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The Bet

by Grumpy

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© Copyright 2014 - Grumpy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; wager; wrap; plasticwrap; pole; susp; gag; bfold; tricked; teased; mast; denial; ruined orgasm; forced; orgasm; climax; cons/reluct; X

“That was so fake! I’m telling you, there is no way that would work. Without something stronger than shrink wrap it would be easy to escape!”

“And all I’m saying is that anyone can be restrained for hours like that, and I mean ANYone!”

“You are so full of shit I’m surprised your eyes aren’t turning brown. Hell, I could have probably just flexed my arms a little and ripped right out of that plastic wrap crap!”

Christine and I were having our first disagreement. I had met this ginger headed knockout just recently and a couple of dates later she invited me into her home for the first time on this frigid Friday night. After dinner we had settled on to the couch for some cuddling while we watched some standard crime thriller where the girl gets kidnapped and the guy comes to her rescue.

Now that there is a break in our heated discussion I’m not even sure why we are arguing about something so stupid. Just as I was about to apologize Christine pulled her head off my shoulder and looked at me. I stared back into her crystal blue eyes and smiled. She looked a little nervous as her eyes flicked around, searching my face for something.

“Then prove it...” She said in a quiet tone, almost a whisper.

“How would I do that?”

“I’ll wrap you with some cling film like in the movie. We could make it a bet.” she said, her voice slowly gaining confidence.

“So you think you can hold me down and wrap me up? Sounds easy, what do I get when I win?” I said rather smugly.

“No. You’re right, I probably couldn’t overpower you. Let’s say we start a 5 minute timer and you have to cooperate with me until it rings.”

“Fair enough, but I still don’t hear anything about a bet.”

“Well, after the timer rings I’ll bet you can’t get out within an hour. If you lose I get to keep you until tomorrow morning.” she said.

Still feeling confident I didn’t even notice what she had actually said. “So I’m still waiting to hear what I get when I win.”

Christine was silent again. Those beautiful blue eyes stared at me while she bit her lip, still searching for an answer to some unspoken question. I think her freckles got slightly darker, as if she was about to blush. Again she spoke with that quiet, sexy, tone of voice that was almost a whisper.


“You?” I replied quietly. “What does that mean?”

“I’ll be yours.” She paused a moment, then continued. “I’ll do anything you ask until tomorrow morning.”

“Anything?” I said, trying to hide my excitement.

Then she grabbed my already hard cock through my jeans and gently squeezed it as she demurely replied, “Yes. Anything.”

“Done.” I replied. Yeah, offer a guy hot monkey sex any way he asks for it with a red-headed bombshell and see how many turn it down. I didn’t even try to hide my excitement, and I was looking at her like a starving man looks at a piece of meat. Without a thought in my of what might happen if I lose I said, “Let’s get started, I already have ideas on how I will collect that debt when you lose!”

Christine stood up, and I sat there for moment admiring her. The long smooth lines of her figure came from years of distance running. Her silky red hair hung down to her shoulders, framing her glamourous face. She was wearing bright red lipstick on her voluptuous lips, and faintest hint of blue eye shadow nicely highlighted her long thick eyelashes and startling blue eyes.

She was wearing a simple white blouse with a neckline that revealed just enough cleavage to make want to see more. It was tailored to show off her hourglass waist and well-sized breasts. Maybe only a C cup, but just right on her slender 5'4" frame.

Christine looked back and caught me admiring her perfect heart-shaped ass partially concealed in a dark navy skirt. With a gleam in her eye she twirled for me, and as the skirt lifted from her twirl I had the briefest glimpse of the lacy tops of her dark thigh high stockings.

"Like what you see?" She asked. "Of course you do! Now stop ogling me let's go down to the basement."

With that I stood and we went down into her finished basement. It was very nice for a basement too. The soft thick carpeting was obviously well padded as it felt good on my feet. There was a wet bar in the far corner, a pool table along the left wall, and a large open space with a 6” support pillar in the center. The pillar had a strange glossy crackled finish to it. As I approached the pillar I realized that it was already wrapped with a thick layer of cling film. I started having second thoughts as Christine went through a door into a storage room. What was it she said she would get if she won? I really wish I had paid better attention upstairs!

She returned a moment later with three boxes of cling film and an egg timer. Absentmindedly she said “Strip” as she approached, winding the egg timer to 5 minutes and setting it on a nearby TV tray.

“Wait a minute” I said. “The girl in the movie wasn't naked!”

“This stuff sticks to skin, not clothes,” she said. “But you’re right. She was wearing jeans and a bikini top, so take off your shirt. Do you want to borrow one of my bikinis?” she said leadingly.

“No, no. That’s okay, I’ll just take off my shirt.” I quickly matched word to deed and my folded shirt was placed on the bar.

“Now come over here and hold your arms straight out to your sides.”

As I assumed the requested position she started wrapping me tightly with a layer of plastic wrap from my belt to my armpits. Once that was done she carefully wrapped up both of my arms from wrist to shoulders one at a time.

“And just what is this supposed to do?” I asked.

“You just wait and see, and stop distracting me. I’ve already wasted three minutes on this!”

Sure enough, a glance at the timer showed that less than two minutes remained.

“Now move over to the pillar. No, turn around. That’s right, rest your back against it. Now lift your hands above your head and grab the pillar by the ceiling.”

She started wrapping my chest, securing me to the pillar. After wrapping around half a dozen times she said, “Okay, now reach down and grab the pillar with both hands behind your ass.”

Once I did that she started running around the pillar, wrapping around me, my arms, and the pillar from my belt up to my shoulders. When she got to my chest the roll ran out. She just opened up another box of plastic wrap and kept going, moving down from my shoulders to my belt. I could feel the second layer tight plastic start to squeeze me every time I took a deep breath. When I tried to move my arms a little to get more comfortable I figured out why she had wrapped them separately. The plastic wrap on my arms stuck to the wrap on my back and the wrap on the pillar. I was going to have to wait for the timer and rip my arms free when the bell went off. At least my hands were still free since the cling film stopped at my wrists. Christine was halfway up on layer three when the timer rang. She kept right on circling me.

“Hey, Stop. The timer already went off.”

“The bet was you could stop cooperating after five minutes. We never said anything about how long I could keep tying you up.”

“That was strongly implied.” I said as I tried to squirm around a little.

“Okay” she said as she reached my shoulders and tore off the end of the roll. “I’m getting dizzy from running in circles anyways.”

She reset the timer for 60 minutes, pulled a recliner over so she could relax, and sat down to watch me. “You now have an hour. Do your worst!”

I closed my eyes, focused, and ripped my arms free to my elbows just like I was curling one my barbells. Then I raised my arms in front of me and ripped off the remaining plastic. It was just as easy as I had imagined it would be.

I opened my eyes. My arms hadn’t moved. I took a deep breath and expanded my chest while leaning forward to rip the plastic off the pillar. Well, I couldn’t quite take that deep breath and trying to lean forward did nothing.

Since a reasoned approach didn’t work, I simply went nuts. I struggled, I grunted, I squirmed, I kicked, I thrashed, I tried to reach the plastic with my fingers to tear it. I gave it everything I had. 20 minutes later all I had managed to do is utterly exhaust myself and work up a good sweat under the plastic. “I’m done. You win, now let me go.”

Christine’s smile suddenly went from ear to ear. “What makes you think I’m going to let you go? Besides, you still have over half an hour to break free.” She stood up and started walking around me.

“More time won’t make a difference. Let me go and I’ll be yours, like I agreed. You never did say what that meant…” I was really starting to get nervous. I mean, how well did I really know her after 2 dates? Why did I let her talk me into this?

“You talk too much.” She stepped up on a handy stool behind the pole, turned my head, and silenced me with a kiss. She put everything into that kiss, and her tongue claimed my mouth the moment it could push my teeth apart. It was so intense I thought she could have sucked out part of my soul. As she broke the kiss I was slightly dazed, and she used that moment to gag me.

Before I could react she had the roll of plastic wrap in her hands and she ran it around my head and mouth several times, gagging me and securing my head back to the pole.

“MMMUUH MMMEEE MMMUUUKK AAAAHH OOOO MMMOOOOOONNNNGGG!” I had tried to yell ‘What the fuck are you doing!’ but it didn’t exactly come out that way. When she started wrapping above my nose I had to close my eyes, and after a few tight wraps I could no longer open them. Then she wrapped from my chin over the top of my head. All the while I had found a new source of fear-induced strength and was struggling for all I was worth. It didn’t make any difference. When she was done I couldn’t open my mouth even a little, I couldn’t see, I couldn’t really move my head in any way, and I was blowing and sucking air through my nose like a racehorse after the kentucky derby.

“It would have been easier for me if you had stripped when I asked you, but I can work with this.” she said as she removed my shoes and socks. She then undid my belt and jeans before lowering them along with my boxers.

“Let’s see what we have to play with today. Oooo, I like it. It’s nice and fat, and not too short. And those are just perfectly sized balls!”

Apparently she sat down on the floor after removing the rest of my clothes, because she picked up my right foot, pulled it forward, then set it in her lap. I was too tired to struggle, knowing by now it was useless, but I did manage to groan through the gag when I realised she was wrapping my leg in cling film. She set my right foot on the floor and then wrapped my left leg.

She then bent my left leg in half, bringing my ankle back to the side of the pillar up by my ass and secured it there with a couple quick wraps. “Okay now, this will be scary but don’t fight me!” she said as she yanked my right foot out from under me!

Holy shit! I fought her for a moment, but only being able to breath through my nose I quickly tired. I had only sunk down in my bonds maybe half an inch (if that), but it had the effect of tightening everything up. If I thought moving was tough before, now even breathing seemed to be a little harder against the tight embrace of plastic wrapped around my chest.

She pulled my right ankle back and up next to the pillar, then she wrapped my legs up tightly, securing them to the pole. Once she was done I could push up a little with my thighs and breathing got easier again, but I wasn’t going anywhere. Hell, by now I couldn’t manage anything more than small twitch, except that my hands and feet which were still free. In fact, I could just barely touch my feet.

“Now, let’s see if you are really stuck, shall we? Maybe a little motivation for you to escape would help…” At that she began tickling both of my feet. Motivation indeed!

I howled through my nose with muffled laughter. I struggled helplessly, unable to make it stop. I moved my feet around violently, but could not evade her fingers. At one point I managed to grab her wrist and pry one of her hands away from their target. She just tickled that foot with her other hand so violently that she was able to break free in no time.

Christine laughed right along with me, as though she was having the time of her life. I was in hell. After a while my arms and legs burned with the effort to get free. My sides hurt from laughing so hard for so long. By the time she quit I was blowing snot out my nose and down my face. She actually didn’t quit until my left foot suddenly cramped up, changing my squeals of laughter into muffled cries of pain. She noticed immediately, and began firmly massaging the cramp with both hands. Soon the pain was gone. A moment later she held a tissue to my nose like I was a child and said, “Blow.”

As she leaned into me to blow my nose, my rock hard dick rubbed against bare skin. Wait, what? First, I had somehow missed noticing that my cock and balls were not wrapped up with the rest of me. Second, that was definitely smooth skin rubbing against me and not cloth. I desperately wanted to open my eyes right then because ever since our first date I have been dying to know if that fabulous red hair was natural! She walked away for a moment, and just when I was wondering if she had left me alone she spoke.

“I know I’m pushing you, but I’m really enjoying playing with you right now.” As she talked I felt a cold liquid on my cock before she started slowly stroking it. Well, if nothing else with that move she certainly had my full attention. Ever so slowly she continued stroking me. Her touch grew ever lighter, till I could just barely tell she was touching me. I desperately wanted more, but she continued that way for several minutes. Maybe lots of minutes, I was losing track of time. All I know is that it lasted an eternity to me. Then she spoke again.

“Sometimes I’m a little kinky, and if I try to ignore that too long it makes me a little crazy. If after tonight you never want to see me again that’s okay. I’m still going to enjoy playing with you tonight.” Her other hand joined in, ever so lightly stroking my balls. For the longest time she seemed content to tease me this way, but all the time I was ever so slowly climbing toward an orgasm.

“One thing I will tell you. I'm not kinky all the time, but it has been so long since I had a chance to play. When I do play, I can take it just as well as I dish it out.” I was so unbelievably close to cuming I could barely concentrate enough to listen to her, but I must have heard her because even days later I could repeat every word. She stopped stroking and just sat there. She was holding my cock and balls gently in her hands for a very long time. OH MY GOD, I’M GOING TO CUM! Just one more stroke. Please, one more stroke.

“Who knows, next time we make a bet I might decide to lose on purpose.” She was moving her hand slowly up my shaft, barely touching me. Please, please, please, just let me cum! She was moving so slowly that it must have been a full minute before I noticed she wasn’t just holding me. She was a little more than half way up my shaft now. It was unbearable, but I just knew that when she got to that spot just under the head I was going to explode like Mt St Helens!

“But you didn’t win tonight!” With those words she completely let go of me. OH GOD, I’M RIGHT THERE! JUST LET ME CUM!! I couldn’t actually say anything, but I was screaming and pleading through the gag and in my head. Then she gently stroked that sensitive spot on the bottom of my dick under the head with a single finger. She only touched it for a second, then pulled away. She only touched it, but it was enough. I felt a tingling in my balls, and one spurt. Oh god, I needed it so badly, but I didn’t get it. One small spurt, and maybe some dribbling. I was still hard. I was still desperate to cum, but I was no longer on the edge. Christine laughed.

“Oh, what a beautifully ruined orgasm.” She started slowly stroking me again, rubbing my semen into my cock like lotion. “I have always thought nothing lubricates quite like some fresh cum.” Ooooh, that feels so good! I felt my rock hard dick get bigger and harder. Rock turned into granite.

“And responding again already! Oh my! Keep that up and I might stay entertained all night long!” She changed up a little. One hand firmly holding the base of my cock while the other gently and slowly teased the head. Oh god, just a little firmer! Just a little faster! I tried mightily to thrust into her fingers, but between the shrink wrap and her other hand gripping my balls I didn’t accomplish anything. Eventually she noticed anyways.

“Now now little one. Let’s have none of that! You lost the bet, so you’re mine tonight. I will play the way I want to, with no shenanigans from you!” She let go of the head and slapped my dick to emphasize her point. I jumped and jerked in my bonds, not really accomplishing anything. Her fingers returned and started fluttering up and down my dick. Granite turned into obsidian, and the phrase 'it felt like forever' took on new meaning for me. I was almost ready to cum when she stopped. I groaned and she laughed.

“I’m thirsty, want something from the bar? Speak up, I can’t read your mind. No? okay I’ll just get one for me.” She left me hanging in more ways than one as she walked away to get a drink. I heard the 'phsssst!' of a beer opening, then it sounded like she took a long drink.

"AAAAGH!" Is what I would have said if I could. She pushed her cold beer bottle up against my dick, and I proved once again that no matter how hard I jerk and pull I'm not going anywhere.

Christine giggled. "Such beautiful reactions! I just love that you are such a sensitive guy!" She pulled the beer away and took another drink before setting it on the TV tray.

"Oh, I'm sooooo sorry little one. I see you are drooping a little. Did that cold bottle make you sad?" She started rolling my balls around a little with one hand. A moment later the other hand started tracing circles on that spot under my head. I tried everything to distract me. I made shopping lists in my head. I imagined every detail of every chore I hate. I couldn’t keep this up forever, and eventually my body betrayed me. My dick was hard again. Really hard. Beyond wood, rock, granite, or even obsidian. OH GOD! It feels so good and I have never been this hard in my life. UUUUNG, I Can't Think Straight! What's harder than obsidian? Titanium!

She squeezed the base if my cock hard and started quickly stroking my full dick with her other hand. OH MY GOD THIS IS AWESOME I'M GOING TO SHOOT HARDER THAN I EVER HAVE!! Three strokes and she quit. I groaned, I thrashed, I was desperate to come. She waited, sipping her beer, and the orgasm I was so close to faded away. Christine repeated this. Gentle touches, followed by the firm grip with a few hard strokes, then letting go when I was right there. I lost count of how many times she brought me to edge. Each time I was getting there faster, but every time I was denied. Then one time she kept that firm grip on the base of my cock, and she grabbed my balls with her other hand.

"CUM!" She commanded me, while still squeezing the base of my cock and now my balls. I launched one awesome hard spurt. Either it hit her face or arced halfway across the room. Hell, it felt strong enough it may have hit the ceiling! Then she squeezed my urethra closed at the base of my cock, abruptly ending the orgasm. After I calmed down she started running her fingers along my urethra from the bottom to the top, squeezing out more semen on every trip. It felt strange, but good. It wasn't an orgasm, but I was still hard as a rock and I was amazed at the amount of cum she was squeezing out of me.

Christine started giggling while she kept at it. Milking more and more cum from my dick for a couple minutes until she could no longer get any more semen from me. Amazingly, I was still hard and I still needed that big release that had been denied me all night!

"Oh my, you have been storing that up for quite a while now haven't you?" She said. "I don't think I've ever milked quite so much at one sitting before."

She started massaging the cum into my dick again, and I started getting harder again. "Wow. Two ruined orgasms in just about three hours and you are still ready for more! I think I changed my mind. Please don’t leave me after tonight. You are way too much fun to play with!"

Holy shit, it's been three hours?! I knew I lost track of time but DAMN! She gripped the base of my cock firmly again, then started teasing the head with her other hand. She went agonizingly slow, and just ignored all my attempts to buck up into her stroking fingers. Then she found her rhythm and balanced me right on the edge. She lightened her touch or stopped when I got too close, and rubbed harder if I pulled away. I lost track of time again. I forgot where I was. I forgot her name. I forgot MY name. I forgot everything except how good it felt, and how desperately I needed to cum. I think I eventually started whimpering and crying behind my gag, but I'm not sure. My world was my cock and my need, everything else ceased to exist. Then I heard a voice from somewhere outside the desperate incoherent pleading in my head, reminding me that there was more in this world than the sweet, sweet, torturous hell I had found.

"You have been so good little one, but you've been hard four hours now. I don't want to hurt you, so we have do something about this erection."

Suddenly there were two firm strokes on my cock. As my orgasm overwhelmed me they kept stroking my cock, but just on the shaft while avoiding the head. I felt myself pulse and pump and cum and cum. The first couple majestic spurts dribble out a few drops, then it was just dry heaves that did nothing to lessen the power or pleasure as my orgasm kept pumping away.

Eventually my orgasm slowed, and then stopped. Christine (yeah, that's her name) said, "I'll bet that felt good. It sure looked like you enjoyed it."

Her hands finally left my rapidly wilting dick, and a moment later my right leg flopped to the floor. It was followed by my left leg, then Christine was cutting away the plastic on my legs with a set of safety shears. She massaged the tingles out of both legs, and a minute or two later they were strong enough to hold me up.

"Now keep your eyes closed." She said just before cutting the wrap off my eyes and forehead. She did not, however, ungag me just yet. "Now open your eyes slowly, let them adjust to the light."

I followed her instructions, blinking a few times before I could see properly again. When my eyes adjusted, they almost popped out of my head. Christine stood in front of me wearing nothing but a black lace garter belt, black stockings, and black heels. The black satin lace stood out against her pale skin, and the suspenders that held up her hosiery framed a neatly trimmed red landing strip leading to the promised land. My eyes traveled up to a pair of perfectly round breasts with large areolas and two hard crinkled nipples pointing slightly up. To my credit my dick did twitch a couple times, but after what I just went through it was down for the count.

After taking in the sight I started to gesture with my eyes, trying to say 'Seriously, it's time to release me. I have to pee now, so please just let me go.' Christine spoke.

"It looks like you really want me to ungag you, but not just yet. I have a couple things to say and I don't want to be interrupted". She paused a moment, then sighed.

"I can't believe how much fun I had tonight. I know it's only been ten days since we met, but you are the kind of guy I could really fall for. That's why I arranged this tonight."

She paused again before continuing. "You see, what I really can't do is fall in love with a guy and then have him push me away when he finds out how kinky I can be. I don't want this all the time, but I can't completely deny it either. That's why my fiancé dumped me five years ago. It's taken me too long to recover from that. I can't go through that again, so I had to show you before I fell in love with you."

"Anyways, there is a shower with clean towels through the door behind you. I'm sure you will want to clean up. You are sweaty mess by now. I'm going to free one arm then hand you the scissors. By the time you get yourself loose I should be upstairs, and I'll be in bed when you finish your shower. Leave the trash on the floor, I'll clean it up tomorrow. Please turn out the lights when you are done."

"My door will be locked, but there are clean sheets in the guest bedroom and you are welcome to stay for breakfast. You may also leave and never see me again. I would love to see you again, but I wouldn't blame you for leaving after what I did to you tonight. Please lock the door on your way out if you leave."

Christine then cut the plastic wrap off my left arm and placed the scissors in my hand. She closed my fingers over the tool, and held my hand for just a moment. Then she ran for the stairs.

It only took me about six seconds to cut the gag free, freeing my head from the pillar, and rip off the rest of the plastic holding me in place. If I wanted to catch her I was too slow. I heard the door at the top of the stairs slam shut before I could take two steps away from my bonds.

I slowly cut off the rest of the cling wrap, then took a long hot shower while I thought about everything that happened tonight. About everything Christine had said. The hot water felt great, and I didn't step out until I had drained her hot water tank. After drying off I found all my clothes neatly folded on the bar. Even though I was still not completely sure how I felt about any of this, I thought I could understand a little bit just why Christine had done it.

Fully dressed I turned off the lights and started climbing the basement stairs. I still had not decided if I was leaving tonight...

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