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The Dungeon of Mistress Web

by Arachnidwoman

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© Copyright 2012 - Arachnidwoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; spiderwoman; capture; bond; latex; web; gag; cocoon; insert; enslave; climax; cons/nc; X

Lois knocked on the door. She hoped she was at the right place, there was no sign and she had walked down a dark alley to get there.

She had been late for the Monday meeting. So when her publisher, Perri White, handed out assignments, Lois got what she assumed was the last crappy one.

 “What! A bondage mistress interview! How twisted is this?” she whined to Perri.

Perri smiled, her white hair shining in the light. “Maybe next time you will be on time. Besides, there something going on here. This bondage mistress calls herself Mistress Web and claims to be able to entrap anyone willingly or unwillingly to be her slave. The weird thing is, when people like the police try and find her, she cannot be found.”

“She contacted us yesterday and asked for an interview - I said we would send our best reporter…. RIGHT! GET GOING, LANE!”

Lois knew she had lost this battle, so she slipped away sulkily out the building and looked at the address.

The dungeon of Mistress Web lay in an alley two blocks away from the Daily Planet. As Lois found it she thought it strange she had never seen it before, as she knew the area well.

The door finally opened. A tall shapely woman completely dressed in latex with her face covered in a gimp hood and her boobs and pussy exposed answered the door. “Ms Lane, we have been expecting you…come in”

Lois entered. The woman closed the door and led her through to a waiting room. “I am Liana. You will strip and change into these before you can meet our Mistress”. She held out a pair of black silk panties with a big slit in them and a similar bra also cut through. Lois laughed,” No way!”.

Liana towered over her. “You will! Or there will be no interview..”

Lois fumed. She had to get the story. Reluctantly she stripped and put on the panties and bra. Liana admired what she saw, Lois was well shaped and her pussy was shaved clean.

Liana led Lois through to the dungeon. “You will wait here,” she said then leaving Lois alone.

The dungeon was poorly lit, in semi darkness. Lois could see women on the wall, all of whom had big boobs and exposed pussies. They were completely enmeshed in both latex and what looked like silk bags, unable to move with only their boobs and pussies showing. Though some moved, no sound came from any of them and some were also completely immobile. Many of them had hoods on or their heads were wrapped up.

One woman looked down at Lois, who got a shock when she saw the fear in her eyes.

Lois saw all of the women’s boobs were large & taut with hard nipples while their pussies were dripping. This meant they were being kept in a state of continuous orgasm, how could they stand it and why was it being done?

“Good question” said a voice coming from behind her.

Lois twirled around in surprise. “You know what I am thinking???” she said.

A tall woman dressed all in latex and wearing a very large dress that covered her legs completely stood before her. “Yes, I am, and you can call me Mistress Web – your new owner”.

Lois shook her head. “Owner? What are you talking about? I’m here for an interview…”

Mistress Web laughed. “Oh yes, that. That was my ploy to get you here, away for that annoying lover of yours Superwoman.”

Lois realized she was in real trouble. Turning to run, 2 strong arms gripped her and she saw Liana towering over her.

“You are not going anywhere Ms Lane, I have plans for you.”

“But first, let’s make you more comfortable. We need you to stay in one place, and given I can read your mind, no noise from you is preferable.”

Mistress Web motioned behind her. Two latex hooded slaves came up towards Lois. Unable to move she screamed, but her cry was suddenly muffled as one of the slaves pulled a large sponge out from her pussy and clamped it over Lois’ nose & mouth. Breathing in Lois realized it was soaked in chloroform and she started to get faint and dizzy. As Liana lowered her to the ground, the slave shoved the sponge into her mouth and uses smaller pieces to plug her nose. The other slave then took a long white scarf from her pussy and wrapped it securely over Lois’ nose & mouth and around her head several times to gag her OTM style so she was completely gagged.

As she laid gagged Lois felt sharp pain on her clit and nipples and saw that Liana had pierced them by biting them. Strangely there was no blood. Liana had put large sealed gold rings on them – Lois wondered why?

Looking up in a daze Lois saw Mistress Web smiling at her. “Good, good…now her arms and ankles.” The two slaves pulled two giant white silk scarves from their pussies, attaching one to each of Lois’ nipple rings.  Quickly and effectively they wrapped up her arms and upper torso in a silk straitjacket under high tension and very thickly indeed. The silk scarves were extremely sticky as well and Lois could not move when they were finished. Both scarves were tied under high tension to her clit ring and Lois groaned with the pleasure it gave her.

Finally Lois’s legs were put in silk stockings and a pair of gold cuffs locked her ankles together.

Liana picked her up and Lois was taken to a back room and sat up down on a wooden chair.

Mistress Web walked in. “Much better,” she said. ”You cannot talk and I can get information I need”.

“I will answer your questions first. You cannot be found as my dungeon is protected by a phase-shift device, your annoying friend Superwoman will not find us unless I desire it. Secondly, accept you’re my slave, there is no escape. Thirdly, yes my slaves are unusual – would you like to know why?”

Mistress Web smiled and turned to the door. “Liana, bring her in…”

Liana brought in an unconscious woman and put her on the floor. Lois mmpphhed through her gag when she saw it was Lana Lang. Lana must have followed her to steal the story for a TV piece.

“We found her outside, a simple lasso dragged her in the door and Liana chloroformed her.”

Lana slowly woke and stood up. She screamed when she saw Lois in her bonds and even more when she saw the Mistress & Liana. To both women’s horror Liana suddenly opened her mouth and spun a sticky webrope around Lana’s ankles, pulling it taut and flicking her back on the ground. Quickly she bit Lana on the neck with fangs and then held her down.

Mistress Web smiled and looked at Lois. “You wanted to know…so here it is..”

Mistress pulled her large skirt up and held it up with 2 out of 6 spider legs that were hidden under her skirt. Lois gasped, she was a Spiderwoman. Underneath she had a huge pulsating pussy, dripping with silk.

Mistress smiled. “A quick demonstration is in order”. Quickly she aimed her pussy at Lana and started spinning thick webbing all over her. At the same time she used 2 more spider legs and started rubbing her clit hard. Groaning her clit got harder and harder. Mistress completed her cocooning of Lana and grabbed the cocoon in 2 spider legs and forced Lana’s head towards her pussy. She erupted in a mass of goop that filled Lana’s mouth and over flowed.

Smiling Mistress quickly spun a pad and sealed it over Lana’s mouth. She then drew a large web scarf from her pussy and OTM gagged Lana as well.

“An added bonus “ laughed Mistress Web. She pulled Lana’s Insect Queen Ring off her finger and gave it to Liana, who bowed.

“Now you know the truth, Ms Lane..and you will answer my questions.” Lois shook her head. Mistress laughed, “You are stubborn”. Liana picked up Lana and stuck her on a web next door, and left the room.

“What is Superwoman’s secret identity? Where does she live? What is her weakness? Who are her friends? Are you lovers?”

Lois tried to clear her mind. “Ahhh, you are trying to block me” said Mistress. Well, let’s see about that..”

With that, Mistress pulled her skirt off and rubbed her clit again. She spun 3 taut silk lines to Lois’ clit & nipples from her clit and sealed them with thick silk. She lifted Lois off her chair and suspended on a horizontal web, severing the cuffs and pulling her legs apart spread-eagled with taut silk lines to each wall. Lois lay on the web helpless with her pussy exposed.

The Mistress asked her questions again, This time she pulled the lines taut to Lois’ clit & nipples, who groaned underneath her gag. She also gently rubbed Lois’ pussy with her spider legs, opening her up.

Gently the Mistress blew special silk to each side of Lois’ pussy lips keeping them stuck open under tension. Lois’ orgasm quickly built, and she could not stop thoughts racing through her head.

The Mistress smiled. “Much better”, she said, “but you are still blocking me”. With that the Mistress climbed onto the web and placed her pussy directly over Lois’, rubbing it back and forth with her clit still controlling the silk lines.

Mistress laughed. “You are privileged, slave – I do not do this very often”. The Mistress suddenly groaned as her egg-laying tube whipped in and out of Lois’ pussy. That was it; Lois could not block her anymore.

“Very good, slave – I have what I need” laughed Mistress Web.

The Mistress then fucked her harder and harder with her tube until suddenly she came in a loud scream. Thick goop filled her pussy as Lois felt a large slippery object fill her uterus. To her horror her orgasm continued.

Mistress hopped off and quickly sealed Lois’ pad with a thick silk pad. She tied the lines from her clit back on Lois’ clit and kept them taut. Lois wriggled around as Mistress laughed. “Yes, Ms Lane, it will continue – I need a warm moist environment for my children to grow and you have one now – a large egg sac in her uterus”.

To make sure she was secure the Mistress cut the web down and quickly cocooned her in thick webbing, so she couldn’t move. Mistress Web spun a silk mask from her pussy which she promptly placed over Lois’ head, rewrapped a gag over her mouth and then finally suspended her in a silk bag in the dungeon.

Mistress Web reapplied her skirt and smiled at Lois. “Thanks for your help,” she said. “My next slave is on her way, and we will be ready”.

Lois was helpless; she hung there unable to move or speak.

A bit later Lois heard a knock on the door. To her horror she saw her colleague Claudia Kent aka Superwoman entering the dungeon. She tried to make sound but it was useless, the gag was too thick. She also realized that Claudia couldn’t see or hear her because the dungeon was out of phase, meaning her powers would be reduced.

Mistress Web greeted Claudia, and then suddenly flipped her skirt to reveal a thick piece of kryptonite stuck to her clit. Claudia collapsed at once, and Mistress Web and Liana went to work.

Liana changed into a giant Kryptonian Orb Weaver, biting Claudia on the neck to paralyze her. Lois realized they could not use kryptonite permanently, as this would kill her. Clearly they had better plans.

While Liana spun a giant web made from Kryptonian silk, Mistress Web pulled off Superwoman’s clothes. Liana then pierced her boobs and clit, inserting seamless silk loops made from Kryptonian silk.

 Mistress Web then ripped all of her clothes off. Lying back on the web, she rubbed her clit as her pussy began to swell in size dramatically until it was 20 times bigger. Her stomach grew massively in size – Lois realized she was increasing her uterus size, but why?

Claudia started to try and move. Quickly Liana spun thick silk webbing all over her, quickly cocooning her so she couldn’t move. She also shot thick goop over Claudia’s face so she couldn’t use her vision powers and stuffed her mouth with goop as well. She pulled a thick web scarf from her spinnerets and twirled Claudia around several times so she was firmly gagged and her head covered. She then spun a silk hood and covered Claudia’s head – it had no openings at all. Only Claudia’s boobs and pussy were open on the cocoon.

Lois shook in horror. Claudia was in a lot of trouble.

With her lips now swollen hugely and her pussy dripping, Mistress Web motioned to Liana. Liana picked up Claudia and put her head up against Mistress’s pussy. As she did so, she removed the kryptonite from Mistress’s clit.

Mistress Web groaned as a large mass of sticky web emerged from her pussy and sealed over Claudia’s hooded face. Liana rubbed her clit gently as well as her exposed lips, as Mistress pulled Claudia inside her uterus to completely unbirth her.

With Claudia inside her uterus, Mistress sat back and went to sleep. Liana spun thick silk over her Mistress’s pussy to make sure it was completely sealed and then changed back into her true form.

After a few hours Lois awoke to hear screaming. Mistress had woken and the pad covering her pussy had ripped open. However it was screams of ecstasy, not pain. Mistress pushed a dark cocoon from her pussy slowly and finally she came in a torrent of gooey web.

With her pussy and uterus returning to normal size immediately, Mistress stood up and surveyed her prize. Claudia was coated in a thick layer of black gooey latex webbing. “Yes, perfect! She will never escape – and I have my perfect incubator!”

Lois realized that Superwoman was now a permanent slave in the dungeon, and it was all her fault.

Mistress Web looked up at her and winked. “Yes, it is your fault…like you she is now an incubator. But for my new web warriors, as my Queen has demanded.”

And with that, Mistress Web rubbed her pussy hard and out shot her eggtube. She fucked Claudia’s pussy through the cocoon and then sealed it with a thick silken pad.

“Ahh, a good day…now let’s move to stage 2”. Lois shook again, who was the Queen? What would happen when the eggsacs hatched in her and Claudia? And what was stage 2?



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