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Elayne’s Order

by Mirage

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© Copyright 2011 - Mirage - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; wrap; saran; cocoon; tape; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

Elayne’s Order: Part 1 – Introductions

Chapter 1

I first met Elayne at a dance club in Montreal. She was hard to miss; tall, slim and beautiful with straight, blonde hair falling down her back. She had a longer face with high cheekbones, and a bold nose guarding lightly pouting lips. She wore a shimmering silver dress cut high and matching heels. What drew my eye the most was a regal air with which she carried herself. She was talking and laughing with a group of people when she caught one of my sidelong glances. Hurriedly looking away I concentrated on my watered-down drink. The next time I braved a look she was staring at me directly with a small smile. I quickly turned away and went to find some of the friends that I had come with.

Later, I excused myself and went out for a smoke. Halfway through the cigarette, someone tapped my shoulder and I turned to find her standing behind me. My heart leapt into my throat; she was way out of my league.

“Mind if I have one too?” she asked. After fumbling with the pack and lighting hers, we made our introductions. “I’m Elayne” she said offering a hand that was turned down as if I was meant to kiss it. Shaking it awkwardly, I answered, “Mark”

“Nice to meet you, Mark”. She held her cigarette as if it should be at the end of a holder and gave me a direct stare. God she had beautiful eyes, if you could call a falcon’s eyes beautiful. “I haven’t seen you here before”

“I don’t come up here too often”. I hoped I wasn’t blushing. We exchanged a few pleasantries until she was done smoking, then she grabbed my hand.

“Want to dance?” Nodding dumbly, she led me like a sheep back to the dance floor where I proceeded to hopefully not make too much of a fool of myself. During the second song she turned her back and started grinding with me. I was sure that she could feel my full erection through my pants; she almost seemed to be toying with it. I prayed she couldn’t see my flushed face in the darkness and flashing lights when the song was over. “Not bad” she said as I hoped she was referring to my dancing. A few of her companions came by and she walked off chatting with them without a backwards glance.

I stalked off to find my friends, who seemed to have slipped on to the next club in my absence. Grabbing my coat, I was halfway to the door when I heard her voice behind me.

“Leaving so soon? I hope it wasn’t me”

“No, no, it’s late and I need to get back to the hotel”. She was close to me, only a few inches, again I was struck by her unwavering stare. There was a long pause as I fumbled for the right words and she examined me with the practiced eye of an art dealer.

“Well at least I’ve earned a hug, right?” She had a mischievous look on her face. I leaned in for a casual goodbye and she pulled me close, head to my ear and whispered: “What is your greatest sexual fantasy?” I alternated between shock, embarrassment and arousal for a moment, my mouth as close to her ear as hers was to mine.

“That’s a very personal question”. She pulled back a bit, but still near enough to talk, it was loud in the club.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to” she said dismissively. I took a deep breath, mind racing between what was safe to say.

“Bondage” I admitted. She blinked.

“What kind?” she asked, a sly smile on her face. I scrambled, I hadn’t really admitted it to anyone. “You’re about to lie” she said after a pause.

“Why do you think that?” I asked, blushing for the umpteenth time.

“You paused and looked down for a moment. Don’t feel embarrassed, what’s the harm in telling a stranger in a club you don’t come to?” Steeling myself, I met her stare.

“Mummification” I let out with a sigh. Her eyebrows rising was the only change on her face, then she smiled.

“Now that wasn’t too hard, was it?” She leaned close again and whispered in my ear again. “How would you like me to wrap you tightly in plastic, from your toes to the tip of your head, so tight that you can barely breathe? I won’t stop until you can’t move an inch”. Goosebumps raced down my body, I shut my mouth before my chin could drop to my chest. Her perfume made my head spin. “When are you leaving for home?”

“Tomorrow afternoon” I stammered.

“Well I’ll have to get you back in time then”. She walked towards the door, pausing halfway to turn and beckon to me. I jumped towards her and followed out to the street where she hailed a cab. The ride to her apartment was a blur. I was silent and she focused on the buildings going by. “You seem a little tense” she stated, breaking the silence. I didn’t realize that I was fidgeting in the seat next to her.

“I’m not used to … it’s just a bit quick for me”. She gave me a knowing smile and turned back to the window. After paying the cab and taking the stairs up to her loft, she let me in and headed for the bedroom.

“Make your self cozy, there’s beer in the fridge.” The door shut and I was left alone for a few minutes. Her apartment was spacious and decorated in an eclectic, modern style; bold yet sterile. I felt uncomfortable being left alone here. When the door opened again she stood leaning against the jam and motioned me in.

Her bed was in the middle of the room. The sheets were gone and the bed was covered with a thick, black plastic sheet, nicely tucked into the mattress. I hadn’t heard any noise and wondered if it had been there before we met that night.

“Now” she said, “there are a few ground rules. First off, don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you” her smile grew sly. “Second, you must do everything I say without question. I find that questions ruin the mood,” She walked up to me and caressed my neck, “and that wouldn’t be any fun, right”. I nodded. “Third, on that same note, no talking.”

By now she was pressed against me and I could feel her dress slide against my shirt. She reached behind me with her other hand and pulled me against her. I could feel her small, perky breasts pressing against me. Looking down into her eyes, my head swirled again and I felt my erection throb painfully. She reached up behind my head and pulled it down to kiss her. Seconds, minutes later (I couldn’t tell) she pulled away and reached behind me to the headboard. I didn’t even realize that she had backed me to the side of the bed. She came back with a strip of duct tape in her hand and pulled it firmly around my mouth. “I find this always helps” she said, patting it lovingly to make sure it was secure. “Fourth, relax!” she said with a smile. The smile looked predatory.

Chapter 2

Elayne fished in her nightstand drawer before tossing a condom on the plastic sheet. “Better safe than sorry, Eh?” Moving to her walk-in closet she gave me her first instructions: “Take off all of your clothes, you can leave them in the corner there, and lie on the bed. I’ll just be a moment.” When she came back I was on the bed as she had asked. She had changed her dress and I had a hard time controlling my breathing. Her firm body was covered in a black latex dress that lifted her breasts and hugged her curves from her armpits down and over her hips. There were no looseness in it and it shined with a glossy contour that seemed to flow with her movements. She held a plastic shopping bag in her hand; 5 boxes of saran wrap poking against the sides. She walked up to the bed and took them out, one by one, laying them next to me. They were already opened. “Slide down now, I want to start with your toes.”

I moved myself down the plastic sheet, difficult as the material clung to my now-sweaty back, until my feet and ankles hung over the edge. She smiled again as she took the first roll out of the box. Holding the free end of the plastic against my left ankle, she quickly and securely wrapped a few turns to hold it in place. From here she moved down my foot, pulling tightly with each wrap and assessing the best angle to move to next to get the maximum pull without any loose plastic. In seconds she was done and moving on to the right. My feet were soon covered with three or four layers of plastic, tight enough to feel confined without twisting my arches.

Tearing off and patting down the end against my leg, she asked me to stand up. “Now spread your legs a bit and keep your arms out”. Returning to my left ankle, she wrapped upwards, pulling and judging every few turns, over my knees and up my thighs. She was far less forgiving than with my feet and I could feel the plastic stretching and tightening against my skin. The sight of her bent over; latex dress straining against her firm bottom, reflections from the lights dancing off the small of her back, nearly made me fall over. When she reached my groin she stopped for a moment. Stretching up she put her face inches from mine, and leaned in to kiss my lips. As her mouth met the duct tape layer between our lips she stroked my erection twice before pulling away with a sultry look. Back down the leg she went, tightening with each wind and paying extra attention to the knee before moving back up again. She tied off the wrap against my thigh. I could feel the plastic chill of my thigh against my scrotum. After paying the same level of attention to my right leg she stepped back to admire.

“Now walk for a few steps”. As I tried I noticed that she had completely immobilized my knee joints. She must have put eight or nine tight layers over them. Elayne giggle a bit as I stumbled like a robot around in a tight circle. The plastic under my feet crinkled where she had turned down the loose ends at the toes, securing it with more wrapping around my feet. “Good, very good my Pet, I’ll be back in a sec.” she left the room for the kitchen, coming back with two sponges. “I don’t want to make it too uncomfortable after all”. She placed one sponge between my knees and the other between my ankles before ordering me to close my legs. Taking the second roll out of its box, she started at my ankles and slowly worked her way up my legs. This time she was not forgiving at all. The tightness built up as she worked up, down and back up and down again, squeezing my legs together. With a shove she pushed me back onto the black plastic bed, causing my feet to kick in the air. She finished the roll wrapping my feet together into in a solid binding.

“Now get up, Pet”. I struggled for a moment to right myself with my arms, finally standing up at the end of the bed, my feet tightly bound together. Her face inches from mine she kissed my taped mouth again and gave me a haunting stare before nibbling my ear. “I’ve sealed your legs together” she whispered, sliding her hand down the small of my back. “Bend down and feel what I’ve done to you.” With her holding my waist to keep me steady I bent over and felt the tight, plastic layers encasing my legs. The outer layer was as smooth as glass, with only the slight edges where the wraps overlapped to give texture. “Is it tight?” she crooned. I nodded. “Is it too tight?” I shook my head.” Do you want me to do this to the rest of you body?” I nodded and she smiled. “Good”, she kissed my taped mouth again, “But you’re going to have to earn it”.

Pushing me back onto the bed, she straddled me, her head inches from my face. The feel of her dress sliding against my bare chest drove me wild for a second. My legs were a plastic pedestal stretching under and past her. “I want you to finger me” she said, taking my right hand and guiding my fingers under her dress and inside of her. As I slowly worked she started breathing heavy but her direct stare never left my eyes and her face seemed to be carved from marble. Her latex-covered breasts came into contact with my nipples as she occasionally rocked, driving my erection stronger. At the end she closed her eyes and moaned softly. Opening them again she smiled, sweetly and with something that I couldn’t decipher, maybe possession? “Good boy” she murmured before rolling off me and heading for the bathroom. Returning a minute later, her face was a mask of determination. “Up!” she commanded.

Chapter 3

 “Arms out, chin up, I want you to stare straight ahead.”

She started at the top of my thighs and worked quickly over my bottom, looping around the tops of my hips and back down again to press my buttocks firmly in while working around my erection, joining her work with what she had already done to my thighs. Once back at the top of my hips she started to pull in tightly. As the wrap inched slowly up my stomach her pulling drew my waist into a tight compression, causing me to lift my ribs and breathe shallowly as she worked. The wrap continued up my chest, compressing as it went, as I felt the plastic finally cover my nipples and stop at my armpits. Changing the direction of the wrap, she looped under my armpit, covered my sternum, over the opposite shoulder, and back down the other side on its way around again. Keeping the diagonal, she spiraled down to my buttocks before looping around my thighs and starting back up again. By the fourth pass, with both shoulders firmly covered, she ran out of wrap and tied it off.

“Now, I want you to feel your chest” she breathed in my ear. “It’s going to be the last time you will be able to for a while”. I ran my hands up and down my chest. It was smooth like my legs and I could barely feel sensation through the layers of wrap covering my skin. The plastic crackled as I breathed and the firm sensation of tightness seemed to squeeze me with each inhalation.

Starting with the work Elayne had already done to my shoulders, she wound her way down my left arm, taking the same care with my elbow as she had with my knees. When she reached my wrist she asked me to spread my fingers. Weaving through them she layered a film of plastic between each finger before pressing them together and wrapping my hand in sheet after sheet of plastic. She then moved up my arm and back down to the hand. Sealing it off, she moved to completing my other arm.

“Hands at your side” she commanded. Starting at my shoulders she wrapped tightly down my body, avoiding my erection, until my fingers were snuggly secured to my thighs. By the third layer my arms were tightly pinned against my sides and I could not wiggle a finger. She crept up until she reached my neck. Stopping once more to kiss my taped mouth, she whispered in my ear.

“Are you ready for your head?” I nodded, and she gave me a pleased smile. “I have one roll left, and I don’t plan to stop until it’s gone. You are going to be sealed away, and all you will be able to think about is how tight you are. I will decide what to do with you after that”.

Starting at my neck she wrapped around a few times, constricting my breathing even further, before passing around the back of my head and around over my mouth. “This is my favorite part” she whispered. “You may not be able to hear me for a while but I wanted to let you know that you’ve been an excellent Pet”.

Winding over my mouth, she wrapped over my eyes, my vision distorted by a thin layer of plastic. Up and down several times pressed the duct tape tightly against my face and turned my world into a smoky, blurry window into her bedroom. The crinkle of plastic against my ears soon became the only sound I heard as the plastic continued to circle. Pulling down, she looped under my chin and up, over the top of my head, drawing my jaw up tightly and making my teeth click together. She repeated this many times before once more wrapping around the side again, securing the loose ends from the chin wrap to my head. By now my nose and erection were the only parts of me that were not completely encased in tight plastic. I felt the blood hammering in my ears and my vision became more and more blurry with each successive layer. Finally, she returned down to my neck and quickly wrapped more and more layers, slowly building up a collar. I could feel the pressure building under my chin and the back of my neck, settling it squarely on my shoulders. I could no longer move my head without choking myself in the process.

Chapter 4

With a start I realized that the wrapping had stopped; she must have run out of the final roll. There was quiet for a minute or two while I concentrated on not falling over. I tried bending my waist, however the constricting layers around my chest quickly cut off my breathing and I was forced to stand erect. Through the plastic layers covering my eyes I could dimly make out the painting of flowers on the far wall of the room. Concentrating on this helped me calm my breathing. A form walked between us, dimly made out but instantly recognizable. Elayne had shed her dress and she was standing in front of me naked, blurry hands on her blurry hips. All sounds were muffled but I was able to hear what she said.

“You were a great Pet my dear, excellent job” She came towards me and I could smell her perfume as she touched my chest. She ran her hands up and down the plastic form that encased my body, checking for flaws. There were a few flashes, pictures being taken. “You are the only one to get this far, everyone else before has panicked at some point and I had to release them. I have never made it all the way through until you. Maybe I can use you in the future.” She stood, considering me for a moment before adding, “You’ve been a very good boy and now it’s time for your reward”.

With a shove on my chest I fell backwards onto the bed. I bucked against the free fall as the plastic cocoon restrained me against any movement. I heard the muffled sound of duct tape ripping as a black strip filled my field of view, feeling the pressure against either ear as Elayne secured it place. At this point all I could see was a dim glow from the corners of my vision. This was quickly fixed by a second and then third strip covering the plastic from my nose to my forehead. Now I was alone, in complete blackness, secured in an impossibly tight web. I felt pressure on my chest as Elayne’s smell filled my nose. Her hands carefully smoothed down the work that she had done around my head, and neck, pulling in a few places until she was satisfied. “Good”.

The pressure changed as she slowly moved down and grabbed my erection. I would have gasped if I could as she slid me inside of her. The warmth and sensation contrasting with the sameness and tightness that I felt everywhere else on my body nearly drove me to orgasm. Luckily, she knew what she was doing and didn’t ruin her sex toy too early. She barely moved in the beginning, just shifting her hips and murmuring in musical voice things that I could barely hear. Soon we fell into a rhythm; Elayne lovingly touching & smoothing the plastic covering my face, neck and chest while slowly, every so slowly, working herself up to claim her own pleasure, while I drifted on a sea of sensation, shut away from everything except the feeling of being inside her, her warm weight on my chest, and the hypnotic creaking of plastic as she moved against me…

…I woke up the next morning to the sound of scissors and tearing. Within minutes she had cut through her night’s work and I was left panting naked and sweating on her bed. She had already dressed for work and had a look on her face telling me that a morning tryst was never a question. I hurriedly showered and put on my clothes. On the way out I noticed a stick-it note on the inside of the door:

Got your number from your phone, Pet. Thanks for the great evening, I’ll look you up next time I’m in Albany.

Cheers, Elayne

To be continued in Part 2




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