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The Cheerleader's Boy Toy

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: F/m; mpov; mum; kidnap; tape; reluct; X

Frat boy gets hazed.

August tried not to panic. He really did. The thought of being found like this made that nearly impossible. The sun would be rising soon. The residents of this little apartment building would soon be coming out to start their days. When they did, they would see him wrapped to this support beam. They would also see that he was totally naked.

The door across from him began to open. He whimpered through his gag, terrified what her reactions might be. She stepped out rubbing her eyes.

“This better be fucking good,” she grumbled.

His eyes nearly popped out of his head. She stood there in nothing but her panties and a tiny little night shirt. Her blond hair messily covered her face as she fought to keep it under control. Her breasts, easily 32C, fought against the tiny top she wore. She stopped in mid stride, taking him in. He looked down in shame.


Freshman year. August knew exactly how he wanted to spend it. He was going to pledge Sigma Upsilon Beta. His brother had done it. His father had done it. His grandfather had done it. It was almost a graduation requirement. He felt he had been doing pretty good so far. Then came the party.

“Alright boys,” the Pledge Master yelled, “time for the moment of truth. We go around the room. Tell us which girl on campus you wanna fuck. Or guy, no judging here. Every time someone does, we drink.”

He was eight drinks in when his turn came. Probably why he was so honest.

“Natalie Alyn.”

There were a lot of laughs.


She would never fuck you,” one guy teased.

He was right. She was the head cheerleader. There was no way she’d be into him. Still hurt to hear it though.


That had been a week ago. He had all but forgotten about that conversation. The hangover helped. He shut off the water in the shower when the bag was thrown over his head. I was wrestled down and forcibly dried before the duct tape was rolled over his body. Layer after layer the tape wrapped over my legs, holding them in place. My arms were forced behind my back and bound next. My attackers worked on my hips leaving my dick exposed. My arms were pinned to my sides as the tape covered my chest.

He felt himself being lifted and carried out of the frat house. He was loaded into what was clearly a van. He lost track of how long we drove. He just pleaded to be set free. No one responded. He was carried upstairs and propped against a post when the hood was removed. It was my frat brothers. He was being hazed.

“Wait. Where am I?”

Extra tape was applied trapping him in place against the pole.

“See that apartment?”

He pointed to the one right across from him.

“Yeah,” he said, voice dripping with dread.

“That’s Natalie’s.”

“Please don’t.”

They just wrapped the tape further around my head, forming a gag.


The boys of Sigma Upsilon Beta sat in the van laughing at poor Austin. God, what fresh hell must he be going through? There was no doubt in any of their minds that Natalie Alyn was up there at that very moment giving him a good tongue lashing for what she thought was a vulgar stunt. The text they sent her made sure of that.


“What was that?” The pledge master asked.

None of the four boys seemed to know.


“Well, someone go check it out.”

Travis went out first. There was a shout then nothing.



“Mike, go get him.”

Mike left. He shouted but never came back. Andy left next. Then Ollie. Soon it was just the Pledge Master.

“What the hell?”

He climbed out of the driver’s seat only to be knocked out with a bat. Natalie used the bat to finish smashing the van’s windows and lights before turning back to the boys. Once she was done, she returned her attention to Austin who was still bound in tape but now free from the pole and laying on her bed.

“Now. Where were we?”


Austin finally looked up. Why hadn’t she said anything yet? Was she just going to leave him on this pole? Why was she breathing so hard? She almost jumped on him, grabbing his head and planting kiss after kiss on his gagged mouth. He yelled out in surprise.

“Oh, my fucking God, this is so hot! Happy fucking birthday to me!”

What the fuck was going on?

“How did you know?”


She kissed him again and again. It came to an abrupt stop as she spotted something in the parking lot.

“This is a hazing thing, isn’t it?”

“Um hum.”

Her face contorted in rage.

“How dare those fucking dickless shitbags try to ruin this!”

She stormed into her apartment and came back out with a kitchen knife. He screamed.

“Hold still.”

He did as she was told. She cut the tape holding him to the pole. She returned the knife before coming back and grabbing a hold of him. She turned him around, so his back was pressed against her. She dragged him into the apartment and onto the bed before grabbing her baseball bat.

“Be back, Baby.”


Natalie plopped back down on the bed.

“Don’t worry, they’ll never hurt you again.”

She ran her hands up and down his bound body.

“Do you know what a fetish is?”

He nodded.

“Good. Well, mine is mummification. I love wrapping someone up tight. I love how helpless it makes them. It makes them so needy. They need me to do everything for them. They also can’t stop them from doing anything I want to them. Take you for example.”

She pulled off her shirt and tossed it away.

“You can’t do anything to stop me from titty fucking you, here and now.”

She leaned down and slipped his swollen dick between her tits. With a mischievous smile she slid them up and down, rubbing his shaft. He moaned in pleasure at her touch.

“See? You’re two of my favorite things rolled into one: a boy and a toy. That’s what you are now. You are my boy toy. I have dreamed of having one for years. One I can keep all to myself 24/7.”


“I don’t know who you were, and I don’t care. You are mine now. I’m never going to give you up.”


A van belonging to the Delta Omega Mu sorority pulled up to the remains of the Sigma Upsilon Beta van. The Pledge Master and his boys were just waking up, naked and mummified in tape in the back of the van. Before they knew what happened the sisters had loaded them into their own van and driven off. Hours later the van would be towed. The owners would never be found. If only someone had thought to look in the sex dungeon hidden in the sorority’s basement.


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