden I was grabbed by about five sets of arms, and pushed to the ground. I'm not the type to scream, but even if I wanted to, a wad of plastic was shoved into my mouth and duct tape wrapped around my head very quickly. At the same time I was being gagged, my hands were being taped behind my back, and legs taped together too. I felt the duct tape going around my chest, lower body, and upper legs. This wasn't just one roll, but every hand that grabbed me had a roll. A plastic bag was put over my eyes and more tape wrapped around my head to keep me from seeing. When they were done, I was carried for a bit and dropped into a chair. I could hear other moans, most likely from the other taped up girls. Then the tape started wrapping around me, keeping me securely to that chair. What a rush!

I could then feel the chair being picked up and locked into position. Then I started moving, like connected to a golf cart or something. I could sense that one girl was taped up right beside me and that the others were in front of me. We were driven around for like twenty minutes, and all I could hear was machines turning, and other normal sounds found in a factory. When the ride stopped, I was let into a room and the blindfolds were taken off. The six of us were there staring at each other all of us pretty much taped up in the same way. Mummified to a chair, at least its comfortable.

The lights went out. I felt a cloth going over my nose and I was knocked out cold. When I woke up, I realized that I was tied up spread eagle. Only this was weird, my left hand was taped with the girl to my left's right hand, and same for my other hand, and my feet. All six of us were in a circle, holding hands, and in a similar manor, holding feet. This was fun; we stayed this way for about a half an hour. Then a lady came in and cut all of us free. When she left, the lights went out again.

All four of the TV's in the room came on. What showed up on the screen was one of the girls being grabbed and taped from this morning. Following that was the second girl getting taped up and so on. In between these, they showed video from when we were driven around. All you could see was 6 mummies all taped to their chairs. The camera was mounted to the cart that was pulling us. A message flashed across the screen during all this. It said that the first one to win would get a huge surprise. Then, from the ceiling dropped six plastic outfits, which we all put on. Then a bunch of plastic bags dropped down, followed by about 20 rolls of duct tape. At that moment, and bell rang, like the start of a wrestling match.

We all just looked at each other for a bit. I had a feeling as to what I was supposed to do, but I didn't want to make the first move. All of a sudden, one girl picked up a roll of tape and ripped off a long strip, she then jumped on another girl and tried to tape her up. I was just admiring this for a bit, when all of a sudden; I felt a strip of tape going over my mouth. I turned around and two of the other girls jumped me. They tried to get my hands behind my back but I was too strong. They moved off and attacked each other along with the other girl. I walked over the pile and grabbed a bag and a roll of tape. I just grabbed the first girl I saw and threw the bag over her head and wrapped as much tape as I could around her body. I poked out a hole for her head, and quickly got some tape on her mouth. I had her. I finished her up with some more tape on her legs and basically used up the rest of the roll. I picked her up and dropped her in the corner of the room.

Meanwhile, another girl managed to tape up a victim. She had her hog-tied with the tape; I was impressed. So that's two down and three to go. Two girls were fighting it out so I took one look at the other one and attacked. I had to grab another roll first, and then I tripped her. I put myself on top of her and got her hands behind her back. Then I started taping. This was too easy. I didn't do anything fancy, just did her hands and feet. I stuffed her mouth and taped it shut. She was all done.

The other two girls were battling it out so much that they both had duct tape all over them, but neither was winning. I just used me strength to my advantage and got them both. I started wrapping duct tape all over them, taping them together. I quickly gagged them, and knocked them down. There I stand, with five taped up girls at my feet. Then the door opened.

I was escorted out, and led upstairs to another room. My hands were quickly taped into balls and my feet were taped together. More tape was wrapped around my mouth and a bag was used to blindfold me. They shoved me to the floor, and I waited about 15 minutes. All of a sudden the blindfold came off. As soon as that happened, I fell through the floor.

I landed into the room I was just in. Only all five girls were free, holding multiple rolls of duct tape. This wasn't good. They ambushed me. Duct tape was just coming at me at all sides. They had me mummified in less than five minutes. Then they started putting me in the plastic bags, and covering me with more tape. This was just insane. Is this what I get for winning? Well thank god to my delight, the door opened and they dragged me out.

They didn't free me though. Instead they placed some type of rope harness all around my body. I was then put into the ole mummification machine, and more tape was added. My God, this was like 12 rolls of tape. I was led back into the room and they hung me from the ceiling. I just stood there in mid air watching the other girls look and poke at me. The lights went out again.

Over the TV's, came the message to go at it again, and more plastic and rolls of tape dropped from the ceiling. Just the girls this time, five on five, and I had a front row seat. Or should I say that I was hanging in the middle of all this. I love a good catfight.

They were going nuts. Within about five minutes, two girls were already out of it. Then I even got to help get the third girl taped. They pushed her into me; I swung around and knocked her flat on her face. They jumped on her and had her taped up and out of it. It's now down to two. They went at it for a bit, but one girl was clearly stronger that the other. She managed to push her down and get her hands taped behind her back, once that happened gagging her and keeping her immobile was no problem. So we had a winner. All of a sudden the first girl who got taped, managed to free herself and jumped on the back of the supposed winner. She got her hands behind her back and went nuts, using the whole roll to tape her up. Once she knew she had won, she grabbed more rolls and re-taped the other three girls, sealing her victory. The lights flashed, the door opened, and she was gone.

So there we were, five duct tape victims, struggling against our bonds; although I had absolutely no chance of escaping. We all just stuck around for a while, awaiting the other girl to come back. I was dying to see what they had done to her. Before that thought could even come into my head, the lights went out again. When they came back on, I was all by myself. About five minutes later the four losers of the day came back in, they were all completely mummified, a trip to the machine is what they got. Still, there was no sign of the winner. The lights went out once again.

I could hear nothing but the sound of duct tape coming off the roll. We were all moaning. I felt tape going around my feet. Pretty pointless, I had 12 rolls of tape on me already. The sound of tape didn't stop for about five minutes. I felt a pull at my legs. The lights finally came back on.

Oh my God. That's all I could say. The lucky winner's head was completely taped to my feet. Each one of her arms was completely taped to a mummified girl, and the same went for her legs. So I was hanging from the ceiling, and technically, 5 other mummies were attached to me. I was finally unhooked from the ceiling, and we all just lay there on the ground. What else could we do? We all stayed here for the remainder of the day. This was fine with me; it was a very energetic day. When the time came, we were all freed. It took them about 15 minutes to get me out.

One more day to go; I'm sure going to miss this when it's over. One thing that I thought of before I left was that nobody, other than the six of, us spoke to us today. It must be some type of psychological testing. Oh well, still a great day.

That's four days down the drain, tomorrow has to be spectacular. When I got home, there was a message on my answering machine. The message stated not to come in tomorrow until ten. It also said that they would pick me up from my home. Sounds good to me, I can sleep a little late.

Day 5, The Final Day

I woke up around 8, but I just got up to pee and went back to bed. I woke up again at 9; I thought I heard a noise from within my room. All of a sudden some plastic was being stuffed into my mouth, followed by duct tape. I was flipped over and they wound the tape around my hands. A bag was then thrown over my eyes and another bag was thrown over my body, and I was told to start walking. I heard a trunk opening and they threw me in, taping up my feet before closing it. I was driven around for a bit, maybe 20 minutes, then we stopped and I was let out. The blindfold came off and I saw that they drove me in my own car. After cutting me free of my bonds, they brought me into the building. They quickly removed the bag over my body and I was brought to the padded room. Did I mention that I sleep in the nude?

Well, in the room already were 4 of the girls, buck-naked as well. About five minutes later the final girl arrived, also nude. A question came over the speaker asking me if I would like to have sex while mummified to another partner. Well you know what I said. Then, it asked for a volunteer and to my delight, two girls raised their hands. One of the girls and I were brought out of the room, heading for the mummification machine. I was given a condom, I put it on, and we got together and stepped into the machine. Three minutes later we were done, not done having sex, done being all wrapped up together.

We were brought back into the room and left on the floor, her on top of me. Not that I was really paying attention, but the room was empty. Who knows where the other girls are. Well about five minutes later I got my answer. Two of the girls were mummified together in the same fashion as us, and you could clearly hear a vibrator buzzing within them. The next girl came in, inside of a drawstring bag, and was hung from the ceiling, breathing tube and all. Finally Jesus arrived. Well not the real Jesus, but the final girl, totally duct taped to a cross. The only thing you could see of her was her nose.

We all wiggled around for about a half hour, when they came in and took us 2 and the girl in the bag out of the room. We were all untapped. They took that the girl I just made out with and threw her into a bag, after shoving a tube unto her mouth. Into the machine she went, taped up like a ball. She was then bagged again and they took her back into the room. The other girl and I were brought to the second machine, the machine that presses the duct tape sheets together. I was given another condom and we got together in the machine. On came the duct tape, and back into the room we went. Another half hour of love making for me, how wonderful this is.

During the middle of this, the other three girls were brought out and arrived back in soon after, or should I say that three very large black plastic bags arrived and were hung from the ceiling. After my 30 minutes was up the two of us were freed, then ball-taped into plastic bags ourselves, and hung from the ceiling. Six big bags, hung up like lamps or something.

After 15 minutes or so, splat! The sound of six bags hitting the floor was heard. All I could do was roll around. We were all released, and given another plastic outfit. A voice came on saying that we still had half the day to go and that we could do whatever we wanted. One girl just said that she wanted to be mummified for the rest of her time here and that's it. So she was brought out and brought back in all taped up, they hung her up from the ceiling in the corner and that's where she stayed.

I would love to tape someone up here. "You can tape me up if you want," said one of the girls. OK cool. What about you three? One girl said she wanted to be mummified, but hung from the ceiling from her back. She wanted to feel like she could fall flat on her face at any moment. Out she went, a little later she came back, all mummified to a pole at her back. They hung up the pole at both ends to the ceiling and she got her request. The other two girls asked to be ball-taped together, and hung up from the ceiling in one bag. They left, and came back in this huge duct tape ball. They opened three enormous plastic bags and threw them inside all three of them. Then they were hung up.

I was handed some bags and a few rolls of duct tape. I asked her how she wanted to be taped; she said to surprise her. So I pushed her against the wall, taping her hands behind her back. I then wrapped the tape around her stomach, pinning her arms to her back. I turned her around and stuffed a bag into her mouth, followed by duct tape around her head. Then I completely mummified her legs together. She was done and boy did it feel nice.

Well that's five girls all taped up, and me still left standing. I was asked how I wanted to be taped, but I couldn't think of anything special. Without saying a thing, the door opened. Five people took a hold of me, each one with a roll of tape. They stuffed my mouth with a ball connected to a tube and used an entire roll around my mouth. They taped my hands separately with whole rolls, and for some odd reason, my feet as well. I had five rolls of duct tape on me already. They then used another two complete rolls and taped my upper body, pinning my arms to my sides. Two more rolls went on my legs. A bag went over my face and another roll wrapped up my head. Everyone left, and I was there, with ten complete rolls of duct tape on my body. I then felt a few more plastic bags going around me. I couldn't be put into a ball; there was just too much tape on me. I was then hoisted up onto my feet, and attached to the ceiling, but still standing, I just couldn't fall down. That was pretty much it. I spent the remainder of the day like that. It took them a long time to get me free, at least an hour if you ask me.

We all went back into the locker room, but had nothing to change into. Some people came in with some complimentary shirts, pants, shoes and so forth. We were also given our car keys. It seems that all of us were brought here in the same way. We were each handed a thick envelope. Inside were fifty one hundred dollar bills, not too shabby. We were also given a large plastic bag and told to go fill it with as much as we wanted; this is our last chance to get more free stuff. Well you don't have to tell me twice. I filled this bag to the top with rolls of tape and plastic bags. Somebody even helped me and put the bag into my back seat. We said our goodbyes and I drove off.

When I got home I noticed that there was a note on the back seat. It said to look into the trunk. I popped open the trunk and saw nothing but boxes. Each one was labeled, "Duct Tape-24 Rolls per Case." There were 8 cases of duct tape in all, each one a different color. A note was found there too and it read, "Congratulations, you won the contest." This was my prize for winning that contest yesterday??? All right!!! I discretely carried in all of my duct tape. Let me see 24 times 8 cases, thats192 rolls of duct tape. Wait a second, add that to about 30 rolls I brought home today and the few I got during the week and I had well over 250 rolls, wow!!!

I walked into my bedroom and there were five boxes stacked up beside my bed. Two of the boxes read, "60 Gallon plastic liners-black." There were 500 bags per box. Holy shit!!! The third box stated that it was a case of those plastic outfits we had to wear, I got 250 of those. Also included were six rolls of black plastic wrap. The fourth box read "Experimental," and the fifth box only read, "Do not open until contents of other boxes are looked at." So I took a look inside the fourth box and what a site. There were about 7 little boxes in there, marked as 80-gallon bags, 100 gallon bags, plastic body bags, little thin bags that go over the hands, condoms, plastic bed sheets, and even a box of tiny, head-only bags. Underneath, all that was a bunch of pictures and videotape. The pictures were of all of us taped up at different moments during the week. I popped in the tape and sure enough it was film of us being taped, being mummified, dragged around, and so forth. OK, one more box to go. Inside this mystery box, I first saw a couple rolls of extra large duct tape, about 6 inches or so, certainly cool. Also included were a couple of those breathing tubes. The rest of the box was filled with abnormally large bags, more duct tape of different widths, and a card. On that card was a phone number. Before I could pick up the phone to call one of them, it rang. Hello? Umm, "Hello, are you the duct tape guy?" Who is this I asked? It was one of the girls I made out with today. She had also received a bunch of boxes at her place; after all she had won the second round. Looks like I met a new friend for life. We planned to get together tomorrow night.I couldn't wait.

A quick walk around my apartment also revealed some more free stuff. In the bathroom there was a four-inch roll of white duct tape where the toilet paper was supposed to be, and my shower curtain was now a big plastic bag. The cabinet under my sink was stocked up with more bags and tape. A quick look into my closet revealed a bag around every piece of clothing hanging up. The coolest thing was my paper towel dispenser; it had been replaced with a roll of duct tape 12 inches wide. The last thing I noticed was when I went to bed. I pulled the comforter down, and my sheets and pillowcases were all black plastic. Why not? I slept in them. Not bad for a weeks work. Not bad at all.


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