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The Cocoon

by MrDeel

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© Copyright 2016 - MrDeel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; wrap; blankets; tape; cocoon; toys; tease; cons; X

You awake into darkness, unaware of your surroundings. You find it difficult to breathe, difficult but not impossible. You try to stretch your arms but find you movement to be limited.

You are soon to realize that you are enveloped in the warm embrace. It surrounds you, it hugs you.

Your breathing becomes rapid, panic starts to set in as you try and figure out what happened and why you are in this situation.

There is no sign of breaking out.

You feel a firm and yet gentle weight on your chest, it hold you down. “Relax, my pet...” it says. “You asked for the cocoon, remember?”

It's still fuzzy, but you start to recall the night before, it was a lot of drinking and a lot of sex. One thing led to another and you started talking about your deepest fantasy. To be bound with no possible way out of your own.

The cocoon was born.

You remember being snuggly wrapped in a blanket, and then another, and then another, your partner had you wrapped from head to toe, for your safety just a thin blanket covered your face, but it was enough to plunge you into darkness.

Was this pleasure? Or was it punishment? That you don't know.

You hear from the muffled voice again, “It's time for step two.”

At least that's what you think they said, but then you hear the sound of tape coming off the roll.

You start to beg, and to plead, but remember, you wanted this.

It binds your feet, then your ankles. Slowly, it works it way up your legs as your encasement becomes ever tighter and yet you enjoy the soft blanket prison.

You are halfway there, you don't have any energy to fight it anymore.

The tape stiffens you, the extra layer makes it difficult to even shift your weight. But the tape assault continues.

Your stomach and chest are now encased. You can still adjust and breathe, but it's not easy.

Helplessness sets in, you are an object now.

They finish wrapping your chest and now covers your shoulders, all hope is now lost, you are at your captors whim.

They delicately wrap around your neck and head, leaving your face uncovered by the tape.

All you can hear is your breathing, and the crinkle of the tape that holds you.

“What now?” You think to yourself, then you feel and hear the buzzing between your legs, you don't remember that being there earlier, but you're plenty aware now. It's assault begins and you fight to contain yourself.

“Enjoy, my pet. I know I will...” They say as they give your new friend a nice pat.

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